January 2021

Having outlined the need for competence and competence in building trust with clients, Hubert Hiemstra discusses the final part of the three Cs – communication.

14 mins

December 2020

Hubert Hiemstra’s series on problem-free consults continues by exploring ways of using this trust-building tool in practice.

9 mins

Hubert Hiemstra returns to his series on the problem-free consult by introducing the second essential step under the CTR-C method.

13 mins

While it's good to learn from mistakes, it can sometimes be difficult to forgive yourself. So, Gerardo Poli explains how setting a time limit to think about the mistake can help you manage negative emotions and move forward.

6 mins

October 2020

Gerardo Poli describes the power of these statements, and how to use them to challenge and overcome self-doubt.

8 mins

Increasing resilience takes time, so Gerardo Poli provides a plan to help you develop it – from embracing change, to identifying a sense of purpose and showing self-compassion.

25 mins

September 2020

“I get knocked down, but I get up again,” sang Chumbawamba in an ode to “the resilience of ordinary people” back in 1997. Now, in the first of a two-parter, Gerardo Poli asks you to focus on how resilient you truly are.

7 mins

Hubert Hiemstra wraps up the first part of his series into the problem-free consult by considering what he thinks is the most important attribute for building a bond with clients.

15 mins

Hubert Hiemstra continues this series by looking at the next two tools that can help you connect with clients: Common ground and Humour

12 mins

Having outlined his seven tools for helping connect with clients, Hubert Hiemstra discusses in more detail the first four – Intention, Smile, Introduction and Touch.

August 2020

In the second part of his series discussing problem-free consults, Hubert Hiemstra looks at the ingredients required to create that all-important connection with clients.

6 mins

Having sold his shares in his clinic, Hubert Hiemstra has been reflecting on what he’s learned in the past decade – starting with how a simple acronym helped him manage the biggest challenge encountered in emergency practice…

11 mins

Gerardo Poli describes how using this technique can help you identify – and overcome – the root cause of a problem that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

5 mins

Gerardo Poli delves into the true definition of this personal and professional equilibrium, and reveals how many people don't completely understand what it is they’re striving to achieve.

6 mins

July 2020

What makes a good mentor? Gerardo Poli explains by recalling the support he received when he carried out this procedure for the first time.

6 mins

June 2020

Having discussed two impostor personas in his previous tip, Gerardo Poli focuses on another three examples – and offers some simple solutions to combat this phenomenon for good.

10 mins

Gerardo Poli discusses a phenomenon experienced by many people and offers advice on how to manage it, using two example personas.

13 mins

May 2020

Having previously discussed his top tips for dealing with client complaints, Hubert Hiemstra shares the techniques that form his makeshift “mental armour” against those who set out to attack, insult and hurt.

10 mins

To conclude his series on leadership strategies during the COVID–19 pandemic, Gerardo Poli discusses the need for sticking to a daily routine, and taking care of yourself and others.

7 mins

Gerardo Poli continues his series on leadership strategies during the coronavirus pandemic by discussing the need to highlight greatness.

6 mins