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Surgeons can even create surgical plans and perform virtual surgery on their digital devices, which can be shared with clients and colleagues before they even step into theatre.

6 mins

Robin Hargreaves, director of the Stanley House veterinary group, argues the classification sends out the wrong message to clients, making it even more difficult for vet staff to tackle the problem.

6 mins

Myerscough unveils memorial plaque for veterinarian who was responsible for training thousands of veterinary nurses.

3 mins

Workshop that included meditation and yoga was offered to Beechwood Vets’ practice teams from across Leeds.

3 mins

“The premises are spectacular in design and appearance, creating an immediate impression of clinical excellence and quality patient care to both clients and visiting clinicians” – BVHA assessors.

5 mins

The RCVS has issued a final call for nominations for its 2020 RCVS Awards and Honours as the deadline is less than a month away.

7 mins

Cross-sector group aims to understand attitudes around health and safety to help develop tools, services and advice that will be useful in driving sustained improvements.

3 mins

Bayer Animal Health complements its veterinary product portfolio with an innovative solution for treatment of ear infections in dogs.

3 mins

In total, the UK has now seen 198 confirmed cases of cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy across 40 counties since 2012.

1 mins


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“I discovered a poem bubbling up in my head, so I wrote it down for posterity, and now it’s your problem” – Nick Marsh shares an emotional and personal view on end-of-life care.

Healthy body, healthy mind, so the saying goes. Eleanor Goad reiterates how staying on top of your workload during the lead-up to exams can do wonders for performance now and in your future career.

…that is the question when assessing intestinal viability. To help, Gerardo Poli discusses the five criteria he uses when deciding whether to remove a section of small intestine.

Whether a selection box or signature tin, sweet treats at work around Christmas is always welcomed. But what happens when you clash over chocolate courtesy? Jane RVN lays down some ground rules...

Someone, somewhere wants to know something you consider as given knowledge, says Hubert Hiemstra – so pass it on…

“Veterinary care is much more on par with private health care, but a lot of owners don’t quite realise that,” says Jordan Sinclair as she ponders the concept of privatisation.

Nick Marsh recounts a time when he admitted two animals with the same condition, but struggles to justify the fact one cost thousands and the other next to nothing, to achieve seemingly identical outcomes.

Having had no mobile phone signal for two weeks while on a family holiday, Hubert Hiemstra ponders our use of technology and whether we should be more sensible with it.

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James Colver discusses a potentially life-threatening – and under-reported – complication seen with endotracheal intubation.

25 mins

Henry Tremaine reports on the inaugural Sea-PD, a veterinary, watersports and wellness conference that took place in Alaçati, in June 2019, with plans to return in 2020.

26 mins

In his final column of the year, Chanticleer casts a weather eye over the potentially troubled waters ahead.

17 mins

Cases of systemic and miscellaneous diseases from late summer/autumn 2019 are summarised in Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update.

31 mins

Sarah Caney discusses this common presentation in cats – including information to advise owners and treatment innovations.

31 mins

Panagiotis Kokkinos, Diana Ferreira and Daniela Murgia detail the clinical signs of this issue, and treatment and management options.

33 mins

Rachel Agass and Kate Loomes discuss options for long-term analgesia, as well as the use of scoring scales for monitoring the response of patients.

29 mins

Every June, delegates of the Summer Dairy Institute programme gather at Cornell University, New York, for a six-week residential programme covering all aspects of dairy veterinary medicine and management. Vet Rupert Sheppard attended this summer – and these were his findings.

18 mins

nursing content

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Marge Chandler offers advice on pet nutrition, looking at the types of diet available, as well as understanding food labels.

35 mins

Helen Tottey sought to find a solution to this conundrum by comparing RVNs’ views with those of the public.

20 mins

RCVS Knowledge explains the benefits of carrying out such a process in practice.

11 mins

RVNs can play a vital role in this challenging and fast-paced sector, as RVN Albert Holgate explains.

11 mins

Niamh Clancy discusses common behaviours seen in companion animals and the use of scoring charts in veterinary practice.

25 mins

Emma Gerrard provides an overview of this joint condition in cats and dogs, including what's new, management strategies and owner guidance.

30 mins

Sally Bartlett details her adventures – from assisting with an operation concerning a poorly pangolin, to bottle-feeding orphans and getting hands on with rehabilitation – and urges nurses to take action before this beautiful, but threatened, species is wiped out.

21 mins

Laura Lacey details how educational opportunities, approaches, aftercare and nutrition have a part to play in improving pets’ dental health.

36 mins

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The demise of the high street is a well-documented phenomenon in villages and towns across the UK. But for some vets this has provided the perfect opportunity to put their practices back at the heart of the communities they serve…

2 mins

With increased price pressure from the internet and growing competition from corporate practices, sometimes it can seem hard to see the wood for the trees. In this, a VBJ Buying Insight feature, help is at hand in the form of one of the largest, most trusted businesses in the sector.

16 mins

Dental disease is one of the biggest untreated issues among UK companion animals, so how can your practice increase the number of dental procedures it carries out? Here, Alan Robinson and Matthew Plumtree give their advice on how to drive up the rate of dentals in your practice...

23 mins

Modern imaging modalities have revolutionised veterinary care, but deciding what you need, how much to pay for it and when to use it remain complicated decisions. Here, Mark Gill from Goddard Veterinary Group explains why it’s important to ensure the numbers add up...

24 mins

Earlier this year, Lambert, Leonard and May (LLM) Farm Vets became the latest farm practice to join the VetPartners group. VBJ paid a visit to see how this change has impacted on one of the UK’s most highly respected farm animal outfits...

41 mins

VBJ talks to Libby Sheridan, Nestlé Purina's veterinary technical manager, about the significance of a Purina finding, and why it is important to keep pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition.

17 mins

The UK has 725 referral practices, which means 17% of all veterinary sites are now dedicated referral centres or offer referral services. So, anyone thinking of entering this crowded marketplace needs to pitch their offering carefully...

3 mins

Alan White has become a familiar face in the veterinary sector since joining the St Francis Group almost 10 years ago. Now group commercial director of MWI Animal Health UK following its acquisition of St Francis in 2015, Alan sat down with VBJ to tell us a bit about the company and himself...

10 mins

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