August 2014

This blog entry isn’t a rant. It’s a plea. I got involved in a discussion … more

Like most vets I do well in excess of my required CPD, and am even … more

July 2014

Emergency work I think is one of the hardest, if not THE hardest discipline to … more

Failure is another taboo subject in the profession, as it is in most walks of life. … more

June 2014

This is going to be a tough one to write without winding somebody up. It’s … more

Electronic security is back in the news: eBay has announced that it was hacked a … more

May 2014

Like most people in this profession I have problems with the RCVS Disciplinary Committee’s judgement … more

18 mins

The RCVS is changing the Register of Members so that only qualifications immediately relevant to your … more

April 2014

There is an ever-present drum beat in the profession’s media, and that is of ever-improving … more

Utilitarian. That’s my ethical outlook, apparently. Participants in the A-FAVP.1 module of the CertAVP have … more

March 2014

This is a different blog to usual. It involves mental health, and all I am … more

I am just coming to the end of a six-week course run online by the … more

February 2014

I work in an emergency practice and things come in fits and starts. If I … more

The first part of a two/three-year slog started this month – the “A” module part … more

January 2014

Derren Brown is a very interesting person to follow and read and watch. He has … more

Over the next couple of years I have a full plate; the postgraduate degree I’m … more

December 2013

I can’t help thinking that efforts to improve “social mobility” and help people from all … more

On a weekly basis my wife peruses the local newspaper. In the back – after … more

November 2013

Communication in our profession interests me. Histories I receive as part of the referrals process … more

Something I have noticed in the past few years (and mentioned in my last post) … more

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