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International Collaborative on Extreme Conformations in Dogs issues new guidance it hopes will help to end the “normalisation” of harmful canine body shapes in public life.

8 mins

Ministers have been urged to deliver legislation that ‘properly supports’ the veterinary sector after a packed legislative programme failed to address the issue.

5 mins

New figures show nearly 12,000 cases of animals being beaten were reported to the organisation last year, with almost 45,000 incidents following in the first half of 2024.

5 mins

Veterinary professionals can learn more about ways of improving their resilience during a forthcoming Mind Matters webinar.

5 mins

Services are being disrupted after workers began two weeks of walkouts amid no sign of a breakthrough in resolving the dispute.

6 mins

Senior officials have urged ministers to move swiftly to reform the Veterinary Surgeons Act following Labour’s landslide general election victory on 4 July.

10 mins

Aura Veterinary in Surrey and Arthrex Vet Systems say they are aiming to transform animal care in veterinary oncology and soft tissue surgery.

4 mins

Officials say a new generation in the profession is being developed through the programme, which has also seen thousands of horses receiving care.

5 mins

Dozens of clinicians have signed an open letter published by the Progressive Veterinary Association calling for vets and nurses to be given a vote on the “momentous” proposals.

6 mins


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People Match Podcast: Fiona Stephens offers careers advice for new graduates

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Gerardo Poli concludes this series by explaining the coagulation cascade and its role in helping to diagnose specific clotting factor deficiencies.

In part three of this series, Gerardo Poli covers which diagnostic tests you should perform to confirm your suspicions when trying to determine if you patient has a coagulopathy.

In the second of his four-part series on coagulopathy, Gerardo Poli covers the physical exam and primary versus secondary coagulopathies.

In the first of a four-part series, Gerardo Poli describes how to form a likely diagnosis when presented with a bleeding patient – starting with history and signalment.

Eleanor Goad explains how a focus on healthy eating and proper nutrition will have a positive affect, not only on your own health and well-being, but, ultimately, that of the patients in your care.

RVN Dale Gillies explains why the anaesthesia of avian species shouldn’t be as daunting as people believe it is, and describes her approach to the procedure – from pre-surgery planning to recovery.

Having outlined the basic pathophysiology of head trauma in part one of this series, Gerardo Poli discusses ways of lowering cerebral blood volume to tackle this issue.

In the first of a new series on head trauma, Gerardo Poli starts off with some basic pathophysiology.

veterinary content

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Karen L Perry focuses on three causes of pelvic limb lameness in cats.

105 mins

Anna Harrison describes how the team on the ground for charity Safe Haven is working tirelessly for donkeys caught up in the conflict.

11 mins

Genaro Vargas and Guillaume Albertini advise on why this complication can occur, what to treat it with and how the object can be surgically removed.

27 mins

Hannah van Velzen summarises topics of discussion at the British Veterinary Dental Association’s inaugural event.

15 mins

Philip Witte sets the record straight on some misconceptions of this disease.

34 mins

Jacqui Matthews weighs up the equine worming options for vets and clients.

29 mins

Samantha Taylor, Séverine Tasker, Danièlle Gunn-Moore, Emi Barker and Stephanie Sorrell summarise the latest treatment advice to aid practitioners in the management of these patients.

62 mins

Jo Murrell explains the analgesic protocols and approaches for different surgical and medical conditions.

31 mins

nursing content

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Tabitha Saltzer explains how she felt when first embracing the transition into a head nurse position, how she equipped herself with the correct tools for the job and what keeps her connected with her team.

7 mins

Charlie Fisher outlines what is needed to prepare for these cases, treatment options available and the debunking of more archaic methods of managing affected patients.

35 mins

Jessica Bell details how to distinguish between an adverse event and a life-threatening situation when dealing with patients under anaesthesia, as well as the actions veterinary nurses can take.

59 mins

Ben Witcomb details the most prevalent issues that present in young dogs, as well as owner education and the VN’s role in treatment.

47 mins

Charlie Fisher discusses several instances where evidence of disparity in the veterinary nursing sector exists, and how she believes more should be done to not only highlight this, but close the gap completely.

29 mins

“Success can come in different ways. I wasn’t successful as a head nurse, but it didn’t stop me being successful somewhere else. It's not a measure of who you are – that’s not your top potential – it’s just where you are right there. It’s not a reason to quit!”

1 mins

RVN Ami Wood ponders the stigma that surrounds mental health and shares some advice for others struggling in a world that needs to create a culture of acceptance.

8 mins

The veterinary nurse. A key member of the practice team that enables and ensures that clinics run smoothly to provide patient and client care with compassion at the heart of their work. But, have we explored the potential for nurses to expand their remit and grasp the opportunities for practice ownership?

27 mins

business content

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The process of referring a client’s animal into the hands of another clinician can be fraught with complications. But, as so often in life, good communication is key to success… 

26 mins

Kitting out a clinic can be fraught with difficulties. Too much choice is one problem, while financing is another. However, common sense can be drawn on in acquiring what is needed at the lowest possible cost, being tax efficient and considering used equipment…

25 mins

“The latest version of the Vetus 7 Expert introduces several software upgrades aimed at further enhancing its functionality to assist the veterinarian and improve efficiency,” claims Probo Medical.

10 mins

It can be a daunting prospect for those who decide to go it alone and  open their own veterinary practice. But plenty of support is out there for those who know where to find it, as Gemma Barmby explains...

25 mins

VetEnvoy is a veterinary communications hub that provides a seamless flow of information between key practice IT systems. To find out more about this innovative and fast-evolving system, VBJ sat down with managing director of VetEnvoy, Sarah Kirkham…

10 mins

Veterinary practice is a service industry and while situations always occur where animal welfare trumps all, any business needs to entice and retain clients to stay afloat. This means excellent customer service must always be a key priority, so it’s vital to get it right…

28 mins

The buzz around Creature Comforts has been building since news first emerged of a “pet tech” start-up with eye-catching plans to revolutionise the way veterinary care works for vets, pets and clients. So, when the first clinic opened in central London last month, VBJ caught up with founder Russell Welsh to see if this ambitious venture looks like it’s living up to the hype…

33 mins

In this VBJ Hygiene Insight, Vincent Sherard-Bornshin – chief executive of RSPCA Bury, Oldham and District – explains the benefits behind Truvox Multiwash in helping close the gaps in cleaning protocols after he invested in the system during COVID.

11 mins

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