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The founding director of the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine believes the UK should expand guidelines to provide the widest spectrum of accepted choices for both vets and clients.

4 mins

Vets experiencing shortages can now apply online for an import certificate for alternative products from outside the UK via the directorate’s Special Imports Scheme.

5 mins

Research suggests gene-edited pigs could effectively limit replication of the virus, and reduce associated clinical signs and mortality.

3 mins

Medivet has created 50 EMS champion clinics with designated ”EMS Champion” in each to act as a mentor to students.

5 mins

New electronic sheep reporting system will fulfil European requirements for the continuation of trade post-Brexit and improve traceability in the event of a disease outbreak.

4 mins

Animal shelters in major German cities have potential solution to problem of “impulse” adoption of pets as Christmas presents.

3 mins

In one of two studies shedding fresh light on the complexity of the UK badger/bTB problem it was revealed almost one in five badgers tested positive for the disease.

3 mins

StreetVet has won a £100,000 donation from Animal Friends Pet Insurance after a six-week public vote.

5 mins

UK’s biggest supplier of IsoFlo suggests vets might consider if routine procedures can be postponed until practices have access to further supplies in February/March.

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Jordan Sinclair hits back at a recent “one-sided” Watchdog piece on clients buying veterinary drugs online and what the programme missed out in its reporting.

Nick Marsh on how vets can find their own reward in their work, whether it's a grateful client or being kind to yourself and others.

Gerardo Poli describes what a work-life balance means to him and, while he works many hours, it gives him the opportunity to do something he enjoys.

Eleanor Goad recalls her decision to be a vet dictating her choice of A-levels and how the possibilities for vet students are almost infinite due to the variety of jobs available.

As the festive season kicks into gear, RVN Jane Davidson mulls on how to advise unsuspecting clients on being clued-up about the dangers of internet puppy sellers, especially via social media.

Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli with a "tip of the year" by encouraging those working in practice to work on their plans for next year now to finish 2018 in the best way possible.

After taking up a leadership course, Ami Sawran discovered the so-called "soft skills" are anything but to master, and might matter just as much as clinical management.

Being a new grad can be an lonely experience, especially if you have to move to a new location, but Jordan Sinclair conjures up a few ways to combat the isolation.

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Daniela Murgia, in the first of a two-part article, discusses primary tumour, regional lymph node and distant metastasis assessment.

38 mins

Peter Edmondson looks at minimising drug residue in milk, in which human error has been found to be a major cause of bulk tank failure.

27 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli reviews some of the literature regarding analgesic therapy in companion animal exotic pets.

68 mins

The term is now in the dictionary, and vet Ben Simpson argues the gig economy is alive and well in today’s profession. But is that a good or bad thing?

19 mins

Leila Bedos Senon outlines use of this diagnostic method and treatment options in patients with damage to the eye’s most outer layer.

16 mins

Chanticleer looks at some of the areas of uncertainty affecting the profession and wider world.

17 mins

Paddy Gordon looks at measures to prevent or minimise incidences of this metabolic disease in dairy cattle.

39 mins

Christian Byrne and Safia Barakzai present a case of a cob mare diagnosed with this uncommon finding, then discuss general diagnosis and treatment.

28 mins

nursing content

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RVN Sophie McMurrough is a veterinary technician specialist in small animal medicine – a qualification gained in Washington DC. She explains the origins of the “exciting” role, why no day is the same, and how holding the qualification could enable VNs to progress and get the “recognition they deserve”.

18 mins

Beth Acton was born deaf, with a 70% loss of hearing in both ears, and … more

18 mins

Emma Gerrard explores two forms of this inflammatory condition – idiopathic in cats and bacterial in dogs – as well as what helps resolve them.

29 mins

This month, RVN and BVNA council member Gemma Reeve reaches out to colleagues to remind them that, even at the toughest times of the year, the association is there for them.

5 mins

Kit Sturgess discusses the causes, management and treatment of gastrointestinal issues in small animal patients.

48 mins

This month, VN council vice-chairman Liz Cox throws down the gauntlet to fellow veterinary nurses to take the lead on quality improvement in practice for the benefit of all.

7 mins

Stacey Blease was appointed BVNA head of learning and development six months ago. Here, she reflects on her journey so far, what she has achieved since boarding the "BVNA bus", and considers what the future may hold for the organisation.

16 mins

Julii Elliott was the winner of last year's £1,000 bursary for the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care course, courtesy of VN Times and Vets Now. Here, the RVN reflects on her experience, the challenges of study and the joys of completion.

27 mins

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Owning part or all of a practice is the dream for many veterinary professionals, but not everyone wants to go it alone or open something from scratch. Thankfully, there is more than one way to choose – here Tim Rayner looks at the alternative ownership options…

26 mins

The explosion of computing power over the past 30 years has transformed the way we all lead our lives. It has also revolutionised diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine and helped propel the science of animal health to unprecedented new heights…

26 mins

In these days of manic corporate consolidation, it is important to remember the benefits owning your own practice can bring. So when VBJ was asked to visit an independently owned practice that is positively thriving in the face of corporate competition, we jumped at the chance.

3 mins

Adi Nell and Erwin Höhn consider stakeholders’ likely responses to the shortages before proposing a revolutionary workforce planning framework.

31 mins

Increasing the amount of dental work your practice performs can be a great way to improve pet health and drive revenue. Yet, without the engagement of the whole clinical team, these initiatives can often lack bite.

21 mins

Liz Barton, in her fifth instalment, highlights the challenges of balancing being a practising vet and a parent to school-age children.

19 mins

Successful recruitment begins long before a vacancy arises. In an increasingly transparent profession, employer reputation is a vital tool in the competition for our most valuable resource: people. This will be a major theme at SPVS/VMG Congress in January.

19 mins

The vet landscape is changing rapidly, and we find the profession, and ourselves, in an economy we wouldn't have imagined 20 years ago. It's a time of great change and opportunity for those looking to sell a practice.

20 mins

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