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As a former Pekingese owner, Jane Davidson uses her experience of moving to a greyhound in an effort to compare and contrast the different cost implications of owning large and small dogs.

7 mins

A number of unfortunate experiences have left Jordan Sinclair with a distinct dislike of the only animal she cannot truly learn to love: the alpaca.

16 mins

Are you able to undertake the surgery yourself, or should you consider referral to a facility that is better equipped for the challenges that often accompany linear foreign body patients?

7 mins

Many pet owners are eschewing the convenience of ready-made diets in order to take on more responsibility when it comes to nutritional choices for their pets. This can be a problem, warns @JaneRVN.

7 mins

In the second of his three-part series on linear foreign bodies, Gerardo Poli explains how ultrasound can be a “highly sensitive and specific diagnostic test”, but only if you know what you’re looking for…

5 mins

In the first of a three-part series, Gerardo Poli offers hints, tips and considerations to bear in mind when attempting to diagnose the presence of a linear foreign body using radiographs.

5 mins

Having taken part in VN Times’ latest VN Happy Hour, Jane Davidson expands on how her nursing skills are helping her today – both with her studies and ahead of becoming a COVID-19 vaccinator.

8 mins

In the first part of a new series, Nick Marsh explains why, despite being popular among his peers, these cells make him think of a sack of angry wasps every time they appear under the microscope…

13 mins

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month – and as it draws to a close, Veterinary Woman editor Liz Barton shares how we could be doing better to support the many individuals affected by the challenges of hormonal health in the workplace…

18 mins

As Endometriosis Awareness Month draws to a close, Liz Barton, editor of Veterinary Woman, shares how we could be doing better to support the many individuals affected by the challenges of hormonal health in the workplace…

27 mins

Jane Davidson focuses on animal welfare via her Netflix account, and wonders if a film about stress and behavioural issues in dogs and cats could become a worldwide smash.

7 mins

In her second article on the view from the other side of the vet/client divide, Eleanor Goad admits she isn’t much better than any other pet owner when it comes to getting her cat to accept medication.

7 mins