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In the first of a new series, Gerardo introduces the uninitiated to blood gas analysis, a point-of-care test that can help assess the severity of a patient's condition and help guide your diagnostic plan.

7 mins

Having now become a “real vet”, Jordan Sinclair discusses the unpredictable and daunting aspect of pet temperament that graduates are presented with in practice.

8 mins

Many a client has told Nick Marsh it's a shame pets can't tell vets where it hurts. He's not so convinced, however…

13 mins

Gerardo Poli follows last week’s explanation of what the curve means by discussing how it indicates a change in haemoglobin’s affinity for oxygen, as well as contributory factors.

9 mins

Her social media campaigning, especially under #planetrvn, has won her an RCVS innovation award. Now, Jane Davidson advocates why everyone must create their own future.

17 mins

By focusing on the graph of a typical, healthy individual, Gerardo Poli demonstrates how the curve is a graphical representation of the movement of oxygen around different parts of the body.

10 mins

Closer to our pets – Professor of Zoonosis, Bruno Chomel, discusses the ever increasing risks that pets pose on human health.

15 mins

With dog microchipping now compulsory in the UK, recent graduate Jordan Sinclair finds it surprising many cat owners don't bother – particularly given the feline tendency to wander off.

7 mins

In the second of his posts on pulse oximetry, Gerardo Poli looks at issues that can undermine the accuracy of pulse oximeter readings and discusses how to overcome such problems.

7 mins

Good things should happen to good people, and bad things should happen to bad people, opines Nick Marsh. However, in reality, life can be – and frequently is – a “bloody rotten bastard”.

13 mins

Gerardo Poli describes how best to assess the overall oxygen status of a patient and explains why pulse oximetry values should be assessed in the context of the oxyhaemoglobin dissociation curve.

7 mins

Six weeks in to her first job since qualifying as a veterinary surgeon, feelings of imposter syndrome are beginning to knock Jordan Sinclair's confidence.

10 mins