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The second-most senior law officer in England will argue the sentences handed to three members of a convicted puppy farming gang, and to the vet who helped them, should be increased.

4 mins

International Cat Care has celebrated its 60th birthday with friends and supporters at its annual awards ceremony in London.

5 mins

Views from everyone, but particularly those in farm animal practice, are sought for CM Research's fifth annual Vet Survey, being held this year in partnership with Veterinary Times and

9 mins

Newly qualified vet and GB athletics star backs inaugural Simplyhealth Canine Run taking place at Hampshire seafront on 20 October.

5 mins

Vet team hits the bullseye after discovering the cause of pet’s history of weight loss, intermittent vomiting and diarrhoea.

4 mins

One of UK’s biggest pet supplement firms creates initiative and accompanying support materials to help owners keep animals relaxed and calm.

3 mins

“The Government is committed to seeking out opportunities to build on the UK’s existing high animal welfare standards post-Brexit,” says veterinary association’s president John Fishwick.

8 mins

The latest demonstration sessions, to be staged in the congress exhibition area, will see actors simulate situations encountered in practice to help BEVA members with client communication.

4 mins

PDSA's latest Animal Wellbeing Report reveals UK statistic regarding animals taken on, which has shown no improvement since 2016.

5 mins


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Gerardo Poli encourages practitioners take a proactive approach to early nutrition, citing tried and tested methods that will help patients home to their families.

As brachycephalic breeds are becoming more popular, but rising numbers are also being taken to rehoming centres, Laura Richards suggests if VNs can use their rapport with clients to educate them via pre-purchase consultations.

Nick Marsh discusses what he learned after sampling pathology for a few years and how his ignorance of this side of veterinary life, plus a dose of Quincy, M.E., inspired him to find out more.

Gerardo Poli recalls a case of septic peritonitis as an example of why vets should consider every possibility during diagnosis and not get complacent.

Do you sometimes struggle to get the information you need from a client – especially in an emergency? Jane Davidson reveals her own go-to term that helps direct a conversation and add much-needed focus.

Gerardo Poli suggests how, among other factors, suitable personal presentation and a show of empathy can help settle pet owners and allow emergency consultations to run more smoothly.

Are you a new grad lost or a little nervous now you've ventured into the world of veterinary practice? Then Jordan Sinclair is here to the rescue with practical advice on how to keep your head above water.

Gerardo Poli uses a case study and a companion video to demonstrate how to diagnose this condition in dogs, and discusses available treatment and management options.

veterinary content

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Equine vet Samantha Castle discusses whether the time is nearing for future vets to specialise at university.

23 mins

Liz Barton, director of free online resource Vetsnet, discusses plans for WellVet Weekend – a two-day CPD event for mind, body and soul planned for late August.

11 mins

James Warland discusses the identification and management of comorbidities in cats with this condition.

42 mins

Mario Coppola evaluates the effect of an intra-articular injection in a dog with bilateral coxofemoral degenerative joint disease.

24 mins

Claire Bradley discusses how to spot and treat acidic or alkaline ophthalmic emergencies.

25 mins

Involvement of VNs in a consulting role is vital to the evolution of the veterinary nursing profession. Nicola Ackerman says more attention should be given to promoting clinics for senior pets.

15 mins

Ariane Neuber describes how many differentials need to be excluded before a diagnosis of canine atopic dermatitis.

36 mins

Sarah Tayler discusses Rosie, a four-month-old domestic shorthair with a two-month history of diarrhoea, and how she underwent diagnosis.

14 mins

nursing content

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Paul Imrie reports on a BSAVA Congress session by Liz Cox, chairman of RCVS VN council and a co-chairman of the RCVS/BVNA VN Futures project, where she described her vision of the nursing role in 2025.

20 mins

Abigail Edis looks at the impact and conditions breeding this physical trait can have on lagomorph health.

30 mins

VN Times editor Holly Kernot reports on the latest Association of Zoo and Exotic Veterinary Nurses conference, held at West Midland Safari Park and hailed “the best yet”.

6 mins

Scott Parry shares his experience of participating in the Practice Standards Scheme evaluation process and offers top tips for those preparing for the big day.

17 mins

This month's Practice Champions sees us team up with Bayer Animal Health, while Kerry Lambert discusses what she and her colleagues do to promote parasiticide compliance among their clients.

9 mins

RVN Gareth McCormack reflects on his councillor experience so far, the joy of representing VNs everywhere and work behind the scenes.

7 mins

Hany Elsheikha discusses how economy, age and compliance – as well as potential treatment resistance, and drug reactions and interactions – play a part in how to approach pet owners on parasite management in companion animals.

39 mins

Helen Tottey, RVN and VN Times editorial board member, summarises and shares her thoughts on the College of Animal Welfare Head Nurse Congress 2018, which – fittingly – took place during Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month.

11 mins

business content

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Simon Wheeler, from Agria Pet Insurance, explains how increasing the number of clients with cover can enhance animal welfare, increase profitability and even boost 
well-being across the profession.

22 mins

Antimicrobial resistance has been described as one of the biggest threats facing both human and animal health. But there are steps all practice owners or managers can take to keep their own house in order and help beat the bugs.

12 mins

There is something very British and familiar about a high street veterinary practice based in a converted red brick house. Late Victorian and Edwardian era buildings often ooze character and charm, but also present some unique challenges, as VBJ discovered on a visit to Kettering…

6 mins

Manufacturer of award-winning air purifier range explains why veterinary practice managers should consider investing in technologies to tackle inevitable nasty odours.

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the one health concept, so it seems entirely appropriate that orthopaedic specialists Mark Bush and Martin Owen chose a former medical centre to house their new referral business.

7 mins

Vets and VNs see the benefits of microchipping on a daily basis, but is this always the case for their clients? Madeline Haynes looks at what practices can do to overcome the barriers and maximise the business opportunities…

21 mins

Deciding when and how to exit your veterinary practice can be one of biggest decisions any owner or senior partner will make. Whether you’re wanting to put a succession plan in place, or considering a sale, a realistic strategy is needed to prevent you from ending up out of pocket.

18 mins

In 1999, rule changes allowed non-vet ownership of practices – a move that has triggered exponential growth in corporate ownership. For some, this is seen as a threat; to others, it represents an opportunity. But the truth is rather more complicated…

54 mins

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