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Luke Gamble, founder of the Worldwide Veterinary Service and Mission Rabies, is to receive the 2016 WSAVA One Health Award.

3 mins

Merial Animal Health has apologised to vets and announced it is out of stock of its Eurican Herpes 205 vaccine.

2 mins

Vets have the opportunity to explore the topic of canine vaccination via a free CPD course from Zoetis.

2 mins

An online petition launched as part of a campaign to secure access to ketamine as an essential veterinary medicine has secured more than 11,300 signatures - with 15,000 the next milestone.

4 mins

Keepers at London Zoo undertook a heavy challenge – weighing more than 17,000 animals as part of the annual weigh-in.

3 mins

Dogs with a talent for modelling are being sought for a fashion show at a family fun day organised by an independent veterinary group.

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Bayer Animal Health has released the first in a series of free, short educational videos focusing on canine ophthalmology.

5 mins

Our knowledge of ticks and tick borne diseases is growing, but so are the risks. Get informed and find out how you can fight against ticks now.

20 mins

Feline hypertension is a significant problem in clinical practice that causes morbidity and mortality in ageing cats.

10 mins

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Celia Marr discusses therapy options for horses with abdominal and musculoskeletal discomfort, and why vets should be alert to potential obstacles during treatment.

22 mins

Nic Ilchyshyn discusses methods of identifying lymphoid cancer cells and how investigations of flow cytometry can guide specific treatment and prognosis of diseases.

23 mins

Louise Silk discusses control strategy options for endoparasites and ectoparasites that affect beef and dairy herds.

23 mins

Richard Wall advises on the best time of year to tackle myiasis in the UK sheep industry and methods of treatment.

25 mins

Moses Brennan and Rachel Agass discuss advances in a variety of techniques developed for treatment and closure of wounds present in horses.

29 mins

Nigel Dougherty presents a case of GDV in a New Zealand sheepdog and discusses management of the stomach’s ischaemic gastric fundus and greater curvature.

28 mins

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