May 2018

The Australian vet best known as the star of More4 documentary series Vet on the Hill steps into the Examination Room…

16 mins

Scarsdale Vets' digital marketing manager Rainu Bhele recounts a challenge when humans and four-legged friends got together to raise charity cash.

17 mins

While she often finds out-of-hours work the least fun part of the job, it can throw up some interesting and humorous cases.

16 mins

Ali Budgell reports on proceedings from a Veterinary Christian Fellowship CPD day on feline dentistry.

12 mins

April 2018

Peter Edmondson, in his fifth report, summarises the Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference session on body language.

11 mins

Grad Expectations' David Beeston recounts some of the experiences from his first weekend on call.

27 mins

Alex Gough takes a look at a number of papers in small animal veterinary medicine in his Research Review from VT48.15.

22 mins

Chanticleer discusses problems of abusive behaviour at work – and how everyone has a duty to tackle it.

18 mins

Alison Lambert discusses the opportunities available to practices able to reappraise how they view this mandatory requirement.

26 mins

Ned Flaxman, general manager of Krka UK, talks about his latest role and a successful career in animal health – via a seven-year stint in the Royal Navy – as he steps inside the Examination Room.

21 mins

March 2018

Chanticleer tackles the scourge of spam email in his latest musings from Veterinary Times.

19 mins

The two-day course will be run in partnership with Natural Change, which aims to cultivate well-being through “transformative experiences of nature”.

7 mins

Alex Gough's latest Research Review also includes a look at studies on seizure control in dogs, canine intestinal lymphoma and bladder carcinoma in dogs.

16 mins

New grad David Beeston returns to his trip to Zimbabwe and some of the weird, wacky and wonderful experiences he encountered in his time volunteering in Africa.

25 mins

Richard Artingstall describes the benefits of using a coach to help make the right choices for you, set goals and guide your career path.

25 mins

Lento the two-toed sloth is growing fast - for a sloth - and enjoying Mothering Sunday with mum Marilyn.

3 mins

Emily Simcock discusses out-of-hours issues, consultancy work and other topics in her latest Practice Notes column.

20 mins

Sally Clarke, director of vets, provides an overview of how Simplyhealth Professionals help practices make the most of their membership.

22 mins

February 2018

Jenny Bellini summarises topics discussed during the third instalment of an udder health event held in Putten, the Netherlands.

9 mins

John O’Connor is a qualified vet who has worked at Royal Canin for more than a decade. A keen sportsman and former president of Veterinary Ireland, he is also something of a ”cat whisperer”, as we discovered when he stepped into the Examination Room.

14 mins