January 2018

Helen Browning reports on the International Wildlife Symposium, held in Edinburgh.

25 mins

December 2017

After founding CVS and spending 40 years in the sector, Brian Pound steps into the Examination Room before heading off for a well-earned retirement.

18 mins

Sarah Pellett, John E Cooper and Margaret E Cooper report on Veterinary Invertebrate Society scientific meeting proceedings.

7 mins

His first day as a veterinary surgeon may have been under his belt, but David Beeston still has the rest of the working week to go yet.

29 mins

Stefania Scarabelli looks at the regulations for analgesic and anaesthetic drug use in food-producing animals in the UK.

24 mins

Rory Thomson uses a case study to discuss why the sources and susceptibility of bacteria in this species require further research.

18 mins

Peter Edmondson, in the third of a six-part series, reports on an Australian Veterinary Association conference session on mental health.

12 mins

Chanticleer sings from the rooftops in his final Veterinary Times column of the year.

17 mins

Sophie Mahendran stresses the importance of protecting cattle from disease entry and spread, and outlines methods of prevention.

22 mins

Peter McParlin discusses fear of animals in humans, including strategies of overcoming it and comparisons with phobias in pets.

33 mins

November 2017

Neil A Forbes discusses infection control in veterinary practice and the steps to ensure expected standards are met.

46 mins

Daniel Parker provides an overview of how he ended up in the poultry sector of veterinary practice and the misconception over what such a job role actually entails.

26 mins

Ellen Lavender on finding the balance between one's confidence and one's competences and their limits.

15 mins

Sarah Keir evaluates a course at The University of Nottingham that focuses on this topic and its place in veterinary medicine

13 mins

Abi Collinson provides an overview and review of a vet training course at the Latin American Training Centre in Granada, Nicaragua.

25 mins

Donal Murphy recaps on how this perscribing method works, citing practical examples, and explains the safe usage of ‘specials’.

14 mins

Ronald Jones celebrates the career of Barbara Weaver, who received an honorary professorship on her 90th birthday.

Our Grad Expectations columnist Dave Beeston runs the rule over his first day as a veterinarian.

26 mins

A three-month sabbatical became a permanent relocation when New Zealand vet Jonathan Bray accepted a full-time role at Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue Hospital. Having unpacked and settled in, Dr Bray made another momentous move – by stepping into the Examination Room.

23 mins

Cattle health and production specialist Sara Pedersen summarises an on-farm case study where a different approach to tackling digital dermatitis was successfully employed.

6 mins