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November 2023

Mark Turner delves into some of the issues facing the profession in the first part of a fictional story about UK practice life.

27 mins

October 2023

Fergus Allerton, Ian Ramsey and Mary Bawn share why practices should get involved in this annual initiative to tackle antimicrobial resistance.

24 mins

Olivia Ogińska looks at the “real pain” of not exercising self-care and the damage it can do to a vet’s career, life and health.

71 mins

Jesse McCall, from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and RCVS Knowledge give a reminder on how implementing a proven framework can improve our working life on a daily basis.

20 mins

Keith Barrand discusses how dispensing blunders can occur, as well as what can be done to prevent similar issues arising in future.

12 mins

Bruce Vivash Jones explains the extraordinary role the first female member of the RCVS played and calls for an apology for her mistreatment.

34 mins

September 2023

Fergal McDermott ponders the way vets think about this procedure and what it means to them.

28 mins

VetCT’s director of teleconsulting steps into the Examination Room to discuss his career and how his new non-clinical role has so much potential for him to help more animals than ever before.

20 mins

Richard Brown discusses various potential solutions to some of the issues he believes are impacting on the veterinary sector.

24 mins

Jesse McCall, of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and RCVS Knowledge, advancing the quality of veterinary care, explain how to ensure “joy at work” is at the top of your practice to-do list.

23 mins

August 2023

Richard Brown takes a look at the sector’s bad decisions made during his 40-year career in the first of a two-part series.

66 mins

University of Nottingham graduate and qualified solicitor Louise Stonier first joined Pets at Home in 2004 as its head of legal and company secretary. She was named chief operating officer of Vets for Pets in 2022. Louise steps into the Examination Room to tell us more…

27 mins

Fiona Dalzell BVSc, BA(Hons), MRCVS recalls the day early in her career when she had to perform a brain operation on a Persian kitten injured by a human surgeon in Auckland, New Zealand.

35 mins

Nigel Dougherty BBA(Zoology), MSc, BVSc, MVSc(Wildlife Health), MANZCVS(Zoo Animal Medicine) outlines the sustainability pressures surrounding a multitude of species inhabiting Asia’s largest island.

49 mins

July 2023

RCVS Knowledge, advancing the quality of veterinary care, provides an overview of inFOCUS, the bi-monthly journal watch designed to keep surgeons and nurses up to date.

9 mins

David Harwood BVetMed, FRCVS reviews the Goat Veterinary Society’s annual congress, during which a new president was announced.

25 mins

Megan Oakeley BVSc, MRCVS shares her experiences, challenges and accomplishments in a career that has spanned veterinary and military fields.

28 mins

Julia Brüner DVM and Oliver Gehrig DVM discuss considerations to be taken when deciding if a CT scanner is a wise investment for a veterinary practice.

15 mins

Miles Russell became president of the Veterinary Management Group (VMG) at its congress in Stratford-upon-Avon in June. It marks the start of a busy year, but Miles took time out from his busy schedule to step into the Examination Room to discuss his career and hopes for the next 12 months…

June 2023

Sarah Keir BVMS(Hons), PGCertSAM, MRCVS – considering both locums’ and employees’ points of view – takes a look at why locums are so expensive.