June 2018

Grad Expectations columnist David Beeston attended BSAVA Congress as a qualified vet for the first time, and explains how the four-day extravaganza left him spoilt for choice.

23 mins

May 2018

Joint educational institution by Keele University in Staffordshire and Harper Adams University in Shropshire will open its doors to students in two years’ time.

6 mins

Oscar Smoker offers a short introduction to mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your daily routine, starting with three easy techniques: mindful breathing, mindful concentration and mindful awareness.

18 mins

Six months in to his full-time veterinary career, David Beeston takes a step back and thinks about how far he has come.

28 mins

April 2018

What is well-being, and how can you ensure you are in a state of it? Jennifer Hindmarsh explores the various ways of looking after yourself while dealing with life's everyday stresses, as well as the importance of ”being” rather than ”doing”.

11 mins

With today’s graduates having a very real option to never have to work out-of-hours, Jordan Sinclair discusses potential reasons as to why some new vets are opting not to undertake it.

17 mins

From groundbreaking bionic surgery to late-night calvings riddled with risks, TV offers the public an insight into the everyday lives of vets – but are these shows in danger of being detrimental to the profession?

16 mins

Grad Expectations' David Beeston recounts some of the experiences from his first weekend on call.

27 mins

“All the world’s a stage,” wrote Shakespeare – so Jordan Sinclair offers tips for new graduates to turn the consult room into their stage and win the trust of clients, despite lacking experience.

19 mins

Alison Lambert discusses the opportunities available to practices able to reappraise how they view this mandatory requirement.

26 mins

March 2018

If you are a veterinary student who has known about your dyslexia for years or have just been diagnosed, Lydia Rimmer has some words of positivity to hold off the self-doubt.

7 mins

With so many veterinary students vying for the position of top dog, standing out can be a challenge. With this in mind, University of Bristol student Chloe Smith offers some advice on how to earn your stripes.

9 mins

New grad David Beeston returns to his trip to Zimbabwe and some of the weird, wacky and wonderful experiences he encountered in his time volunteering in Africa.

25 mins

February 2018

Drawing on her personal experience and that of her university friends, Jordan Sinclair advises employers on how to ensure your practice is ready to welcome and benefit from a new graduate in the workplace.

20 mins

Olivia Ogińska, in the first of a four-part article sharing her vet experiences across the globe, recounts events from first stop NYC.

29 mins

Bristol student Hannah Shotnes reports on a talk about the inadequate management of canine arthritis, and the need for a change in attitude and approach to this common condition.

21 mins

January 2018

Taking part in a talk at SPVS-VMG Congress leads Jordan Sinclair to discuss the challenges, pitfalls, opportunities and advantages of hiring new graduates – all from the perspective of being one herself.

17 mins

Jennifer O’Hara discusses the day-to-day conflict between our instinct for wanting to fix animals, and coming to terms with the fact that, sometimes, though giving it your all, you can only do so much.

9 mins

To many new graduates, beginning a new year without a job would be cause for concern. For Jordan, however, it was a huge relief, having realised her first place of employment was, overall, a bad fit.

21 mins

Our new grad David Beeston has some advice for qualified vets on approaching out-of-hours for the first time – and why he's looking forward to his next night on call.

23 mins