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As her time at university draws to an end, a visit to her old school sees Jordan reflect on the beginning of her vet school story – specifically how and why she chose to study at Glasgow.

11 mins

In the third of a four-part series on social media, Gerardo Poli looks at the plethora of platforms available and offers some advice on choosing the best one to fit your requirements.

8 mins

Advice comes after TV presenter and model Jodie Marsh posted a video to Facebook of her giving CPR to her bulldog Louie, who collapses "every couple of months".

4 mins

Nick Marsh claims he has never seen injuries suspicious enough to suggest anything more than an accident has occurred. In this post, he asks whether this makes him lucky, or just naive?

10 mins

In the second of a four-part series on social media, Gerardo Poli discusses the importance of getting the right message out to the right audience.

6 mins

Jane RVN's role in the RCVS pilot scheme for its new outcome-based CPD has got her thinking about thinking...

15 mins

Gerardo Poli begins a four-part series looking at the main aspects to consider with social media for veterinary practices – starting with goals and objectives.

7 mins

Dog behaviourist and registered dog trainer, Karen Wild, discusses the possible psychological implications of parasite bites in pets.

9 mins

Virbac discusses the many uses of hydrocortisone aceponate and ciclosporin in treating dermatological conditions.

9 mins

Nick Marsh draws one conclusion from the estimated 60,000 consultations during his career – he still has so much to learn. And it's a thought both wonderful and terrifying.

13 mins

RVN Jane Davidson dissects some of the myths that surround the dreaded multiple choice question exams (MCQs), which are commonly used for veterinary nurse exams.

11 mins

Fresh out of vet school, Jordan Sinclair questions why such a big emphasis is put on fees incurred during degrees rather than the real challenge – staying afloat.

10 mins