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Bosses at OOH provider insist the move is temporary, but necessary for legal reasons, and say they cannot guarantee the safety of staff who do choose to sleep on site.

9 mins

Neck tongue syndrome, previously only described in humans, was diagnosed and treated by team at Wear Referrals, County Durham in a multimodal team approach.

3 mins

Veterinary Voices hiking group takes on trauma awareness course in the Lake District from 17 to 18 May.

4 mins

Senior politicians say they are keen to advise ministers in Cardiff on areas where they could intervene.

4 mins

Increased monitoring, greater public awareness and work towards new approaches to infections are among priorities outlined in document.

9 mins

Government scientists have set out the measures they will deploy if the disease re-emerges in England this summer, amid fears of a fresh wave.

6 mins

Regulator has claimed overwhelming support for its plan to look further at companion animal veterinary services, despite resistance from some larger care providers.

7 mins

The BVA has urged political parties and individual candidates to engage with the sector and local clinicians ahead of polling day on 4 July.

5 mins

Anna Judson tells association’s Scottish dinner it had been “painful” to see how the profession was “misrepresented” after the Competition and Markets Authority published its report in March.

9 mins


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People Match Podcast: Fiona Stephens offers careers advice for new graduates

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Hubert Hiemstra discusses how he used the principles of hydroponics to boost his understanding – and increase his knowledge – of circulatory shock in critically ill patients.

In her second post for Vet Times, Dale Gillies details the steps that can be taken to reduce risks with rabbit care with regard to anaesthetics and recovery.

Gerardo Poli delves into the true definition of this personal and professional equilibrium, and reveals how many people don't completely understand what it is they’re striving to achieve.

Hubert Hiemstra describes the collection of blood to carry out an autotransfusion, as well as two methods of administering the blood back into the patient.

New RVN author Dale Gillies starts off her Vet Times blogging career with a tasteful little piece about the best ways to make a dog revisit its last meal…

Gerardo Poli reveals his tried and tested ritual of reseting his composure between consults and emergencies.

In the final post of her blog series, Carly Kilby discusses how she overcame impostor syndrome by proving her worth – not just to the practices she locums for, but to herself – and explains how you can, too.

From unexpectedly welcoming a feline paramour into her home, to providing a fish course for her own cat’s would-be suitor, Jane Davidson introduces us to the “niche product” she finds perfect for disguising unwanted meds.

veterinary content

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Anna Bruguera-Sala considers national steps taken to tackle this disease, as well as how vets can educate farmers.

50 mins

Norbert Mencke discusses the connection between human, animal and environmental health.

17 mins

Nigel Dougherty shares his knowledge on this subject, aiming to ease the concerns of such a situation.

55 mins

Chris Dixon talks through diagnosis and surgical options that can treat rhegmatogenous detached retinas in dogs, and even bring sight back.

27 mins

Peter Edgar recounts the 60th anniversary meeting of the British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association with its Back to the Future-inspired theme.

31 mins

John Chitty looks at the data from owners of these pets, and how vets can monitor and advise on welfare.

32 mins

Samantha Taylor emphasises the importance of being vigilant for this condition.

31 mins

Jack Reece discusses this condition that is being seen more frequently in the UK among imported dogs.

22 mins

nursing content

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Charlie Fisher outlines what is needed to prepare for these cases, treatment options available and the debunking of more archaic methods of managing affected patients.

35 mins

Jessica Bell details how to distinguish between an adverse event and a life-threatening situation when dealing with patients under anaesthesia, as well as the actions veterinary nurses can take.

59 mins

Ben Witcomb details the most prevalent issues that present in young dogs, as well as owner education and the VN’s role in treatment.

47 mins

Charlie Fisher discusses several instances where evidence of disparity in the veterinary nursing sector exists, and how she believes more should be done to not only highlight this, but close the gap completely.

29 mins

“Success can come in different ways. I wasn’t successful as a head nurse, but it didn’t stop me being successful somewhere else. It's not a measure of who you are – that’s not your top potential – it’s just where you are right there. It’s not a reason to quit!”

1 mins

RVN Ami Wood ponders the stigma that surrounds mental health and shares some advice for others struggling in a world that needs to create a culture of acceptance.

8 mins

The veterinary nurse. A key member of the practice team that enables and ensures that clinics run smoothly to provide patient and client care with compassion at the heart of their work. But, have we explored the potential for nurses to expand their remit and grasp the opportunities for practice ownership?

27 mins

Heather Simcock covers the highs and lows of this increasingly common condition in feline patients, including pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment.

53 mins

business content

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The buzz around Creature Comforts has been building since news first emerged of a “pet tech” start-up with eye-catching plans to revolutionise the way veterinary care works for vets, pets and clients. So, when the first clinic opened in central London last month, VBJ caught up with founder Russell Welsh to see if this ambitious venture looks like it’s living up to the hype…

33 mins

In this VBJ Hygiene Insight, Vincent Sherard-Bornshin – chief executive of RSPCA Bury, Oldham and District – explains the benefits behind Truvox Multiwash in helping close the gaps in cleaning protocols after he invested in the system during COVID.

11 mins

Synergy Farm Health was formed when two neighbouring West Country practices decided to merge their farm departments in 2009. Since then, Synergy has grown rapidly and is now the UK’s largest independent farm animal practice, as VBJ discovered when we paid a visit last month…

31 mins

In the ever-evolving field of veterinary diagnostics, the traditional “this or that” approach to performing and assessing diagnostic tests in the clinic or at an external laboratory is changing. So, it is vital to ensure your practice is keeping up with the latest developments…

26 mins

IMV Imaging has a reputation for delivering pioneering imaging equipment that makes a real difference to animal care. But IMV also does much to make a difference to the vets and nurses using that equipment, as VBJ discovered when we spoke with Laura Quiney and Amy Haylock…

11 mins

As leaders, we have the privilege of supporting new graduates through their first months and years in practice. We are shaping the next generation of vets, and those first few years will undoubtedly influence their future in this profession, writes Rebecca Robinson…

26 mins

This latest VBJ Congress Insight feature explains how your practice and your team can benefit from the association’s upcoming annual event.

15 mins

The world is witnessing the dawn of the AI age and excitement is at its peak as to just how much the technology will change the existing paradigms. In this article, Oli Viner explains how these systems work and discusses how they might impact on society and the veterinary profession…

37 mins

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