December 2019

Key CPD events often come highly recommended – particularly if they feature top-notch lectures in fabulous European cities. Andrew Peffers, BVetMed, CertAVP(Ed), BAEDT, MRCVS, provides an overview of the equine dental programme at this year's congress in the Netherlands.

36 mins

Third-year University of Liverpool veterinary student BECKY MILNER explains the concept and benefits of the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network, as well as her role in helping promote it to veterinary practices across the country.

13 mins

Dave Beeston reflects on the busiest shift of his internship so far where, despite the best laid plans, he was met with a wave of emergencies, euthanasia and emotion. However, a great sense of achievement resulted – thanks to endurance and determination.

25 mins

Henry Tremaine reports on the inaugural Sea-PD, a veterinary, watersports and wellness conference that took place in Alaçati, in June 2019, with plans to return in 2020.

26 mins

In his final column of the year, Chanticleer casts a weather eye over the potentially troubled waters ahead.

17 mins

Every June, delegates of the Summer Dairy Institute programme gather at Cornell University, New York, for a six-week residential programme covering all aspects of dairy veterinary medicine and management. Vet Rupert Sheppard attended this summer – and these were his findings.

18 mins

Ela Russell, a fourth-year veterinary student, summarises a visit by this professor of animal science, animal behaviour consultant and autism spokesman.

13 mins

RCVS Knowledge presents a 10-point pla for introducing the data collection protocol in practice.

11 mins

November 2019

Vet Jason Kimm – five years on from heading to Zhejiang University to educate students on using models and not animals when practising – discusses his progress.

33 mins

Evidence-based veterinary medicine is a term ubiquitous in publication headlines and congress titles, but do clients want it, and how can a local independent practice contribute to the knowledge the veterinary profession has now and in the future? Ross Allan drawing on his own experiences, elaborates…

25 mins

Having settled into his RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals internship, in this, the final of a two-part article, Dave Beeston recalls his first month as an intern.

27 mins

Ffion Lloyd delves into the archives to explain the inception of this area of medicine.

39 mins

RCVS Knowledge is back with another significant event audit in practice. QI Vets is a fictional team, but based on true stories from UK practices, created by RCVS Knowledge’s Case Example Working Party to help veterinary teams apply quality improvement to real situations.

22 mins

October 2019

Chanticleer discusses the decline in vaccination rates – both in veterinary and human medicine – and why action is needed to reverse the trend.

17 mins

John Dawson recalls the 34th scientific meeting of the Association of Embryo Technology in Europe, held in Nantes, France, in 2018.

19 mins

Having embarked on an RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals internship, Dave Beeston shares the highs and lows from his initial weeks – the déjà vu, the self-doubt and the determination to succeed.

22 mins

September 2019

RVN Elle Marie Payne feels a huge stigma exists around this topic, as well as a lack of awareness regarding what people can do to get help. With this in mind, she conducted a survey among veterinary professionals to gauge others' opinions – the results of which she discusses here.

25 mins

Immigration Advice Service political correspondent Olivia Bridge explains how post-Brexit immigration rules will impact the agricultural sector, as well as the veterinary workforce and animal welfare as a whole.

17 mins

In a break from the traditional CPD event report, vet Charlotte Frost presents her experiences in Austria in a format familiar to equine veterinarians.

19 mins

Mike Davies, referencing research, old and new, looks at the latest findings on this common complaint in companion animals.

22 mins