January 2017

Hany Elsheikha and Alexander Beech describe an investigation of suspected parasitic infestation in a private fishery and approaches to gathering findings.

34 mins

"Trust is the basis for all dealings between people and animals, it takes forever to build it and nanoseconds to lose it." Chanticleer with his first column of 2017.

12 mins

Rod Wood shares how he was inspired to tackle mental illness by accomplishing his target of scaling Africa’s highest peak – and how it has transformed his life.

19 mins

Clinical reasoning skills form the cornerstone of vets' daily diagnostic and treatment decisions. Jill Maddison discusses how those decisions can be enhanced.

17 mins

December 2016

As chief executive of the UK’s fourth largest veterinary group, Medivet's Arnold Levy is a difficult man to pin down. But it’s not every day the Veterinary Times comes calling and, when offered the chance, Dr Levy found time to step into the Examination Room.

13 mins

What a strange few weeks this has been. We’ve seen the unthinkable happen, in political … more

13 mins

Janey Lowes continuing on from the charity’s set-up and its catch, neuter, vaccinate, release plan, this final article looks at why learning is key.

29 mins

Alex Gough looks a more of the latest findings in veterinary medicine in December's Research Review.

11 mins

Danny Chambers shares his beliefs, arguments and reasoning against using homeopathic remedies in the veterinary profession in an opinion piece for Veterinary Times.

22 mins

David Harwood reports on the 2016 meeting of the Goat Veterinary Society, which saw presentations from guest speakers on topics such as bluetongue and disbudding kids.

20 mins

Royal Canin’s veterinary support manager, Katy Smith, steps into the Examination Room.

9 mins

November 2016

Celebrate the achievements of remarkable people who are dedicated to making animals healthier and happier.

9 mins

Bayer’s third canine ophthalmology training video is now available: examining the cornea.

5 mins

Sebastien Behr, Sinead Bennett and Bill Oxley discuss the use of this emerging technology for patient-specific surgical implants and templates.

13 mins

Ali Budgell reports on a Veterinary Christian Fellowship CPD day held at Cambridge, including a talk about eyes by University of Cambridge lecturer David Williams.

5 mins

Laura Woodward suggests how vets and VNs can use mind techniques, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, to create a positive state of mind and emotional well-being.

27 mins

Jenny Stavisky highlights the importance of disease management in these locations and provides a guide of best practice in how to avert or contain any potential outbreaks.

24 mins

Roger Evans reflects on dairy farmers struggling with the low price paid for their milk in relation to production costs and proposes what he considers to be a fair minimum.

14 mins

Lynn Forster details proceedings from this year’s CVS conference, which focused on the opportunities available for team members working for the veterinary group.

11 mins

Alex Gough takes a November look at the latest studies and findings in veterinary medicine.

13 mins