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Edinburgh-based laboratory has seen record number of owners seeking blood tests as UK prepares for no-deal EU exit.

7 mins

“It is a great honour to be appointed to this role and I look forward to supporting the team in continuing this excellent work” – Amanda Boag.

4 mins

New fellows to be welcomed, and their achievements celebrated, at an online fellowship evening set for 1 October.

7 mins

“I am truly humbled to be given this opportunity by the company and am looking forward to spearheading some really exciting projects…” – Alistair Cliff.

4 mins

Slower-growing broiler chickens also have more fun, according to evidence from an independent commercial‑scale farm trial involving the University of Bristol Veterinary School.

10 mins

Blue Cross is appealing directly to horse owners about the risks of the condition and has provided tips to them to help prevent it.

3 mins

Good Veterinary Workplace Voluntary Code, based on a new policy position, sets out clear criteria for practices to follow on supportive environments.

5 mins

“We are delighted to have branched out our services with the opening of this new ‘horse GP’ practice…” – Nicholas Graham, University of Glasgow.

4 mins

James Russell takes over chain and states: “We must work together, and draw on our strength in unity to deliver strong animal health and welfare care, through a strong and healthy profession.”

8 mins


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Poorly performing equids: lameness causes, treatment and prevention

VBJ’s Lockdown Lowdown with Alison Lambert (part 2)

VBJ’s Lockdown Lowdown with Alan Robinson

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Landing a coveted place at one of the UK's veterinary schools is tough at the best of times, but 2020 has proved particularly difficult – especially for those with the wrong postcode. Jordan Sinclair look at the options open to those who failed to earn a place this time round.

Nick Marsh explains the difficulties he experienced as a working parent also attempting to educate his children during lockdown – and his feelings of relief at their eventual return to school.

Hubert Hiemstra continues this series by looking at the next two tools that can help you connect with clients: Common ground and Humour

With first-year students set to start their vet journeys via university in the “new normal” later this month, Eleanor Goad offers some words of wisdom to help reassure and comfort nervous freshers.

Another issue of COVID-19, Jane says, is that “borrowing” pets via apps and websites is now being seen as a normal alternative to doggy day care.

Having shone a light on the challenges faced by this year’s new grad vets, Jordan shifts her focus to students struggling to find EMS placements and how the profession can still help, despite COVID-19.

Having outlined his seven tools for helping connect with clients, Hubert Hiemstra discusses in more detail the first four – Intention, Smile, Introduction and Touch.

In the second part of his series discussing problem-free consults, Hubert Hiemstra looks at the ingredients required to create that all-important connection with clients.

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Jo Murrell BVSc, CertVA, PhD, DipECVAA, MRCVS discusses diagnosis and treatment of this issue, including the use of clinical metrology instruments to quantify it.

64 mins

Ross Allan and Stuart Carmichael explore techniques their vet practice has developed for using this form of telemedicine in the small animal sector.

39 mins

It may have first aired 23 years before her birth, but the revival of All Creatures Great and Small has led Nat Scroggie to question whether it still influenced her career.

9 mins

Dave Beeston reflects on his first month as a resident in the next of his rebranded series, ECC Endeavours.

29 mins

John Carr BVSc, PhD, DPM, DipECPHM, MRCVS and Mark Howells MA, VetMB, DBR(Dist), MRCVS discuss opportunities available to vets to have a positive impact on the health and profitability of their clients’ herds.

28 mins

Chanticleer discusses the "complex knot of uncertainties" that the COVID-19 issue has created in his latest column.

17 mins

As she nears the end of her tenure as BVA president, Daniella Dos Santos looks back at the profession’s response to the pandemic and discusses future challenges.

35 mins

Hany Elsheikha BVSc, MVSc, PhD, PGCHE, FHEA, DipEVPC discusses the efficacy of macrocyclic lactones across multiple species, as well as considerations before using them.

52 mins

nursing content

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Lou Northway walks readers through the stages of, and considerations around, anaesthetising cats and dogs with cardiac conditions.

30 mins

RCVS Knowledge is back with another QI Vets quality improvement case example – this time concerning canine drug overdose.

18 mins

Amy Henson discusses the challenges often faced in caring for pets’ teeth, the solutions out there and the importance of getting owners on board.

11 mins

Emma Gerrard summarises the factors that optimise prevention of surgical site infections preoperatively and postoperatively, including patient care and wound treatment.

34 mins

John Redbond discusses the value of such clinics, how to identify and treat allergic skin disease, and key messages to share with dog and cat owners.

32 mins

Lead nutritionist Samantha Ware discusses adverse food reactions.

11 mins

Elizabeth Waring explains how certain plants are able to provide cats with positive environmental enrichment.

7 mins

Amy Henson explores the part food plays in how a dog behaves – and how it is often not in the way people think.

11 mins

business content

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Maddy Cousins – a mature vet student at the RVC and co-founder of VetConsult, an online booking and payment platform for vets – discusses this evolving area in the veterinary sphere.

24 mins

Proagrica managing director for animal health Richard Sibbit explains why the coronavirus lockdown has been a proving ground for an uptake in digital innovations, why it cannot be ignored, and how practices have had to act and adapt fast to survive.

17 mins

James Westgate speaks to practice owners, business leaders and consultants about lessons learned from the pandemic, and how practices and practitioners can survive and thrive in an uncertain future.

31 mins

An ever-increasing range of digital products and services is available to help modern veterinary practices better serve the needs of both their staff and their clients. But to make those systems work effectively and efficiently, practices must ensure all their tech is properly integrated.

14 mins

In an exclusive three-part series, vets and tech consultants Guen Bradbury and Greg Dickens will look at the way technology will impact on the areas of communication, diagnostics and surgery. Part one takes a look at what communication technology might be coming online in the next five years and how practices can learn to select the right tools for them...

25 mins

The massive impact of coronavirus has left the world in a liminal state; a threshold between the established norms of the past, and an uncertain and unknowable future. Alan Robinson explains how to navigate this threshold by avoiding its many perils and making the most of the opportunities it provides...

22 mins

In this, the third VBJ Lockdown Lowdown, we revisit veterinary business consultant Alison Lambert to discuss all things business – from finance and furlough to waiting time and wellness.

Figures published by HMRC have shown vets are missing out on millions of pounds in research and development (R&D) tax credits. Cheryl Teoh – senior R&D technical consultant at innovation funding consultancy Leyton UK – looks at the scheme, what can be claimed for and why vets aren’t claiming for what they are owed.

20 mins

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