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Full range of feline and canine conditions will be treated by referral hospital’s latest department. 

4 mins

NoBACZ Healthcare, a University of Cambridge spin-off, says “revolutionary” product uses a patented natural polymer combined with copper and zinc ions that set rapidly on contact with skin.

5 mins

The group, which is celebrating its second anniversary, is preparing to open and expand clinics, as well as extend its “innovative business model”.

6 mins

West African Primate Conservation Action and Wildlife Vets International teamed up to offer a learning opportunity for two veterinary officers from Ghana.

7 mins

Questions have been raised about whether the profession was too slow to respond to the rising threat, even though a new risk assessment is being seen as a major step forward.

11 mins

The first Alabama rot fatalities of the season have been verified in Hampshire and Surrey, prompting a new plea for vigilance from pet owners.

4 mins

The Government insists it has taken “decisive action”, but a long-serving backbencher claimed its measures are the worst legislation of the current Parliament.

6 mins

The Virbac event will take place on 5 December at 8pm and be hosted by one of the world’s leading experts in companion animal reproductive biology. 

4 mins

BVA senior vice-president Malcolm Morley sounds an optimistic note while speaking alongside other leading figures at Big 6 Live debate.

14 mins


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People Match Podcast: Fiona Stephens offers careers advice for new graduates

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After outlining the indications of dystocia in part one, Gerardo Poli describes the physical checks to carry out – and explains the importance of ultrasound – in determining patient status.

Feeling a little under the weather? Used to just “sucking it up” and carrying on regardless? RVN blogger Carly Kilby considers when “I don’t feel quite right” becomes an acceptable excuse for calling in sick.

Not knowing how to determine a true dystocia emergency can cause confusion in practice. With this in mind, Gerardo Poli’s latest series of articles will address this and other common concerns in a step-by-step manner, starting with the stages of labour.

Veterinary history buff Jane Davidson takes a look at the history of the RCVS register, highlighting the importance of accuracy and ensuring you complete all your paperwork with care.

In the second part of this series, Gerardo Poli recaps ways to treat and analyse the severity of this condition.

In the first part of this series, Gerardo Poli informs how vets can spot the presenting signs of this condition in small animals.

Nobody likes receiving complaints, but Hubert Hiemstra claims his five-step plan can help alleviate unpleasant situations and turn them into “valuable opportunities for learning and growth”.

Taking her lead from the Real Slim Shady, new nurse blogger Carly Kilby introduces herself and discusses the different roles we have depending on where we are at the time.

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Nicola Menzies-Gow shares some of the newest findings on these disorders in horses and ponies.

58 mins

In his latest research review, Alex Gough looks at canine distichiasis, a retrospective study of cats treated with tranexamic acid and epsilon aminocaproic acid, post-neutering weight gain, and more…

18 mins

Mark Turner delves into some of the issues facing the profession in the first part of a fictional story about UK practice life.

27 mins

Tom Warboys shares some of the ways members of the profession can help clients reduce sheep and cattle disease spread.

16 mins

Daniela Murgia discusses how vets can look after affected cats and dogs, their owners and themselves in such instances.

57 mins

Anna Harrison explains the lengths one charity goes to regarding improving these animals’ lives in such a turbulent environment.

26 mins

Norbert Mencke highlights the issues around parasites in cats and how to help owners achieve a better understanding.

22 mins

Keith Cutler shares the various issues discussed at this University of Aberystwyth evening meeting presented by Sir Brian May.

18 mins

nursing content

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“The first thing I would say is, don’t be put off by how much of an enormous and complicated a topic it seems, because so many people are – you don't need to know the ins and outs of every single body system to be able to give good care to your patients…”

1 mins

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest global health issues of our time. Amanda Curtis RVN, chats about her contribution to VetTeamAMR – a new initiative from charity RCVS Knowledge that helps veterinary teams improve their antimicrobial use.

14 mins

Francesca Lees clears up misunderstandings she has come across while in practice.

12 mins

Georgia King shares her experiences in this area and the career-defining benefits it brings.

5 mins

Lantra, the leading awarding body for land-based and environmental training, shares topics covered during veterinary nursing managers Stacey Bullock and Nicky Smith’s symposium on VN training, which took place at BVNA Congress.

24 mins

Elin Moss discusses clinical signs, diagnosis, management and treatment options for canine and feline patients.

46 mins

Katy Allen describes the crucial role VNs play in delivering prompt therapy and care for small animal patients.

30 mins

Georgia Vinall draws on several studies to remind readers about cleaning your mobile phone – and every other fomite in your pocket – in the workplace.

15 mins

business content

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The current climate for the veterinary sector remains a busy yet challenging one. Veterinary practice … more

13 mins

This Practice Building Insight discusses laying the foundations for successful veterinary practice with ACD Projects.

15 mins

Practice management systems have come a long way since first emerging in the veterinary world 20 years ago. A plethora of systems now exist to choose from, offering a range of features, but some are more useful than others, as Oli Viner explains…

38 mins

One of the biggest names in veterinary referrals has just got bigger – a whole lot bigger. Dick White Referrals in Cambridgeshire tripled in size following the completion of an expansion project in February, and last month VBJ was invited in to take a look around…

From 10 June 2024, new rules in England mean owned cats must be implanted with a microchip before they reach the age of 20 weeks old. Tammie O’Leary reviews the new legislation and looks at how veterinary practices can benefit from this animal welfare initiative…

The Government’s “Build Back Greener” strategy sets out a series of policies and proposals for making the UK economy carbon neutral by 2050. It’s a massive challenge, but by changing the way it constructs and operates its buildings, the veterinary sector can do its bit to hit that ambitious target, writes Chris Copeman.

21 mins

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, businesses are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Here, CPC reveals a sustainable product that could revolutionise the pet cremation sector…

The idea of mobile veterinary practices was still very much in its infancy when Rosie Smith set up Paws Indoors back in 2003. But despite the odd bump in the road over the past two decades, this peripatetic pioneer has made it work – as VBJ discovered when we caught up with Rosie last month…

27 mins

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