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Survey respondents had been feeding their pets raw diets for up to 65 years and findings have been embraced as at least partial validation by pro-raw feeding groups.

6 mins

Theme for new presidential year is #VetDiversity, which builds on past-presidents’ themes of "One Veterinary Community" and "Team Vet – Working Together".

4 mins

“The quality of this year’s images was fantastic, and it was great fun – but a tough task – selecting the winning entries,” says former association president Simon Doherty.

5 mins

The first such election held by the RCVS Fellowship took place in August, with all fellows of the college having been contacted by email or post and asked to cast a vote.

3 mins

Starving bull breed-cross had glass, metal and bits of batteries in its faeces after eating whatever it had been able to get in its mouth.

3 mins

The new survey, aimed at vet practice employees, seeks to find out the profession’s view on staff bringing their dogs to work, and how it affects morale and well-being.

6 mins

Faces old and new will be on hand when Broad Lane Vets in Coventry celebrates 50 years of independent practice.

3 mins

Study shows more than two-thirds of dog owners don’t know the Angiostrongylus vasorum parasite is spread by slugs and snails, and some think otters are responsible.

5 mins

A VetCompass study found hair coat disorder, dental disease and overgrown nails were the top three disorders in this breed.

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Hubert Hiemstra discusses how he used the principles of hydroponics to boost his understanding – and increase his knowledge – of circulatory shock in critically ill patients.

Vet student Eleanor Goad is eager to get stuck back into her studies; however, she is trying to remind herself to enjoy this down-time and some lazy days before vet school madness starts again.

In today's digital age of speedy media sharing, Jane Davidson stresses the importance of understanding how client identities can be revealed via putting pieces of information together, and of remembering your ABC – airway, breathing and consent.

Whether it’s assessing a passer-by’s dog, or checking your phone repeatedly while on call, switching off from veterinary life is tough. Jordan Sinclair can relate, but questions if you’d want to veto your vet brain?

The stench, the sensation... and the spray – dealing with “those two little sacs of foul-smelling fluid” is a familiar scenario for many vets. Nick Marsh shares his tales of woe when having tackled such consults.

Pestiviruses, tick-borne diseases, neoplasia, hair and skin conditions, and ocular infections are among the cases summarised in Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update.

29 mins

Having described how to perform this examination in part one, Gerardo Poli explains how to interpret the results in a clinical setting.

As third year at vet school beckons, promising a move away from theory and into the uncharted waters of clinical training, Eleanor Goad takes stock of how far she’s already come in two short years.

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Neil Sargison discusses principles of control, as well as challenges in the face of gastrointestinal roundworm and lungworm adaptation.

38 mins

Mike Davies, referencing research, old and new, looks at the latest findings on this common complaint in companion animals.

22 mins

Rosemary Waring and John Hunter discuss studies into the use of malt-based dietary supplements in racehorses and non-Thoroughbreds and the potential health benefits they provide.

38 mins

As regular Veterinary Times contributor Dave Beeston takes the next step on his career path as an intern at the RVC, he reflects on what he learned during his time as a locum and hopes he can carry those lessons forward into his new role.

31 mins

Hany Elsheikha highlights the major groups of such parasites affecting dogs and cats, and explores the idea of an individualised approach to treating patients.

43 mins

Jamie Prutton reviews recent research carried out into this issue and provides a summary of available treatment protocols.

47 mins

Tereza Bodnárová presents the case of Tessa, a 13-year-old female entire border collie with a history of urinary incontinence.

10 mins

Chanticleer delves into the world of tech, and its usage in – and potential implications for – the veterinary profession in the latest column for Veterinary Times.

19 mins

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Laura Lacey shares feeding strategies VNs can give to clients for optimum pet health at different life stages.

37 mins

Kelly Deane dreamed of being a vet – but that was before she discovered veterinary nursing. Here, she explains how an apprenticeship changed her life and why you shouldn’t give up on dreams.

9 mins

Advanced referral nurse Flick Caldwell, who has a rare hereditary disability, explains how she stays strong in the face of adversity, how her support networks helps her through, and why disabled people should never give up on their dreams.

34 mins

Joanne Brown and Victoria Robinson discuss the pathogenesis of otitis, its diagnosis and treatment options that can be used to improve owner compliance and aid response to therapy.

35 mins

RVN Kelly Eyre looks at how studying older cats can help improve quality of life in later years.

7 mins

Nadia Wiseman discusses the importance of keeping owners of the UK's third most popular pet informed and up to date with their welfare needs.

34 mins

Louise Northway urges colleagues to learn from mistakes, embrace CPD and, if the time is right, spread their wings.

11 mins

RVN Melissa Cook shares her journey to becoming a physiotherapist and running her own physiotherapy business, as well as tips for those wanting to follow in her footsteps.

16 mins

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Building a small animal practice right next door to a cattle market might not seem like the best piece of logic. But for Ben Gamsa and his team at Cotswold Vets, near Swindon, it made perfect sense...

3 mins

The recruitment crisis has hit hard in veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes across the UK. But in some places it’s hit especially hard, as VBJ discovered when it paid a visit to rural Lincolnshire.

2 mins

One of the biggest reasons given for the growth of corporate veterinary practice is that the traditional partnership model is broken. But is that really the case? VBJ headed to Didcot, Oxfordshire to find out...

2 mins

Veterinary practices are under constant threat from an aggressive and constantly evolving army of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Recent surveys have also shown visible hygiene is an important factor for clients when choosing a practice – what can your practice do to tick both these boxes?

20 mins

Not many equine practices in the UK have such a gilt-edged reputation as Oakham Veterinary Hospital. And as VBJ discovered when we paid a visit to the horsey hotbed of Rutland last month, it’s a reputation well earned…

2 mins

Do you really know who your practice is employing? With the spirit of the goodness of humanity in mind, it’s unlikely you have anyone bad or criminally minded on staff. But it does happen.

21 mins

While we’re still in the EU, we still have to play by its rules – particularly where workplace legislation is concerned. Here, the author details a landmark EU ruling on paid annual leave.

10 mins

Transforming a group of highly talented individuals into a high-performing team is a common challenge in veterinary practices large and small. It requires considered leadership, but also the ability to understand that, sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing at all.

22 mins

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