July 2019

"Give me a ton of ticks, a fistful of fleas or a mountain of maggots" – Nick Marsh explains why he would rather deal with these loathsome parasites over a seemingly simple canine nail clip.

15 mins

Stepping once more unto the Tip of the Week breach, Hubert Hiemstra advises that it’s better to be open and honest about the importance of money when it comes to treating people’s pets.

8 mins

Having experienced one of the warmest June days for 40 years, and with a return to higher temperatures on the horizon, Eleanor Goad offers tips on keeping pets cool – including some lesser discussed species.

12 mins

Following recent criticism over the RCVS’ handling of debate on the implications of telemedicine services, Jordan Sinclair takes a critical look at the launch of virtual veterinary consultations in the UK.

10 mins

With Pride in London approaching, JaneRVN shares some fond and fun-filled memories of a much-loved and sorely missed colleague to explain why she is proud to be an “active ally”.

17 mins

In the final part of this series, Gerardo Poli focuses on the use of hypertonic saline and mannitol in reducing cerebral oedema, and offers some pointers on how to choose between them.

12 mins

June 2019

In the second part of his short series of tips designed to help get the most out of your clinical pathology submissions, Nick Marsh offers a few notes on how to present your samples.

23 mins

Jane Davidson explains the importance of reporting accidental needlestick injuries, and asks whether the avoidance of £1.32 per patient is worth a possible compensation claim worth thousands.

10 mins

Ami Sawran delves into the true meaning of resilience training, and offers some advice to CPD providers who profess to train people on issues of mental well-being: coping isn't enough!

7 mins

Mere days after exam period comes to its torturous conclusion, student vet Eleanor Goad advises her peers to sit back, relax and heed the words of Hollywood legend Doris Day.

8 mins

While not recognising a client in “out of context” situations – particularly without a pet in tow – can be awkward, it’s not an issue unique to the veterinary profession, as Jordan Sinclair explains.

10 mins

Having outlined the basic pathophysiology of head trauma in part one of this series, Gerardo Poli discusses ways of lowering cerebral blood volume to tackle this issue.

10 mins

General practitioner turned veterinary cytologist Nick Marsh offers the first in an “occasional series” of tips designed to help first opinion vets get the most out of their clinical pathology samples.

22 mins

Student Eleanor Goad wonders whether it is a veterinary professional’s inability to “switch off” at the end of a day that leads vets and nurses to suffer stress more than those in other occupations.

10 mins

In the first of a new series on head trauma, Gerardo Poli starts off with some basic pathophysiology.

9 mins

Ami Sawran discusses the importance of pre-clinical EMS while airing concerns over the potential loss of two invaluable learning experiences recently reported in mainstream media.

14 mins

May 2019

With a constant media focus on the topic of Brexit, vet blogger Jordan Sinclair tries to get a grip on what it means for veterinary professionals, their clients and – most importantly – their patients.

12 mins

Nobody likes receiving complaints, but Hubert Hiemstra claims his five-step plan can help alleviate unpleasant situations and turn them into “valuable opportunities for learning and growth”.

10 mins

Far from admitting to ennui during his years as a first opinion vet, Nick Marsh explains how, while unglamorous and somewhat repetitive in nature, general practice is far from boring.

16 mins

Vet student Eleanor Goad delves into what she considers the “ultimate battle between head and heart” for any vet – weighing up the desire to keep an animal alive against the need to assure quality of life.

8 mins