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Latest CPD on offer from farm animal association will encourage vets to expand their orthopaedic service provision.

2 mins

“For the Record” will form part of the college archives, and aims to amplify under-represented voices across the profession and inform future generations.

7 mins

Ceva Animal Health adds to its Douxo offering with launch of Douxo Care Auricular Lotion.

4 mins

Virbac offering three complimentary interactive online CPD modules following launch of Stelfonta, its new solution to treat mast cell tumours in dogs.

3 mins

Black, Asian and ethnic minorities board meets for first time to discuss how IVC Evidensia’s new scholarship scheme can have maximum impact.

5 mins

Available as an easy-to-use plug-in diffuser, new product helps cats “with more signs of stress, in more situations, and calms cats better than ever”.

4 mins

“Everyone we’ve had contact with throughout XLVets has a shared commitment to excellence and that’s exactly what we want to deliver at our new practice” – Eve Thomas, joint owner of Builth Wells Veterinary Practice.

5 mins

Cats Protection’s hopes of bringing in mandatory chipping of cats attracts support of more than 50 politicians.

3 mins

Royal college warns against a “trial by media” following unsubstantiated allegations of bullying surrounding its next president, David Argyle.

12 mins


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Poorly performing equids: lameness causes, treatment and prevention

VBJ’s Lockdown Lowdown with Alison Lambert (part 2)

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Having barely begun her wildlife rehabilitation course, Eleanor Goad has learned far more than expected – from gynaecological facts about kangaroos to the sad truth behind wildlife casualties.

While RCVS VN council has approved an alternative assessment method for OSCEs under social distancing guidelines, blogger Jane Davidson offers up her own tongue-in-cheek real-world version of the exams.

In the third part of her series on access to veterinary education – with a focus on those from disadvantaged backgrounds – Jordan delves into the financial issues faced by postgraduate students.

Walking your dog used to be quite a simple thing before coronavirus, but now it's a task fraught with anxiety-inducing issues that require an increasing degree of caution, writes Eleanor Goad.

Jordan Sinclair tackles the topic of how to attract students from disadvantaged backgrounds and, other than fuelling the fire at an early age, finds much of the problem still often comes down to money.

Nick Marsh describes the COVID journey the veterinary profession has been on – from colleague cuts to muddled messages – and wonders how many other professions working through this crisis have also shared the same experience.

Increasing resilience takes time, so Gerardo Poli provides a plan to help you develop it – from embracing change, to identifying a sense of purpose and showing self-compassion.

In an attempt to help her professional colleagues cope in these unprecedented, stressful times, Jane Davidson looks to inject some humour into the situation with her virtual “OSCE Experience”.

veterinary content

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Fleur Whitlock BVetMed(Hons), MRCVS, Richard Newton BVSc, MSc, PhD, FRCVS, and Adele Williams BVSc, DipECEIM, PhD, MRCVS discuss the present status of this issue, prevention and treatment protocols, and ensuring owner compliance.

39 mins

Simona Radaelli DVM, PhD, DipECVN, MRCVS concludes this article (first part Volume 50, Issue 15, Pages 9-10) by describing the most important tests to carry out to determine prognosis in these cases.

33 mins

Mónica Guerrero Méndez suggests various stages required for diagnosing, treating and preventing this common condition in tortoises.

32 mins

In his latest ECC Endeavours, Dave Beeston, BVetMed(Hons), PGDip(VCP), MRCVS reflects on the challenges and triumphs of the past few weeks.

30 mins

Anthony Andrews, BVetMed, PhD, DipECBHM, DipECSRHM, FBIAC, MRCVS, in the first of a two-part article, looks at the influence the world's greatest fictional vet has had on the profession.

35 mins

Karen Perry discusses the diagnosis and treatment of OA, and the importance of cat owner education in their success.

66 mins

Peter Roberts, BVMS, PgC(SAM), MRCVS, details the importance of considering this common presentation alongside history, examination and testing.

36 mins

Luca Ferasin DVM, PhD, CertVC, PGCert(HE), DipECVIM‑CA (Cardiology), GPCert(B&PS), FRCVS describes diagnostic protocols for this issue, and treatment and management advice, including tips for dog owners.

66 mins

nursing content

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International Cat Care offers its top tips for keeping feline pets safe during the Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities.

7 mins

Matt analysis how to handle wildlife cases that arrive in practice, discussing duty of care, nursing aims and tips for specific species.

32 mins

Zoe Hockley explains how owners can make firework festivities less traumatic for their pets and prevent behavioural problems in the future.

25 mins

Lead nutritionist Samantha Ware discusses metabolism.

10 mins

Emma Gerrard looks at the latest research on this topic, and highlights the importance of regular blood testing and communicating this to clients.

30 mins

BVNA outgoing president Jo Hinde reflects on a presidential year like no other.

11 mins

Mary Fraser discusses the importance of introducing such measures for these species.

20 mins

Lou Northway walks readers through the stages of, and considerations around, anaesthetising cats and dogs with cardiac conditions.

30 mins

business content

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Eastcott Referrals was born when Peter Southerden began offering dental referrals from a small practice based in an old Victorian house in Swindon almost 20 years ago. The practice long ago outgrew its humble origins and while dentistry is still a key focus, Eastcott now has strong roots in many different areas...

36 mins

In the first months of lockdown, BVA guidance meant most practices were only able to deal with emergency cases, and work all but dried up for some. But for the teams at Vets Now Manchester, the coronavirus crisis meant that while some things changed, in many ways everything stayed the same...

35 mins

Maddy Cousins – a mature vet student at the RVC and co-founder of VetConsult, an online booking and payment platform for vets – discusses this evolving area in the veterinary sphere.

24 mins

Running a fast-growing 24-hour small animal practice is a demanding job, whatever the weather. Throw in a pandemic that shuts down society for months and that task becomes a whole lot more complicated, as VBJ discovered when we spoke to JVP at Vets4Pets Northampton, Jenny Millington...

35 mins

Proagrica managing director for animal health Richard Sibbit explains why the coronavirus lockdown has been a proving ground for an uptake in digital innovations, why it cannot be ignored, and how practices have had to act and adapt fast to survive.

17 mins

James Westgate speaks to practice owners, business leaders and consultants about lessons learned from the pandemic, and how practices and practitioners can survive and thrive in an uncertain future.

31 mins

For most small animal practices across the UK, the story of coronavirus has been pretty bleak – certainly where practice revenues have been concerned. But at Bury St Edmunds Veterinary Centre the crisis has played out differently, as VBJ discovered when we hooked up with partner Jenny Reason...

30 mins

At this time of year, thoughts turn to the trips and holidays we plan to take. In the short term, coronavirus has put paid to that. But while we may not be able to travel, employees are still accruing holiday, and many are wondering how the rules will play out…

10 mins

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