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VetPartners invests more than £50,000 in one of its practices – The Minster Equine Veterinary Clinic Poppleton branch in York – to upgrade operating and anaesthetic equipment.

3 mins

The compendium – updated every year – remains an essential information source for vets in practice and other prescribers and users of animal medicines.

4 mins

Delegates attending this year’s College of Animal Welfare Training Practice Congress have until the end of January to secure discounts.

3 mins

In light of yesterday’s date, the UK’s largest veterinary charity is reminding the nation that animals, as well as people, suffer joyless lives of loneliness and stress.

5 mins

Protesters say numbers had to be kept “below 50” to comply with Metropolitan Police advice, but say further, larger scale action will take place later in the year.

6 mins

Veterinary team from ZSL London Zoo removes 8in of infected bowel from critically endangered western lowland gorilla called Effie.

2 mins

Tests show the pathogen, which poses low risk to public health and the food chain, is closely related to the H5N6 strain circulating in wild birds across Europe in the past few months.

6 mins

Profession praises Government's proposed legislation, which aims to eradicate unscrupulous puppy farmers and tackle the breeding of unhealthy dogs.

7 mins

President John Fishwick said association will focus on delivering “strong voice for vets that BVA members want and need from us” in packed 2018.

6 mins


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Tonally challenged vet Nick Marsh recalls the evening he was terrorised by a “satanic creature” from the darkest pits of Hell and how he barely escaped with his sanity intact.

In a new three-part series, Gerardo Poli looks at this common disturbance, breaking it down into the clinical signs, causes and how he corrects it.

VN blogger Jane Davidson uses the new year to file a “State of the Nation”-type review of the profession, pausing to reflect a common postnominal-based identity crisis.

Having experienced little in the way of vet-specific illness or injury, Jordan recounts the moment her luck ran out and she got her hand trapped between between a cow and the cattle crush.

Following last week’s introduction on the effects and causes of hyperkalaemia, Gerardo Poli focuses on management options available.

Tangerine or golf ball? Grape or marble? Whichever side of the divide you are, Nick Marsh did not realise it existed until starting his clinical pathology residency. So, which side are you?

Not everyone likes the festive season – Jane Davidson included. So, for those dreading Christmas, she offers some words of support: “Do you and do it well.”

Gerardo Poli discusses ways of educating owners of dogs that may suffer from stress and anxiety during Christmas gatherings – to ensure they stay away from the emergency room.

veterinary content

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Amy Watson and Pete van Dongen discuss the benefits and suitability of choosing a non-restrictive harness.

13 mins

Our new grad David Beeston has some advice for qualified vets on approaching out-of-hours for the first time – and why he's looking forward to his next night on call.

23 mins

James Dixon discusses diagnosis and management options for this condition, with a focus on the more common complaints.

30 mins

Philip Ivens discusses this common eye disease in horses, highlighting its subclinical insidious form and how to identify it.

30 mins

Samantha Castle reflects on what has kept her happy in mixed and equine practice for the past 14 years in the latest Veterinary Times Practice Notes column.

22 mins

Kate Parkinson looks at signs that may cause suspicion of this enteric disease in young dogs and approaches to treatment.

37 mins

Tim Potter discusses the importance of cattle vaccines to reduce antibiotic use and the vet’s role in advising farmers.

21 mins

Francesco Cian presents the latest from the Cytology Corner series, with pictures from an aspirate of a nodular lesion on the trunk from an adult male.

6 mins

nursing content

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RVN Emma Gerrard details the protocol she designed to help owners follow the nursing plans they are given for pets with this condition.

34 mins

The sixth and final unit of the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care is complete for Ruth Clooney-Power. Now to study for the final exam...

6 mins

RVN Helen Russell completes her two-part recruitment article by giving readers the view of those on the other side of the table…

19 mins

Tim Hutchinson offers guidance on how VNs can help patients with this commonly discussed, but under-diagnosed, condition get the assistance they need.

42 mins

Continuing her series of articles on electrocardiography, RVN Louise O'Dwyer takes a look at how to identify cardiac arrhythmias.

11 mins

Fact: you lot have more than the ability to lead consults and clinics – but what if you don’t quite believe that yet? RVN Nicola Ackerman is here to help…

23 mins

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard talks to the director of Vetsnet, a website that aims to help profession members struggling with mental health.

19 mins

RCVS Knowledge writers, in their fourth article, help veterinary nurses put their hard-earned evidence-based veterinary medicine learnings into practice.

11 mins

business content

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Sampson Park is fast growing into a mini empire of thriving independent practices, but central to the company's growth is a flexible equity partnership model that gives employees a stake in the business.

1 mins

Choosing which modalities to offer – and how much and when to invest – can be business-critical choices, as VBJ discovered when we spoke to Julien Labruyère at VetCT ...

30 mins

Having a website is no longer enough to cut the mustard. Dave Nicol explains why practices must develop a structured digital strategy to turn those clicks into clients.

29 mins

Cash is king when it comes to practice success – yet clients increasingly prefer to pay with plastic. Adam Bernstein shows how to make savings on card fees.

10 mins

We all know social media is a necessary evil of modern veterinary practice. However, as Julia Bramble spotlights, it can be used as a powerful, bottom line-boosting tool…

32 mins

VBJ heads to Bury St Edmunds and speaks to senior partner Duncan Hole about the practice's decision to stop all large animal and equine work and become exclusively small animal.

5 mins

Peter Edmondson, in the second of a six-part article series, summarises an Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference session on how to increase practice profit.

12 mins

Of all the debates hosted by VBJ for the Big 6 project, one of the most insightful surrounded the career landscape faced by veterinary professionals in 2017. These discussions ultimately boiled down to one question: whether professionally and financially rewarding careers can still be sustained in private practice.

4 mins

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