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Results from a straw poll held at London Vet Show revealed overwhelming support for evidence-based regulations to restrict the type of animals kept in UK homes.

5 mins

Animal health agencies call for a continued close relationship between the UK and EU on animal medicines safety, regulation and supply.

4 mins

Veterinary student experiment uncovers microbes that inhibited the growth of meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and others that tackled multi-drug resistant Escherichia coli.

6 mins

AniPoc Handheld Monitor enables clinicians to conduct a single-step ear prick test to diagnose and monitor anaemia in dogs, cats and horses in 10 seconds.

3 mins

The University of Liverpool’s first BSAVA Student Conference will feature 30 speakers across two days, with sessions designed to enhance day one clinical skills.

6 mins

“In almost 30 years as a vet, I have never come across a case like this one,” said vet Rod Beardshall, as foreign body found to be needle-sharp wooden implement swallowed at barbecue eight weeks earlier.

6 mins

Last year, Pet Blood Bank collected more than 1,000 units of blood and dispatched more than 3,000 life-saving blood products to vets throughout the UK.

5 mins

Actiphage, which is based on advanced bacteriophage research, can detect live mycobacteria in blood or milk in six hours, allowing affected cattle to be identified quickly.

7 mins

Belgian Malinois Mali recognised for heroic actions on front line in Afghanistan by the presentation of the prestigious PDSA Dickin Medal.

4 mins


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Examination Room Extra! Feline diabetes mellitus, pt 4: insulin and monitoring

veterinary content

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Cecilia Villaverde discusses why education, encouragement and ongoing support for owners is crucial for prevention and treatment.

31 mins

Adam Martin discusses the introduction and evolution of AI throughout history, as well as its uses in herd breeding.

32 mins

Agata Witkowska details the case of a reptile with a abdominal mass, from its diagnosis to treatment and removal via surgery.

24 mins

David Rendle outlines the causes, development, symptoms and treatment options for this neurological condition in horses (includes video content).

Ellen Lavender on finding the balance between one's confidence and one's competences and their limits.

15 mins

Sarah Keir evaluates a course at The University of Nottingham that focuses on this topic and its place in veterinary medicine

13 mins

Ali Collinson provides an overview and review of a vet training course at the Latin American Training Centre in Granada, Nicaragua.

25 mins

Roger Evans presents his latest Dairy Diary.

19 mins

nursing content

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An often poorly understood and cared for species, Matthew Rendle spotlights the key steps VNs and vets can take to help when presented with a rabbit in need of urgent help…

38 mins

Louise O’Dwyer highlights the measures that need to be taken to prevent infection, both during and after catheterisation.

27 mins

Dan Skeldon highlights different management options VNs can help with and advise their clients on regarding degenerative joint disease in canine and feline pets.

57 mins

The end is nigh for Ruth Clooney-Power and her emergency and critical care certificate, financed by the VN Times bursary she won. You can do it, Ruth – you're so close!

6 mins

RVN Louise O'Dwyer takes a look at the therapy needed for – and the requirements of – critical pneumonia patients.

7 mins

RVN Sarah Nicholson spotlights a case that not only led to a unique treatment being undertaken, but a new pet for her, too...

21 mins

SVN and BVNA student council representative Jasmine Kilpatrick reminds readers of the importance of social media etiquette.

7 mins

Marge Chandler takes a look at cases in practice where these live microbial species may be of help to cats and dogs.

45 mins

business content

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Developing a social media strategy is fundamental for your practice's ability to communicate with existing clients. However, as Justin Phillips states, it is also vital in attracting new pet owners and differentiating yourself from the others in town...

24 mins

Do we judge clients or roll our eyes at their never-ending excuses? Are we our clients’ worst enemy? Ernie Ward shares his experiences on “pet care shaming” and explains how your team can avoid inadvertently becoming a participant.

37 mins

Ray Girotti explains how being tight with standards and expectations, yet loose on how you allow your staff to achieve them, can create the right environment for teams can flourish.

23 mins

CPD can be a significant investment for a practice, but if it is well planned with good follow up it can be motivational and help deliver key practice objectives, as Nick Stuart explains.

23 mins

Libby Kemkaran-Thompson looks at how to make the most of two very different treatments for one of the most common age-related disorders.

22 mins

Jenny Stuart explains why ensuring your staff are fairly rewarded is vital to ensure your practice runs smoothly.

24 mins

A supreme court case has potentially opened the floodgates for employees to bring claims against their employers. Lawyer Chloe Themistocleous reports.

10 mins

Alex Darvill looks at what comes first when planning a building project – the brand or the build.

23 mins

featured content

A book hailed “the most popular veterinary reference guide in the southern hemisphere” has rapidly become a student favourite in the UK since its European launch in 2016.

13 mins

Jane RVN recalls an high-profile cat scratch incident and discusses why such injuries are often treated as a source of amusement, whereas dog attacks are seen as cause for hysteria.

Nick Marsh highlights the crucial need to keep talking about mental health issues and offers his opinions as to why the veterinary profession, in particular, is plagued with this problem.

Liverpool student Louisa Price promotes the benefits of studying in a different country and explores why so few of her veterinary peers take up the opportunity.

22 mins

Continuing his focus on blood gas analysis, emergency veterinary surgeon Gerardo Poli discusses PCO2 levels and explains how to determine the cause of respiratory acidosis and alkalosis.

Jane RVN delves into the 90-odd pages of the RCVS' much-anticipated Schedule 3 survey report and digs out a couple of the gems contained within its pages for closer inspection.

In the third part of this series, Gerardo Poli explains how the direction of pH shift helps determine the primary disease process and whether a secondary disorder is also present.

Pumpkin carving may have provided the perfect diversion to being on call this weekend, but Jordan Sinclair is looking for inspiration on enjoying her free time while waiting for the telephone to ring…

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