May 2020

Almost all students who took part in Grads to Vets’ survey said the pandemic is affecting how confident they are feeling about starting work.

3 mins

Veterinary support service received a record number of contacts in February and March, with mental health and stress the most common theme.

11 mins

“We know… that these offers will be attractive, but we are deeply concerned that it devalues the skills and knowledge that have been built up throughout the degree” – AVS president Izzie Arthur.

8 mins

The first job in practice can present various challenges and levels of change. But, as David Charles explains, you are not alone in tackling them – so use your networks of family, friends, peers and colleagues; and plan some “great escapes”.

24 mins

Without even knowing it, pets are helping us through some potentially isolating and scary times. Eleanor Goad explains why we need to return that kindness…

13 mins

“It’s an incredibly exciting event, bringing together expertise from all different continents to showcase all the things you can be in veterinary medicine” – veterinary leader Melanie Barham.

6 mins

April 2020

“It gives me something else to focus on and improve my cake-making skills, but although I love Bake Off, I am not sure I could cope with the stress” – Holly Sutton, final-year veterinary student.

6 mins

Students from across the UK will complete a three-week online EMS research course on Friday (1 May).

6 mins

“The sessions provide a safe space for students to come together, share their ideas and feel part of a supportive veterinary community” – Carolyne Crowe, VDS Training.

5 mins

While she waits for somebody to switch the world back on again, student Eleanor Goad offers her thoughts on beating the lockdown blues and remaining positive in these exceptional times.

12 mins

March 2020

Riddled with guilt for condemning childhood pal Flopsy to a life of loneliness, Eleanor Goad realises that, when it comes to understanding certain pets, we still have a long way to go.

11 mins

College comes top of only four universities in the UK where female graduate starting salaries are higher than those for men – study.

3 mins

“The health and safety of students and staff are paramount” – RCVS president Niall Connell.

7 mins

Purpose-built mobile clinic vehicle will allow veterinary students in Nottingham to reach out to more animals in need.

4 mins

Not everything is as straightforward as it seems in the confusing world of veterinary recruitment. Here, former AVS president David Charles offers a beginner’s guide to translating graduate job ad jargon.

12 mins

Vet student Eleanor Goad argues it’s important to fight the natural instinct that comes with being a vet, and to recognise that just because something can go wrong, doesn’t mean it will.

8 mins

What should students ask in a job interview? Gerardo Poli offers some examples of questions that will challenge interviewers and help give a positive impression.

6 mins

February 2020

In today’s blame culture, we can often feel responsible for negative client interaction. With this in mind, Jordan Sinclair explains the importance of reminding yourself you are a vet and know what you’re doing.

14 mins

Although she hopes to enjoy every minute of life in practice, Eleanor Goad isn‘t scared of cutting the ties and taking her skills in a new direction if aspirations aren‘t fulfilled. 

9 mins

Tom Jackson and the 2019-2020 AVS UK & Ireland president discuss recommendations that came out of the Graduate Outcomes Project, which cover day one competences, the Professional Development Phase, EMS and clinical education for general practice.

2 mins