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In off-site circumstances, use of smartphones could speed up the decision-making process and enhance patient outcomes.

5 mins

New artificial intelligence could help diagnose dogs suffering from chronic pain and identify facial changes associated with Chiari-like malformation.

5 mins

“Early-age protection of calves through intranasal vaccination can help prevent pneumonia and positively impact a calf’s productive future.” – Kat Baxter-Smith of MSD Animal Health.

5 mins

Sedadex, which contains the active ingredient dexmedetomidine, is indicated for sedation and analgesia, and for premedication prior to general anaesthesia in dogs and cats.

2 mins

“Treating patients on a limited budget” will be the theme for the only veterinary congress to be held in the south-west of the UK.

4 mins

The latest UK Veterinary Antibiotic Resistance and Sales Surveillance Report also revealed a reduction in sales of highest priority critically important antibiotics.

5 mins

Public Health England announcement confirmed cases of tick-borne encephalitis virus in ticks from two parts of England – Norfolk and the Hampshire-Dorset border.

6 mins

“I would like to thank Simon Innes for his commitment to the company and congratulate him for the considerable achievements made by the group during his tenure” – CVS group chairman Richard Connell.

4 mins

An RVN from the University of Glasgow wants nurses and veterinary care assistants to take part in a study that will put such procedures under the microscope.

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Practice Profile: West Midlands Veterinary Referrals

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Prompted by a calendar reminder from this time last year, Jane Davidson offers some advice to those considering standing for RCVS VN council – and to act sooner rather than later if interested.

“When you know, you know” is a phrase used in many aspects of live, but as Jordan Sinclair explains, a world of difference can exist in knowing something and living it. Here, she talks about how these realisations can all build up to a reality not expected, and how looking out for one another can help.

As a seasoned vet student, Eleanor Goad knows all about these exams and how nerve-wracking they can be for first-years; here, she offers some sage advice to see you through.

Hubert Hiemstra concludes this series by discussing the aspect of making mistakes that will likely make your palms sweat and your heart race: telling the client something has gone wrong.

Stephanie Phillips explains, with the help of TVM UK, how activated charcoal can be used to treat and range of poison cases.

11 mins

Reprising this popular series, Nick Marsh asks: "Is neutering a patient in that patient’s best interests?". The answer, he argues, is not as clear cut as society assumes.

Having dealt with the fear of making mistakes, Hubert Hiemstra – in the second of a three-part series – outlines the course of action for how to respond when the worst happens.

As a first-time uni-goer, it can be tempting to throw yourself headfirst into every experience on offer. However, third-year vet student Eleanor Goad advises caution and to take it “a step at a time”.

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Karen Perry and Emily Hartman use an unusual case example to demonstrate their approach to management of this joint disease in cats.

114 mins

David Rendle, Pat Harris and Nicola Menzies-Gow discuss the welfare threat posed by this issue, and the need for education to alter perceptions of healthy body condition.

51 mins

Dominic Harrison, a final-year student, and vets Mick Millar and Oliver Tilling discuss the clinical signs of this issue and five underlying risk factors that appear to enable its establishment.

31 mins

Radu Scortea and Toby Gemmill detail how to approach these types of injuries in small animal patients.

35 mins

Having settled into his RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals internship, in this, the final of a two-part article, Dave Beeston recalls his first month as an intern.

27 mins

Valentina Busin discusses how both vets and sheep farmers can prioritise to help ensure a well-planned lambing experience.

38 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses common parasitic worms, and why anthelmintic use and client education are vital in lowering the risk of infection.

35 mins

Sue Dyson describes work to assess if facial expression or behaviour can help determine presence of this pain.

41 mins

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Anne McBride discusses ways VNs can encourage owners to provide a good quality of life for senior pets by explaining how age is a physical state, but being old is a state of mind.

48 mins

Jessica Bold explains how to handle cases, why puppy parties may be the key to preventing fear and how vital it is, above all, for VNs to keep calm and carry on...

26 mins

Libby Sheridan discusses the changes in metabolic and energy requirements in older pets, and why nutritional assessments should be carried out frequently to ensure diets are optimal.

32 mins

Clare Jones looks at dogs that have been health checked and body condition scored at local Dogs Trust events to determine whether certain factors contribute to them being overweight.

33 mins

RVN Dominique Doyle explains how she went from nursing all creatures great and small to being species specific working at The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon.

32 mins

With her reign as BVNA president almost at an end at the time of writing, Wendy Nevins urges veterinary nurses to continue supporting each other, no matter how tough the terrain, and never stop striving for the recognition they so richly deserve.

12 mins

Emma Gerrard offers guidance on dealing with animals during the perioperative period – from medicines and equipment, pain management and infection control to hygiene and isolation protocols, and owner advice.

32 mins

With the number of accredited cat-friendly clinics having increased in recent years, RVN Alex Taylor talks through the advantages of running feline-focused nurse clinics and why they could benefit all.

7 mins

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VBJ talks to Libby Sheridan, Nestlé Purina's veterinary technical manager, about the significance of a Purina finding, and why it is important to keep pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition.

17 mins

The UK has 725 referral practices, which means 17% of all veterinary sites are now dedicated referral centres or offer referral services. So, anyone thinking of entering this crowded marketplace needs to pitch their offering carefully...

3 mins

Alan White has become a familiar face in the veterinary sector since joining the St Francis Group almost 10 years ago. Now group commercial director of MWI Animal Health UK following its acquisition of St Francis in 2015, Alan sat down with VBJ to tell us a bit about the company and himself...

10 mins

All successful veterinary practices require good leadership, but being a leader is about much more than just a title. Here, Mark John from Fenton Vets describes his journey and explains why being a brilliant boss is now more important than ever...

25 mins

In a VBJ Specials Insight feature, discover how this company can deliver personalised medicines that make a difference to your practice and patients.

14 mins

Deciding to sell your veterinary practice will probably be one of the biggest life choices you ever make. If you have the luxury of time, as Vicky Robinson explains, planning your sale will make a considerable difference to the financial outcome...

24 mins

Practices have four months to prepare for off-payroll working rules changes that could have significant impacts on locums. From April 2020, they will have to check if locums need to pay income tax and national insurance contributions, shifting the responsibility from locums to practices.

20 mins

People are built to worry about the future, skilled professionals especially. In this article, futurists and innovation consultants Greg Dickens and Guen Bradbury outline some possible futures for the veterinary profession, and suggest ways to be ready to get the most out of it...

26 mins

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