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“This project will be of huge benefit to the industry as we currently don’t know how many farms have ongoing M bovis-associated disease and which farms are more or less at risk” – Jessica Ireland-Hughes, SRUC.

5 mins

Applications to study the degree, which will be delivered predominantly via distance learning, will start in September 2020 or January 2021.

4 mins

Where castration and/or tail docking are considered to be necessary, this should be in consultation with the farm’s veterinary practice as part of the farm health and welfare plan – BVA.

4 mins

New DNA test launched to help breeders reduce prevalence of blinding condition in breed.

4 mins

Kim Best recently set a world record for carrying 350kg (771lb) on her back over a measured course.

1 mins

Resources available to support practices in promoting the campaign, which aims to encourage horse owners to speak to their vets about vaccination and preventive health care.

3 mins

Staff and clients enjoy marking the first anniversary of the Buckinghamshire referral centre opening.

3 mins

Bayer Animal Health hopes Neptra will innovate treatment of the ear condition and replicate the product’s success in the US.

7 mins

European event sees leading parasitologists highlight the need to provide new tools against established parasites and emergent threats arising in an era of significant climate change.

4 mins


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Practice Profile: Spinney Vets

Mitral valve disease: timeline of a degenerative condition in dogs

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In a new series, Hubert Hiemstra offers advice for potential misconceptions that may be encountered in veterinary practice – starting with the belief that clients are hard to overcome.

Blogger Nick Marsh explains why, if he were a leukocyte, he’d probably be a neutrophil but would dream of being a macrophage – the multifunctional immune superhero.

JaneRVN reminisces about the time she was employed as a mystery shopper for veterinary clinics, and how the telephone can be both a blessing and a curse for communication.

Everyone strives for excellence, but this can take time – so Hubert Hiemstra urges readers to set realistic expectations and celebrate achievements while heading towards their long-term goal.

Jordan Sinclair discusses this concept and its limitations in the veterinary sphere, but also the importance of securing hours that safeguard your well-being and work-life balance.

Gastrointestinal and nutritional diseases from winter 2019-20 are described in the latest update from Axiom Veterinary Laboratories.

36 mins

Concluding this series, Gerardo Poli discusses how to make a mentoring relationship a success.

Nick Marsh discusses the irony of our brains' ability to predict the future, but the unfortunate unforeseen consequences this can lead to – especially when it comes to subsequent worrying.

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Karen Walsh, BVetMed, DVA, DipECVAA, MRCVS discusses the importance and process of detection and treatment in both canine and feline patients.

49 mins

Alex Perkins, BVSc, MRCVS, discusses the history of BVD, as well as the disease’s risks and tests available.

52 mins

Sue Dyson MA, VetMB, PhD, DEO, DipECVSMR, FRCVS concludes this article by considering the application of the ridden horse ethogram to real-time lameness cases.

26 mins

Alex Gough reviews more of the veterinary research in his monthly Veterinary Times column.

20 mins

Mike Davies, BVetMed, CertVR, CertSAO, FRCVS, discusses the duty of care veterinary practices have towards staff, clients and other visitors, along with the importance of implementing adequate biosecurity procedures to minimise the transmission risk of any potential zoonotic infectious agents in situ.

24 mins

Nicola Bates BSc(Brunel), BSc(Open), MSc, MA, SRCS and Nicola Robinson BSc, MA, VetMB, MRCVS offer practical advice for first opinion practitioners – including history taking, decontamination and referring cases.

47 mins

Jenny Stavisky discusses the prevalence and presentation of this issue, and why prevention is a risk for more than just shelter dogs.

33 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow MA, VetMB, PhD, DipECEIM, CertEM(IntMed), FHEA, MRCVS discusses how feeding an appropriate diet can help prevent a number of common diseases in horses and ponies.

34 mins

nursing content

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Nicola Ackerman details the importance of – and steps involved in – RVNs conducting a nutritional assessment in practice.

19 mins

RCVS Knowledge shares a case study showing how clinical audits and checklists are crucial to reducing complication rates in practice.

18 mins

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes sufferer Katie Chadwick graduated as an RVN from Myerscough College in 2019. Here, she tells us about her new career and how she copes with the demands of the job, while managing the group of conditions.

23 mins

Marie Rippingale looks at how RVNs can assist with procedures in cases of skin disease in equids.

20 mins

Samantha Ware considers the nutritional imbalances that can arise in home-prepared meals, as well as the benefits of this growing trend.

8 mins

Louise Northway reinforces the scale of anaesthetic role veterinary nurses play, as well as possibilities for further training and advanced physiological parameters that can be monitored.

41 mins

BVNA honorary secretary Gemma Reeve ponders what 2020 will bring to the profession.

4 mins

Ethylene glycol poisoning is extremely serious in cats and such cases are likely to increase in the winter months – Sarah Collins tells us more.

6 mins

business content

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VBJ’s latest planning insight feature sees this company, which has years of experience designing and managing the build of vet clinics, share its expertise on what matters when it comes to delivering great projects to fit that all-important budget.

17 mins

So, you’ve been employed in another’s practice and either circumstance or a keen desire to be master of your own destiny is leading you to running your own business. Setting up a practice isn't easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you get your groundwork right...

21 mins

Veterinary practice is a reactive business. As a result, life in practice can be chaotic, stressful and expensive, with many vets working far too hard for far too little return...

19 mins

Climate change and increased pet travel have created a perfect parasitic storm for the UK’s companion animals. But a brilliantly simple new service could help solve the problem...

2 mins

Spinney Vets near Northampton has just undergone a significant refurbishment that has seen the practice double in size. Now the dust has settled, VBJ paid a visit to see if the investment has paid off...

1 mins

Running a successful veterinary practice requires a strong network of connections and relationships, sometimes with organisations outside the veterinary sector. By looking at the bigger picture, it is possible to harness these networks to help your business boom...

18 mins

Stress and burnout are at epidemic levels across the profession, but vets and nurses are often left to solve their own well-being issues. Alan Robinson argues, however, that it’s the practice leaders and managers who should be doing more to help banish the burnout blues...

2 mins

VBJ familiarises readers with the association's history, membership and key activities, as well as its outgoing and incoming presidents.

4 mins

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