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Growth in its pet grooming and veterinary services has seen Pets at Home surge back to the top of the FTSE 250 after a glowing third quarter report.

4 mins

Male cats tend to favour their left paws, while females are “right handed”, according to researchers at Queen's University Belfast.

4 mins

Company announces the fund-raising efforts of thousands of runners due to take part in its 2018 Great Run Series will go to the mental health charity.

5 mins

A Merseyside vet is training for the challenge of a lifetime that will see her try to tackle Mount Kilimanjaro in aid of an animal charity.

5 mins

Any members of the profession wishing to stand for election to RCVS council in 2018 have less than two weeks to put themselves forward.

4 mins

By modifying the Marek’s disease vaccine, scientists at The Pirbright Institute have made a breakthrough that could have broad implications for the future of poultry vaccines.

5 mins

Swindon veterinary practice to feature in pet insurer’s advertising initiative in which vets, animals and their owners are stars of the show.

4 mins

Six-year project targets creation of a bespoke classification system to help vets better assess disease prevalence, and tailor health and welfare advice to individual animals.

5 mins

The Cat Prospective Ageing and Welfare Study, being conducted at the University of Liverpool, is aiming to find answers on how to improve an ageing animal’s overall health and welfare.

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Practice profile: Seadown Veterinary Group

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For those hoping to find their dream job in 2018, RVN Jane Davidson warns against being seduced by an increased headline salary, and urges jobseekers to take the whole remuneration package into account.

To many new graduates, beginning a new year without a job would be cause for concern. For Jordan, however, it was a huge relief, having realised her first place of employment was, overall, a bad fit.

Building on part one of his series on the clinical signs of hyponatraemia, Gerardo Poli looks at the different causes in both dogs and cats and basic treatment.

Tonally challenged vet Nick Marsh recalls the evening he was terrorised by a “satanic creature” from the darkest pits of Hell and how he barely escaped with his sanity intact.

In a new three-part series, Gerardo Poli looks at this common disturbance, breaking it down into the clinical signs, causes and how he corrects it.

VN blogger Jane Davidson uses the new year to file a “State of the Nation”-type review of the profession, pausing to reflect a common postnominal-based identity crisis.

Having experienced little in the way of vet-specific illness or injury, Jordan recounts the moment her luck ran out and she got her hand trapped between between a cow and the cattle crush.

Following last week’s introduction on the effects and causes of hyperkalaemia, Gerardo Poli focuses on management options available.

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Sarah Caney describes approaches to successfully managing two common conditions in older cats at the same time.

37 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses some of the latest improvements in knowledge regarding the third most common mammalian pet in Europe.

26 mins

Alex Gough looks at a study into the shock index, one on antibiotic prescribing habits and another on mast cell tumours in his latest Research Review.

20 mins

Peter Edmondson reviews a talk at the 2017 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference focusing on interactions.

11 mins

David Harwood summarises proceedings from the Goat Veterinary Society autumn meeting held in Taunton, Somerset.

26 mins

Amy Watson and Pete van Dongen discuss the benefits and suitability of choosing a non-restrictive harness.

13 mins

Our new grad David Beeston has some advice for qualified vets on approaching out-of-hours for the first time – and why he's looking forward to his next night on call.

23 mins

James Dixon discusses diagnosis and management options for this condition, with a focus on the more common complaints.

30 mins

nursing content

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RVN Michelle Cox talks readers through how her veterinary practice is helping frightened dogs cope with their much-needed trips to the clinic.

37 mins

With the beginning of 2018 leading to the usual existential thoughts a new year tends to bring, RVN Helen Tottey sits her younger self down to share some profession and career learnings.

33 mins

The association lets readers get acquainted with Sam Morgan in her new post-BVNA presidency role.

10 mins

RVN Emma Gerrard details the protocol she designed to help owners follow the nursing plans they are given for pets with this condition.

34 mins

The sixth and final unit of the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care is complete for Ruth Clooney-Power. Now to study for the final exam...

6 mins

RVN Helen Russell completes her two-part recruitment article by giving readers the view of those on the other side of the table…

19 mins

Tim Hutchinson offers guidance on how VNs can help patients with this commonly discussed, but under-diagnosed, condition get the assistance they need.

42 mins

Continuing her series of articles on electrocardiography, RVN Louise O'Dwyer takes a look at how to identify cardiac arrhythmias.

11 mins

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Since its first days trading from a single room behind a residential house in 1923, the practice that would become Seadown Veterinary Group has been central to life in the New Forest.

1 mins

It can be easy to see the proposition for private practice as the same as it has always been; a profession staffed by intelligent animal lovers who spend their days making animals well, while clients pay handsomely – and unquestionally – for the privilege. But what worked 20 years ago will not work now.

46 mins

With practices nationwide complaining of a lack of clinical team members for hire, Dave Nicol explores why this is happening, and offers some practical suggestions for maximising your mid to long-term chances of hiring the right people to power your practice.

24 mins

You’ve found your new team member and are ready to draft his or her contract – but this is employment law. Ed Newbould provides guidance on how best to avoid any legal fallout.

16 mins

Owning a practice is the dream of many working in the profession, but can remain a frustratingly elusive goal. Here, Whilmari Swift from Vet Dynamics explains the steps she takes with prospective practice owners to ensure they get it right.

22 mins

Fire safety in practices is governed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which covers general fire precautions and other safety duties designed to protect people in the case of a fire. Adam Bernstein explains.

14 mins

Sampson Park is fast growing into a mini empire of thriving independent practices, but central to the company's growth is a flexible equity partnership model that gives employees a stake in the business.

1 mins

Choosing which modalities to offer – and how much and when to invest – can be business-critical choices, as VBJ discovered when we spoke to Julien Labruyère at VetCT ...

30 mins

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