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April 2022

Premises to a practice are as hands are to a surgeon – they are essential. But building or fitting out premises is not a simple task…

It can be all too easy to measure practice growth on speed, efficiency and effectiveness. But with an overabundance of new work and an industry chronically under-resourced, it is more important than ever to get your priorities right...

March 2022

Nutrition, diet and supplements play a key role in supporting the health of the nation’s companion animals. But, with veterinary teams so busy post-pandemic, Georgia Woods-Lee asks: “is your practice getting the message across?”

February 2022

Renowned for world-leading CPD, extensive networking opportunities and the chance to meet with a wide … more

17 mins

Congresses and conferences – either in-person, online or both – will always be an integral part of the landscape in the veterinary sector. Times have changed of course, but what hasn’t changed is the value of live learning and making the most of the opportunities is as important as ever...

23 mins

January 2022

None of us are in any doubt. At the start of 2022, as a community of pet lovers, owners, pet care experts, veterinarians and suppliers, we all know that pet obesity is a serious problem...

15 mins

September 2021

Steve Bailey, a partner at Space Coaching Services, discusses the value of identifying your “moonshot” – a compelling prospect of where your veterinary clinic is heading and where it plans to be…

24 mins

In a world of increased corporate ownership it can be easy to think the number of career paths open to vets has also become increasingly limited. But if you play your cards right, plenty of options are still open for those who know how to take them…

34 mins

August 2021

Geoff Potts had worked at the Alder practice in Liverpool for more than 22 years when the practice joined Medivet in 2015. Here, in this VBJ Partnerships Insight, he outlines the benefits this decision has brought, not just to him, but to the 24-hour hospital’s patients and his dedicated veterinary team…

16 mins

Headline figures for investing in diagnostic imaging equipment can appear high at first glance – especially when other costs like installation and staff training are considered. The reality, though, is that it remains one of the best investments you can make in your practice…

19 mins

June 2021

COVID has created a challenging environment, but it has also created new opportunities, meaning it has never been more critical that veterinary practices – especially independents – have the tools and resources they need to take advantage. Now, thanks to Covetrus, those tools and resources are being made available to practices across the UK following the launch of its new business consultancy service, InsightOne.

13 mins

May 2021

The result of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the importance of air purity rather than simply air replacement and cooling...

19 mins

We know the process of getting credit as individuals, but not everyone appreciates that the same applies to the business world, too. If a practice wants the best terms, it needs to keep on the right side of the agencies and maintain a good credit score…

22 mins

April 2021

When it comes to choosing a nutraceutical, a wealth of information exists about some of the component ingredients, but rarely comparative data in the species being treated. So, how do we make the best decision…?

In the final part of this exclusive series, VBJ editor James Westgate talks to Alan and Vicky Robinson from Vet Dynamics, and veterinary accountant Jeff Lermer about ownership models.

18 mins

March 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has brought massive change to the sector, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the desire among many vets to one day run their own show.

It has long been said that the veterinary profession is recession proof, but the question now is: will it prove to be pandemic proof too?

If you’re looking for a new opportunity in the post-COVID veterinary world, this 540 square metre building in central England – complete with prior use as a practice – could be for you…

9 mins

Change stories are a simple yet effective tool to engage your team and bring it with you to achieve your practice’s goals. Learn how to create your own and share it with your team.

15 mins

February 2021

One of the best ways independent practices can compete with the big boys is to cut costs by joining a buying group. Adam Bernstein takes a look at how these groups have evolved and how your practice can make the most of membership…

27 mins