October 2021

Second annual mental health awareness campaign to provide support to the agriculture community Ag Mental … more

February 2021

The Animal Star Awards are only a few weeks away when we find out who … more

January 2021

In such uncertain times it is important we make the most of what we have … more

August 2020

(also vnstogether) (vnstogether also) Paul Crawford, Senior Vice President of the Association of Veterinary Surgeons … more

3 mins

July 2020

I worked as a veterinary surgeon for 14 years and completed a certificate in internal … more

The RVC 70 Club (those qualifying in 1970) were unable to hold their 50 year … more

Lockdown meant three children off school and nursery and a GP husband suddenly thrown into … more

The builder assessed the work needing to be done – he said he would bring … more

13 mins

June 2020

Recently in Singapore, a veterinary clinic suffered significant public backlash after the euthanasia of an … more

36 mins

At Nottingham we have a vet student band called “Loxley”. I play in a band … more

2 mins

My nurse of 17 years is due to retire at the end of July. She … more

At Animal Courses Direct we are doing all we can to support animal welfare charities … more

May 2020

I have been a Registered Veterinary Nurse for nearly 7 years. Unlike many nurses out … more

23 mins

Rebel who my son John has taught so many tricks with this lockdown . He … more

Tiny Tilly is off to her new home shortly. A wonderful ending to a difficult … more

I work within emergency and critical care and this enables me to embrace my passion … more

Vet Dad (Dad of veterinary surgeon Nat Scroggie, not vet who is a Dad) has … more

My one-eyed pudding waiting for her breakfast while casually matching the Mexican cat on my … more

These two Honey & Ralph look after me by making sure I still get up … more

The remaining team keeping each other motivated and in good spirits. Yesterday we all did … more