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James Barnett significantly increased knowledge of seals, whales and dolphins through his examination of animals found stranded dead on the beaches of Cornwall.

3 mins

Some 15 months after opening, West Yorkshire practice premises described as “spectacular” in design and appearance is fully accredited as small animal hospital and emergency services clinic.

3 mins

The MSD Animal Health Research Bursary for veterinary surgeons offers awards of up to £4,000 each.

3 mins

Vet Sophie Evans has just landed the World Pilot Gig Championship in Cornwall after narrowly missing out on top spot last year.

6 mins

The Independent Vetcare group believes its Online Vets service is unique in resolving the biggest issue plaguing virtual veterinary consultations by offering clients a “no win, no fee” deal.

4 mins

Following a council meeting on 13 June, the RCVS has revealed plans to review key provisions in its code of conduct ahead of a possible telemedicine trial.

5 mins

"… don't give up what you have. What you have here is a high-welfare market with a high value to your products. I hope you don't let that slip.” – Jim Reynolds, Western University of Health Sciences in California.

7 mins

BSAVA’s new CPD event will involve a series of high-profile keynote speakers and interactive workshops.

4 mins

Two major VetCompass studies focusing on the health of UK dogs have identified dental disease as a primary cause for concern.

6 mins


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Addressing a particularly divisive trend among pet owners, Jane Davidson wonders if the way people refer to their pets and their relationships with them is inappropriate, or not such a bad thing after all.

General practitioner turned veterinary cytologist Nick Marsh offers the first in an “occasional series” of tips designed to help first opinion vets get the most out of their clinical pathology samples.

Student Eleanor Goad wonders whether it is a veterinary professional’s inability to “switch off” at the end of a day that leads vets and nurses to suffer stress more than those in other occupations.

In the first of a new series on head trauma, Gerardo Poli starts off with some basic pathophysiology.

Ami Sawran discusses the importance of pre-clinical EMS while airing concerns over the potential loss of two invaluable learning experiences recently reported in mainstream media.

With a constant media focus on the topic of Brexit, vet blogger Jordan Sinclair tries to get a grip on what it means for veterinary professionals, their clients and – most importantly – their patients.

Nobody likes receiving complaints, but Hubert Hiemstra claims his five-step plan can help alleviate unpleasant situations and turn them into “valuable opportunities for learning and growth”.

Vet student Eleanor Goad delves into what she considers the “ultimate battle between head and heart” for any vet – weighing up the desire to keep an animal alive against the need to assure quality of life.

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Ian Wright advocates the blood smear as a useful screening tool for immediate results on a broad range of parasites.

44 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow discusses the signalment and clinical signs of this condition, and challenges presented by further diagnostic testing.

44 mins

David Beeston shares his experiences as a no-longer-new-but-recent graduate in his latest Practice Makes Perfect column.

29 mins

Andrea Holmes looks at this condition in a canine patient, and outlines recommended management and monitoring.

8 mins

Alex Gough looks at a study into a borreliosis vaccination and another on levothyroxine supplementation, among others, in the latest Research Review.

19 mins

Elena Fenollosa Romero offers a flavour of life as a student in North Carolina as part of her residency, and tackling both heat and cold.

25 mins

Louise Ash describes methods of safely administering anaesthetics in this easily stressed prey species.

33 mins

Rachel Agass and Kate Loomes review the basic pathophysiology of this issue and explore some of the options for analgesia in the short term.

48 mins

nursing content

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Elle Payne talks about how she overcame dyslexia and dyspraxia to achieve her ambitions – and urges everyone to strive for their goals.

6 mins

Esme Hawkes discusses advice VNs can share with owners in the build-up to this season, from travel, vaccines, treating endemic and non-endemic ticks to infections – and everything in between.

24 mins

David Beeston discusses the idea of removing the stigma around making mistakes and the key role veterinary nurses can play in quality improvement.

29 mins

Hannah Canning shares her top tips on making students feel welcome in practice, the joy of welcoming the next generation to the profession and why she loves what she does.

16 mins

VMG president Gillian Page explains why she has chosen "collaboration" as the theme for her presidential year and her route to becoming one of the UK's first VNs to own their own practice.

21 mins

Melanie Sainsbury shares her experiences of working in small animal practice and as a veterinary education manager.

10 mins

Esme Hawkes discusses the role veterinary professionals play in ensuring pet owners are on board with everything from microchipping and vaccinations, to flea and tick treatment, training and behaviour.

29 mins

The BVNA president explains how she almost became a schoolteacher before discovering the joys of veterinary nursing, and outlines her hopes for the remainder of her presidential year.

13 mins

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Not many equine practices in the UK have such a gilt-edged reputation as Oakham Veterinary Hospital. And as VBJ discovered when we paid a visit to the horsey hotbed of Rutland last month, it’s a reputation well earned…

2 mins

Few other practices better reflect the near exponential growth of the UK referral sector than North Downs Specialist Referrals. The Surrey hospital has trebled in size in its 15 years – a tale of sustained success and one that echoes a wider story…

7 mins

Have you been promoted to head up a team, perhaps to replace someone who has left or because the business is growing? Do you feel overnight your responsibilities have changed, but you haven't had training in the skill sets you need? This is accidental leadership…

21 mins

Climate change and increased pet travel have created a perfect parasitic storm for the UK’s companion animals. Old foes like fleas and endemic ticks, along with emerging threats, are putting pets at ever-greater risk – so which products and advice should practices offer to help even the odds?

39 mins

Pet nutrition is changing fast and UK practices run the risk of being left behind if they don’t adapt. Significant advances in nutritional science and technology have led to improved therapeutic and wellness diets – how can your practice make the most of these new opportunities?

24 mins

Many lessons can be learned by those in business from the world of top-level sport – a fact VBJ was reminded of when we sat down with the woman who skippered the Great Britain’s hockey team to golden glory at the Olympics in Rio …

10 mins

Having practice staff in uniform not only enhances a brand with clients and wherever else employees are seen, it also provides a perk in that it saves employees’ own clothing from wear and tear. But, as might be expected, rules and regulations exist that surround the provision of a uniform if it’s to be tax deductible …

21 mins

Wildbore Vetstop sounds like it might be a rather intriguing, perhaps even slightly dangerous, place to work. But what’s in a name? Not a lot, as VBJ discovered last month when we headed north to hear another independent success story…

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