November 2018

We’re used to technology in our everyday lives, but Stuart Carmichael explains why practices need to ensure staff are trained, willing and able to accept it at work, too.

25 mins

David Harwood recounts a full programme at the Goat Veterinary Society spring meeting from various specialists in animal health.

28 mins

Henry Tremaine – UK representative on the World Equine Veterinary Association board – writes about the latest congress, which wowed locals and international delegates alike.

20 mins

Chanticleer discusses manager training and the importance of front-of-house staff in his latest column.

18 mins

Rachel Garty, Rosalind Brown, Tia Barlow, Alison Langridge, Rachel Lumbis, Ruth Serlin and Tierney Kinnison discuss expansions in interprofessional education at the RVC, including how it helps vets and VNs in their future careers.

19 mins

Ellen Lavender describes making the change from permanent job in practice to locum veterinary surgeon.

14 mins

Roger Evans looks on how the countryside – specifically the demographics of people living there – have changed in his 50 years in farming.

18 mins

October 2018

Jenny Moffett looks at what is new in the study of sleep and out-of-hours working, as revealed at the 2018 Health and Wellbeing at Work conference.

31 mins

Niall Connell, Jennifer Hammond and Emma Tomberry discuss the online portfolio at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine and how its importance after studies has grown.

30 mins

Chanticleer discusses coverage of the cascade in the latest column for Veterinary Times.

17 mins

Martin Atkinson reviews the 35th staging of this event that covered soft tissue surgery, and emergency medicine and critical care.

22 mins

Jan Moehlenbrock, managing director of MSD Animal Health’s UK operation, heads into the Examination Room to talk about company strategy and the MSD bursary.

16 mins

Anyone who thought of the surgical checklist as a bureaucratic tick-box exercise should think again, urges John Williams. Here, he outlines the case for them and why every practice should have a checklist champion.

19 mins

In this opinion piece, vet Mark Turner asks how the profession can learn from other sectors to manage risk and maximise safety.

14 mins

Chanticleer looks at more veterinary issues from the day, this time the widening divide between independent and corporate practice.

19 mins

Petra Agthe summarises some of the available literature on this subject and outlines specific helpful strategies individuals can adopt to reduce the strain.

35 mins

September 2018

Francesco Cian discusses the case of a 1.5-year-old female crossbreed dog imported from eastern Europe in his latest Cytology Corner.

7 mins

Chanticleer casts a weather eye over more subjects, and their parallels to the veterinary world.

18 mins

In an evocative piece, communication coach Katherine Eitel Belt – a speaker at BSAVA Congress 2018 – outlines the characteristics that make for a great leader.

30 mins

Jenny Walton explains how a transfusion service from Pet Blood Bank UK can prove vital to the health of newborn camelids.

14 mins