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RCVS council approves pathway for RVNs to become practice standards scheme assessors.

6 mins

IVC Evidensia launches fast-acting anti-inflammatory health care supplement as addition to its Vetpro range.

5 mins

Don’t miss out on the next VN Times Happy Hour event all about clinics and campaigns, taking place on Thursday 28 January at 7pm.

6 mins

Despite pandemic and halting process during first lockdown, World Horse Welfare finds homes for 356 horses in 2020.

3 mins

Sandstone Vet Group, an independent farm practice in Cheshire started in May 2020, is looking forward to working with like-minded practices.

4 mins

Solution for injection contains cloprostenol 0.250mg/ml as its active ingredient.

3 mins

Improvement plans for Gilmoor Vets’ Park Veterinary Clinic will double its size and allow more treatments for city’s pet owners.

5 mins

College adjusts timeline on training for its Veterinary Graduate Development Programme to take into account workloads in worsening pandemic.

7 mins

Vetlife figures show almost 4,000 members of the veterinary community used the charity’s confidential helpline during 2020.

4 mins


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Practice Profile: Henlow Veterinary Centre

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Nick Marsh completes his quartet of blog posts on lymphocytes by delving into three additional tests used in veterinary medicine to help diagnose lymphoma or lymphoid leukaemia.

Jane's feline housemate has left her considering a kitty litter startup like no other... are you up for investing in her latest hare-brained scheme?

Given that a veterinary professional’s whole raison d’être is to care for animals, it’s strange how many clients worry about their pet entering the practice without them. Jordan Sinclair, however, loves a bit of one-on-one time with her patients.

It's not exactly Dolly the sheep, but in the third of his posts on lymphocytes, Nick explains how and why the cloning process can go wrong, and how to spot it.

Having outlined the need for competence and competence in building trust with clients, Hubert Hiemstra discusses the final part of the three Cs – communication.

Hubert Hiemstra’s series on problem-free consults continues by exploring ways of using this trust-building tool in practice.

Nick Marsh delivers a festive message of reviews and rewards, taking stock of a turbulent, disaster movie-esque year and reminding everyone that it's okay not to be okay – now more than ever – and to be kind to yourself; you deserve it.

Eleanor worries a course and profession already viewed as elitist may lose more would-be vets of the future because of the continuing pandemic.

veterinary content

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Nicola Menzies-Gow MA, VetMB, PhD, DipECEIM, CertEM(IntMed), FHEA, MRCVS discusses the need for targeted owner education to awareness of clinical signs associated with this common issue.

33 mins

Matthew Robin looks at equine asthma syndrome, which has no identified genetic risk factors or useful genetic markers, and runs through the types, diagnosis and treatment.

29 mins

Emily Haggett reviews a general approach to the horse with suspected intestinal disease, with a focus on clinical signs that suggest underlying intestinal disease.

33 mins

Janet Littlewood discusses the second most common allergic skin disease in horses, which can present a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge.

35 mins

Adele Williams covers considerations for equine parasite control, taking into account what is currently known about anthelmintic resistance in UK equine parasites.

42 mins

Hayley Chidlow provides clear advice for fellow vets, with particular focus on vaccination protocols.

32 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow looks at some of the topic areas covered at the 4th Global Equine Endocrine Symposium in January 2020.

37 mins

Sarah Gough discusses a syndrome that encompasses a wide spectrum of chronic airway inflammation.

37 mins

nursing content

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Amy Henson considers the motivations behind food treats and how it affects dogs, advising mindfulness as Christmas approaches.

10 mins

Jessica Beckett discusses emerging options for treating a variety of such conditions presenting in cats and dogs.

28 mins

If you weren’t able to join us for our first VN Happy Hour – the … more

68 mins

Laura Lacey explains the importance of encouraging owners to treat these parasites throughout the year and how to do this.

30 mins

Evidence-based veterinary medicine is about everyone contributing to our knowledge. Kit Sturgess, editor-in-chief of RCVS Knowledge’s open access journal Veterinary Evidence, encourages VNs to get involved.

14 mins

Lead nutritionist Samantha Ware looks at key information to aid this.

9 mins

International Cat Care offers its top tips for keeping feline pets safe during the Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities.

7 mins

Matt analysis how to handle wildlife cases that arrive in practice, discussing duty of care, nursing aims and tips for specific species.

32 mins

business content

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Given their spending power, millennials deserve the attention of your veterinary practice. This generation – born between 1980 and 2000 – is 13 million strong in the UK, and it’s finding the right mix of authenticity and technology that will bring them to your consult room...

10 mins

The VMG has reviewed and rebuilt its flagship qualification to ensure it remains at the forefront of 21st century veterinary leadership. Here, the association explains the reasons for this and what it means for the sector.

13 mins

Leading the organisation through a pandemic has been a big job for president Anna Judson, but it’s a job she has clearly relished as SPVS has adapted and evolved to the fast-changing demands of the situation...

11 mins

Coronavirus has changed the world – and it has also changed what clients expect from their veterinary practice. Change is often a scary thing, but with a planned and pragmatic approach, your practice can survive and even thrive in a post-COVID world...

26 mins

One of the most persistent myths attached to owning a practice is that it’s impossible to maintain a sensible work-life balance when you’re running the show. But the reality can be very different, as VBJ discovered when we paid a visited to Henlow Veterinary Centre, an independent first opinion practice in Bedfordshire…

5 mins

After all the recent upheaval, it is imperative that practices are getting their teams back in shape, and working towards a harmonious and focused workplace to move forward. MWI Business Academy leader and VN Bobbie Flight shares a few ideas to help keep your team on track.

15 mins

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you...” – motivational speaker Zig Ziglar.

21 mins

Eastcott Referrals was born when Peter Southerden began offering dental referrals from a small practice based in an old Victorian house in Swindon almost 20 years ago. The practice long ago outgrew its humble origins and while dentistry is still a key focus, Eastcott now has strong roots in many different areas...

36 mins

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