July 2019

Shawn Holm and Laura Holm describe how fishing nets and ocean rubbish endanger marine life and become washed up on island shores.

45 mins

In an article supplied by RCVS Knowledge, Paul Pollard – head vet at the RVC’s Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital – offers tips on the importance of searching for evidence when practising, and how (and why) to go about it.

18 mins

Chanticleer likens the profession to a swan, and says correspondence in veterinary journals suggests real concerns exist about the nature of the workload, the variance in standards of training and working conditions.

18 mins

Chris Parker, a partner at Scarsdale Vets, retired in May after almost four decades as a farm vet. Here, he shares some of his career highlights and reflects on how the profession has changed.

11 mins

Shawn Holm and Laura Holm describe their experiences of life in the Maldives for a month and the work carried out to help save sea turtles.

41 mins

David Beeston has decided it's time for a new challenge and has embarked on a new career venture working as a locum vet. He recounts his first day…

26 mins

June 2019

Fiona McFarland and David McKeown discuss the launch and objectives of two voluntary groups that provide well-being support for veterinary professionals.

30 mins

In the final part of his article series (VT49.20; VT49.22), retired vet Julian Earl describes how his family and his sport have helped him deal with having to cut short his veterinary career.

23 mins

David Beeston shares his experiences as a no-longer-new-but-recent graduate in his latest Practice Makes Perfect column.

29 mins

Professor Duncan Lascelles describes a new approach to managing canine osteoarthritis (OA) and introduces a new way to target canine OA pain.

10 mins

Julian Earl continues his article (part 1 VT49.20) by describing how, despite returns to Hull to relieve pressure on his skull, cycling helped him choose not to give up.

17 mins

Adam Bernstein takes a look at the process when dealing with a difficult staff member.

15 mins

May 2019

David Harwood outlines the proceedings of the Goat Veterinary Society’s autumn meeting.

27 mins

Peter Lees, emeritus professor of veterinary pharmacology, was one of the RVC’s longest-serving academics before his retirement in 2010. He concludes the series on his time working at the college in the 1960s (part 1 in VT49.18), discussing colleagues and some of his research and lecturing experiences.

39 mins

Julian Earl – in a three-part series – discusses how his cycling obsession helped him maintain a positive work-life balance.

20 mins

David Beeston discusses implementation of morbidity and mortality conferences and the value of daily rounds in his latest column for Veterinary Times.

27 mins

Peter Lees, emeritus professor of veterinary pharmacology, shares some of his experiences as a student and in his first years of employment in academia.

32 mins

April 2019

Kelly Brown shares some of the ways becoming a clinical coach has changed the way she thinks about her role as a veterinary surgeon.

25 mins

Sarah Colegrave, vet at Mill House Veterinary Surgery and Hospital in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, discusses her career and how taking additional qualifications has helped in her development.

8 mins

From a personal perspective, vet and practice owner Michael Watts, MVB, MSc, MRCVS reflects on the challenges of recruiting in rural Ulster.

33 mins