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Vets Now announces Royal Armouries Museum and New Dock Hall will be home to emergency and critical care streams for next year’s event on 8 and 9 November.

5 mins

NSAID with “easy to give” award from the International Society of Feline Medicine now licensed for pain associated with chronic musculoskeletal disorders.

3 mins

“We were amazed how he managed to swallow it” – vets get straight to the point after puppy swallows a toy arrow almost the length of its body.

3 mins

Bird flu viruses could escape vaccine immunity while increasing potential to infect humans, according to research led by The Pirbright Institute.

4 mins

More than 30,000 cat and dog neutering cases examined to provide data on percentage of abnormalities in spay versus castrate procedures.

4 mins

Bodies unite to protect the public from “dodgy pet sellers”, and ensure any animal advertised online by classified websites is done so legally and ethically.

4 mins

Richard Sutcliffe – who was convicted of two counts of common assault by beating and of undertaking, or attempting to undertake, non-emergency surgery on the eyelid of a person – receives suspension for six months.

9 mins

Five cases of feline tuberculosis have been confirmed in households across England, with some of the affected households believed to have suffered multiple feline infections.

7 mins

European specialist Laurent Garosi will lead a new teleneurology service for the reporting of MRI scans and imparting neurology advice.

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Practice Profile: Cromwell Animal Rehabilitation Centre

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Jane Davidson kicks off #PlanVetRVN and encourages vets and VNs to delegate work better within the team to provide less stress for vets, better job satisfaction for nurses and better results for patients.

Saying no often feels like a hard thing to do; however, Ami Sawran suggests it shouldn't be about letting people down, but protecting your well-being, both physically and mentally.

Jordan Sinclair argues that dictating when vets, especially new grads, can take holidays is part of the profession's widespread recruitment and retention problem – and how important having time out is on your well-being.

Gerardo Poli concludes this series by summarising that with quick identification and management of this condition, target organ damage can be prevented and prognosis improved.

Nick Marsh weighs up the pros and cons of out-of-hours work, stating while its decline is great for vet well-being is that a good thing for owners and pets?

The sign of a true professional is having the confidence to admit when you're out of your depth and knowing when to seek help, argues Eleanor Goad.

Gerardo Poli continues this series by outlining the various ways to classify this condition and highlighting the clinical signs to help diagnose it.

Jane Davidson looks back on her original article on the impact of in-practice training and EMS for vets and VNs, acknowledging how the system has changed and advanced in the past four years.

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Danielle Marturello and Karen Perry investigate the problems of treating and managing this condition, using examples of available products. Includes video content.

11 mins

Victoria Colgate and Richard Payne discuss the use of platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy in the management of this issue, as well as the need for research into more effective treatments.

35 mins

Jenny Hull, following part one of her article (VT48.36), discusses the benefits and stages of fertility testing male sheep.

34 mins

Bob Partridge considers the causes of bad breath – with dental disease the most common.

21 mins

Lotfi El Bahri, in the first of a two-part article, introduces this antibiotic and its use in cats, including pharmacokinetics, microbiology and mode of action.

23 mins

If you’re looking for a break from the norm for your next CPD course, you may want to consider the Western Veterinary Conference. Linda Simon describes her Sin City sojourn…

31 mins

Veterinary Christian Fellowship secretary Ali Budgell reports on the latest group’s northern gathering, which saw its largest turnout yet.

13 mins

Diana Ferreira discusses available treatment options and management strategies for both outer and middle ear inflammation.

46 mins

nursing content

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Stacey Blease was appointed BVNA head of learning and development six months ago. Here, she reflects on her journey so far, what she has achieved since boarding the "BVNA bus", and considers what the future may hold for the organisation.

16 mins

Julii Elliott was the winner of last year's £1,000 bursary for the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care course, courtesy of VN Times and Vets Now. Here, the RVN reflects on her experience, the challenges of study and the joys of completion.

27 mins

This month we are joined by a ZSL London Zoo RVN, who talks about life on the wild side of animal care.

17 mins

Gayle Morrison and Peter Forsythe outline a strategy for dealing with this ear disease in small animals to maximise the chances of a successful outcome and minimise the likelihood of chronic disease onset.

38 mins

In this month's Practice Champions feature, we’ve teamed up with Virbac and hear from Louise Manton, who discusses the importance of feeding pets the right diet for their age, breed size and lifestyle.

9 mins

From treating lemurs with lasers and checking penguin chicks, to scanning pregnant sloths while up stepladders, and caring for poorly pigs, no two days are the same for a zoo RVN. Holly Kernot visited ZSL London Zoo to find out more...

49 mins

BVNA honorary treasurer Erika Feilberg discusses work-life balance and how sometimes, you have to say no.

8 mins

Claire Bloor explores the significance of veterinary nurses’ involvement in the provision of dental services – both in the veterinary surgery environment and take-home advice for owners.

30 mins

business content

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Liz Barton, in her fifth instalment, highlights the challenges of balancing being a practising vet and a parent to school-age children.

19 mins

Successful recruitment begins long before a vacancy arises. In an increasingly transparent profession, employer reputation is a vital tool in the competition for our most valuable resource: people. This will be a major theme at SPVS/VMG Congress in January.

19 mins

The vet landscape is changing rapidly, and we find the profession, and ourselves, in an economy we wouldn't have imagined 20 years ago. It's a time of great change and opportunity for those looking to sell a practice.

20 mins

It is often said the best things come in small packages. For a branch of Cromwell Vets, that package proved to be a 9m by 4m prefabricated box. It’s not a lot, but, as VBJ discovered, it's already having a big impact ...

28 mins

Medivet senior partners Adi Nell and Erwin Höhn, in the first of two articles, look at the manpower problem as a precursor to delivering a framework for analysis and a strategic plan for all stakeholders in part two ...

36 mins

James Westgate, VBJ editor, visits two practices using complementary therapies as a viable alternative revenue stream ...

21 mins

“There are times when we are not in control of our minds. Why? Because part of our brain has its own agenda – we are the source and the solution to our own problems” – Leonie Lightfoot.

28 mins

Liz Barton discusses the issues and challenges surrounding returning to work in the fourth instalment of her groundbreaking VBJ series.

19 mins

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