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“I would like to reassure the profession that the fee rise is both a necessary piece of financial future-proofing and will also help fund current projects” – Lizzie Lockett, royal college chief executive.

3 mins

Additional volunteers have had to join the veterinary crisis organisation as the charity fields a record 3,117 contacts in 2018.

5 mins

Of those taken off – 2.2% of all RVNs – some 70 have subsequently applied to have their name restored to the register.

3 mins

European Parliament calls for stricter measures to combat illegal trafficking of pets.

3 mins

Germany and Poland discuss setting up a “fenced corridor” to prevent African swine fever spreading. The disease has been found 30km from Germany – one of Europe’s major pork exporters.

3 mins

Veterinary personnel “touched” by bush fire crisis pay for medical supplies to be sent to colleagues in Australia to aid injured wildlife.

3 mins

More than 330 veterinary professionals responded to the a joint VMG and SPVS survey, which was conducted online during July and August 2019.

5 mins

Russell Kane, known for hosting Live At The Electric and regular appearances on Celebrity Juice, will compere the VMA Annual Awards, in London on Friday 20 March.

2 mins

New appointment “indicates Fitzpatrick Referrals’ continued commitment to providing the very best service to its referring vets and their clients”.

2 mins


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In 2017, StreetVet began as nothing more than an idea. Four years later, that idea has grown into what can only be described as a phenomenon.

1 mins

“Although around 70% of vet graduates are female, the number of practising female vets is more like 50%” – Eleanor Goad considers the gender imbalance in the profession and why it may exist.

Jane RVN explains why double dipping is never good – whether in patient consults or communal lunch times.

January marks the time to set new goals, but with no sign of cash, warm weather or an end to leftover chocolate, its tough. Jordan Sinclair explains how long-term, realistic plans are the secret to success.

If you worked over the festive season – while family and friends relaxed and spent time together – Hubert Hiemstra has a message for you: be proud of yourself.

“I know I’m helping with my reports and my opinions, but I very rarely get the buzz any more” – having not worked in general practice for four years – Nick Marsh wonders if he will ever feel “the buzz” again.

Eleanor Goad discusses how, though taking time out from exam prep is a godsend, camaraderie among fellow students who understand what you are going through makes all the difference.

Good signage is important and, in some instances, mandatory. But is it having the desired effect? Jane RVN probes an instance where, certainly in a busy practice setting, less is more…

veterinary content

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Luca Ferasin outlines the aetiology, clinical signs, diagnosis and natural history of this issue, as well as management options.

43 mins

John Beel, BVSc, CertVOphthal, MRCVS, Elizabeth Kwint, BVetMed, GPCert Bus Admin, MRCVS, and Jerry Dunne MVB, PgCertSAS, GPCertSAS, MRCVS recount the case of a male crossbreed dog that presented with a growing mass situated under its right eye.

31 mins

Fleur Whitlock BVetMed (Hons), MRCVS and Richard Newton BVSc, MSc, PhD, DLSHTM, DipECVPH, FRCVS discuss how clinicians can optimise their use of licensed medications.

38 mins

Marge Chandler DVM, MS, MACVSc, DipACVN, DipACVIM, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS discusses the benefits provided by these products in certain disorders, as well as their regulation and use in practice.

45 mins

Pete Wedderburn BVM&S, CertVR, MRCVS gives an overview of the Prague Companion Animal Nutrition Symposium, which took place on 21 and 22 October 2019, and carried an overall theme of “the science of cats”.

21 mins

Reproductive and respiratory diseases from autumn 2019 are the focus of Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update.

27 mins

Elizabeth Villiers BVSc, DipECVCP, FRCPath, CertSAM, CertVR, MRCVS and Jade Pallett BSc discuss the steps taken when carrying out susceptibility testing to determine appropriate antibiotic therapy in pets.

49 mins

Michelle Clark BVSc, CertAVP(SAM), MRCVS and Helen Baxter BVMS, CertAVP, MRCVS discuss this procedure and share a case study involving a dog kicked by a horse.

16 mins

nursing content

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Louise Northway reinforces the scale of anaesthetic role veterinary nurses play, as well as possibilities for further training and advanced physiological parameters that can be monitored.

41 mins

BVNA honorary secretary Gemma Reeve ponders what 2020 will bring to the profession.

4 mins

Ethylene glycol poisoning is extremely serious in cats and such cases are likely to increase in the winter months – Sarah Collins tells us more.

6 mins

Laura Lacey offers practical advice on tackling this common, and often difficult, issue.

28 mins

BVNA president Jo Hinde reflects on 2019 and looks forward at the year ahead.

7 mins

Emma Gerrard offers advice to give to owners to avoid disaster over the Christmas holidays and what to do if it strikes.

23 mins

Rebecca Westwood explains how working abroad made her the person she is today, why she forged her own business, and why holistic therapy can complement veterinary medicine and benefit all parties.

33 mins

Marge Chandler offers advice on pet nutrition, looking at the types of diet available, as well as understanding food labels.

35 mins

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business content

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Discover how working with MWI Animal Health can help your practice thrive in 2020 and beyond...

16 mins

A growing number of US private practice owners have breathed new life into their businesses and taken a wrecking ball to others on their journey to becoming the best. Here are some of the things US vets did the past five years to stay ahead of the competition, deliver standout care and keep employees engaged...

17 mins

Kay Scarlett, practice manager at Westwood Veterinary Surgery, tells her Petplan story...

5 mins

The best way to deliver safe, effective and high-quality treatment is to use the most up-to-date evidence available, but doing so can often seem too challenging in practice...

15 mins

VetShare members offer testimonials on their experiences with the buying group, which provides serves to independent vets.

1 mins

Veterinary practices can often be chaotic working environments without the right systems in place. Buy by introducing a culture of improvement and accountability, order can be brought to the chaos.

18 mins

Tax investigations should be avoided – they are not something that many welcome or would want to endure, as they are stressful and can be costly. And if HMRC finds misbehaviour, that taxpayer is bound to receive “special” attention in the future.

24 mins

The referral process can be a complicated business where the needs of patients, owners and referring practices must all be considered. Here, Ray Girotti explains why managing these dynamics is crucial to successfully performing this juggling act.

26 mins

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