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2015 episode of Watchdog "not duly accurate" and failed to be impartial or fair in its portrayal of Pets at Home – constituting a serious breach of the BBC’s editorial standards, says BBC Trust.

5 mins

Comic Relief has apologised for the use of a French bulldog called Albert on one of its T-shirts for 2017’s Red Nose Day.

5 mins

The RCVS has announced the winners of this year’s Queen’s Medal and Golden Jubilee Award – the highest honours the college can bestow on a veterinary surgeon and veterinary nurse.

4 mins

International Cat Care, the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund and the RSPCA have come together to raise awareness that breeding cats and rabbits with exaggerated flat faces can cause health and welfare problems.

8 mins

A leading veterinary dermatologist has called for vets to prescribe narrow-spectrum antibiotics for first-line cases of otitis externa to help reduce levels of multiple-resistant, chronic infections.

5 mins

Mini tablets and artificial meat flavourings could be the key to the age-old problem of persuading cats to swallow medication.

4 mins

The worlds of human and veterinary oncology met when a team from St Luke’s Cancer Centre in Surrey visited Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue Hospital.

4 mins

The nutraceutical firm is celebrating after picking up the Medium Business Award at the Red Rose Awards 2017, hosted by Lancashire Business View.

2 mins

A shorter exhibition will allow a “pure focus” on CPD on the final day, says the association, offering “exciting new education opportunities” for delegates.

3 mins


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  • Parasitologist Ian Wright, head of ESCCAP UK & Ireland, discusses human toxocarosis, its control and the role of cats in its transmission.Read more
  • Learn how the new puppy growth charts could help pave the way for a healthier dog population, simply by tracking growth against reference standards.Read more

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    Emma Gerrard explains the usual causes of vomiting in cats and dogs to equip VNs with useful knowledge when performing triage.

    27 mins

    Sarah Caney provides details on how to spot the clinical signs of this fairly common disorder, which mainly affects older cats, and how to appropriately manage it.

    24 mins


    veterinary content

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    Karen Perry describes two new approaches to stabilising the luxated patella in dogs, as well as a new form of subsequent pain relief post-surgery.

    20 mins

    Anna Bruguera looks at bovine viral diarrhoea, its transmission, recognising clinical signs and UK eradication schemes in place.

    34 mins

    Mateusz Jaksz and Claudia Busse in the second of a two-part article, look at the diagnosis, as well as medical and surgical treatment, of this condition.

    25 mins

    Andrew Kent looks at the aetiology, diagnosis, treatment options and monitoring of this common condition presenting in dogs

    30 mins

    Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses best practices for ensuring the right water intake for rabbits and rodents.

    26 mins

    Sara Pedersen reviews the 2nd International Hoof Trimmers Conference, which took place at Legoland in Denmark.

    16 mins

    Jack Reece discusses the importance of student vets gaining job experience and how some colleges fail to prepare them.

    18 mins

    Victoria Brown looks at research into behaviour traits suggesting whale and dolphin species grieve after the death of their offspring.

    9 mins

    nursing content

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    RVN Laura Lacey discusses whether treatment for these two ectoparasites should be addressed at the same time – rather than apart – by VNs and, in turn, their clients.

    24 mins

    Louise O’Dwyer discusses the details of blood pressure monitoring in cats and dogs in March's Nursing Notes.

    9 mins

    In RVN Ruth Clooney-Power’s latest entry, she documents how learning the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care isn’t always plain sailing...

    4 mins

    In a new series, RCVS Knowledge writers are to offer advice and ideas to VNs on how to ensure evidence-based veterinary medicine is adopted in clinics.

    19 mins

    RVN Helen Tottey implores readers to tear down the walls stopping them from carrying out consultations, starting from within practice.

    27 mins

    VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard speaks to an Antipodean veterinary nurse about her UK-based anaesthesia training.

    18 mins

    VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard hears from RVN Rachel Bean, who is so busy and talented, we simply could not stop at finding out about just one working day.

    16 mins

    Ariane Neuber looks at the part VNs can play in managing aural conditions, including different factors involved in the disease process and examination techniques.

    26 mins

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    Video quiz

    Rethink your management of feline diabetes

    With the arrival of a licensed protamine zinc insulin for balancing blood sugar in cats, managing diabetes deserves a rethink. Watch this short interactive video to find out why protamine zinc insulin is recommended for the control of diabetes in cats.
    ProZinc 40 IU/ml suspension for injection for cats. Active substance: Human recombinant insulin.

    Uses: For the treatment of diabetes mellitus in cats to achieve reduction of hyperglycaemia and improvement of associated clinical signs. Further information: Please refer to the product packaging and leaflets for information about side effects, precautions, warnings and contra-indications. Legal category: POM-V (UK) POM (IE)

    Further information available in the SPC or from Boehringer Ingelheim Limited, Vetmedica, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 8YS, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1344 746959 (sales & marketing enquiries) or +44 (0)1344 746957 (technical enquiries). Email:

    Date of preparation: September 2016. AHD9341. Use Medicines Responsibly (

    business content

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    The traditional dynamics of the referral process have often left clients feeling a little out of the loop, but times have changed. Here, Ray Girotti explains why it is now essential to see the client as central to the choice of whether or where their animal is referred.

    18 mins

    Do you know a ‘hashtag’ from a ‘like’? Have you the confidence to post content on your practice social media? Elanco’s Linn Adams offers hints and tips on what social media platforms to use and content that will appeal to clients.

    18 mins

    In the first of a two-part series exploring simple, but effective, ways to regain control of your practice finances, Alison Lambert focuses on one fundamental shift that will greatly improve the profitability and sustainability of your business model.

    17 mins

    With competition, tighter purse strings and the wonder of the web, setting up a new practice is not for the faint of heart. Adam Bernstein looks at some of the things to think about.

    15 mins

    Jeff Steedman explains the importance of weighing up your options and seeking sound financial advice before using pension products to buy commercial property.

    7 mins

    Google AdWords has grown into a relevant tool for businesses to use as part of their digital marketing strategy. Brooke Wheeler explains how it has become a platform trusted by internet users and can be as valuable as organic search results.

    10 mins

    Ernie Ward explains how the rise of antimicrobial resistance and the development of new diagnostic tests mean you could soon be spending more time in the lab.

    17 mins

    Taking the decision to make a large capital investment will be one of the biggest business decisions a veterinary practice will make, writes Adam Bernstein.

    17 mins

    featured content

    Student blogger Jordan Sinclair takes a more in-depth look at the recent suggestion vets are being paid to stitch up victims of knife attacks in order to avoid police involvement.

    Nick Marsh takes an impassioned stance on non-stunning at slaughter, insisting that if a total ban is out of the question, labelling on meat declaring it so is a much-needed consolation.

    Jane Davidson praises telephone etiquette in the veterinary world compared to human health care, after being told by her GP's receptionist blood test results "look fine to me".

    Do you know what a "meat sponge" is? Neither did Nick Marsh – but a late-night call from a client discussing one led him to realise we don't know everything, and that's okay.

    Celia Marr looks at the latest information surrounding diseases affecting equines and available analgesic options.

    13 mins

    Peter Edmondson discusses why vets are best placed to help farmers make the transition to selective dry cow therapy.

    27 mins

    David Rendle discusses the risk factors and methods of prevention for this condition, which mainly affects performance horses.

    23 mins

    Ariane Neuber looks at factors involved in canine ear disease, approach to investigation and therapy, and importance of early intervention.

    29 mins

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