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Dunedin Vets is planning a memorial garden for former head nurse Rose Usher Smith, who died suddenly at home aged just 36.

5 mins

“Defra has made clear ‘the secretary of state wasn’t saying, and doesn’t believe, vets from the EU are less qualified than those from the UK’” – RCVS.

6 mins

Students at New Haw Community School in Surrey were visited by veterinary surgeons and students to discuss the wide range of opportunities a veterinary job can provide.

4 mins

Members of the Veterinary Schools Council Admissions Committee have written to Veterinary Times to defend veterinary schools' admission processes.

6 mins

Fourth annual staging of CPD event for ‘customer experience professionals’ in veterinary practice hailed by organisers as biggest to date.

5 mins

The work, a collaboration between a US human longevity research team and VetCompass, reveals a huge difference in lifespan between neutered and un-neutered animals.

5 mins

RCVS council wants a 3% increase to pay for unknowns, such as Brexit, and also for a rise in disciplinary council hearings and necessary building work on London headquarters.

3 mins

Results show the right side of the brain plays a more important part in regulating the sympathetic outflow to the heart – a fundamental organ for control of the fight or flight behavioural response.

5 mins

Steph Walsh hopes her video, in which she speaks about her experiences, will encourage fellow veterinary professionals to seek help and support.

4 mins


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Introducing VetRunner

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Jane Davidson tackles this issue, stressing why it doesn't matter which building vet professionals get their degree from, what's important is their support during work-based learning and their work ethic.

Gerardo Poli concludes his guidance for new grads by emphasising the importance of step-by-step processes and encouraging those straight out of vet school to be more humble in their approach to practice life.

Three months into her latest veterinary job, Jordan Sinclair reflects on the differences between her first and second employer to explain just how important environment is for being able to excel and build in confidence as a new grad.

In the third part of this series on veterinary practice funding, Gary Hemming discusses investing in new equipment and cost-effective ways to make payments.

Recognising the potential pitfalls of finishing vet school and trying to find your place in the world, Gerardo Poli offers guidance to help graduates transition into practice and learn it's normal to make mistakes.

Nick Marsh discusses the thorny issue of consent, and the lottery of being a pet and not being able to choose their human carer, especially as owners have different approaches to looking after animals – some less positive than others.

Gary Hemming continues his veterinary practice funding series with details about credit facilities and business loans available, and how to choose the correct service for your circumstances.

In light of the imminent anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, RVN Jane Davidson discusses the importance of pet safety in the home – and how having an evacuation plan could be a lifesaver on both a human and animal level.

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Ross Allan, in the first of a two-part article, describes wound healing as a journey – along which the owner should be fully engaged.

18 mins

Helen Redfern looks for answers about her condition and talks about learning to cope with help from people closest to her.

33 mins

Lara Gosling, Jonathon Dixon and David Rendle discuss using thoracic radiography and ultrasonography to identify and monitor progression of this disease.

49 mins

Holly Kernot speaks to ex-teacher Lawrence McLelland about his new course that aims to support younger members of the veterinary profession, after witnessing the impact of negative workplaces.

10 mins

Emily Francis takes a look at the existing scheme and how practices can work with farmers to control outbreaks on farm.

16 mins

Francesco Cian presents his latest Cytology Corner, this time on a case involving a slowly growing mass on a mixed breed, male dog's tail.

7 mins

Peter Edmondson concludes his Australian Veterinary Association conference report series with a session on data management.

12 mins

Karen Perry takes a look at methods to treat this condition, including a variety of drugs.

56 mins

nursing content

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Emma Gerrard DipAVN(SA), DipHECVN, BSc(Hons), CVN, RVN, K-SQP, PHC, advises on how to offer an allergy clinic to support dermatology patients with skin diseases – a common problem in small animal veterinary practice.

25 mins

Helen Tottey RVN, explains the important link between positive pet owner practice visits and compliance, and how improving one can boost the other.

27 mins

In the latest in our Practice Champions series, we team up with Ceva Animal Health and hear from Stephanie Barnard-Horne DipVN, RVN, ISFMCertFN, FnD(WVA), from Oxford Cat Clinic on high blood pressure in feline patients and the ease of measuring it.

15 mins

Shakira Miles RVN, BSc, voices her strong feelings around importation of dogs that have had their ears cut off, how it is fuelling a fashionable trend among owners and how VNs can help make a difference.

23 mins

RCVS Knowledge writers discuss the important, yet often challenging, task of staying up to date with the latest and best available evidence, to ensure VNs can provide their clients with the best advice and courses of action possible.

9 mins

Samantha Lindley BVSc, MRCVS, looks at a VN’s role regarding this long-lasting symptom in feline patients, along with an explanation of causes, diagnosis and treatment options.

50 mins

This month, Louise discusses how to go about differentiating between a diagnosis of hyperthermia versus pyrexia.

13 mins

BVNA honorary treasurer Erika Feilberg explains her decision to join council and asks for project feedback.

8 mins

business content

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There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the one health concept, so it seems entirely appropriate that orthopaedic specialists Mark Bush and Martin Owen chose a former medical centre to house their new referral business.

7 mins

Vets and VNs see the benefits of microchipping on a daily basis, but is this always the case for their clients? Madeline Haynes looks at what practices can do to overcome the barriers and maximise the business opportunities…

21 mins

Deciding when and how to exit your veterinary practice can be one of biggest decisions any owner or senior partner will make. Whether you’re wanting to put a succession plan in place, or considering a sale, a realistic strategy is needed to prevent you from ending up out of pocket.

18 mins

In 1999, rule changes allowed non-vet ownership of practices – a move that has triggered exponential growth in corporate ownership. For some, this is seen as a threat; to others, it represents an opportunity. But the truth is rather more complicated…

54 mins

Anyone looking for an example of the benefits joint venture partnerships can offer need look no further than dynamic duo Louise Kelly and Phyllis Pratt who opened a Vets4Pets practice in Lancaster four years ago and haven’t looked back since.

6 mins

Old foes and emerging tick threats are putting the pet population at increasing risk. Parasitologist Ian Wright looks at what veterinary practices can do and recommend to help tackle ticks and fight fleas – both at home and for travelling pets.

23 mins

With a recent report suggesting overweight cats, dogs and rabbits will soon outnumber healthy-sized pets, there's benefits to be gained all round for those prepared to address this growing problem.

18 mins

In the second part of her groundbreaking series, Liz Barton discusses preparing for the ups and downs of delivery and the perinatal period.

26 mins

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