VBJ articles

November 2023

The current climate for the veterinary sector remains a busy yet challenging one. Veterinary practice … more

13 mins

October 2023

This Practice Building Insight discusses laying the foundations for successful veterinary practice with ACD Projects.

15 mins

June 2023

From 10 June 2024, new rules in England mean owned cats must be implanted with a microchip before they reach the age of 20 weeks old. Tammie O’Leary reviews the new legislation and looks at how veterinary practices can benefit from this animal welfare initiative…

The Government’s “Build Back Greener” strategy sets out a series of policies and proposals for making the UK economy carbon neutral by 2050. It’s a massive challenge, but by changing the way it constructs and operates its buildings, the veterinary sector can do its bit to hit that ambitious target, writes Chris Copeman.

21 mins

As consumers become more environmentally conscious, businesses are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices. Here, CPC reveals a sustainable product that could revolutionise the pet cremation sector…

May 2023

Recruitment and retention issues, and unprecedented demand for services have created a perfect storm that is stretching many practice teams to the limit. With a sizeable number of VNs leaving because they feel undervalued, underpaid and underused, one solution to increasing profits may be staring us in the face…

27 mins

March 2023

In this VBJ veterinary medicine Insight feature, head of digital learning at Dechra Jack Dickinson discusses his top tips on how veterinary professionals can upskill and keep up to date with the latest thinking through modern and traditional learning experiences.

15 mins

February 2023

For anyone hoping to take the significant step of moving into ownership, it is worth considering all the options first. Vicky Robinson from Vet Dynamics looks at the pros and cons of partnerships, joint venture opportunities and setting up from scratch…

December 2022

In this Skills Development Insight feature, Amy Sawran discusses how SPVS can help make your practice a more sustainable, profitable and fulfilling place to work.

16 mins

November 2022

We enter the world with nothing and depart as we were born, leaving our earthly possessions behind. This harsh circle of life becomes grimmer for those left behind when there is no will to determine how a deceased’s assets are distributed, especially if a business is part of those assets…

25 mins

In this VBJ Technology Insight feature, Chris Plummer – head of technical at antimicrobial technology specialist Byotrol – discusses the importance of researching the hygiene products used by animal health professionals to ensure they are safe and suitable for use. 

14 mins

October 2022

When and how to sell a practice that may have taken many years to build up is one of the biggest decisions many owners will ever have to take. Selling up can often place owners in a minefield of morals and money, so it is important to get the right advice and consider all the options carefully…

25 mins

September 2022

This Insight feature discusses the latest trends when it comes to buying diagnostic imaging equipment.

15 mins

Complaints, about charges, congested the phone lines and excessive waiting times are all symptoms of a veterinary practice that is not working as well as it could. This can lead to frustrated clients and a stressed veterinary team – the perfect recipe for a failing practice...

18 mins

This Building Services Insight feature discusses building the foundations for successful practice by creating the right impression.

14 mins

August 2022

Recruitment has become a term that strikes fear into the heart of many employers – particularly since it’s now apparently a prefix to the word “crisis”. But practices can do plenty of things to stand out from the crowd and boost their appeal to potential new employees…

April 2022

Premises to a practice are as hands are to a surgeon – they are essential. But building or fitting out premises is not a simple task…

It can be all too easy to measure practice growth on speed, efficiency and effectiveness. But with an overabundance of new work and an industry chronically under-resourced, it is more important than ever to get your priorities right...

March 2022

Nutrition, diet and supplements play a key role in supporting the health of the nation’s companion animals. But, with veterinary teams so busy post-pandemic, Georgia Woods-Lee asks: “is your practice getting the message across?”

February 2022

Renowned for world-leading CPD, extensive networking opportunities and the chance to meet with a wide … more

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