March 2021

Claire Bloor shares her love for dentistry and experiencing in this field of vet nursing.

11 mins

To mark International Women’s Day (8 March), emergency and critical care nurse Elle Haskey looks at the changes in veterinary nursing during the past 20 years, including the rise of female voices.

8 mins

February 2021

Laura Jane Richards shares her journey to becoming a BVNA council member.

10 mins

January 2021

Emily Gardiner-Warren reflects on 2020 and its impact on student vet nurses, colleges and teaching staff.

December 2020

Albert Holgate discusses the impact of COVID-19 on vet professionals and clients living with hearing loss.

9 mins

November 2020

BVNA president Jo Oakden reflects on 2020 and teases an exciting 2021 for vet nurses – with the association leading the way.

9 mins

October 2020

BVNA outgoing president Jo Hinde reflects on a presidential year like no other.

11 mins

July 2020

Ashley Arundale shares her experience of being diagnosed with a neurological condition just as her career journey was about to begin, and why it’s okay to be “different”.

11 mins

June 2020

This month, Matt refreshes readers on caring for birds – in particular, feathers and why their importance should be reiterated to owners.

20 mins

May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all walks of life – including the veterinary profession – in an unprecedented way. Here, with Alan Radford, RCVS Knowledge takes a look at the science of the virus, and how this informs approaches we should take to help slow its spread.

March 2020

Dot Creighton charts her career journey thus far and her excitement for what comes next.

11 mins

This month, Matt considers the “modern veterinary family”, and how VNs and vets can work together and make the most of each other’s skills to ensure the best patient care.

18 mins

February 2020

RCVS Knowledge shares a case study showing how clinical audits and checklists are crucial to reducing complication rates in practice.

18 mins

January 2020

Samantha Ware considers the nutritional imbalances that can arise in home-prepared meals, as well as the benefits of this growing trend.

8 mins

BVNA honorary secretary Gemma Reeve ponders what 2020 will bring to the profession.

4 mins

Ethylene glycol poisoning is extremely serious in cats and such cases are likely to increase in the winter months – Sarah Collins tells us more.

6 mins

BVNA president Jo Hinde reflects on 2019 and looks forward at the year ahead.

7 mins

November 2019

RCVS Knowledge explains the benefits of carrying out such a process in practice.

11 mins

RVNs can play a vital role in this challenging and fast-paced sector, as RVN Albert Holgate explains.

11 mins

Prompted by a calendar reminder from this time last year, Jane Davidson offers some advice to those considering standing for RCVS VN council – and to act sooner rather than later if interested.

15 mins