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Pair treated after taking liquid isoflurane that had previously been stolen from a veterinary practice in Basingstoke.

3 mins

Pirbright hopeful the first doses of a human vaccine will be available by the end of the year as research finds two doses of vaccine boosted antibody response in pigs.

7 mins

Vectra 3D spot-on solution for dogs and Vectra Felis 423mg/42.3mg spot-on for cats to move from POM-V to NFA-VPS, to enable practices “to sell to walk-in clients”.

4 mins

“We are absolutely thrilled to be shortlisted for best UK conference and it’s lovely to see the pride in all of our team for the recognition of their hard work” – Vet Dynamics co-director Vicky Robinson.

4 mins

Vets and vet nurses can now register for this year’s event, which will take place online from 4 to 7 November.

5 mins

Tree of Life For Animals asking for donations from anyone joining virtual class on Sunday 5 July.

2 mins

With lockdown easing, vets should look at fresh ways to maintain socially distanced dialogue with farm animal keepers in the present and future.

11 mins

Irene Camerlink has been awarded the UFAW Young Animal Welfare Scientist of the Year Award for exceptional work improving pig welfare.

6 mins

College issues final call for vets and VNs to attend and submit questions for its online annual meeting, which will be held on 6 July.

3 mins


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VBJ’s Lockdown Lowdown with Alison Lambert (part 2)

VBJ’s Lockdown Lowdown with Alan Robinson

VBJ’s Lockdown Lowdown with Alison Lambert

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Cat owner and vet Jordan Sinclair offers some advice on keeping our feline friends happy despite us invading their space and interrupting their routines while on furlough or during lockdown.

What makes a good mentor? Gerardo Poli explains by recalling the support he received when he carried out this procedure for the first time.

While preparing to change roles himself, David Charles offers a handful of tips designed to make life easier for graduates transitioning from university to working life, or those swapping jobs for the first time.

24 mins

Reflecting on the past few months, Eleanor Goad says that if it has taught us anything, it is you shouldn't feel guilty about taking the chance to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy yourself for a little while – as it could help you and your working life in the long term.

Better husbandry and veterinary care means dogs are living to much older ages. As a … more

4 mins

Continuing our guided tour through the microscope lens, clinical pathology resident Nick Marsh introduces us to a beautiful but “slightly unhinged” specialist member of the immune system squad.

Having discussed two impostor personas in his previous tip, Gerardo Poli focuses on another three examples – and offers some simple solutions to combat this phenomenon for good.

After a short period of petlessness, Jane begins her menagerie anew with the introduction of her first “normal” pet, named after a controversial figure from the veterinary profession’s dim and distant past.

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In her latest diary entry, Nat Scroggie discusses some of the coronavirus’ lexicon, including the pandemic phrases “coronacoaster” and “furlough shaming”.

14 mins

In her latest diary, Nat Scroggie recounts all the things she enjoyed in her first full week back in full-time practice.

13 mins

Joana Aguiar DVM, MVetMed, DipACVIM(SAIM), DipECVIM-CA, MRCVS describes the clinical signs of this issue and how to approach challenging cases, as well as treatment options.

32 mins

Alex Gough MA, VetMB, CertSAM, CertVC, PGCert(Neuroimaging), MRCVS presents latest companion animal studies in this Research Review.

17 mins

Nat Scroggie looks at changes in the new normal of veterinary practice in her latest Vet Times diary.

13 mins

Ariane Neuber DrMedVet, CertVD, DipECVD, MRCVS discusses the management and treatment of pruritus – and other common disorders – seen in dogs and cats.

34 mins

Albane Fauron BVetMed, MRCVS in the final of her series, describes advances and applications in human medicine and surgery, and how soon they may infiltrate the veterinary world.

31 mins

Dave Beeston offers his thoughts on his experiences during the pandemic in his latest Practice Makes Perfect column.

31 mins

nursing content

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This month, Matt refreshes readers on caring for birds – in particular, feathers and why their importance should be reiterated to owners.

20 mins

BVNA council member Lou Northway shares the various opportunities being an RVN has given her, and how finding your niche is key to keeping your career passion ignited.

10 mins

Amy Henson highlights the hazardous plants and products pet owners should be made aware of that can be found in gardens.

10 mins

With owners spending more time among their canine companions amid the coronavirus crisis, ophthalmic nursing assistant and dog behaviour counsellor Hannah Morris considers the impact on dogs during this time, and how to ensure they can readjust after lockdown.

28 mins

Sarah Pellett and Jo Hinde provide an overview of microchipping different species and discuss the importance of a vet nurse’s role in this.

7 mins

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all walks of life – including the veterinary profession – in an unprecedented way. Here, with Alan Radford, RCVS Knowledge takes a look at the science of the virus, and how this informs approaches we should take to help slow its spread.

John Redbond details how pruritus commonly manifests in companion animals, and how to identify and treat its origins.

32 mins

Nicola Ackerman details symptoms of kidney dysfunction and how veterinary nurse clinics can help manage it.

33 mins

business content

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An ever-increasing range of digital products and services is available to help modern veterinary practices better serve the needs of both their staff and their clients. But to make those systems work effectively and efficiently, practices must ensure all their tech is properly integrated.

14 mins

In this, the third VBJ Lockdown Lowdown, we revisit veterinary business consultant Alison Lambert to discuss all things business – from finance and furlough to waiting time and wellness.

Figures published by HMRC have shown vets are missing out on millions of pounds in research and development (R&D) tax credits. Cheryl Teoh – senior R&D technical consultant at innovation funding consultancy Leyton UK – looks at the scheme, what can be claimed for and why vets aren’t claiming for what they are owed.

20 mins

The Lockdown Lowdown is a Zoom interview series in which VBJ editor James Westgate talks to business experts to discover how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the veterinary profession.

Climate change, increased pet travel and the incoming tide of overseas rescues means it is not just old enemies your practice needs to be ready for – new threats are on the horizon, too. But fear not, as practices have never been in a better position to take the flight to the enemy...

26 mins

In these difficult times, providing veterinary care has suddenly become a serious challenge. Animals still need medical help and clinical teams across the UK have been turning to new ways of fulfilling their duty of care…

13 mins

Vet Chris Copeman built one of the first Passivhaus homes in the UK and now he has opened its first Passivhaus veterinary practice.

As services that are subscription based become an increasingly large part of life, preventive health care plans are becoming the norm in veterinary practice in the UK. Clients ask for them, and most forward-thinking practices now have one, but it’s important to make sure your plan fits your practice...

23 mins

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