May 2022

Marie Rippingale discusses two of the main allergic respiratory and skin disorders in equids, and how veterinary nurses can help.

24 mins

Kelly Huitson RVN, advises on how vet nurses can support owners of animals suffering with blinding diseases.

19 mins

March 2022

John Redbond explains the importance of VN clinics, how they can be run, and the role they play in aiding the vet and client.

27 mins

Sarah Little outlines handling, behavioural and environmental aspects in animals pre-medication.

30 mins

January 2022

International Society of Feline Medicine vet Nathalie Dowgray explains why vet nurses play a key role in aiding the diagnosis of this condition in cats.

7 mins

December 2021

April Murphy RVN, considers toxic temptations, household hazards and routine changes – and what to do if disaster strikes.

34 mins

November 2021

Sarah Ramsden discusses managing periodontal disease – looking at nurse clinics, puppy and kitten health checks, and advising clients.

33 mins

August 2021

Georgina Sharman looks at the use of this in practice and how vet nurses can assist.

31 mins

It can be very daunting trying to write an article, but it is not as scary as you might think. Nicola Ruedisueli RVN, shares some tips on how you can get your work published...

9 mins

July 2021

Nicola Lakeman looks at the benefits that an RVN’s involvement in ear cases can bring.

18 mins

Elle Payne covers the grading and management of this common spinal cord condition, before detailing care that can be offered by veterinary nurses.

22 mins

June 2021

April Louise Murphy discusses care of rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters, including husbandry and nutrition.

51 mins

April 2021

Elle Payne explains how the veterinary nurse assists in caring for canine patients with this disease.

March 2021

Emma Gerrard advises on how to tackle these tricky parasites as spring approaches.

With spring just around the corner, Matt takes a look at nurse care and support to tortoises coming out of hibernation.

30 mins

February 2021

Nicola Ackerman PGDip, RVN, CertSAN, Cert VN ECC, VTS(Nutrition), offers advice on how to master the art of talking to reluctant clients, and the importance of this “soft skill” in gaining compliance.

28 mins

Laura Lacey details the disease processes that can affect small animal patients as they get older, and the importance of sharing with owners what is normal and what is not.

39 mins

January 2021

Sarah Collins, International Society of Feline Medicine programme manager at International Cat Care, explains how to work out energy requirements for your hospitalised feline patients.

6 mins

Emma Gerrard shares tips for RVNs to pass on to owners of young cats and dogs.

36 mins

Victoria Bowes advises on how VNs can help owners manage their pets’ weight and understand what is “too fat” or “too thin”.

34 mins