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A vet from York who performs health checks on donkeys used for beach rides has just given the all clear to 15 of the working animals in Scarborough.

5 mins

"Sometimes people just have to experience how we do things to realise how different it can be when you are part of our community.” - Jane Simpson, XL Vets.

5 mins

Product defect recall alert for Alfaxan and Alfaxan Multidose 10mg/ml Solution for Injection for Dogs, Cats and Pet Rabbits – (Vm 25296/4003 and Vm 25296/4004) by Jurox UK.

2 mins

A £1.5 million expansion has led to the creation of the first residency programme in small animal surgery at Vets Now's Glasgow hospital.

2 mins

“Clearly, people are really passionate about what they do and want to see how technology can help deliver amazing care.” - Richard White, Pet-Tech.org.

3 mins

The University of Surrey School of Veternary Medicine’s first intake of students will make history on 18 July when they become the first graduates of the school’s inaugural intake.

5 mins

Government sets aside £300,000 for 2019's Badger Edge Vaccination Scheme, which will offer 50% grants to eligible groups in England.

6 mins

Scientists have identified proteins that activate pig immune cells, opening the way to developing an effective vaccine for African swine fever.

3 mins

“We would be grateful if all qualified veterinary surgeons could help us with this study so that we can have an up to date overview of this challenging area..." - Links Group.

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Practice Profile: Oakham Veterinary Hospital

Practice Profile: North Downs Specialist Referrals

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Mastitis, BVD and malignant catarrhal fever are just three of the conditions seen by Axiom Veterinary Laboratories during the spring of 2019.

25 mins

Jane Davidson explains the importance of reporting accidental needlestick injuries, and asks whether the avoidance of £1.32 per patient is worth a possible compensation claim worth thousands.

Ami Sawran delves into the true meaning of resilience training, and offers some advice to CPD providers who profess to train people on issues of mental well-being: coping isn't enough!

Mere days after exam period comes to its torturous conclusion, student vet Eleanor Goad advises her peers to sit back, relax and heed the words of Hollywood legend Doris Day.

While not recognising a client in “out of context” situations – particularly without a pet in tow – can be awkward, it’s not an issue unique to the veterinary profession, as Jordan Sinclair explains.

Having outlined the basic pathophysiology of head trauma in part one of this series, Gerardo Poli discusses ways of lowering cerebral blood volume to tackle this issue.

Addressing a particularly divisive trend among pet owners, Jane Davidson wonders if the way people refer to their pets and their relationships with them is inappropriate, or not such a bad thing after all.

General practitioner turned veterinary cytologist Nick Marsh offers the first in an “occasional series” of tips designed to help first opinion vets get the most out of their clinical pathology samples.

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Mastitis, BVD and malignant catarrhal fever are just three of the conditions seen by Axiom Veterinary Laboratories during the spring of 2019.

25 mins

Ian Wright takes a look at the importance of accurate parasite control, as well as latest data findings and innovations for tackling household infestations.

31 mins

David Harwood reports on a mix of topics including disbudding best practice at the Goat Veterinary Society's spring meeting.

26 mins

Fiona McFarland and David McKeown discuss the launch and objectives of two voluntary groups that provide well-being support for veterinary professionals.

30 mins

Roger Evans provides the latest in his series of Dairy Diary, this time with a look at organic farming.

20 mins

Karin Kruger summarises the analgesic and anaesthetic choices available when treating equine patients.

Karen Walsh looks at uses and latest developments in analgesics, as well as types available in canine and feline patients.

51 mins

Sally Wilson discusses how her practice decided to harness this concept and make it a constructive tool for both farmer and vet.

40 mins

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Nick Coleman is an internal medicine RVN at Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Here, he shares his career journey, the best aspects of the job and his pearls of wisdom when it comes to working in the field.

9 mins

Two RVN friends recount their adventures from spending a month volunteering at the only veterinary clinic in the Cook Islands.

18 mins

Helen Benney details considerations around performing the vital peri-anaesthetic role required for patients with cardiovascular disease.

40 mins

Elle Payne talks about how she overcame dyslexia and dyspraxia to achieve her ambitions – and urges everyone to strive for their goals.

6 mins

Esme Hawkes discusses advice VNs can share with owners in the build-up to this season, from travel, vaccines, treating endemic and non-endemic ticks to infections – and everything in between.

24 mins

David Beeston discusses the idea of removing the stigma around making mistakes and the key role veterinary nurses can play in quality improvement.

29 mins

Hannah Canning shares her top tips on making students feel welcome in practice, the joy of welcoming the next generation to the profession and why she loves what she does.

16 mins

VMG president Gillian Page explains why she has chosen "collaboration" as the theme for her presidential year and her route to becoming one of the UK's first VNs to own their own practice.

21 mins

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Not many equine practices in the UK have such a gilt-edged reputation as Oakham Veterinary Hospital. And as VBJ discovered when we paid a visit to the horsey hotbed of Rutland last month, it’s a reputation well earned…

2 mins

Few other practices better reflect the near exponential growth of the UK referral sector than North Downs Specialist Referrals. The Surrey hospital has trebled in size in its 15 years – a tale of sustained success and one that echoes a wider story…

7 mins

The telephone is still the main way clients contact their veterinary practice, but times are changing fast. Online appointment booking and live chats are just the tip of the iceberg, and practices looking to stay ahead need a strategy covering all the options…

27 mins

Setting up a veterinary practice can seem like the easy part when compared to developing a successful strategy for growth. Alan Robinson explains how to take the pain out of the process by following five golden rules …

28 mins

Have you been promoted to head up a team, perhaps to replace someone who has left or because the business is growing? Do you feel overnight your responsibilities have changed, but you haven't had training in the skill sets you need? This is accidental leadership…

21 mins

Climate change and increased pet travel have created a perfect parasitic storm for the UK’s companion animals. Old foes like fleas and endemic ticks, along with emerging threats, are putting pets at ever-greater risk – so which products and advice should practices offer to help even the odds?

39 mins

Pet nutrition is changing fast and UK practices run the risk of being left behind if they don’t adapt. Significant advances in nutritional science and technology have led to improved therapeutic and wellness diets – how can your practice make the most of these new opportunities?

24 mins

Many lessons can be learned by those in business from the world of top-level sport – a fact VBJ was reminded of when we sat down with the woman who skippered the Great Britain’s hockey team to golden glory at the Olympics in Rio …

10 mins

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