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Vettimes.co.uk and sister publications urge vets and vet nurses to complete survey to help establish the extent of bullying within the profession.

6 mins

The UK’s leading veterinary communications company – and owner of vettimes.co.uk – has made the finals of the Professional Publishers Association Digital Awards.

4 mins

A rarely seen, huge abdominal mass occupying half of the belly of a bearded dragon is successfully removed and owner is told: “He is actually a she.”

5 mins

Colleagues can nominate vets whose scientific and teaching work furthers the profession, with the awards due to be presented during BSAVA Congress next April.

2 mins

ViVet, inspired by Vet Futures, will provide various resources and support to help the profession stay at the forefront of innovation in the animal health sector.

4 mins

Campaign from VetPlus, to run exclusively on ITV in October and November, is applauded for promoting the “excellent service" provided by the independent sector.

6 mins

Ten speakers are scheduled to deliver lectures at the Association of Veterinary Surgeons Practising in Northern Ireland's autumn conference this October.

4 mins

Ethical issues around euthanasia and welfare concerns associated with breeding animals for physical traits will be discussed by speakers, including TV vet Emma Goodman Milne.

3 mins

Success of BEVA's MumsVet initiative spreads across world, with international individuals and organisations interested in setting up their own groups.

6 mins



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  • New research reveals pet owner’s biggest concerns, and also highlights a worrying lack of understanding of the key parasite risks.Read more
    Nexgard Spectra
  • Palatable oral chews have transformed the ectoparasite market in the USA, and the same trend is happening here in the UK.Read more


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    Livia Benato looks at the increasing problem of obesity in this species, size assessment and weight reduction methods.

    41 mins

    Andrew Forbes discusses strategies for eliminating mange and lice over the housing period, including some case studies.

    41 mins

    Jonathan Pycock discusses why practitioners who work with competition horses should keep up to date with relevant regulations.

    24 mins

    John E Cooper and Margaret E Cooper report on a workshop session held for members of the Cambridge University Veterinary Zoological Society.

    26 mins

    Liz Barton discusses finding a positive attitude to countering the profession’s well-being problems, with resources to help.

    21 mins

    Mike Davies summarises a study he conducted that looked into the role and impact of edible seeds and grains in canine diets.

    35 mins

    Roger Evans discusses seasonal difficulties on his farm in the latest Dairy Diary.

    16 mins

    Tim Greet celebrates the 90th birthday of Peter Rossdale, Rossdales Equine Hospital founder, with a look back on his career.

    11 mins

    nursing content

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    VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard introduces readers to Bonnie Blake, an RVN who has taken to blogging about her experiences working abroad as a veterinary nurse.

    20 mins

    With pathogen-free digits an integral part of a practice’s infection control protocol, RVN Louise O'Dwyer advises on helping readers keep their hands clean.

    5 mins

    RVN Adina Valentine talks about her trip with two colleagues to Sri Lanka to help a dog and cat shelter.

    18 mins

    RCVS Knowledge writers, in their third article, help VNs give evidence-based veterinary medicine a go by discussing the importance of evaluation.

    14 mins

    With mental health problems earning their right in the spotlight, RVN Erika Feilberg asks whether we give enough consideration to the similar issues our patients have.

    9 mins

    With the end in sight, RVN Ruth Clooney-Power pushes through the final stages of her Cert VN ECC...

    7 mins

    RVN Helen Rooney discusses the often mysterious inflammatory bowel disease that afflicts pets nationwide.

    31 mins

    In the first of a two-part article looking at the ins and outs of searching for and landing that new role, RVN Helen Russell explores the experience from a jobseeker’s viewpoint...

    15 mins

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    Libby Kemkaran-Thompson looks at how to make the most of two very different treatments for one of the most common age-related disorders.

    22 mins

    Jenny Stuart explains why ensuring your staff are fairly rewarded is vital to ensure your practice runs smoothly.

    24 mins

    A supreme court case has potentially opened the floodgates for employees to bring claims against their employers. Lawyer Chloe Themistocleous reports.

    10 mins

    Alex Darvill looks at what comes first when planning a building project – the brand or the build.

    23 mins

    Technology in all its forms has already proved to be a huge disruptor for veterinary practices across the UK. Staying up to date with the latest developments can be a challenge, but upsides exist for those willing to embrace these advances. We asked our panel to share their vision of this brave new world.

    48 mins

    Veterinary business consultant Dave Nicol explains how putting the right systems in place can enhance patient care and boost your bottom line.

    31 mins

    RVNs are a key component in the delivery of modern veterinary care; however, their true potential can often be overlooked. But, as Ernie Ward explains, expanding the RVN role in your practice will always pay rich rewards.

    23 mins

    As the countdown begins towards the UK’s exit from the EU, Adam Bernstein asks a selection of professional business advisors what areas practices need to address in advance of that day.

    16 mins

    featured content

    Six weeks in to her first job since qualifying as a veterinary surgeon, feelings of imposter syndrome are beginning to knock Jordan Sinclair's confidence.

    In part two of his series, Gerardo Poli discusses the secondary survey process and how following “A CRASH PLAN” can help in emergency situations.

    While uncertain of its description as "the hardest part of the job", Nick Marsh discusses how his thoughts on euthanasia have changed somewhat since his formative years in practice.

    Channel 4's back-to-basics show Eden – which saw 23 strangers unsuccessfully build a community from scratch – has highlighted the complexity around euthanasia and slaughter, says Jane RVN.

    In the first of a new two-part series, Gerardo Poli discusses the primary survey process and explains his alphabetical approach to all deteriorating or critical patients.

    Worried she may be slipping into using too much “vet speak” already, new graduate Jordan Sinclair discusses how language is used in the veterinary profession, both among staff and with clients.

    In the fifth and final part of this series, Gerardo Poli turns to advanced life support and discusses vasopressors and vagolytic agents, both of which are widely used in veterinary CPR.

    Mild-mannered veterinary surgeon Nick Marsh recounts two unusual situations from his time in practice when he nearly let his temper get the better of him.

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