May 2018

As a proud #spoonie, Jane Davidson reveals how she copes with her debilitating health issues and chronic fatigue after a little help from her friends and paddling down the canal at BSAVA Congress.

15 mins

Gerardo Poli assesses common causes of low blood sugar, before suggesting a fairly straightforward treatment option and blood parameters that may appear on emergency databases.

5 mins

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Jordan Sinclair highlights on the importance of supporting colleagues who may be close to the edge and raising awareness of poor mental health in the profession, focusing on the overriding message – be kind.

11 mins

Gerardo Poli concludes the series with a rundown of this emergency surgical procedure, explaining why speed is of essence and considerations for anaesthesia usage. Includes video content of an emergency caesarean.

16 mins

In the first of a series discussing ethical issues, Nick Marsh shares his thoughts, feelings and experiences of how poultry in particular is treated from a welfare perspective – and the hypocrisy often generated from both meat eaters and vegetarians.

26 mins

In time for Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Jane Davidson hammers home the importance of RVNs using and taking pride in the veterinary nursing title, as well as not falling into the code-breaking trap when it comes to the RCVS' rules and regulations.

19 mins

In the third part of his series on obstructed labour, Gerardo Poli offers tips on the medical management of dystocia and details circumstances in which immediate caesarean section is indicated.

6 mins

In the final part of this series, corporate finance expert Gary Baines discusses the period after completion – and the skills required to go with this.

7 mins

Far from being lazy and entitled, Jordan Sinclair says the profession's millennials – driving battered cars and with bleak property-buying prospects – have simply drawn the short straw in the birthdate lottery. Yet, they still consider themselves privileged to be doing a job they love.

17 mins

After outlining the indications of dystocia in part one, Gerardo Poli describes the physical checks to carry out – and explains the importance of ultrasound – in determining patient status.

9 mins

April 2018

Caught in a love-hate relationship with life's unpredictability, Nick Marsh shares his past work experiences in which fluctuation isn't just a medical term or events occur that you could set your watch to.

12 mins

Not knowing how to determine a true dystocia emergency can cause confusion in practice. With this in mind, Gerardo Poli’s latest series of articles will address this and other common concerns in a step-by-step manner, starting with the stages of labour.

10 mins

After an exhausting but fulfilling weekend in Birmingham, Jane looks back at a BSAVA Congress that saw her speak about vlogging, launch an environmental initiative and manage to avoid falling in the canal.

13 mins

With today’s graduates having a very real option to never have to work out-of-hours, Jordan Sinclair discusses potential reasons as to why some new vets are opting not to undertake it.

17 mins

In the final part of this series, Gerardo Poli looks at how to perform ultrasounds in a systematic manner.

3 mins

There’s no shame in making money from the veterinary profession. This fact, however, doesn’t negate the feeling of guilt when turning away clients who can’t afford treatment for their pets, says Nick Marsh.

20 mins

It may be personal, it may be 'unspoken', but Jane Davidson is throwing down the gauntlet on the biological and emotional roller coaster that is hormones, and how, for female RVNs, they have a lot to answer for...

16 mins

“All the world’s a stage,” wrote Shakespeare – so Jordan Sinclair offers tips for new graduates to turn the consult room into their stage and win the trust of clients, despite lacking experience.

19 mins

Gerardo Poli offers step-by-step instructions – in the form of a video tutorial – to help optimise your ultrasound image quality. He looks specifically at which functions to adjust first, and discusses which settings will be better under certain situations.

5 mins

March 2018

Unwanted, unpleasant and relentless in their recurrence, Nick Marsh discusses the plight of this squeezing scenario in practice, and the “offending droplets” often left in its wake...

12 mins