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Veterinary nurse wins contest linked to canine acute moist dermatitis product from Norbrook, which saw hundreds of veterinary professionals take part.

3 mins

BEVA is advising veterinary nurses who work with horses that its annual congress will feature a host of events and activities tailored to nursing, delivered by highly experienced VNs.

6 mins

Nurse and animal care assistant from Cave Veterinary Specialists in Somerset battle scorching temperatures to raise £500 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

2 mins

MSD Animal Health is providing funds to advance commercial production of a low-cost vaccine to protect livestock against the virus.

3 mins

BVA reminds profession of deadline to nominate one new member for three-year term that involves helping select members for election to officer status.

5 mins

Vet stresses need for pet owners to be “extra vigilant” with everyday household items after dog swallows whole kebab stick.

4 mins

A new partnership between the small animal and equine associations means members of either can benefit from reduced fees on tickets to attend both annual events.

3 mins

BEVA posted an advert calling on equine vets to volunteer to take part in the ethogram experiment. Of the 40 respondents, 10 were picked for their varying years of experience.

6 mins

The course is the brainchild of husband and wife team Julian and Sarah Chapman, and is open to zoo-based vets and RVNs, keepers and managers, and veterinary professionals interested in primate care.

5 mins


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Practice Profile: Medivet Hendon

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Jordan Sinclair considers the benefits of proposed seven-day working weeks. Is the suggestion ludicrous or what the profession needs in the fight for good work-life balance?

Continuing his series of advice he would give his younger self, Gerardo Poli raises the vital role and support given by the nurse and reception teams.

Nick Marsh challenges comedian Jerry Seinfeld's observation that you can't make friends when you're older by revealing how a change of job improved his social circle.

Charlotte Mahood reports on an emergency and critical care workshop run by a trio of famous and acclaimed vets, including some of the potentially life-changing advice they had to offer.

19 mins

For the second part of this five-part series, Gerardo Poli instils his younger self with the importance of finding practical work, both to learn on the job and impress future employers.

Jane Davidson details that knowing whether your dog walker is covered by your insurance is not as simple as it seems and has some advice for those unsure.

In the wake of news that Keele University/Harper Adams veterinary school will be partnering with a corporate practice group, Jordan Sinclair wonders if this is a path the industry should be heading down.

In the first of a five-part series, Gerardo takes his younger self to task for virtually ignoring what he now believes to be a “crucial clue” in achieving a clinical diagnosis.

veterinary content

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Kathryn Cowley kicks off a series on canine osteoarthritis that aims to promote a greater understanding of complementary treatments and management techniques among veterinary professionals.

11 mins

Marge Chandler considers the role of nutrition and supplements to manage this condition, in addition to addressing patient stress.

39 mins

Glen Cousquer describes the plight of this species in the wake of a dominant grey squirrel population, as well as efforts to help.

31 mins

Alex Gough also summaries studies into histoplasmosis, total IV anaesthesia and duodenum intubation during gastrointestinal endoscopy in his latest Research Review.

17 mins

Willows Veterinary Group founder vet Derek Carter saw many changes during his time in the profession – not least, the increasing popularity and prominence of small animal practice. Derek steps into the Examination Room to share memories from his career, and give advice to vets young and old.

20 mins

Newly qualified vet and champion athlete Laura Muir shares some tips on staying healthy and happy – despite the pressure of two demanding careers.

16 mins

Sara Verganti and Davide Berlato consider classification of lymphoma types in dogs and describe approaches to their diagnosis and treatment.

43 mins

looks at aetiology, epidemiology, treatment, prevention and management for patients with RVHD.

45 mins

nursing content

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Gavin Goldsbrough first stepped into Westway Veterinary Group's Eden Hills branch in County Durham as an 18-year-old student on work placement. Five years later, not only is he a qualified RVN, but holds a bachelor of science in veterinary nursing, too. Holly Kernot finds out more...

5 mins

Holly Kernot finds out about clinical nurse lead Lucy Montague’s journey, how she helps colleagues map their career path and her “top tips” for those looking to emulate her.

20 mins

Helen Rooney explains options for dealing with thyroid and adrenal endocrine conditions in canine and feline patients.

42 mins

This month sees us team up with Miele and hear from Ella Tolliday REVN, who discusses the challenges of maintaining a clean, sanitary environment and how she meets the standard.

8 mins

This month, Louise talks about the importance of dealing with the dystocia patient quickly.

9 mins

RVN Jo Oakden explains how a serendipitous moment led to her becoming a BVNA council member, and what goes on away from the public eye.

7 mins

Alison Devonshire, of the RCVS Ethics Review Panel, discusses the fascinating facet of research in the VN sphere, before guiding nurses through how to make an ethical study proposal – especially if not affiliated with an academic institution.

17 mins

Hany Elsheikha describes manifestations of angiostrongylosis in canines and strategies VNs can share with owners for preventing the mollusc-borne disease.

29 mins

business content

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Just being good at medicine is no longer enough for practices hoping to attract and retain clients. Experience is a big priority for owners visiting and, as Simon Power explains, getting your branding right is a crucial start.

23 mins

With clients able to access many sources of information, tone and nature of conversations with their vet have evolved. This can be a challenge; however, a change of approach can mean clients and clinicians leave the consult happy.

26 mins

Medivet is now one of the biggest practice groups in the UK, with more than 250 sites across England and Wales. To get a better idea of how the business works, VBJ paid a visit to the place where it all began more than 30 years ago.

3 mins

There is something very British and familiar about a high street veterinary practice based in a converted red brick house. Late Victorian and Edwardian era buildings often ooze character and charm, but also present some unique challenges to a growing business, as VBJ discovered on a visit to Kettering ...

35 mins

One of the most powerful hiring and motivational tools you have in your workplace is a job description for each employee. Good ones will help you find the right person for the job and team members focus on doing their jobs well, so it is worth spending time to get them right ...

22 mins

Engaging and communicating with pet owners is essential if vets are going to administer consistent patient care and remain relevant as animal experts. Engagement begins with outreach, and outreach originates in need ...

37 mins

RVNs play an invaluable role, yet are increasingly harder to recruit, and arguably harder to retain, than vets. For practices to remain successful, recognising, rewarding and developing VNs is no longer an optional extra ...

17 mins

Health care plans can be a great way of protecting pets, bonding with clients and marketing a veterinary practice. But the devil's in the detail when it comes to deciding what to put in, what to leave out and how much to charge ...

17 mins

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