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Full programme of speakers across three streams confirmed for online CPD event, with delegates urged to make at least a £30 donation via JustGiving page to NHS frontline.

5 mins launches first ever user hub to allow people to share their experience of life in lockdown.

3 mins

Animal health firm says practices wanting to limit face-to-face potential poisoning cases should use Veterinary Poisons Information Service or other resources first, and promote social media posts to homebound clients.

3 mins

Associations, regulators, charities and practices large and small are working more closely than ever before, while vets and VNs everywhere stand shoulder to shoulder in the face of unprecedented crisis.

5 mins

Community raises more than £700 for charity during lockdown after staging networking and CPD event online.

5 mins

RCVS introduces measures to help spread the cost of annual renewal fees and waive late fee for vets impacted by coronavirus measures.

5 mins

Boehringer Ingelheim partners with VetHelpDirect to assist in COVID-19 pandemic by providing free access for three months to online video consultation platform.

3 mins

Normally only accessible by International Society of Feline Medicine members, the channel has been opened up as a free resource to help veterinary professionals keep on top of CPD.

3 mins

Charity offers anonymous assistance to all members of the profession under mental or financial stress due to COVID-19.

4 mins


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While goals set a direction, an effective system ensures you make progress towards it. With this in mind, Gerardo Poli offers tips on creating a system that helps you achieve your goals.

She may be proudly “foot loose and single” on the pet-owning front, but Jane doesn't expect it will last forever...

Submitted before the UK was put into lockdown, Nick Marsh’s latest blog describes his thoughts as he watches the story of coronavirus grow from rumour to pandemic in mere days.

Riddled with guilt for condemning childhood pal Flopsy to a life of loneliness, Eleanor Goad realises that, when it comes to understanding certain pets, we still have a long way to go.

In the latest part of this series, Hubert Hiemstra discusses the belief that a career in veterinary science is so much harder than other jobs.

Although insurance is not quite the gig it was, Jordan explains why she would still advocate its importance to her clients.

Nick Marsh discusses the irony between hectic practice life leaving you longing a quieter day, only for you to be met with dragging hours and more saved up tasks than you bargained for when it comes along.

Hubert Hiemstra continues his series on misconceptions that may be encountered in veterinary practice by discussing the belief people shouldn’t have an animal if they are unable to afford to care for it.

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Sue Mayer discusses evidence supporting this control method – as well as practicalities, and opportunities and obstacles – using experiences from a programme in Derbyshire. Includes video content.

28 mins

Nick Bacon, MA, VetMB, CertVR, CertSAS, DipECVS, DACVS, FRCVS, is clinical director, oncologic and soft tissue surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals – but has recently branched out into a new sector in a bid to help the homeless population’s pets. Here, he explains what inspired him to get involved with non-profit animal welfare charity StreetVet, and why he believes it is important the veterinary profession gives back in such a way.

21 mins

Michael Day looks at pathogens old and new associated with this condition, as well as diagnosis and vaccination.

36 mins

Maria-Christine Fischer DVM, DipECVO, MRCVS in the final of a two-part article, discusses essential steps for examining and treating this ocular condition.

48 mins

Not everything is as straightforward as it seems in the confusing world of veterinary recruitment. Here, former AVS president David Charles offers a beginner’s guide to translating graduate job ad jargon.

12 mins

Systemic and miscellaneous diseases in winter 2019-20 are the focus on Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest monthly update.

25 mins

Marge Chandler DVM, MS, MACVSc, DipACVN, DipACVIM, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS concludes this series by discussing the nutritional management of a selection of disorders common in older pets.

38 mins

Emi Barker BSc(Hons), BVSc(Hons), PhD, DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS discusses the existence, definition and prevalence of glucocorticoid-deficient hypoadrenocorticism in canine patients.

29 mins

nursing content

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This month, Matt considers the “modern veterinary family”, and how VNs and vets can work together and make the most of each other’s skills to ensure the best patient care.

18 mins

Samantha Ware discusses OA in dogs, and how dietary joint supplementation can aid its management.

Nicola Ackerman details the importance of – and steps involved in – RVNs conducting a nutritional assessment in practice.

19 mins

RCVS Knowledge shares a case study showing how clinical audits and checklists are crucial to reducing complication rates in practice.

18 mins

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes sufferer Katie Chadwick graduated as an RVN from Myerscough College in 2019. Here, she tells us about her new career and how she copes with the demands of the job, while managing the group of conditions.

23 mins

Marie Rippingale looks at how RVNs can assist with procedures in cases of skin disease in equids.

20 mins

Samantha Ware considers the nutritional imbalances that can arise in home-prepared meals, as well as the benefits of this growing trend.

8 mins

Louise Northway reinforces the scale of anaesthetic role veterinary nurses play, as well as possibilities for further training and advanced physiological parameters that can be monitored.

41 mins

business content

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Buying into a partnership is still a big part of the plan for many veterinary surgeons. But what happens when that plan suddenly has to change? VBJ paid a visit to Swaffham Veterinary Centre in Norfolk to find out...

3 mins

Many veterinary professionals aspire to ownership, but becoming a leader is not necessarily part of their dream. Yet practice ownership immediately places people in a leadership role, so why don’t owners always want to step up?

19 mins

VBJ’s latest planning insight feature sees this company, which has years of experience designing and managing the build of vet clinics, share its expertise on what matters when it comes to delivering great projects to fit that all-important budget.

17 mins

So, you’ve been employed in another’s practice and either circumstance or a keen desire to be master of your own destiny is leading you to running your own business. Setting up a practice isn't easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you get your groundwork right...

21 mins

Veterinary practice is a reactive business. As a result, life in practice can be chaotic, stressful and expensive, with many vets working far too hard for far too little return...

19 mins

Climate change and increased pet travel have created a perfect parasitic storm for the UK’s companion animals. But a brilliantly simple new service could help solve the problem...

2 mins

Spinney Vets near Northampton has just undergone a significant refurbishment that has seen the practice double in size. Now the dust has settled, VBJ paid a visit to see if the investment has paid off...

1 mins

Running a successful veterinary practice requires a strong network of connections and relationships, sometimes with organisations outside the veterinary sector. By looking at the bigger picture, it is possible to harness these networks to help your business boom...

18 mins

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