February 2020

VBJ’s latest planning insight feature sees this company, which has years of experience designing and managing the build of vet clinics, share its expertise on what matters when it comes to delivering great projects to fit that all-important budget.

17 mins

So, you’ve been employed in another’s practice and either circumstance or a keen desire to be master of your own destiny is leading you to running your own business. Setting up a practice isn't easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you get your groundwork right...

21 mins

Veterinary practice is a reactive business. As a result, life in practice can be chaotic, stressful and expensive, with many vets working far too hard for far too little return...

19 mins

Climate change and increased pet travel have created a perfect parasitic storm for the UK’s companion animals. But a brilliantly simple new service could help solve the problem...

2 mins

Running a successful veterinary practice requires a strong network of connections and relationships, sometimes with organisations outside the veterinary sector. By looking at the bigger picture, it is possible to harness these networks to help your business boom...

18 mins

January 2020

Discover how working with MWI Animal Health can help your practice thrive in 2020 and beyond...

16 mins

A growing number of US private practice owners have breathed new life into their businesses and taken a wrecking ball to others on their journey to becoming the best. Here are some of the things US vets did the past five years to stay ahead of the competition, deliver standout care and keep employees engaged...

17 mins

The best way to deliver safe, effective and high-quality treatment is to use the most up-to-date evidence available, but doing so can often seem too challenging in practice...

15 mins

VetShare members offer testimonials on their experiences with the buying group, which provides serves to independent vets.

1 mins

Veterinary practices can often be chaotic working environments without the right systems in place. Buy by introducing a culture of improvement and accountability, order can be brought to the chaos.

18 mins

The referral process can be a complicated business where the needs of patients, owners and referring practices must all be considered. Here, Ray Girotti explains why managing these dynamics is crucial to successfully performing this juggling act.

26 mins

November 2019

Dental disease is one of the biggest untreated issues among UK companion animals, so how can your practice increase the number of dental procedures it carries out? Here, Alan Robinson and Matthew Plumtree give their advice on how to drive up the rate of dentals in your practice...

23 mins

October 2019

VBJ talks to Libby Sheridan, Nestlé Purina's veterinary technical manager, about the significance of a Purina finding, and why it is important to keep pushing the boundaries of pet nutrition.

17 mins

Alan White has become a familiar face in the veterinary sector since joining the St Francis Group almost 10 years ago. Now group commercial director of MWI Animal Health UK following its acquisition of St Francis in 2015, Alan sat down with VBJ to tell us a bit about the company and himself...

10 mins

In a VBJ Specials Insight feature, discover how this company can deliver personalised medicines that make a difference to your practice and patients.

14 mins

Deciding to sell your veterinary practice will probably be one of the biggest life choices you ever make. If you have the luxury of time, as Vicky Robinson explains, planning your sale will make a considerable difference to the financial outcome...

24 mins

Veterinary medicine is ever-changing. It’s true the profession has had its fair share of challenges recently, but it’s also important to not lose sight of the one thing that bricks-and-mortar practices have over online – a local community to market to...

18 mins

Forget the plethora of confusing terms like “algorithms”, “metadata” or “tagging”, the same rules apply to digital marketing as the offline version. Providing you’re matching outstanding service to the needs of your customers, follow these tips and you’ll be well placed to shout about it in the digital world.

10 mins

September 2019

Hallmarq is well known as one of the UK veterinary sector’s real sucess stories. One man who is not so well known is the company’s new chief operating officer – so meet Richard Smith...

10 mins

August 2019

Boris Johnson as PM has only made it harder to make Brexit predictions, but we must assume it is going to happen one way or the other. It remains unclear how this will impact British business, but now is a good time to ensure your practice is fit enough toi survive what could be turbulent times ahead...

20 mins