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According to Chris Laurence, chairman of the Canine and Feline Sector Group, a ban on third-party puppy sales “will achieve absolutely nothing” without proper enforcement of regulations.

4 mins

Mistaken beliefs about pet vaccines and a growing hesitancy towards vaccination reported among owners could give rise to deadly diseases, the organisation warns.

7 mins

Veterinary educator’s contributions to learning and teaching recognised in highest honours.

3 mins

BBC report, compiled by Government figures, named two of the UK’s largest veterinary groups as having the largest gender pay gaps among UK companies with 5,000 or more employees.

4 mins

BVDzero Scholarship Programme from Boehringer Ingelheim, in collaboration with the World Association for Buiatrics, will award €1,000 to undertake high-quality farm animal practice to each of 10 successful student applicants.

Royal Dairy Innovation Award was presented to Ben Swift by The Princess Royal at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

6 mins

Sharon Scarratt died not knowing she had been nominated for – and won – this year’s Petplan Veterinary Support Staff of the Year award.

9 mins

Vets and medics will gather on 7 May to share knowledge and insights about the impact of human factors on patient safety.

3 mins

Two retrospective, peer-reviewed studies have been published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice as part of the publication’s attempt to promote research in veterinary clinical practice.

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The question of whether what vets do serves a larger purpose is pondered by Hubert Hiemstra, who has asked: am I wasting my time and talents in practice?

In the wake of this year’s Grand National, recent horse racing convert Andrè Brenn looks back at the event in an effort to spark discussion and debate on the sport’s place in modern society.

13 mins

On the occasion of her mother’s 50th birthday, vet student Eleanor Goad takes the opportunity to thank her family for the support they provided in order to get her where she is today.

Nick Marsh explains why, of all the mistakes and problems he has encountered throughout his career as a vet, it’s the first time his actions resulted in loss of life that still keeps him awake at night.

For his second Tip of the Week topic, Hubert Hiemstra reviews the uses and limitations of point-of-care tests for canine C-reactive protein, and asks: “Oh CR*P! What am I missing?”

Jane Davidson asks whether more should be done to prepare clients for their pet’s hair loss post-surgery – using the example of Ollie the cat, documented on Twitter by her owners Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon.

In the wake of an announcement by the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science to adopt a dual intake initiative with its undergraduates, Jordan Sinclair questions whether this will help or hinder the recruitment crisis, and how the problem is multi-faceted.

Hubert Hiemstra sets all readers a sleep challenge as an experiment to see if they will be less tired after trying a new routine.

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Sonya Miles looks at methods of assessing and managing these symptoms in exotic species.

25 mins

Tim Adams details various cutaneous conditions that can present in horses during these seasons, as well as ways to treat them.

33 mins

Chanticleer casts a weather eye over more areas of discussion within the veterinary sector.

20 mins

Gerhard Putter – one of only a few dental diplomates in the country – explains how he became a specialist veterinary surgeon.

15 mins

Veterinary professional Kelly Freezer, head veterinary surgeon at Bright Side Vets in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, discusses her career.

9 mins

Joy Howell recounts her role in a volunteering trip to Africa to help locals in their ongoing mission to eliminate this viral disease.

31 mins

Kerry Peak and David Walker summarise clinical applications of some more novel diagnostic tests for these concerns in small animals.

62 mins

Sarah Gough and David Rendle discuss the diagnosis and treatment of mild and marked forms of the disease, including environmental management.

45 mins

nursing content

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Laura Rosewell discusses managing emergency cases of dyspnoea, types of breathing diseases commonly seen in practice, and how these canine and feline patients can be supported by veterinary nurses – both during hospitalisation and after discharge.

49 mins

Albert Holgate shares his journey from animal lover to clinical manager, the challenges of being deaf in the profession and his aims as a BVNA councillor.

9 mins

International Cat Care behaviourist Elizabeth Waring looks at the hunting behaviour of cats and explains why they still do this despite being fed.

7 mins

Gayle Morrison and Victoria Robinson discuss prevalent causes of – and latest treatment options for – pruritic patients.

37 mins

This month, Matt reflects on the fluttering feeling of fear at the prospect of treating exotics patients, and considers how far the care of exotics species has progressed over the years.

21 mins

Ahead of her BSAVA Congress lecture, Nicola Ackerman, RVN, discusses how nurses are best placed to lead these arrangements in practices and stresses why her peers’ skills should not be undervalued.

23 mins

Looking at various studies and types of surgical attire through history, Claire Roberts discusses its efficacy in reducing surgical site infections.

35 mins

Marie Rippingale – who has been at the coalface for equine veterinary nursing for many years – explains why she believes district veterinary nursing should be formally recognised and how it could enhance well-being for all.

15 mins

business content

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Wildbore Vetstop sounds like it might be a rather intriguing, perhaps even slightly dangerous, place to work. But what’s in a name? Not a lot, as VBJ discovered last month when we headed north to hear another independent success story…

So much data is available in the modern veterinary practice that sometimes it can seem difficult to see the wood for the trees. But by measuring the metrics that matter, this wealth of data has the power to transform your practice into a lean, mean profit-making machine...

32 mins

One in every three small animal consults is preventive1. When supporting products and services – such as parasite control and neutering – are combined into the mix, that can add up to a vital profit stream. So, what can practices do to make the most of it?

23 mins

The second of VBJ’s Fast Forward features is the story of Vet Dynamics – a veterinary business consultancy that has helped hundreds of owners ensure their practice is run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

25 mins

A first opinion hospital practice on the edge of Epping Forest, with in-house CT and MRI, and a dedicated radioiodine unit in nearby Harlow, the practice has certainly branched out in recent years...

2 mins

We’ve been on quite a journey – from conception, through early parenthood, to balancing work with the needs of school-aged children. But what does all of this mean for us as professionals and a service industry?

21 mins

Nick White looks at how practices can grow the percentage of insured clients – and the significant financial benefits of doing so…

25 mins

Stuck with a tired old building and not sure what to do next? Should you set a budget first or commission an architect? And is a new building really the answer or could you renovate for half the cost? Alex Darvill answers these questions as he reveals his secrets for creating successful buildings…

27 mins

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