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A £1,000 bursary is available, with additional prizes of £1,000 and £500 for the best research project presentations at the MSD Animal Health Research Bursary Awards Day.

5 mins

New study explores frequency, prevalence and treatment of problems in various dog breeds, aiming to redress shortfall in evidence-based information on disorders.

8 mins

Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians has event planned for 6 April, with more on the way.

1 mins

Award-winning explorer, researcher, presenter and best-selling author revealed as third keynote at BSAVA Virtual Congress.

7 mins

Cumbrian small animal hospital earns Silver Cat Friendly Clinic status from International Society of Feline Medicine.

3 mins

RCVS formally welcomes overseas-educated surgeons to UK register at online statutory membership exams admissions ceremony.

7 mins

Wear Referrals in County Durham carries out rare and intricate surgery on 15-week-old cocker spaniel that couldn’t keep down solid food.

6 mins

Organisers urge veterinary practices to get behind the inaugural campaign as its website goes online.

5 mins

Online audience of vets, dog breeders and welfarists believes urgent action is required to curb the activities of canine fertility clinics that have sprung up to satisfy the public demand for puppies from flat-faced dog breeds.

14 mins


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As COVID restrictions continue, Jordan Sinclair draws some comparisons between lockdown life and being an on-call vet, and the perpetual on-call-like state she finds herself in.

In the second of his four-part series on coagulopathy, Gerardo Poli covers the physical exam and primary versus secondary coagulopathies.

Jane Davidson introduces us to a mass named Albert and explains why, in this case, it wasn't necessary to know its scientific name or aetiology.

In the first of a four-part series, Gerardo Poli describes how to form a likely diagnosis when presented with a bleeding patient – starting with history and signalment.

Vet student Eleanor Goad realises how difficult it is to relinquish control and accept being on the client’s side of the stainless steel platform – and wonders if it’s as difficult for those in other professions.

The fallout of coronavirus means the traditional “Blue Monday” seems to have extended indefinitely this year, which has left Jordan Sinclair trying to find the silver lining in the darkest of clouds.

Nick Marsh completes his quartet of blog posts on lymphocytes by delving into three additional tests used in veterinary medicine to help diagnose lymphoma or lymphoid leukaemia.

Jane Davidson explains why she's begun to make changes to the way she treats the contents of her inbox, and shares why she has taken inspiration from the past to shape her future communications.

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With three-quarters of horse owners wanting to know more about preventive health care, according to one survey, opportunities for vets to provide more information do exist. In this piece, Zoë Gratwick provides practical advice that can be passed on to horse owners on parasite prevention.

28 mins

An increasingly worrying problem in equids, as in other animals, obesity and the accompanying laminitis it causes are probed by the author, who delves into management options.

34 mins

Equine asthma is a fairly recent description for a syndrome of chronic allergic airway inflammation. Sarah Gough provides a full review of a dynamic and changing area of equine medicine, including any innovations in treatment options.

59 mins

Imogen Johns discusses conditions that can cause significant welfare issues in affected horses, with a look at clinical signs, treatment and prevention.

29 mins

Ann Derham looks at musculoskeletal disorders, which cover a wide range of diseases and problems, in this article from the spring 2021 issue of Vet Times Equine.

28 mins

Phil Elkins BVM&S, CertAVP(Cattle), MRCVS discusses opportunities for vets to engage with clients to improve their stock’s health, welfare and productivity.

28 mins

Alex German BVSc, PhD, CertSAM, DipECVIM-CA, SFHEA, FRCVS looks at a study on this in pet dogs, plus weight loss benefits and a prevention strategy for those not overweight.

29 mins

Ian Wright BVMS, BSc, MSc, MRCVS, discusses the latest evidence on this issue and if its cause is due to resistance or lack of owner compliance.

27 mins

nursing content

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Nicola Ackerman PGDip, RVN, CertSAN, CertVN ECC, VTS(Nutrition), offers advice on how to master the art of talking to reluctant clients, and the importance of this “soft skill” in gaining compliance.

28 mins

Val Strong, Karen Marsh, Ross Tiffin and Christine Ward explore how a novel form of dog food may help with stress and anxiety in these animals.

32 mins

Whatever kind of nurse you are, evidence-based veterinary medicine can help you provide the best possible care for the animals in your trust – and RCVS Knowledge has a variety of free resources to help you do just this.

Amy Henson considers the motivations behind food treats and how it affects dogs, advising mindfulness as Christmas approaches.

10 mins

Jessica Beckett discusses emerging options for treating a variety of such conditions presenting in cats and dogs.

28 mins

Vedrana Nikolic discovers how owning a dog aids human well-being in difficult times.

15 mins

If you weren’t able to join us for our first VN Happy Hour – the … more

68 mins

Nicola Ackerman explains how vet nurses can ensure patients are getting the best level of care amid COVID-19 restrictions.

19 mins

business content

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Burnout is known for its impact on individuals, but it can also significantly influence business success – affecting client satisfaction, care quality and staff retention. Here Mark Turner, with RCVS Knowledge, sets out simple strategies managers can use to tackle this issue...

33 mins

In a three-part series, vets and tech consultants Guen Bradbury and Greg Dickens have been exploring communications, smart diagnostics and smart surgery. In their final article, they estimate the profession’s surgical needs in the next five years and explain how all of us can learn to select the right tools for our practice…

30 mins

Given their spending power, millennials deserve the attention of your veterinary practice. This generation – born between 1980 and 2000 – is 13 million strong in the UK, and it’s finding the right mix of authenticity and technology that will bring them to your consult room...

10 mins

The VMG has reviewed and rebuilt its flagship qualification to ensure it remains at the forefront of 21st century veterinary leadership. Here, the association explains the reasons for this and what it means for the sector.

13 mins

In 1909, Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s department store, invented the phrase “the customer is always right”, which was immediately adopted by other businesses and used as a standard. The intentions were good, but things have changed a great deal during this past century – and particularly in the past nine months…

22 mins

Three practices share their experiences with the veterinary solutions provider.

Leading the organisation through a pandemic has been a big job for president Anna Judson, but it’s a job she has clearly relished as SPVS has adapted and evolved to the fast-changing demands of the situation...

11 mins

Coronavirus has changed the world – and it has also changed what clients expect from their veterinary practice. Change is often a scary thing, but with a planned and pragmatic approach, your practice can survive and even thrive in a post-COVID world...

26 mins

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