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Richard Clutton, a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia, believes owners are increasingly putting pressure on vets to consider options other than euthanasia.

6 mins

Regulatory convergence is key to improving access, say global veterinary associations in new position statement.

5 mins

New resource from Veterinary Management Group aims to support all veterinary professionals working in leadership and management roles.

5 mins

Event aimed to identify commonalities in terms of the challenges around student mental health, identify where gaps may exist, and form a network that can be continued beyond the day’s events.

4 mins

Latest UK farm livestock data from veterinary records shows significant fall in usage in cattle and sheep following imposition of new standards.

3 mins

More than 20 students attend graduation ceremony to mark successful completion of University Centre West Anglia's BSc and FdSc courses.

5 mins

To address supply issue concerns, the VMD has enhanced its emergency response plan to support the continued supply of veterinary medicines.

4 mins

New sanction imposed in second disciplinary committee hearing after Privy Council overturns original RCVS decision to remove his name from the register.

6 mins

The RVC’s VetCompass programme studied data from 6,349 rabbits, and identified the most common medical issues and causes of death in pet rabbits.

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Practice Profile: Cotswold Vets

AFAST, part 1

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In his latest blog, Nick Marsh invites you to take a look down the microscope, and into “weird new worlds” of leukocytes, tumour cells and microorganisms.

With Bonfire Night on the horizon, Jordan Sinclair stresses the importance of ensuring both owners and fellow staff members are armed with ample information to keep all creatures great and small calm.

Ever been perplexed by the lack of improvement in a clinical case? Gerardo Poli discusses how going back to the start can help you reach a different prognosis.

Now a few weeks in, vet student Eleanor Goad has found third-year to be a bit of a game changer, not least because practical sessions now involve real (not stuffed) animals.

Drawing on her own experience, JaneRVN explores the issue of taking time off when grieving for a pet, and how knowing yourself can help detemine whether being at work is feesable or a poor choice.

You’ve graduated, had the crash course in vet practice and lost the fear of first opinion practice – so now what? Jordan Sinclair faced this dilemma, and discusses how she made peace with it and moved forward.

Nick Marsh analyses what takes place when we peer into a microscope to analyse material, leading him to a very philosophical and out-of-this-world conclusion.

Ami encourages her veterinary peers to help make the profession safer and more appealing to talented people from black and ethnic minority backgrounds who could “drive it forward in ways yet unknown”.

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Karin Kruger focuses on when vets may have to perform sedation – and in extreme cases anaesthesia – in the field.

2 mins

Karin Kruger shares some of the techniques and drugs she has found helpful when sedating and anaesthetising horses.

31 mins

Diego Rodrigo Mocholi details the anaesthetic considerations required for animals with heart disease – from perianaesthesia to recovery.

36 mins

Hany Elsheikha delves into the new trends in flea and tick control, and discusses the importance of engaging clients.

23 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow discusses issues that may arise with older horses, including aspects of nutrition and common diseases.

60 mins

Sarah Heath discusses the impact of noise phobias on pets, how and why they manifest, and the importance of ongoing comprehensive services to offer owners.

35 mins

Ahead of her lecture to recent graduates at BCVA Congress with Lucy Jerram, Jenny Allan discusses why these plans are more than a box-ticking exercise, and how they help start discussions with farmers about animal welfare and disease.

26 mins

John Dawson recalls the 34th scientific meeting of the Association of Embryo Technology in Europe, held in Nantes, France, in 2018.

19 mins

nursing content

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Emma Gerrard offers guidance on dealing with animals during the perioperative period – from medicines and equipment, pain management and infection control to hygiene and isolation protocols, and owner advice.

32 mins

RVN Elle Marie Payne feels a huge stigma exists around this topic, as well as a lack of awareness regarding what people can do to get help. With this in mind, she conducted a survey among veterinary professionals to gauge others' opinions – the results of which she discusses here.

25 mins

Matt responds to a plethora of queries submitted by VN Times readers in the hope of helping them in their career endeavours.

22 mins

Esme Hawkes summarises the problems parasites can cause in pets, along with what VNs can do to help get owners on board with protecting their pets – and potentially gain further qualifications for themselves in the process.

20 mins

RCVS Knowledge discusses the value of scoring tools and guidelines to recognise and treat pain in patients.

16 mins

Laura Lacey shares feeding strategies VNs can give to clients for optimum pet health at different life stages.

37 mins

Kelly Deane dreamed of being a vet – but that was before she discovered veterinary nursing. Here, she explains how an apprenticeship changed her life and why you shouldn’t give up on dreams.

9 mins

Abi Charteris explains the vital role nurses can play in early detection and subsequent management of acute and chronic forms of this condition in companion animals.

44 mins

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The UK has 725 referral practices, which means 17% of all veterinary sites are now dedicated referral centres or offer referral services. So, anyone thinking of entering this crowded marketplace needs to pitch their offering carefully...

3 mins

Building a small animal practice right next door to a cattle market might not seem like the best piece of logic. But for Ben Gamsa and his team at Cotswold Vets, near Swindon, it made perfect sense...

3 mins

An RCVS crackdown on non-compliance means the rules about when vets and RVNs can complete their CPD have changed. This could provide challenges to clinicians and the practices they work in, but, as VBJ discovered, it’s never been easier to access new learning opportunities...

1 mins

Hallmarq is well known as one of the UK veterinary sector’s real sucess stories. One man who is not so well known is the company’s new chief operating officer – so meet Richard Smith...

10 mins

The recruitment crisis has hit hard in veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes across the UK. But in some places it’s hit especially hard, as VBJ discovered when it paid a visit to rural Lincolnshire.

2 mins

Telemedicine has been with us for many years in one form or another, but recent developments have upped the ante for veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes – so be prepared...

27 mins

Boris Johnson as PM has only made it harder to make Brexit predictions, but we must assume it is going to happen one way or the other. It remains unclear how this will impact British business, but now is a good time to ensure your practice is fit enough toi survive what could be turbulent times ahead...

20 mins

We live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. This has made veterinary practice a more challenging and increasingly consumer-driven environment. But with the right support systems in place, a VUCA is nothing to be feared...

29 mins

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