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Certain dog breeds still get a bad rap, says student Eleanor Goad, arguing that if more breeders were responsible, these negative stereotypes would be put to rest.

9 mins

In the first part of this series, Gerardo Poli informs how vets can spot the presenting signs of this condition in small animals.

8 mins

Misplacing or being unable to spot things in front of them are the most common causes of "the Vet Look", says vet nurse Jane Davidson. But you don't need St Anthony or an eagle-eyed VN to help, it just requires a simple routine.

11 mins

Vet school teaches you a lot of important things in preparation for the job. But being an independent vet in the wide world can be tricky, so Ami Sawran is on hand to provide some helpful life hacks.

9 mins

Many soon-to-graduate vets will already be on the lookout for a job, so Jordan Sinclair has advice on how practices can attract this valuable asset.

15 mins

Gerardo Poli reveals his tried and tested ritual of reseting his composure between consults and emergencies.

10 mins

Student Charlie Jackson muses on how vets can change attitudes of the industry and the public towards farm animals – to help improve their treatment and care.

11 mins

"Wildlife aren’t pets – they’re soldiers," argues Nick Marsh, stating that wildlife medicine – like most other areas of medicine – needs to be "brutally pragmatic".

17 mins

Eleanor Goad on why potential dog and cat owners shouldn't focus all their attention on pedigree breeds as a way of stopping more animals at shelters from being euthanised.

8 mins

Don't be daunted by the sight of the phenomenon, Gerardo Poli has a step-by-step guide that gets to the roots of the set-up.

6 mins

Using images and words found on the internet for presentations or social media can seem like a quick solution. But Jane Davidson has a few words of warning for those unaware of the law and encourages the profession to lead the way for fair copyright use.

13 mins

Ami Sawran discusses why well-being is more than just another buzzword, and ways practices can make employees feel happier and more relaxed in the workplace. Spoiler: it’s not all about cake.

11 mins