May 2019

Julian Earl – in a three-part series – discusses how his cycling obsession helped him maintain a positive work-life balance.

20 mins

David Beeston discusses implementation of morbidity and mortality conferences and the value of daily rounds in his latest column for Veterinary Times.

27 mins

In the first of a two-part series, Peter Lees, emeritus professor of veterinary pharmacology, shares some of his experiences as a student and in his first years of employment in academia.

32 mins

April 2019

Kelly Brown shares some of the ways becoming a clinical coach has changed the way she thinks about her role as a veterinary surgeon.

25 mins

Sarah Colegrave, vet at Mill House Veterinary Surgery and Hospital in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, discusses her career and how taking additional qualifications has helped in her development.

8 mins

From a personal perspective, vet and practice owner Michael Watts, MVB, MSc, MRCVS reflects on the challenges of recruiting in rural Ulster.

33 mins

Chanticleer casts a weather eye over more areas of discussion within the veterinary sector.

20 mins

Gerhard Putter – one of only a few dental diplomates in the country – explains how he became a specialist veterinary surgeon.

15 mins

Veterinary professional Kelly Freezer, head veterinary surgeon at Bright Side Vets in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, discusses her career.

9 mins

Joy Howell recounts her role in a volunteering trip to Africa to help locals in their ongoing mission to eliminate this viral disease.

31 mins

Alex Gough looks at some of the latest studies in the veterinary arena in his latest Research Review column.

17 mins

Vet and director of Vet Dynamics Alan Robinson describes how understanding your frequency can help you play to your strengths, and develop a flexibility of style to improve communication.

29 mins

Hayley Giles and William Woodley detail their experiences when visiting a charity-run facility on the island that treats and provides a home for strays.

16 mins

Veterinary Management Group president Gillian Page, RVN, uses her experience of setting up a practice to explain – ahead of her “New to management” lecture at BSAVA Congress – how a well-managed workflow is vital for staff well-being and strong business performance.

34 mins

Ahead of her BSAVA Congress lecture, Nicola Ackerman, RVN, discusses how nurses are best placed to lead these arrangements in practices and stresses why her peers’ skills should not be undervalued.

23 mins

David Beeston reflects on some challenging cases, which have reminded him of how much he still has to learn.

33 mins

APHA shares scientific presentation extracts from the one-day Diseases of Wildlife Scheme conference.

6 mins

March 2019

Penny Barker highlights the importance of anyone experiencing burnout or needing a break taking a step back and reclaiming time for themselves.

30 mins

Alistair Cliff, clinical board chairman at Independent Vetcare, steps into the Examination Room to discuss his career and interests.

15 mins

Alan Holford discusses the emotions he experienced when his mum became ill – and why owners sometimes misinterpret veterinary professionalism in difficult consultations for detachment.

36 mins