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Surgery saves the remaining eye of a three-year-old bulldog that otherwise faced a life of blindness.

4 mins

Researchers hope to find ways of improving performance sustainability as they believe decisions made in the early part of horses’ lives can make them more vulnerable to injury and disease later.

6 mins

Tom Righton has become one of six directors at Hook Norton Veterinary Group in Oxfordshire.

4 mins

A vet who recreated the story of Forrest Gump when he ran across the United States has completed another epic fund-raising run – and he’s not finished yet.

4 mins

Ahead of the 31st anniversary of the Dangerous Dogs Act, BVA president says “a complete overhaul” of legislation is needed now.

7 mins

Two former clinical directors, who have now taken up senior development roles, say their experience in practice means they understand the challenges surgeries are facing.

4 mins

Welcome address from Matthew Rendle congratulated VNs and outlined the landmark achievements the profession had made over the past couple of years, including celebrating its 60th anniversary.

6 mins

The Tuk's Law group is seeking a legal requirement for vets to check that a person presenting an otherwise healthy animal for euthanasia is registered on its microchip.

13 mins

Nearly one in four of all cats being taken to UK vets are not having all their welfare needs met, a survey of vets has suggested.

4 mins


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Room for rabbits, part 2: behaviour and veterinary considerations

Room for rabbits, part 1: raising awareness of environmental needs

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As she continues her delve through the RCVS archives, RVN and veterinary historian Jane Davidson discovers a long-forgotten tradition of using classical lanuguages in veterinary publications.

In the first of a new series, Gerardo introduces the uninitiated to blood gas analysis, a point-of-care test that can help assess the severity of a patient's condition and help guide your diagnostic plan.

Following last week’s introduction on the effects and causes of hyperkalaemia, Gerardo Poli focuses on management options available.

Eleanor Goad looks at how the cost of living crisis and, specifically, spiralling fuel costs are likely to affect student vets’ ability to attend their mandatory EMS placements.

In a new series, Gerardo Poli explores the common causes of hyperkalaemia and how to manage this using fluid therapy and medications.

RVN and veterinary historian Jane Davidson reveals how a single customer complaint in 1703 helped pave the way for animal health professionals by combining the roles of surgeon, medic and apothecary.

Gerardo Poli discusses how to find the caudal vena cava – and interpret whether it is “fat”, “flat” or “bouncy” – to assess a patient’s fluid volume. Features video content.

As Jane Davidson continues to dive into the RCVS archives, she unearths the history of its annual general meeting, which dates back to the 1800s, when, it seems, singing was not unusual among proceedings.

veterinary content

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Karin Kruger runs the rule over some of the latest research and guidance on anaesthetic protocols, standing sedation, short and long-term analgesia, and pain scoring systems equine vets can consider.

26 mins

A bacterial equid disease predominately of the upper respiratory tract, strangles biosecurity and identifying infectious horses are key to preventing it. Development of a novel vaccine has added to the equine vet’s toolbox – as Philip Ivens explains.

20 mins

Neil A Forbes BVetMed, DipECZM(avian), FRCVS emphasises the need for effective cleaning processes to stop the spread of coronavirus among other diseases.

46 mins

Ill-thrift and poor performance in horses are commonly caused by lower airway inflammation issues. Fortunately, innovations have led to better assessment and management – as Ann Derham explains.

31 mins

Lameness may or may not be related to pain, and vets must rule this out in the first instance. Vets leave vet school with lots of knowledge about evaluating and diagnosing pain, but Edele Grey also points out an increase in tools to help clinicians carry out a subjective assessment.

27 mins

Valentina Brioschi DipECVS, MRCVS outlines the most common issues afflicting this joint and provides a comprehensive insight into treatment.

92 mins

Bridget Fry RVN, outlines a sustainable programme to hopefully prevent retaliation killings of endangered predators in east Africa.

15 mins

Alex Gough MA, VetMB, CertSAM, CertVC, PGCert(Neuroimaging), MRCVS, runs through some of the latest research for companion animals in his latest column from Vet Times.

20 mins

nursing content

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SVN Thomas Choma provides an up-to-date look at information on taking companion animals abroad, and preparing clients for holidaying with their furry companions both overseas and in the UK.

34 mins

Laura Lacey looks at the main species of this parasite, including their life cycles, and explains how veterinary nurses can assist in educating clients.

Meet the vet nurses who have received recognition for going “above and beyond” in the course of their duties. Do you know someone who deserves to join their ranks? If so, nominate them for an award.

2 mins

SVN Jade Brindley shares how she took the leap to train to be a vet nurse and, in the process, changed what success means to her.

9 mins

It’s that time again: with Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month 2022 in full swing, the BVNA shares its plans and how you can get involved.

12 mins

Evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) methodologies can bring significant improvements to daily practice, as RVN Leanne Reid found out first-hand when she got involved with RCVS Knowledge’s new EBVM for Practitioners course, supporting its testing. Here, she recounts why she is now an avid advocate for the course and the methodologies.

14 mins

Marie Rippingale discusses two of the main allergic respiratory and skin disorders in equids, and how veterinary nurses can help.

24 mins

In celebration of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month – and with its 2022 theme in mind – Casey Plain shares her journey from nursing assistant to registered vet nurse and her hopes for the future, as well as reflecting on how the profession has progressed since the start of her career.

17 mins

business content

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Despite traditionalist outlooks and layers of – sometimes contradictory – regulation, farmers and vets are working together to protect production animal health better than ever before. To give you some examples of how, innovation specialist Greg Dickens takes a look at how technology will transform life on the farm in five years’ time…

26 mins

The reputation of the insurance industry is one of odds stacked against the insured through contract terms. It’s hardly surprising, then, that some might be tempted to cut corners when seeking cover…

24 mins

Our series exploring six core dynamics shaping the veterinary profession today and in the future continues with a discussion on operational opportunities.

The benefits of microchipping are well understood within the veterinary profession and by the majority of pet owners, too. But with legislative change on the way and new services likely to expand the potential of the technology, it’s always worth keeping up with the latest developments…

20 mins

The veterinary sector continues to face numerous challenges, including vet shortages, price inflation and falling practitioner well-being, to name but a few. Against this backdrop, Ernie Ward asks how vets can continue to work effectively, and balance the necessary demands of making a profit and serving a purpose…

23 mins

Finance and regulation is the fourth part in our series exploring six core dynamics shaping the veterinary profession today and in the future.

86 mins

Making a comeback is often a venture fraught with risk; for every Elvis Presley or Tyson Fury there's a Vanilla Ice or Björn Borg. But sometimes the risk pays off, as VBJ discovered when we caught up with Werrington Vets owners Marwan Tarazi and Nikos Pallas following a triumphant return to their old patch...

38 mins

Never before has so much CPD been on offer across such a wide variety of platforms and in so many different formats. This has delivered many exciting new ways to access continuing education, but it's important to think carefully about your own personal learning needs...

23 mins

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