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A total of 2,228 French bulldog clinical records were anaylised as part of the RVC-based VetCompass project, which has indicated a looming welfare crises for the breed.

9 mins

Ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials this weekend, residents at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Old Windsor centre participated in a special street party to mark the royal wedding.

4 mins

A weekend of sporting activitives, well-being workshops and an appearance by the real-life Forrest Gump will all be part of the inaugural event.

5 mins

Vet Andrew Draper, father of a teenage diabetic son, to set out on a 340km bike ride to raise money for research aimed at finding a cure for type-one diabetes.

5 mins

Wearing a red “Bubba Gump Shrimp Co” cap, and allowing his hair and beard to grow wild, Rob Pope embarked on epic charity challenge running more than 15,500 miles across the US.

6 mins

Delegates from across the UK and Europe gathered for the latest Vet Dynamics Bootcamp to learn more about forces of change shaping the veterinary profession.

4 mins

After months of gathering evidence, the BVA has set out its comprehensive vision for animal health and disease monitoring in the UK in a report developed by its surveillance working group.

8 mins

HatchPak IB H120 NeO, from Boehringer Ingelheim, adds to the existing NeO range, which includes leading poultry vaccines Avinew NeO and Gallivac IB88 NeO.

2 mins

Boehringer Ingelheim launches service designed to aid horse vets in ensuring their client databases comply with data protection law coming into force on 25 May.

4 mins


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Practice Profile: Vets4Pets Lancaster

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To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Jordan Sinclair highlights on the importance of supporting colleagues who may be close to the edge and raising awareness of poor mental health in the profession, focusing on the overriding message – be kind.

Gerardo Poli concludes the series with a rundown of this emergency surgical procedure, explaining why speed is of essence and considerations for anaesthesia usage. Includes video content of an emergency caesarean.

Oscar Smoker offers a short introduction to mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your daily routine, starting with three easy techniques: mindful breathing, mindful concentration and mindful awareness.

18 mins

In the first of a series discussing ethical issues, Nick Marsh shares his thoughts, feelings and experiences of how poultry in particular is treated from a welfare perspective – and the hypocrisy often generated from both meat eaters and vegetarians.

In time for Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Jane Davidson hammers home the importance of RVNs using and taking pride in the veterinary nursing title, as well as not falling into the code-breaking trap when it comes to the RCVS' rules and regulations.

In the third part of his series on obstructed labour, Gerardo Poli offers tips on the medical management of dystocia and details circumstances in which immediate caesarean section is indicated.

In the final part of this series, corporate finance expert Gary Baines discusses the period after completion – and the skills required to go with this.

Far from being lazy and entitled, Jordan Sinclair says the profession's millennials – driving battered cars and with bleak property-buying prospects – have simply drawn the short straw in the birthdate lottery. Yet, they still consider themselves privileged to be doing a job they love.

veterinary content

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Ellie Mardell explores this respiratory disease in cats, and its management and treatment, focusing on immunotherapy (video content at the foot of the article).

60 mins

Sophie Mahendran looks at how cow udders become infected, and approaches to treatment and prevention.

31 mins

Six months in to his full-time veterinary career, David Beeston takes a step back and thinks about how far he has come.

28 mins

Alex Gough returns with Research Review, where he runs the rule over the latest studies in companion animal science.

17 mins

The Australian vet best known as the star of More4 documentary series Vet on the Hill steps into the Examination Room…

16 mins

Scarsdale Vets' digital marketing manager Rainu Bhele recounts a challenge when humans and four-legged friends got together to raise charity cash.

17 mins

Andy Durham discusses surveillance schemes and clinical choices for this condition, and lists some of the more recent outbreaks.

20 mins

Sotirios Karvountzis examines up-to-date applications of bovine endoscopy, its advantages, concerns and available training options.

36 mins

nursing content

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Louise looks at tackling animals suffering from poisoning – and how rule one is to always treat the patient, not the toxin.

10 mins

Paul Manning MA, VetMB, MSc(VetGP), DProf, MRCVS, draws on his own experiences in practice to explain how dog microchipping legislation has impacted on the fate of abandoned pets.

23 mins

Helen Russell RVN, takes a look at VetSafe, a web-based system designed to help protect clinicians, colleagues and patients from professional errors.

15 mins

Nimisha Patel explains how she got involved with BVNA council, as well as what the role has taught her.

6 mins

Andy Durham BSc, BVSc, CertEP, DEIM, DipECEIM, MRCVS, looks at causes of allergy in horses – through insect bites, feed, skin contact and inhalation – and appropriate therapies.

28 mins

Laura Rosewell BSc(Hons), DipAVN(Small Animal), RVN, offers advice on treating food aversion in feline patients.

6 mins

Wendy Sneddon discusses ways of preventing intimidating behaviour between colleagues in the workplace, highlighting to key decision-makers the fact this type of conduct does not necessarily only happen in the school playground.

18 mins

Ian Wright details the clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment and control of Bartonella species infections in feline patients, as well as precautions nurses should take when in contact with infected patients and advising owners on how to reduce the risk of exposure.

39 mins

business content

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Vets and VNs see the benefits of microchipping on a daily basis, but is this always the case for their clients? Madeline Haynes looks at what practices can do to overcome the barriers and maximise the business opportunities…

21 mins

Deciding when and how to exit your veterinary practice can be one of biggest decisions any owner or senior partner will make. Whether you’re wanting to put a succession plan in place, or considering a sale, a realistic strategy is needed to prevent you from ending up out of pocket.

18 mins

In 1999, rule changes allowed non-vet ownership of practices – a move that has triggered exponential growth in corporate ownership. For some, this is seen as a threat; to others, it represents an opportunity. But the truth is rather more complicated…

54 mins

Anyone looking for an example of the benefits joint venture partnerships can offer need look no further than dynamic duo Louise Kelly and Phyllis Pratt who opened a Vets4Pets practice in Lancaster four years ago and haven’t looked back since.

6 mins

Old foes and emerging tick threats are putting the pet population at increasing risk. Parasitologist Ian Wright looks at what veterinary practices can do and recommend to help tackle ticks and fight fleas – both at home and for travelling pets.

23 mins

With a recent report suggesting overweight cats, dogs and rabbits will soon outnumber healthy-sized pets, there's benefits to be gained all round for those prepared to address this growing problem.

18 mins

In the second part of her groundbreaking series, Liz Barton discusses preparing for the ups and downs of delivery and the perinatal period.

26 mins

The best things often come to those who wait – and, as VBJ discovered during a rare visit to south London, that has certainly been true for The London Animal Hospital in Camberwell.

6 mins

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