April 2019

Veterinary Management Group president Gillian Page, RVN, uses her experience of setting up a practice to explain – ahead of her “New to management” lecture at BSAVA Congress – how a well-managed workflow is vital for staff well-being and strong business performance.

34 mins

Ahead of her BSAVA Congress lecture, Nicola Ackerman, RVN, discusses how nurses are best placed to lead these arrangements in practices and stresses why her peers’ skills should not be undervalued.

23 mins

David Beeston reflects on some challenging cases, which have reminded him of how much he still has to learn.

33 mins

APHA shares scientific presentation extracts from the one-day Diseases of Wildlife Scheme conference.

6 mins

March 2019

Penny Barker highlights the importance of anyone experiencing burnout or needing a break taking a step back and reclaiming time for themselves.

30 mins

Alistair Cliff, clinical board chairman at Independent Vetcare, steps into the Examination Room to discuss his career and interests.

15 mins

Alan Holford discusses the emotions he experienced when his mum became ill – and why owners sometimes misinterpret veterinary professionalism in difficult consultations for detachment.

36 mins

Yaiza Forcada and Stijn Niessen use research data and real world examples to assess how telemedicine can give a direct line to specialists.

33 mins

Mark Stevens discusses employer considerations around how to deal with these situations in practice.

14 mins

In his latest Practice Makes Perfect column, David Beeston covers one of the biggest issues facing veterinary and medical health care professionals – making mistakes.

34 mins

In the latest in a series of Veterinary Times Choices career case studies, Tim Potter outlines his career moves and how he became interested in veterinary research, offering advice to vets thinking of doing the same.

18 mins

February 2019

Paul Burr, Rachel Dean and Tim Shearman – in light of the looming decision to leave the EU in March – discuss the potential impact on movement of pets.

27 mins

“Today’s graduates have the disadvantage of having to fit into the matrix we created within what largely remains as a hierarchical profession. Tomorrow’s graduates will want to change things in ways millennials are more likely to accept.”

18 mins

If reading the phrase “reflective practice” makes you roll your eyes, Kay Hamblin and Lindsay Brazil urge you to think again – and consider it an essential part of any learning culture.

22 mins

Kate Tunley, in the final part of this article – part one having been written by Gerard McLaughlan (VT48.37) – recounts case presentations where such techniques were used.

9 mins

Justine Lee has gone from C-grade student to veterinary surgeon and online education trailblazer. She spoke to Holly Kernot about her own work-life balance experiences and how she is helping others.

26 mins

Veterinary Times talks to RCVS equine specialist Jonathan Anderson on how he has directed his professional career in surgery, advice for vets and areas still to be developed.

25 mins

Morven Ferrigan discusses how humans and wild animals in this African country coexist.

26 mins

January 2019

Regular Veterinary Times contributor David Beeston – a first opinion small animal general practitioner, who documented his transition from student to new grad through his monthly column, Grad Expectations – now shares his experiences as a no-longer-new-but-recent graduate.

24 mins

Stewart Bedford reports on his visit to the Olive Ridley Project and the work it does to help injured turtles living near the islands.

22 mins