September 2018

A change in circumstances led Mike Rhodes to consider going solo, and ophthalmology service Focus Referrals was born. Here, the European and RCVS specialist outlines the choices he made and why it's proved a win-win.

20 mins

Roger Evans discusses availability of antibiotics, including online, and the impact on antimicrobial resistance.

16 mins

First cases of deadly African swine fever in the country are only 20km (12.5 miles) from the borders with France and Luxembourg.

3 mins

David Beeston reflects on his first year in practice in his final Grad Expectations column, including the ups and downs of first procedures, on-call and client interactions.

32 mins

Chanticleer delves into some of the reasons behind the current recruitment crisis and calls for a unified position to tackle the issue.

16 mins

It has hit the headlines globally, and more women are challenging inappropriate behaviour in the workplace, as Adam Bernstein reports.

15 mins

Jenny Walton details the benefits and prevalence of a blood bank service in veterinary medicine, plus conditions it can help.

39 mins

Alison Young, RVN, explains how planning, communication, coordination, training and knowledge, teamwork and evaluation can be used by everyone to improve the flow of surgical patients.

28 mins

August 2018

After an 11-year break from practice life with an animal health company, Gudi Stuttard felt she needed a fresh challenge. After some soul-searching, she opted to return to the veterinary coalface…

18 mins

CPD is a requirement, so why not combine it with something fun? That is what participants at SPVS Snowscene do. Martin Atkinson reviews this year’s event, in Salzburg, Austria.

31 mins

Willows Veterinary Group founder vet Derek Carter saw many changes during his time in the profession – not least, the increasing popularity and prominence of small animal practice. Derek steps into the Examination Room to share memories from his career, and give advice to vets young and old.

20 mins

Newly qualified vet and champion athlete Laura Muir shares some tips on staying healthy and happy – despite the pressure of two demanding careers.

16 mins

In his latest Grad Expectations column, David Beeston shares his experiences of preparing his CV and suggests some key areas to focus on to appeal to veterinary practices.

28 mins

Veterinary life can be mentally tough, but so can training to get there. Paul Imrie looks at how the UK’s veterinary schools are preparing the vets of tomorrow to cope with the pressures of today.

26 mins

July 2018

“I wonder if any vet, anywhere, has avoided the feeling something may have gone wrong somewhere in our training... and it may just be a matter of time before they find out?”

17 mins

Making changes from the norm can help keep your brain healthy as you age – as Ellen Lavender discusses in her latest Practice Notes, in which she talks about her decision to visit New Zealand.

14 mins

Tierney Kinnison, Rachel Lumbis, Alison Langridge and Ruth Serlin highlight existing initiatives for this integrated learning approach, and the idea of combining multiprofessional and interprofessional concepts.

13 mins

Chartered occupational psychologist Kyle Davies looks at how emotions are often linked to stress-related illnesses – and how these may affect veterinary professionals.

26 mins

Did you know there is a reversible alternative to surgical castration which offers the same benefits of surgery? See the effects of castration without the permanence.

3 mins

Vets and parents Guen Bradbury and Jess French are urging more congresses to follow the lead of Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify LIVE! by introducing childcare and crèche facilities for little ones in tow.

12 mins