October 2020

Colin Capner BVetMed, CertVA, CertLAS, BSc, MRCVS, discusses the impact of this highly stigmatised condition in the veterinary profession, and practical advice for both positive vets and pet owners.

27 mins

In his latest ECC Endeavours, Dave Beeston, BVetMed(Hons), PGDip(VCP), MRCVS reflects on the challenges and triumphs of the past few weeks.

30 mins

Anthony Andrews, BVetMed, PhD, DipECBHM, DipECSRHM, FBIAC, MRCVS, in the first of a two-part article, looks at the influence the world's greatest fictional vet has had on the profession.

35 mins

September 2020

Nat Scroggie looks back over the past six months as she signs off - at least for now - from My COVID Diaries.

9 mins

With the number of positive cases rising, Olivia Howard, BVM, BVS, MRCVS, uses her own experiences of this issue to offer advice to her veterinary peers.

11 mins

Nat Scroggie describes her joy at taking part in a triathlon - her first organised event since lockdown began.

10 mins

It may have first aired 23 years before her birth, but the revival of All Creatures Great and Small has led Nat Scroggie to question whether it still influenced her career.

9 mins

Dave Beeston reflects on his first month as a resident in the next of his rebranded series, ECC Endeavours.

29 mins

Chanticleer discusses the "complex knot of uncertainties" that the COVID-19 issue has created in his latest column.

17 mins

As she nears the end of her tenure as BVA president, Daniella Dos Santos looks back at the profession’s response to the pandemic and discusses future challenges.

35 mins

In her latest piece, Nat Scroggie recalls some valuable words from then-RCVS president (and former Vet Times columnist) Bradley Viner that still ring true…

9 mins

First-year veterinary student and blogger Charlie Jackson discusses how veterinary surgeons are perceived by clients and how often this can be fuelled by media misconceptions.

13 mins

RCVS Knowledge is back with another QI Vets quality improvement case example – this time concerning canine drug overdose.

18 mins

In her latest COVID Diary, Nat Scroggie ponders whether the pandemic gave many the chance to assess their work.

9 mins

Maddy Cousins – a mature vet student at the RVC and co-founder of VetConsult, an online booking and payment platform for vets – discusses this evolving area in the veterinary sphere.

24 mins

In her latest COVID diary, Nat Scroggie discusses the wedding day 2020 that wasn't.

9 mins

August 2020

Nat Scroggie takes another of her weekly looks at life in the new normal in this COVID Diary.

8 mins

Having documented his transition from student to new graduate in Grad Expectations, then offered readers an honest and open account of his experiences and mistakes as an intern in Practice Makes Perfect, regular Vet Times contributor Dave Beeston embarks on his latest column sharing the next step on his career path as an emergency and critical care resident.

26 mins

RCVS Knowledge, the charity advancing veterinary care quality, returns with a quality improvement technique feline case example.

20 mins

Nat Scroggie explains how taking time out to indulge in a spot of butterfly counting mindfulness opened her eyes to the importance of nature.

9 mins