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RVN and VN Times editorial member Shakira Miles said VNs must be fully aware of the seriousness of the trend for designer dogs.

2 mins

RVN Lacey Pitcher creates Veterinary Pay It Forward group, whereby packages are distributed anonymously to individuals in practices as a way of showing appreciation.

3 mins

“The committee considered that members of the public would be, rightly, appalled a registered veterinary nurse had committed an offence of this kind” – chairman of the RCVS disciplinary committee.

10 mins

Vets Now released a media statement to apologise and reassure pet owners following the conclusion of an RCVS disciplinary committee.

6 mins

Veterinary business duo take on iconic rally challenge – driving 5,000km down under to raise almost £6,000 for cancer charity.

5 mins

Shares in company rose by more than 10%, despite a fall in pre-tax profits of almost 40% in the wake of vet group restructuring.

5 mins

At the AVSPNI’s Spring Conference, some of the industry’s most prominent leaders said the profession could be greatly enhanced by selecting vet students from a broader range of backgrounds.

5 mins

With VET Festival 2019 just a few days away (7-8 June), organisers have revealed new research that shows many practices are not prioritising staff wellness.

6 mins

Leading UK stem cell scientist believes new system has the potential to make stem cell technology more widely available to vets.

4 mins


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Vet student Eleanor Goad delves into what she considers the “ultimate battle between head and heart” for any vet – weighing up the desire to keep an animal alive against the need to assure quality of life.

The value of a VN has been spoken of regularly, but have you ever considered how many skills and tasks make up the overall nursing role, and what this translate to in monetary terms? JaneRVN, with the help of a Parental Salary calculator, tots up the numbers...

Hubert Hiemstra looks at a “potentially fatal manifestation of coagulation pathology”, in which mild symptoms in an otherwise healthy dog can quickly escalate into a life-threatening respiratory crisis.

Jordan Sinclair rails against the tendency of “old school” veterinary professionals to talk disparagingly about younger, recently graduated vets in online forums intended to support and inform.

Delving into the misty depths of myth and memory, Nick Marsh reveals how and why a geeky eight-year-old boy decided to dedicate his life to helping animals, wherever in the galaxy he might find them.

Lactate is the harbinger of doom, according to Hubert Hiemstra – here, he explains why monitoring these levels are important, as well as indications for doing so and what the results mean.

To mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, student vet Charlie Jackson asks why a career path so many dream of treading since childhood often turns into a nightmare of stress and ill-mental health.

15 mins

Student blogger Eleanor Goad considers conservation, climate change and why it’s never been more important to encourage graduates to “forego the comfort zones of first opinion practice”.

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Lisa Milella discusses studies into forces a dog’s teeth can withstand when chewing and the likelihood of dental injury.

22 mins

Sara Pedersen looks at studies into the prevention and treatment of this condition, and applying it to veterinary practice.

35 mins

Ian Self discusses acute and chronic forms, assessment using recognised scales, and treatment option.

46 mins

Francesco Cian discusses another interesting case in his latest haematology hub.

6 mins

Julian Earl – in a three-part series – discusses how his cycling obsession helped him maintain a positive work-life balance.

20 mins

Sonya Miles discusses a common presentation in these animals by using a case study – detailing surgery, recovery and outcome.

17 mins

Josie Parker describes her approach to ocular cases, including how to examine for manifestations of systemic disease.

43 mins

Kim Stafford and Phil Elkins discuss the aetiology and treatment options regarding this seasonal bacterial infection.

21 mins

nursing content

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VMG president Gillian Page explains why she has chosen "collaboration" as the theme for her presidential year and her route to becoming one of the UK's first VNs to own their own practice.

21 mins

Melanie Sainsbury shares her experiences of working in small animal practice and as a veterinary education manager.

10 mins

Esme Hawkes discusses the role veterinary professionals play in ensuring pet owners are on board with everything from microchipping and vaccinations, to flea and tick treatment, training and behaviour.

29 mins

The BVNA president explains how she almost became a schoolteacher before discovering the joys of veterinary nursing, and outlines her hopes for the remainder of her presidential year.

13 mins

Gemma Reeve bangs the drum for this year's Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month theme, which is exploring the variety of nursing options out there.

7 mins

In celebration of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM), we at VN Times would like to take you back in time to the very roots of the veterinary nurse role, how it has evolved and the conception of VNAM.

8 mins

RVN Nichi Cockburn talks about how her role in the profession has developed into practice management and veterinary physiotherapy.

13 mins

Karen Ramsey, clinical director from 3 Mile Veterinary Centre in Glasgow, describes her work and future career aspirations.

8 mins

business content

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Few other practices better reflect the near exponential growth of the UK referral sector than North Downs Specialist Referrals. The Surrey hospital has trebled in size in its 15 years – a tale of sustained success and one that echoes a wider story…

7 mins

Climate change and increased pet travel have created a perfect parasitic storm for the UK’s companion animals. Old foes like fleas and endemic ticks, along with emerging threats, are putting pets at ever-greater risk – so which products and advice should practices offer to help even the odds?

39 mins

Pet nutrition is changing fast and UK practices run the risk of being left behind if they don’t adapt. Significant advances in nutritional science and technology have led to improved therapeutic and wellness diets – how can your practice make the most of these new opportunities?

24 mins

Many lessons can be learned by those in business from the world of top-level sport – a fact VBJ was reminded of when we sat down with the woman who skippered the Great Britain’s hockey team to golden glory at the Olympics in Rio …

10 mins

Having practice staff in uniform not only enhances a brand with clients and wherever else employees are seen, it also provides a perk in that it saves employees’ own clothing from wear and tear. But, as might be expected, rules and regulations exist that surround the provision of a uniform if it’s to be tax deductible …

21 mins

Wildbore Vetstop sounds like it might be a rather intriguing, perhaps even slightly dangerous, place to work. But what’s in a name? Not a lot, as VBJ discovered last month when we headed north to hear another independent success story…

So much data is available in the modern veterinary practice that sometimes it can seem difficult to see the wood for the trees. But by measuring the metrics that matter, this wealth of data has the power to transform your practice into a lean, mean profit-making machine...

32 mins

One in every three small animal consults is preventive1. When supporting products and services – such as parasite control and neutering – are combined into the mix, that can add up to a vital profit stream. So, what can practices do to make the most of it?

23 mins

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