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Level of complaints to profession’s mediation service highest since its launch – with announcement coming the same week BVA reveals extent of client abuse against veterinary teams.

10 mins

Eleven-year-old Sparky had a “football-sized” growth of fat surgically removed from his abdomen after it had begun to displace some of his internal organs.

6 mins

“Behavioural problems have rightly been a focus of perceived risk and concern among the veterinary profession and animal welfare organisations. And that is borne out in the report…” – PDSA senior vet Sean Wensley

15 mins

North-east referral practice carries out second ankle replacement on a Labrador retriever using an innovative system – two years after first procedure with same system on another ankle.

5 mins

Specialist at Essex practice operates on 17-year-old tortoise left with a prolapsed penis after trying to pass an extremely large bladder stone.

5 mins

RCVS coronavirus survey will ask veterinary professionals to provide evidence of how COVID-19 has impacted experiences of working in profession.

6 mins

Close to 6 in 10 vets in clinical practice felt intimidated by clients’ language or behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic – a rise of 10 percentage points on 2019.

5 mins

The UK-wide simulation (22 to 23 July) is being staged to test the country’s response to a potential future outbreak of African swine fever.

4 mins

Small animal association has 103 leaflets after adding 8 new additions to its series of literature suitable for clients.

3 mins


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4 quick tips to improve ultrasound guided aspirates

RVN creates video to showcase VN role

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A recent experience sees Eleanor Goad muse on the UK’s rather lackadaisical approach when it comes to legislating against owners who leave their pets to overheat in cars.

The sight of a dog running along the beach and splashing excitedly into the sea is a wondrous thing to behold, but it’s not without its hazards, as Jane Davidson explains.

Gerardo Poli says the art of blood smear interpretation is declining, but is an extremely valuable skill that should be part of every in-house haematology.

Jane Davidson shares a story of determination triumphing over adversity and how the ability to understand something as essential as arithmetic doesn't come naturally to everyone.

Fluid therapy is a topic that sometimes gets overlooked by vets, partly because there is a misconception that developing fluid plans can be difficult.

Adverse events during anaesthesia in otherwise young and healthy patients is a rare occurrence. However, … more

Jane Davidson talks to fellow RVN-turned-PhD student Fraje Watson about her route from vet nurse to scholar, her future plans, and a handful of helpful hints and tips on how to apply for a PhD yourself.

The ultrasound is an incredibly useful diagnostic tool. In this video tip, Gerardo Poli offers some advice to help you perfect the basics of ultrasound-guided aspiration.

veterinary content

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Jack Reece BVSc, BSc, MRCVS discusses the outcome of the Indian charity he volunteers for moving to using a surgical pack for a single spay.

25 mins

Mike Davies BVetMed, CertVR, CertSAO, FRCVS discusses the ongoing developments in the pet food marketplace and their implications for practices.

38 mins

Stuart Carmichael BVMS, MVM, DSAO, FRCVS looks at steps practices can take to provide lifelong care for these patients, as well as new developments to facilitate this.

28 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli DVM, DipECZM(Small Mammal), CertZooMed, MRCVS begins this series by discussing urinary tract and gastrointestinal disorders that are frequently seen in these patients.

Carolina Fernández Sánchez discusses a case involving an eight-year-old male neutered Staffordshire bull terrier in the latest in the Vet Times Case Notes series.

34 mins

Fleur Whitlock BVetMed, MRCVS and Richard Newton BVSc, MSc, PhD, FRCVS take a detailed look at latest thinking on tackling it, including a breakdown of latest cases in the UK and elsewhere.

Karin Kruger BVSc, DipACVIM, MRCVS discusses equine gastric ulcer syndrome, which is currently differentiated into two distinct disease syndromes that require their own strategies from equine vets.

33 mins

Kate Loomes BVSc(Hons), MSc, CertAVP(EP), CertAVP(VA), CertAVP(EM), DipECVAA, MRCVS IN this article, the author fully explains partial IV anaesthesia – the maintaining of anaesthesia with a combination of IV and inhalational agents.

82 mins

nursing content

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Nicola Lakeman looks at the benefits that an RVN’s involvement in ear cases can bring.

18 mins

April Louise Murphy discusses care of rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, including husbandry and nutrition.

51 mins

Virbac highlights the differences between hypoallergy and dermatology diets, and the benefits of high protein in the management of skin diseases.

Stacey Westcott looks at critical factors to consider when treating these conditions, including nutrition, environment and medication.

28 mins

In this month's Eye on EBVM column, three RVNs tested RCVS Knowledge’s updated free online EBVM Learning course, and reveal what they thought of it and why you should take a look.

13 mins

Stacey Bullock looks at CPD within the profession and the options available to vet nurses.

29 mins

Claire Bloor shares her love for dentistry and experiencing in this field of vet nursing.

11 mins

Heather Kirkness advises on how these types of injury are treated to help VNs deliver the best possible care to patients.

44 mins

business content

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In this article, Caroline Allen BA, VetMB, CertSAM, MRCVS, discusses early research and the challenges of dealing with bereavement during a pandemic.

22 mins

The result of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the importance of air purity rather than simply air replacement and cooling...

19 mins

In this VBJ Technology Insight feature, Hallmarq discusses improving access to the benefits of advanced imaging.

7 mins

Few could argue that most business sectors need to do more to support working mothers. For the veterinary profession, finding models that actually work for vet mums is a matter of urgency and not just in the UK – as VBJ discovered when we spoke to practice owner Jocelyn Birch Baker in Queensland, Australia…

29 mins

We know the process of getting credit as individuals, but not everyone appreciates that the same applies to the business world, too. If a practice wants the best terms, it needs to keep on the right side of the agencies and maintain a good credit score…

22 mins

Liza Minelli couldn’t have summed it up better when she sang that money makes the world go round in the 1972 film Cabaret. It’s true, despite what we all want to believe. In a commercial context, this means thinking about how a practice funds its setup or expansion, how it acquires equipment and how it funds its day-to-day expenses...

25 mins

It is always vital to prepare and track realistic cash flow forecasts – especially in the current climate. Concrete cash protection procedures are also key for your practice to thrive, rather than just survive…

22 mins

When it comes to choosing a nutraceutical, a wealth of information exists about some of the component ingredients, but rarely comparative data in the species being treated. So, how do we make the best decision…?

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