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Multi-million-pound Vet Hub 1 signifies a step forward in the development of Aberystwyth University as a “centre for veterinary expertise”, says vice-chancellor.

4 mins

Millennial vet honoured for strong commitment to improving the experiences and education of early career vets across the Balkan region.

5 mins

"Post-antibiotic world" warning after three times the level of multi-resistant bacteria found on farms using drugs to promote growth in the poultry species.

6 mins

Onswitch managing director Alison Lambert welcomes The College of Animal Welfare's new qualification for veterinary receptionists and encourages practices to invest in their customer service teams.

5 mins

Members of the profession urged to adopt “careful and accurate approach” to self-certification after hearing into vet who failed to declare conviction.

6 mins

Are you a bright spark at your practice? The RCVS is looking for vet and VN innovators to share their ideas on social media, with prizes up for grabs.

5 mins

Future farm subsidies must take animal health and welfare into account, says association.

4 mins

Vet believes the key to combating disillusionment in the veterinary profession lies in career diversification and innovation.

6 mins

Former RCVS president Jerry Davies and five of his clinical colleagues have been awarded fellowships by the royal college.

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Nexgard Spectra
  • Parasitologist Ian Wright discusses the evolving parasite risks facing dogs, including the growing threat of lungworm and ticks.Read more
    Nexgard Spectra
  • Recent research at the University of Salford shows that questing Ixodes ticks were found almost every month of the year.Read more


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    Yordan Fernandez and James Warland look at multiple endocrinopathies in dogs, diagnosing the various disorders and the management options.

    47 mins

    This article provides a summary of selected clinically relevant publications on diagnostic methods, imaging and rehabilitation of equine lameness published in the past 12 months, as well as new information related to diagnostic imaging of the suspensory ligament.

    27 mins

    A look at the types and preventive steps regarding common diseases that affect normal metabolism of cows.

    33 mins

    Kate Parkinson details the case of a feline patient that presented with a hard testicular swelling during routine castration, before discussing airgun injuries.

    36 mins

    Mike Davies summarises evidence found on the use of these supplements in cats and dogs with this joint disease.

    35 mins

    Roger Evans recalls how alarm bells started ringing when he heard dogs were being taken to one of his fields by their owners.

    20 mins

    Chris Palgrave reports from the British Bee Veterinary Association spring 2017 meeting.

    10 mins

    Karen Perry looks at detecting and testing for joint pain in small animals using an organised and systematic approach.

    45 mins

    nursing content

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    RVN Kat Warren reviews the speakers, social activities and nursing trail from this annual event aimed at promoting veterinary education for tomorrow.

    12 mins

    Burnout takes time to happen, but can be recognised and stopped before it is too late. Renowned mental health lecturer and author Mike Scanlan advises readers on how to look for the signs in both themselves and colleagues.

    5 mins

    Dan Skeldon takes readers through the latest treatments in joint care, with a particular emphasis on OA management.

    43 mins

    With a lack of time being a major factor in stressful practices, RVN and practice owner Helen Russell tries to help readers – and herself – manage the unstoppable ticking of the clock...

    20 mins

    Louise has chosen triage as the subject to put under the spotlight this month, as well as the VN’s role within the process...

    5 mins

    RVN and director of veterinary nursing at CVS Belinda Andrews-Jones details a nationwide week in her working life, spanning many miles, meetings and hotel meals…

    15 mins

    Halfway through, Ruth Clooney-Power is finding the CertVN ECC certificate ever more applicable day-to-day...

    4 mins

    Helen Rooney explains the integral role of diet in canine chronic kidney disease, helping VNs understand what they need to know and advise clients.

    22 mins

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    Vicky Robinson discusses the corporate buying bubble, when it might burst and what the other options are for anyone planning their exit.

    27 mins

    Mark Stevens discusses a widely heralded scheme, including how it will operate and how it will affect businesses.

    20 mins

    Stephanie Vaughan-Jones explains why the old 'dog and bone' may be one of the most important pieces of kit you possess.

    23 mins

    Victor Chua and Nael Taher on how cost of childcare is contributing to growing problem of staff retention.

    10 mins

    VBJ's Big 6 project saw a carefully selected panel discuss and debate the six biggest issues most likely to shape the veterinary landscape. In its first report, panellists discuss work-life balance and how this is changing practice.

    50 mins

    Most practices have emerged from the dark ages, when postcards and the odd phone call were the only ways of communicating with clients. Dr Ernie Ward explains how modern methods are driving revenue growth, enhancing patient care and boosting client satisfaction.

    25 mins

    The difficulties faced by practices trying to recruit experienced vets has led an increasing number to turn to new graduates. Taking on inexperienced vets can be a challenge, but when it works, the rewards to both employer and employee are substantial, says Jenny Stuart.

    10 mins

    Mark Colton discusses how practice teams can work together to drive dental initiatives, the form they should take and the impact they can have on the bottom line.

    16 mins

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    Noticing an abundance of people unable to find TP placements or even work experience, Jane RVN looks back at how she became an RVN to work out how she managed it.

    As her time at university draws to an end, a visit to her old school sees Jordan reflect on the beginning of her vet school story – specifically how and why she chose to study at Glasgow.

    In the third of a four-part series on social media, Gerardo Poli looks at the plethora of platforms available and offers some advice on choosing the best one to fit your requirements.

    Nick Marsh claims he has never seen injuries suspicious enough to suggest anything more than an accident has occurred. In this post, he asks whether this makes him lucky, or just naive?

    In the second of a four-part series on social media, Gerardo Poli discusses the importance of getting the right message out to the right audience.

    Jane RVN's role in the RCVS pilot scheme for its new outcome-based CPD has got her thinking about thinking...

    Gerardo Poli begins a four-part series looking at the main aspects to consider with social media for veterinary practices – starting with goals and objectives.

    Nick Marsh draws one conclusion from the estimated 60,000 consultations during his career – he still has so much to learn. And it's a thought both wonderful and terrifying.

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