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Study shows owners of short-muzzled dogs have particularly strong bonds with their pets, but are unaware of health issues.

5 mins

Most of the reports received described events that occurred in animals during or after the use of authorised veterinary or human medicines, and many invloved the use of multiple medicines.

4 mins

School now has 650 students undertaking veterinary training at the £45 million state-of-the-art facility.

4 mins

It is hoped the ban will improve animal welfare conditions and help the public to make more informed choices when buying a pet.

3 mins

Figures fall according to Home Office statistics, but there were still more than 3.52 million scientific procedures involving animals last year.

5 mins

Postmortem provides answer to animal’s death and prompts countryside warning.

4 mins

The VMD has confirmed a number of product shortages in the UK and, in each case, suggested non-UK alternatives being accepted for importation.

5 mins

A similar number of veterinarians in equine practice (65%) and mixed practice (66%) were also injured by animals in the course of their work.

4 mins

The ongoing problem of tackling bovine viral diarrhoea across the UK was discussed at a single-day BVDZero Congress, where delegates were told challenges remain.

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With the season of graduate vets embarking on their first jobs in full swing, Jordan Sinclair reminds existing veterinary professionals of the trepidation new careers can bring, and how to best ensure the transition from student to staff member goes as smoothly as possible.

With feedback being such a vital tool for professional development, Gerardo Poli offers tips to help those who find it difficult to embrace – and explains how he overcame the issue.

"Give me a ton of ticks, a fistful of fleas or a mountain of maggots" – Nick Marsh explains why he would rather deal with these loathsome parasites over a seemingly simple canine nail clip.

Stepping once more unto the Tip of the Week breach, Hubert Hiemstra advises that it’s better to be open and honest about the importance of money when it comes to treating people’s pets.

Having experienced one of the warmest June days for 40 years, and with a return to higher temperatures on the horizon, Eleanor Goad offers tips on keeping pets cool – including some lesser discussed species.

Following recent criticism over the RCVS’ handling of debate on the implications of telemedicine services, Jordan Sinclair takes a critical look at the launch of virtual veterinary consultations in the UK.

With Pride in London approaching, JaneRVN shares some fond and fun-filled memories of a much-loved and sorely missed colleague to explain why she is proud to be an “active ally”.

In the final part of this series, Gerardo Poli focuses on the use of hypertonic saline and mannitol in reducing cerebral oedema, and offers some pointers on how to choose between them.

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An increasing number of enquiries about the cascade led the VMD to review its online guidance. This accompanying article provides examples of appropriate and inappropriate cascade use.

22 mins

Ian Self discusses management and, using various case examples, treatment options in canine and feline patients.

46 mins

Paddy Gordon discusses how to effectively prevent disease through good management, housing and nutrition.

39 mins

Kelly Bowlt-Blacklock and James Warland consider situations where antibiotics are appropriate in patients undergoing surgery (part 3 of 3).

17 mins

Francesco Cian presents haematology slides from another case in the latest in his Veterinary Times series.

6 mins

Liz Buchanan considers what feeling fulfilled means, getting to know yourself and whether fulfilment is something that can be achieved by the veterinarian.

26 mins

Sarah Caney describes how accurate diagnosis of urinary disorders in patients is often vital to successful management.

24 mins

Laura Quiney and Sue Dyson take a look at the latest clinical research concerning this prevalent condition in horses.

26 mins

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Joanne Brown and Victoria Robinson discuss the pathogenesis of otitis, its diagnosis and treatment options that can be used to improve owner compliance and aid response to therapy.

35 mins

RVN Kelly Eyre looks at how studying older cats can help improve quality of life in later years.

7 mins

Nadia Wiseman discusses the importance of keeping owners of the UK's third most popular pet informed and up to date with their welfare needs.

34 mins

Louise Northway urges colleagues to learn from mistakes, embrace CPD and, if the time is right, spread their wings.

11 mins

RVN Melissa Cook shares her journey to becoming a physiotherapist and running her own physiotherapy business, as well as tips for those wanting to follow in her footsteps.

16 mins

Nick Coleman is an internal medicine RVN at Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Here, he shares his career journey, the best aspects of the job and his pearls of wisdom when it comes to working in the field.

9 mins

Two RVN friends recount their adventures from spending a month volunteering at the only veterinary clinic in the Cook Islands.

18 mins

Helen Benney details considerations around performing the vital peri-anaesthetic role required for patients with cardiovascular disease.

40 mins

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One of the biggest reasons given for the growth of corporate veterinary practice is that the traditional partnership model is broken. But is that really the case? VBJ headed to Didcot, Oxfordshire to find out...

2 mins

Not many equine practices in the UK have such a gilt-edged reputation as Oakham Veterinary Hospital. And as VBJ discovered when we paid a visit to the horsey hotbed of Rutland last month, it’s a reputation well earned…

2 mins

Few other practices better reflect the near exponential growth of the UK referral sector than North Downs Specialist Referrals. The Surrey hospital has trebled in size in its 15 years – a tale of sustained success and one that echoes a wider story…

7 mins

The telephone is still the main way clients contact their veterinary practice, but times are changing fast. Online appointment booking and live chats are just the tip of the iceberg, and practices looking to stay ahead need a strategy covering all the options…

27 mins

Setting up a veterinary practice can seem like the easy part when compared to developing a successful strategy for growth. Alan Robinson explains how to take the pain out of the process by following five golden rules …

28 mins

Have you been promoted to head up a team, perhaps to replace someone who has left or because the business is growing? Do you feel overnight your responsibilities have changed, but you haven't had training in the skill sets you need? This is accidental leadership…

21 mins

Climate change and increased pet travel have created a perfect parasitic storm for the UK’s companion animals. Old foes like fleas and endemic ticks, along with emerging threats, are putting pets at ever-greater risk – so which products and advice should practices offer to help even the odds?

39 mins

Pet nutrition is changing fast and UK practices run the risk of being left behind if they don’t adapt. Significant advances in nutritional science and technology have led to improved therapeutic and wellness diets – how can your practice make the most of these new opportunities?

24 mins

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