March 2018

Drawing on experience from the consult room and a recent visit to Crufts, Jordan Sinclair discusses the ongoing uphill battle with some dog breeders.

16 mins

At graduation, Nick Marsh swore never to put himself through the stress of exams again. So why is it, 20 years on, he finds himself in a public library, desperately trying to cram information into his ageing brain?

18 mins

In the fourth and final part of his focus on ionised hypocalcaemia, Gerardo looks at the controversy regarding treatment of non-clinical cases and the prognostic indications of iCa concentrations.

12 mins

Curious about the proliferation of cat cafes, and concerned by the implications of forcing a group of notoriously territorial creatures into a shared environment, Jordan Sinclair drops in for a panini.

16 mins

Whether due to being inundated with clients, understaffed or trying to catch up on workload, resident RVN blogger Jane Davidson discusses the prevalence of staff members booking out false practice consultations, as well as the reasons they choose to keep up this pretence...

21 mins

February 2018

Acquisitions expert Alan Kelly talks paperwork as he describes the processes of due diligence and deal documentation, while offering key points for business owners to consider during each phase.

11 mins

Drawing on her personal experience and that of her university friends, Jordan Sinclair advises employers on how to ensure your practice is ready to welcome and benefit from a new graduate in the workplace.

20 mins

Having progressed to a more ordered career that makes more sense to him, Nick Marsh describes the “progression of compromises and juggling acts” that saw him move away from general practice.

13 mins

Following an unusual Twitter conversation with fellow blogger Nick Marsh, our resident RVN stands up and admits: “My name’s Jane, and I’m a sniffoholic.”

12 mins

Following his focus on the most common cause of clinical hypocalcaemia in cats and dogs, Gerardo takes a look at the clinical signs, treatment methods and the correction of calcium.

12 mins

In response to Nick Marsh's tongue-in-cheek post on home visits, PawSquad offers an alternate view and explains how they enable vets to provide better, more personal care than they often can in practice.

13 mins

In the second of this three-part series, Gerardo Poli focuses specifically on the most common cause of clinical hypocalcaemia in feline and canine patients.

14 mins

Never a huge fan of being on call, Nick Marsh focuses on the one aspect of this necessary evil he enjoys: the odd feeling of serenity that settles on him when alone in practice out-of-hours.

14 mins

Corporate finance expert Alan Kelly looks at the first of six main phases to consider during the process of selling a veterinary practice, and how to deal with some issues that arise.

8 mins

Gerardo Poli begins this three-part series by outlining the function of calcium, and common causes of low ionised calcium in cats and dogs.

7 mins

RVN Jane Davidson contemplates whether freezing and storing the body of recently deceased pets – so at some future time of medical advancement they may be brought back to life – will become a possibility, after receiving an interesting telephone call of that nature...

14 mins

January 2018

Taking part in a talk at SPVS-VMG Congress leads Jordan Sinclair to discuss the challenges, pitfalls, opportunities and advantages of hiring new graduates – all from the perspective of being one herself.

17 mins

Gerardo Poli discusses how to find the caudal vena cava – and interpret whether it is “fat”, “flat” or “bouncy” – to assess a patient’s fluid volume. Features video content.

41 mins

Nick Marsh shares his frustrating, scary and fascinating encounters when attending clients’ houses, explaining how people’s behaviour differs from when they are in a veterinary practice environment.

15 mins

In the first of a new series of business articles, legal expert Alan Kelly focuses on the trials and tribulations of selling a veterinary practice and advises owners to run their businesses “with one eye on the exit”.

8 mins