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The college said it is addressing the sector’s workforce challenges after a “provisional” registration status proposed to help tackle capacity challenges in dentistry.

5 mins

The WSAVA has urged clinicians to educate pet owners on the harms caused by acts including the cropping of dogs’ ears and the declawing of cats.

9 mins

A review paper has urged professionals to work with vets in understanding and working with people living rough and their animals.

5 mins

Ministers say they will double investment in alternative methods and publish a new proposal for further reductions later this year.

5 mins

Minette Batters defends role of badger culling as part of bTB eradication strategy before urging politicians to work with them in tackling the problem.

4 mins

A collective of empowering professionals set to speak at the second VN Spark event designed to build confidence and ignite clinical interests to inspire positive change in practice.

2 mins

Flexee provides access to a range of adaptable working tools, including a CPD course, free one-to-one consultation and flexible variable scenario planner.

4 mins

The charity is encouraging all companion animal and equine practices to have at least one member of staff to reach its gold standard to help make a positive difference on the issue.

3 mins

“The BVA remains concerned that, while vets are learning to work with the new guidance, its complexities mean that many in practice are still unclear about how it applies across all clinical scenarios.”

9 mins


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People Match Podcast: Fiona Stephens offers careers advice for new graduates

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In the fourth and final part of his focus on ionised hypocalcaemia, Gerardo looks at the controversy regarding treatment of non-clinical cases and the prognostic indications of iCa concentrations.

Hubert Hiemstra looks at a “potentially fatal manifestation of coagulation pathology”, in which mild symptoms in an otherwise healthy dog can quickly escalate into a life-threatening respiratory crisis.

You don’t have to specialise to achieve happiness and contentment in your career, says RVN Carly Kilby. In fact, if you’re happy where you are, your role as an approachable, knowledgeable member of your practice team can keep you fulfilled for years to come.

Following his focus on the most common cause of clinical hypocalcaemia in cats and dogs, Gerardo takes a look at the clinical signs, treatment methods and the correction of calcium.

In the second of this four-part series, Gerardo Poli focuses specifically on the most common cause of clinical hypocalcaemia in feline and canine patients.

Gerardo Poli begins this four-part series by outlining the function of calcium, and common causes of low ionised calcium in cats and dogs.

The question of whether what vets do serves a larger purpose is pondered by Hubert Hiemstra, who has asked: am I wasting my time and talents in practice?

Gerardo Poli concludes his series on blood transfusions by discussing how much volume to give during the process.

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Bryan Charleston explains how a new scientifically independent facility is already leading this fight.

9 mins

Our latest Research Review sees Alex Gough delving into more veterinary studies in companion animal medicine, including investigations into infrared imaging, nasogastric tube placement and AI accuracy.

18 mins

Hannah van Velzen shares the various techniques for this examination she has encountered in her career.

27 mins

Nigel Dougherty evaluates the wider aspects of provision for this practice.

44 mins

Luciana Santos de Assis discusses latest findings relating to this common canine problem.

3 mins

Richard Brown gives his opinion on this matter for the sake of the “unique” veterinary profession.

21 mins

Ross Allan reviews the key information set out at the latest London course.

6 mins

Nick Gibbon shares advice on how to help dairy farmers manage this as part of an effective programme.

13 mins

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“It's taken me a long time to get where I want to be – because you don’t just fall into it; it's not that easy. But all my experiences along the way have set me up, ready for this, and I can now go to work and enjoy my job, I can just love it, and it’s my place and it’s my time to just be me!”

1 mins

Gill Hayes considers how balancing animal welfare with conflicts arising due to client demands or practice constraints may have a significant impact on veterinary nurse students and registered nurses alike...

32 mins

Sarah-Jayne Richards recounts the presentation of a female Labrador retriever and the anaesthetic plan performed to treat such a symptom.

47 mins

Emma Foreman runs through the expectations for an important role in student nurse development.

7 mins

Anna Mercer explains how, in the same way cats should no longer be considered as small dogs, this inquisitive species has its own unique set of husbandry and veterinary needs.

50 mins

“We had so many interesting conversations; I questioned why, in this day and age, animals are neglected as much as they are. And when we looked at it, religion factors massively – and also, education! ”

1 mins

Beckie Barnardt explains her journey to working with wild and endangered species in South Africa – and how others can do the same…

51 mins

Sieske Valk discusses some of the considerations for VNs and the wider team when encountering clients with pets nearing the end of their lives.

28 mins

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In the ever-evolving field of veterinary diagnostics, the traditional “this or that” approach to performing and assessing diagnostic tests in the clinic or at an external laboratory is changing. So, it is vital to ensure your practice is keeping up with the latest developments…

26 mins

IMV Imaging has a reputation for delivering pioneering imaging equipment that makes a real difference to animal care. But IMV also does much to make a difference to the vets and nurses using that equipment, as VBJ discovered when we spoke with Laura Quiney and Amy Haylock…

11 mins

As leaders, we have the privilege of supporting new graduates through their first months and years in practice. We are shaping the next generation of vets, and those first few years will undoubtedly influence their future in this profession, writes Rebecca Robinson…

26 mins

This latest VBJ Congress Insight feature explains how your practice and your team can benefit from the association’s upcoming annual event.

15 mins

The world is witnessing the dawn of the AI age and excitement is at its peak as to just how much the technology will change the existing paradigms. In this article, Oli Viner explains how these systems work and discusses how they might impact on society and the veterinary profession…

37 mins

Setting up a specialist ophthalmology practice is always going to be a risky business. But Ioannis Tzouganakis eyed a gap in this highly competitive market, and so far, the risk is paying off, as VBJ discovered when we paid a visit to Vet Eye Care last month…

31 mins

Video solutions and remote access are increasingly being used to give clients new ways to interact with their veterinary practices. This should not be seen as a threat and instead the growth of digital engagement should be embraced for the opportunities it provides, as Ben Sweeney explains…

35 mins

When most people decide to open their own veterinary practice, the plan is usually to start small and build at a steady pace from there. But Laura Keyser has decided to take a rather different approach with Claro Hill Vets near Harrogate, as VBJ discovered when we met last month…

31 mins

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