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The study suggests a combination of location, weather and animal movement restrictions helped limit the impact of the 2007 UK outbreak, while another predicts larger outbreaks by 2100.

4 mins

Wiltshire dental specialist becomes only one in Europe to gain prestigious US recognition.

3 mins

VetCPD is offering a range of courses for vets and VNs starting in February, including emergency and critical care, diabetes in companion animals and skin cytology.

2 mins

Tablets are divisible into 15mg increments to enable accurate titration of dosing, come blister-packed to facilitate dispensing and are liver flavoured to help with tableting compliance.

3 mins

RCVS calls for new members of its ethics review panel after council members vote to make the free service permanent.

4 mins

Vet surgeon says it’s “quite remarkable” that vital structures weren’t pierced after 70cm fence post penetrates Penny’s chest and snaps off.

4 mins

The Positive Vet Nurse Instagram page creator has initiated the questionnaire to help shed light on the causes of such problems among the profession.

4 mins

Serious cruciate ligament damage left border collie Tiegen unable to put her leg down properly, but surgery and sessions on an underwater treadmill have got her back on her feet.

4 mins

A nursing apprentice swapped Yorkshire for South Africa to go and work with a charity that helps animals endangered by poachers.

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Positive prognosis for panicked pony impaled by post

Practice Profile: ChesterGates Veterinary Specialists

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Eleanor Goad on why it's enriching for everyone to branch out and diversify in life and research.

Struggling to converse while on the telephone? Give this advice a try and see if it improves your confidence and efficiency.

9 mins

While mourning the passing of her wilful ward, RVN Jane Davidson recounts their time together as a warning to those considering the purchase of a brachycephalic breed due to their “cute” factor.

Stuck on your own driving hours to jobs every day? Ami Sawran suggests a few ways to make the time fly by, from podcasts to audiobooks.

Following on from performing a thoracocentesis, Gerardo Poli advises on the best ways to get the most information from the collected sample.

Jordan Sinclair ponders on the naming conventions people use for their pets and what the animals would think about their given names, if they really understood.

Andrè Brenn, a Czech veterinary student studying at the University of Liverpool, looks at the learning and funding opportunities the veterinary profession could lose out on should the UK crash out of the EU with no deal.

Nick Marsh highlights some of the issues vets face with the rise of crossbreeds – some of whom suffer in life – and why we should treat our "best friends" like they treat us.

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Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update focuses on gastrointestinal and nutritional diseases, including Salmonella, Johne’s disease and heavy metal poisoning.

19 mins

Ian Wright discusses the increasing threat of this vector-borne disease, and how to recognise and manage infection.

36 mins

Tim Mair discusses the evaluation of horses showing clinical signs, challenges that can arise when choosing the appropriate treatment, and the need to promptly refer surgical cases.

48 mins

Francesco Cian presents another case in his latest Haematology Hub, this time on a mixed breed, male dog with clinical history of inappetence, anorexia and recurrent episodes of vomiting.

5 mins

Jack Reece details a case where a male camel presented with this complaint and how it was solved.

24 mins

If you are considering a stint as an expert witness in court, good training is recommended. Peter Edmondson discusses an annual conference on the subject in London.

20 mins

Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify launched its own live event in London in 2018 and capped the year with a Vet Futures award. Founder Ebony Escalona explains the group's background and future mission.

12 mins

Mike Davies offers tips on how to approach this issue in practice – including tackling owner denials and achieving compliance.

31 mins

nursing content

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BVNA president Wendy Nevins reflects on the power – and importance – of belonging to the association’s family.

7 mins

Matthew Rendle – an RVN with more than 25 years’ experience, with a particular interest around the care and welfare of exotic species in captivity and the wild – embarks on the first of his new column series by introducing himself to readers and sharing his career journey to date.

16 mins

Laura Lacey provides readers with an overview of the various routes to becoming a VN, what each can offer, and career progression and diversification opportunities once qualified.

33 mins

In the first The Consult for 2019, VN Times speaks to an RVN who recounts her many roles within the profession – from volunteering for charities to establishing her own business – and urges colleagues to aspire to their ambitions, whatever they may be.

21 mins

RVN Verity Johnson – of Sandhole Veterinary Centre in Snodland, Kent – discusses the feline-friendly protocols she and her colleagues conduct daily to put patients at ease and ensure a successful consult/stay.

8 mins

Emma Gerrard discusses how to go about approaching this subject with pet owners and giving suitable advice, including what’s too fat and what’s too thin.

36 mins

Bursary winner Martin Peters reflects on his hopes for the future and acknowledge the presence of a few butterflies as he embarks on his new adventure in emergency and critical care.

8 mins

RVN Sophie McMurrough is a veterinary technician specialist in small animal medicine – a qualification gained in Washington DC. She explains the origins of the “exciting” role, why no day is the same, and how holding the qualification could enable VNs to progress and get the “recognition they deserve”.

18 mins

business content

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Focusing on four main client contact areas – exterior, interior, vibe and virtual – could make all the difference to your practice enviornment, says Dr Ernie Ward.

34 mins

Starting a new business is daunting, but help is always at hand. Alan Robinson explains the early considerations in setting up your own practice.

32 mins

Running the referral division for one of Europe’s largest corporate practice groups can be a complicated business. VBJ discovered just how complex when we paid a visit to CVS referrals director John Innes at the ChesterGates Referral Hospital Veterinary Specialists.

2 mins

Owning part or all of a practice is the dream for many veterinary professionals, but not everyone wants to go it alone or open something from scratch. Thankfully, there is more than one way to choose – here Tim Rayner looks at the alternative ownership options…

26 mins

The explosion of computing power over the past 30 years has transformed the way we all lead our lives. It has also revolutionised diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine and helped propel the science of animal health to unprecedented new heights…

26 mins

In these days of manic corporate consolidation, it is important to remember the benefits owning your own practice can bring. So when VBJ was asked to visit an independently owned practice that is positively thriving in the face of corporate competition, we jumped at the chance.

3 mins

Adi Nell and Erwin Höhn consider stakeholders’ likely responses to the shortages before proposing a revolutionary workforce planning framework.

31 mins

Increasing the amount of dental work your practice performs can be a great way to improve pet health and drive revenue. Yet, without the engagement of the whole clinical team, these initiatives can often lack bite.

21 mins

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