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BVNA and British Veterinary Dental Association Oral Care Nurse qualification breaks 2,000 completion barrier – smashing initial target of 300 nurses training in first year.

3 mins

“This meeting aims to uncover what is being done across professions, including some innovative work by veterinary professionals” – president of the Royal Society of Medicine Comparative Medicine Network.

3 mins

“There are no easy answers to reducing disease levels, and what is required is new drive, and a concerted and concentrated effort, by all sectors involved” – Sir Charles Godfray.

5 mins

Hard work and dedication from staff has turned a practice that started nine years ago with four staff into a veterinary hospital.

3 mins

Report finds while most prescription veterinary medicines were stored appropriately, those expired – including antibiotics – were commonly found on farms.

6 mins

Findings are latest pieces in the jigsaw in terms of understanding peste des petits ruminants and the implications for monitoring virus evolution.

5 mins

The Linnaeus Group has donated the money at a time when demand for the veterinary charity’s service has increased by 500% during the past five years.

3 mins

Invicta Animal Health said it has listened to vets and VNs to make improvements on its original product.

2 mins

The analysis of more than 1,000 cat road traffic accident cases across the UK between December 2011 and February 2014 also found cats are most likely to be involved in accidents during autumn.

7 mins


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Practice Profile: Cromwell Animal Rehabilitation Centre

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Jordan Sinclair argues that dictating when vets, especially new grads, can take holidays is part of the profession's widespread recruitment and retention problem – and how important having time out is on your well-being.

Gerardo Poli concludes this series by summarising that with quick identification and management of this condition, target organ damage can be prevented and prognosis improved.

Nick Marsh weighs up the pros and cons of out-of-hours work, stating while its decline is great for vet well-being is that a good thing for owners and pets?

The sign of a true professional is having the confidence to admit when you're out of your depth and knowing when to seek help, argues Eleanor Goad.

Gerardo Poli continues this series by outlining the various ways to classify this condition and highlighting the clinical signs to help diagnose it.

Jane Davidson looks back on her original article on the impact of in-practice training and EMS for vets and VNs, acknowledging how the system has changed and advanced in the past four years.

Ami Sawran describes her early career as a vet and why it took six years for her to actually start enjoying her job.

Jordan Sinclair suggests practices should adopt early firework awareness and desensitisation campaigns to avoid a last minute rush in the run-up to Bonfire Night.

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Diana Ferreira discusses available treatment options and management strategies for both outer and middle ear inflammation.

46 mins

Mark Lowrie discusses advances of indentifying and managing the various types of this condition.

45 mins

Paul Burr breaks down ways to counter these infections via various control and prevention methods.

19 mins

Myra Forster-van Hijfte offers her thoughts on a new possibility in canine veterinary care, and suggests ways vets could embrace this emerging trend for the benefit of dogs and their owners.

30 mins

Kate Forshaw and Livia Benato outline the perioperative and nutritional management required by these animals, with a focus on ferrets and skunks.

28 mins

We’re used to technology in our everyday lives, but Stuart Carmichael explains why practices need to ensure staff are trained, willing and able to accept it at work, too.

25 mins

Safia Barakzai looks at which cases can benefit from the use of this airway assessment technique in equine patients.

22 mins

David Harwood recounts a full programme at the Goat Veterinary Society spring meeting from various specialists in animal health.

28 mins

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Julii Elliott was the winner of last year's £1,000 bursary for the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care course, courtesy of VN Times and Vets Now. Here, the RVN reflects on her experience, the challenges of study and the joys of completion.

27 mins

This month we are joined by a ZSL London Zoo RVN, who talks about life on the wild side of animal care.

17 mins

Gayle Morrison and Peter Forsythe outline a strategy for dealing with this ear disease in small animals to maximise the chances of a successful outcome and minimise the likelihood of chronic disease onset.

38 mins

In this month's Practice Champions feature, we’ve teamed up with Virbac and hear from Louise Manton, who discusses the importance of feeding pets the right diet for their age, breed size and lifestyle.

9 mins

From treating lemurs with lasers and checking penguin chicks, to scanning pregnant sloths while up stepladders, and caring for poorly pigs, no two days are the same for a zoo RVN. Holly Kernot visited ZSL London Zoo to find out more...

49 mins

BVNA honorary treasurer Erika Feilberg discusses work-life balance and how sometimes, you have to say no.

8 mins

Claire Bloor explores the significance of veterinary nurses’ involvement in the provision of dental services – both in the veterinary surgery environment and take-home advice for owners.

30 mins

Jen Oliver discusses the intricacies of hyperthyroid cases and the VN role within them – from assisting early detection to client education.

15 mins

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It is often said the best things come in small packages. For a branch of Cromwell Vets, that package proved to be a 9m by 4m prefabricated box. It’s not a lot, but, as VBJ discovered, it's already having a big impact ...

28 mins

Medivet senior partners Adi Nell and Erwin Höhn, in the first of two articles, look at the manpower problem as a precursor to delivering a framework for analysis and a strategic plan for all stakeholders in part two ...

36 mins

James Westgate, VBJ editor, visits two practices using complementary therapies as a viable alternative revenue stream ...

21 mins

“There are times when we are not in control of our minds. Why? Because part of our brain has its own agenda – we are the source and the solution to our own problems” – Leonie Lightfoot.

28 mins

Liz Barton discusses the issues and challenges surrounding returning to work in the fourth instalment of her groundbreaking VBJ series.

19 mins

Employment law can be a minefield – especially for vets without formal qualifications in the area. Anne Harvey explains how to avoid the pitfalls.

21 mins

Nuala Summerfield explains that rather than being a cause for concern, technology provides real opportunities for anyone prepared to embrace it.

34 mins

While running a practice is one part of the commercial equation, getting paid is the other, as Adam Bernstein explains.

24 mins

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