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This section of the site is provided to help record your online reading and other CPD activities at Vet Times, and elsewhere. Hours logged here can be counted toward your mandatory CPD requirements – as set out by the RCVS – and gathered together in a single, convenient certificate.

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featured cpd material

Eleanor Goad on why it's enriching for everyone to branch out and diversify in life and research.

9 mins

Struggling to converse while on the telephone? Give this advice a try and see if it improves your confidence and efficiency.

9 mins

While mourning the passing of her wilful ward, RVN Jane Davidson recounts their time together as a warning to those considering the purchase of a brachycephalic breed due to their “cute” factor.

16 mins

Stuck on your own driving hours to jobs every day? Ami Sawran suggests a few ways to make the time fly by, from podcasts to audiobooks.

12 mins

Following on from performing a thoracocentesis, Gerardo Poli advises on the best ways to get the most information from the collected sample.

10 mins

Jordan Sinclair ponders on the naming conventions people use for their pets and what the animals would think about their given names, if they really understood.

15 mins

Andrè Brenn, a Czech veterinary student studying at the University of Liverpool, looks at the learning and funding opportunities the veterinary profession could lose out on should the UK crash out of the EU with no deal.

Nick Marsh highlights some of the issues vets face with the rise of crossbreeds – some of whom suffer in life – and why we should treat our "best friends" like they treat us.

22 mins

Gerardo Poli provides a concise and illustrative walkthrough of this life-saving procedure.

10 mins

Don't get trapped in the vet bubble, warns student Eleanor Goad, seek friends outside of your world to help keep yourself sane.

8 mins

Jane Davidson touches on and provides uncomplicated solutions to that moment when, while restraining a patient, the client steps too close and ends up accidentally stroking you.

12 mins

Ami Sawran discusses what farm vets can do to battle the “fake news” and anti-agriculture propaganda that circles online – especially at this time of year.

15 mins