February 2017

Ernie Ward explains how the rise of antimicrobial resistance and the development of new diagnostic tests mean you could soon be spending more time in the lab.

17 mins

January 2017

Obesity is now recognised as the most important medical disease in pets1. In the UK alone, at least 59% of dogs and 39% of cats are overweight or obese2,3. This is a big challenge for small animal vets, but it can also provide some big opportunities.

17 mins

Revenue in the veterinary market has remained largely static, but this doesn’t mean growing your practice is a zero-sum game. Graeme Pack and Giles Pugh look at improving compliance.

16 mins

December 2016

Ultrasound, x-ray, CT and MRI: these machines have helped open up new areas of veterinary medicine over the past few decades, but, for the uninitiated, more options can also mean more pitfalls, says James Westgate.

17 mins

As a practice manager, life can be a blur: a multitude of meetings, admin and customer conundrums. It can be difficult to juggle the daily challenges, let alone consider them from a different viewpoint. Yet, doing so could pay dividends, says Holly Kernot.

7 mins

November 2016

Space comes at a premium and most practices have a finite amount to use when it comes to the waiting area. However, by following a few simple rules, much can be achieved with even the smallest space, as John O'Connor explains.

8 mins

If you’re wondering how companies develop a culture, then you’re already moving in the right direction, as Mike Clare explains.

16 mins

The Insurance Act 2015 came in on 12 August 2016 and brought the most significant reform to insurance law in more than 100 years, according to Simon Brooks.

11 mins

October 2016

Dave Nicol explains how, when it comes to getting good outcomes for pets in the consulting room, it’s all about performance – and not clinical performance, either.

16 mins

September 2016

Wendy McGrandles, one of the UK’s leading exponents of complementary therapies and holistic veterinary medicine, explains how to make it work for you and your clients.

22 mins

Branding has been described as delivering on a promise made. Here, Alison Lambert asks what your practice can do to ensure it delivers on its promises.

16 mins

"In the end, we can have a palace of smoked glass and stainless steel with all the toys in the world, but unless we engage with tomorrow’s pet owners on their terms, we’ll struggle to make a viable business," writes Chanticleer.

13 mins

August 2016

Pet nutrition specialist Cecilia Villaverde outlines the central role veterinary practices can play in fighting this growing epidemic.

16 mins

With heightened competition and rising costs, why are so many veterinary practices poor at maximising efficiency? Adam Bernstein speaks to two leading experts to ask how practices can improve workflow and avoid putting profitability in peril.

20 mins

July 2016

You may have spent a working lifetime building and expanding your veterinary practice. But what happens when it’s time to call it a day? Peter Gripper explains the importance of a good exit strategy …

17 mins

Huge changes have taken place in the veterinary profession in the past 15 years. Ross Tiffin revisits the seminal Quo vadis? project to take another look to the future.

17 mins

Practices in the UK have, for many years, relied on a flow of non-UK vets into the country to fill gaps in available manpower. But making the most of this valuable human resource requires a structured approach and an open mind, says Luis Sainz-Pardo.

17 mins

It has long been recognised people are living and working longer. RCVS research in 2014 revealed nearly a third of UK vets were already aged 46 or older. As such, practice owners across the country need to be prepared…

14 mins

June 2016

Dentistry is one of the most overlooked areas of veterinary medicine. Here, Bob Partridge asks why this is the case and explains how practices of all shapes and sizes can improve welfare and boost profits by taking a new approach.

20 mins

It has long been understood the prevention of ectoparasites is important for protecting animal welfare and generating extra practice revenues. But with the outbreak of babesiosis in Essex and the wide range of new products available, there has never been a better time to hammer the preventive message home to clients.

15 mins