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The data has been released in the Government Veterinarians Wellbeing Survey Results Summary, which was conducted in 2018 and received 705 responses.

3 mins

Team’s “ecobrick” creations “can significantly reduce the waste we send to landfill, and cut the amount of plastic that ends up littering the planet and ultimately finds its way into the sea”.

4 mins

Anglesey veterinary surgeon will brave extreme terrain and conditions during the biggest challenge of her life for charity.

5 mins

Burgess Pet Care hopes the initiative will put the spotlight on the plight of these popular, but often misunderstood, animals.

4 mins

Vets at a practice in Cheshire have saved the live of a cat that sustained severe burns after being doused by disinfectant.

4 mins

Vets urged to use resource for detailed advice and guidance on veterinary medicines regulation in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

3 mins

Maternity leave was the main reason given for non-compliance in the the 2018 veterinary nurses CPD audit and more than 58% of respondents gave no reason at all.

5 mins

Procedure has been hailed as an example of a truly multidisciplinary approach and could act as a benchmark for future cancer care in the UK.

10 mins

It is believed this is the first time the RSM pain medicine section council has appointed a veterinary surgeon as president.

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Certain dog breeds still get a bad rap, says student Eleanor Goad, arguing that if more breeders were responsible, these negative stereotypes would be put to rest.

In the first part of this series, Gerardo Poli informs how vets can spot the presenting signs of this condition in small animals.

Misplacing or being unable to spot things in front of them are the most common causes of "the Vet Look", says vet nurse Jane Davidson. But you don't need St Anthony or an eagle-eyed VN to help, it just requires a simple routine.

Vet school teaches you a lot of important things in preparation for the job. But being an independent vet in the wide world can be tricky, so Ami Sawran is on hand to provide some helpful life hacks.

Many soon-to-graduate vets will already be on the lookout for a job, so Jordan Sinclair has advice on how practices can attract this valuable asset.

Gerardo Poli reveals his tried and tested ritual of reseting his composure between consults and emergencies.

Student Charlie Jackson muses on how vets can change attitudes of the industry and the public towards farm animals – to help improve their treatment and care.

11 mins

"Wildlife aren’t pets – they’re soldiers," argues Nick Marsh, stating that wildlife medicine – like most other areas of medicine – needs to be "brutally pragmatic".

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Karen Perry uses a case involving a German shepherd dog to demonstrate successful treatment of this condition.

48 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses the importance of vaccination, worming, insurance, nutrition, neutering, spaying and gaining owner compliance.

30 mins

Paul Burr, Rachel Dean and Tim Shearman – in light of the looming decision to leave the EU in March – discuss the potential impact on movement of pets.

27 mins

Mónica Guerrero Méndez discusses the steps taken in a case of an 11-week-old psittacine that presented with this commonly reported condition.

34 mins

“Today’s graduates have the disadvantage of having to fit into the matrix we created within what largely remains as a hierarchical profession. Tomorrow’s graduates will want to change things in ways millennials are more likely to accept.”

18 mins

If reading the phrase “reflective practice” makes you roll your eyes, Kay Hamblin and Lindsay Brazil urge you to think again – and consider it an essential part of any learning culture.

22 mins

Sally Wilson discusses the importance of clear, concise communication between these two parties on this subject.

41 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses new evidence on ways to manage this condition, aimed at general practitioners.

42 mins

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Stud vet Kayleigh Barker explains how she coped taking her eight-week-old baby along to BEVA Congress, and how she believes combining motherhood with a career is achievable.

10 mins

RVN Jane Davidson reflects on how she came to land her dream job and discover a flair for writing – something that may never have come to light if life had not thrown a few curveballs...

9 mins

Heather Kirkness refreshes readers’ understanding of dealing with tissue injuries in companion animals.

25 mins

VN Times hears from an RVN who, in pursuit of a bucket list ambition, took a year out of practice to embark on life-changing adventures.

26 mins

Amie Britton, in a two-part article, explores the increasing popularity of this VN role aspect and how to run it to achieve optimum result. This month, she explains the complexities of communication and how to conduct an effective consult.

33 mins

Emma Gerrard provides an overview of what RVNs should be telling owners of older canine and feline pets.

46 mins

BVNA president Wendy Nevins reflects on the power – and importance – of belonging to the association’s family.

7 mins

Matthew Rendle – an RVN with more than 25 years’ experience, with a particular interest around the care and welfare of exotic species in captivity and the wild – embarks on the first of his new column series by introducing himself to readers and sharing his career journey to date.

16 mins

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It is always a tough task setting up a new veterinary practice from scratch. But some have it tougher than others – as VBJ discovered when we headed to Merseyside to visit Village Vets last month…

2 mins

Focusing on four main client contact areas – exterior, interior, vibe and virtual – could make all the difference to your practice enviornment, says Dr Ernie Ward.

34 mins

Starting a new business is daunting, but help is always at hand. Alan Robinson explains the early considerations in setting up your own practice.

32 mins

Running the referral division for one of Europe’s largest corporate practice groups can be a complicated business. VBJ discovered just how complex when we paid a visit to CVS referrals director John Innes at the ChesterGates Referral Hospital Veterinary Specialists.

2 mins

Owning part or all of a practice is the dream for many veterinary professionals, but not everyone wants to go it alone or open something from scratch. Thankfully, there is more than one way to choose – here Tim Rayner looks at the alternative ownership options…

26 mins

The explosion of computing power over the past 30 years has transformed the way we all lead our lives. It has also revolutionised diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine and helped propel the science of animal health to unprecedented new heights…

26 mins

In these days of manic corporate consolidation, it is important to remember the benefits owning your own practice can bring. So when VBJ was asked to visit an independently owned practice that is positively thriving in the face of corporate competition, we jumped at the chance.

3 mins

Adi Nell and Erwin Höhn consider stakeholders’ likely responses to the shortages before proposing a revolutionary workforce planning framework.

31 mins

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