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StreetVet hopes to create a national directory to establish a listing of practices willing to help care for animals of the homeless in every major UK city.

4 mins

Student vets were assessed in three different scenarios to test their communication and team working skills in emergency situations.

5 mins

More than 40,000 nominations received to honour the exceptional work carried out by some of the best veterinary professionals in the country.

5 mins

The BVNA wants candidates with “strong commitment to its ideals” to put themselves up for election to its council.

4 mins

“It’s absolutely amazing to win. Everyone at my practice is a joy to work with, so they’ve played a part in this too” – Veterinary Receptionist of the Year, Kendall Clee.

5 mins

“Even to be nominated for a Lantra Scotland award is great, so to go one step further and win is such a surprise” – Lauren Attwood, RVN.

3 mins

Those who own amphibians privately are being asked to enforce strict biosecurity measures to protect the UK’s wild newt population from the catastrophic devastation Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans can cause.

4 mins

Scientists are capturing 3D and 2D facial images of the breeding sow population in a bid to automatically identify different emotions conveyed by particular facial expressions.

6 mins

Five veterinary students have the opportunity to win an award of £1,000 for their research project, and an additional £1,000 top prize and £500 runner-up prize.

3 mins


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Gerardo Poli concludes his series on blood transfusions by discussing how much volume to give during the process.

Jane Davidson addresses the situations where clients call ”to see the male vet” instead of ”one of the young female vets”, and what the industry can do to tackle this line of thinking.

Locum Vet Finder will put the latest smart technology in the hands of practices to allow them to match candidates in minutes.

Jordan Sinclair reflects on experiencing having a patient of hers die on the operating table.

Instead of fielding answers in response to ”why did you want to be a vet?”, Ami Sawran explains why working on a farm is her true calling.

Alan Holford discusses the emotions he experienced when his mum became ill – and why owners sometimes misinterpret veterinary professionalism in difficult consultations for detachment.

If you're unsure on which blood product to administer during a transfusion, Gerardo Poli's handy guide runs through the requirements.

Nick Marsh reflects on the stressful times he experienced while working in practice and the toll it can take on your well-being.

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Ron Ofri discusses the causes of this eye condition and their clinical implications – as well as diagnosis methods, the aims of treatment and indications for surgical intervention.

37 mins

James Warland describes approaches to manage and treat this common yet complicated disorder in cats.

67 mins

Jenny Hull describes approaches to calculating the internal pelvic area of a cow to determine its potential for breeding.

20 mins

Francesco Cian presents the case of an adult male cocker spaniel with a clinical history including lethargy and anorexia in his latest Haematology Hub.

8 mins

Penny Barker highlights the importance of anyone experiencing burnout or needing a break taking a step back and reclaiming time for themselves.

30 mins

Alistair Cliff, clinical board chairman at Independent Vetcare, steps into the Examination Room to discuss his career and interests.

15 mins

Yaiza Forcada and Stijn Niessen use research data and real world examples to assess how telemedicine can give a direct line to specialists.

33 mins

Sarah Caney details practical steps that can be passed on to clients to help their older feline pets maintain quality of life.

41 mins

nursing content

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Marie Rippingale – who has been at the coalface for equine veterinary nursing for many years – explains why she believes district veterinary nursing should be formally recognised and how it could enhance well-being for all.

15 mins

Louise Northway tells us why she believes clinical audits are useful and how you can follow in her footsteps by implementing them in practice.

21 mins

Jamie Prutton discusses various diagnostic techniques and management options used for horses presenting with skin-related presentations.

22 mins

Having switched countries and careers numerous time, Tanja Klein reflects on her unusual route into the profession and why she loves her job.

25 mins

RVN and BVNA council member Gareth McCormack talks about the challenges of being LGBT+ in vet practice, and how those who identify as such are not on their own and are appreciated – however bad the situation may seem from the inside...

10 mins

In the second part of a special feature on veterinary nursing clinics, Amie Britton explains how to choose and set up a clinic suitable to patient need.

25 mins

Ian Wright discusses the principles of controlling these parasites and the vital role VNs play in making recommendations for individual pets.

46 mins

Stud vet Kayleigh Barker explains how she coped taking her eight-week-old baby along to BEVA Congress, and how she believes combining motherhood with a career is achievable.

10 mins

business content

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So much data is available in the modern veterinary practice that sometimes it can seem difficult to see the wood for the trees. But by measuring the metrics that matter, this wealth of data has the power to transform your practice into a lean, mean profit-making machine...

32 mins

One in every three small animal consults is preventive1. When supporting products and services – such as parasite control and neutering – are combined into the mix, that can add up to a vital profit stream. So, what can practices do to make the most of it?

23 mins

The second of VBJ’s Fast Forward features is the story of Vet Dynamics – a veterinary business consultancy that has helped hundreds of owners ensure their practice is run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

25 mins

A first opinion hospital practice on the edge of Epping Forest, with in-house CT and MRI, and a dedicated radioiodine unit in nearby Harlow, the practice has certainly branched out in recent years...

2 mins

We’ve been on quite a journey – from conception, through early parenthood, to balancing work with the needs of school-aged children. But what does all of this mean for us as professionals and a service industry?

21 mins

Nick White looks at how practices can grow the percentage of insured clients – and the significant financial benefits of doing so…

25 mins

Stuck with a tired old building and not sure what to do next? Should you set a budget first or commission an architect? And is a new building really the answer or could you renovate for half the cost? Alex Darvill answers these questions as he reveals his secrets for creating successful buildings…

27 mins

It is always a tough task setting up a new veterinary practice from scratch. But some have it tougher than others – as VBJ discovered when we headed to Merseyside to visit Village Vets last month…

2 mins

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