July 2018

David Beeston has some advice for graduating vets on what to look for in their first veterinary position.

34 mins

Equine vet Samantha Castle discusses whether the time is nearing for future vets to specialise at university.

23 mins

Liz Barton, director of free online resource Vetsnet, discusses plans for WellVet Weekend – a two-day CPD event for mind, body and soul planned for late August.

11 mins

Involvement of VNs in a consulting role is vital to the evolution of the veterinary nursing profession. Nicola Ackerman says more attention should be given to promoting clinics for senior pets.

15 mins

Ben Smith looks into the history of the therapy, and why it has obvious advantages over chemical antimicrobials.

8 mins

Andrew Connolly, Virbac's head of marketing for companion animals, stepped into the Examination Room to tell us all about the firm's plans for its 50th anniversary, among other subjects.

30 mins

Equine vets would do well to dust off their assertiveness skills and engage with owners, after a survey for Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy found the majority craved much more advice.

12 mins

Did you know there is a reversible alternative to surgical castration which offers the same benefits of surgery? See the effects of castration without the permanence.

3 mins

June 2018

Cat Henstridge defends vets in first opinion practice as being more than just anal gland checks.

15 mins

Chris Pamplin looks at what is involved for a vet if acting in this capacity in court to help understand the issues of a case.

26 mins

Helen Redfern looks for answers about her condition and talks about learning to cope with help from people closest to her.

33 mins

Holly Kernot speaks to ex-teacher Lawrence McLelland about his new course that aims to support younger members of the veterinary profession, after witnessing the impact of negative workplaces.

10 mins

Grad Expectations columnist David Beeston attended BSAVA Congress as a qualified vet for the first time, and explains how the four-day extravaganza left him spoilt for choice.

23 mins

In an impassioned piece, Lizzy Whiting – part of the moderator team at Veterinary Voices UK – challenges fellow vets to help colleagues on day-to-day cases at any chance they get.

13 mins

Chanticleer, finding himself far from home but far from the middle of nowhere, recalls a trip when wifi, mobile signal and the trusty red phone box all let him down.

21 mins

Ali Budgell reports on the Veterinary Christian Fellowship’s gathering at London Vet Show and some of the points discussed.

9 mins

Manufacturer of award-winning air purifier range explains why veterinary practice managers should consider investing in technologies to tackle inevitable nasty odours.

May 2018

Danny Chambers and Susan Salter, looking at various data, discuss this emotive topic and consider steps that could be taken to tackle the issue.

37 mins

Input needed for biggest questionnaire of its kind into general state of UK equid health, which closes at 9am on Monday 28 May.

5 mins

Six months in to his full-time veterinary career, David Beeston takes a step back and thinks about how far he has come.

28 mins