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Hubert Hiemstra discusses how he used the principles of hydroponics to boost his understanding – and increase his knowledge – of circulatory shock in critically ill patients.

12 mins

Vet student Eleanor Goad is eager to get stuck back into her studies; however, she is trying to remind herself to enjoy this down-time and some lazy days before vet school madness starts again.

9 mins

In today's digital age of speedy media sharing, Jane Davidson stresses the importance of understanding how client identities can be revealed via putting pieces of information together, and of remembering your ABC – airway, breathing and consent.

17 mins

Whether it’s assessing a passer-by’s dog, or checking your phone repeatedly while on call, switching off from veterinary life is tough. Jordan Sinclair can relate, but questions if you’d want to veto your vet brain?

13 mins

The stench, the sensation... and the spray – dealing with “those two little sacs of foul-smelling fluid” is a familiar scenario for many vets. Nick Marsh shares his tales of woe when having tackled such consults.

15 mins

Pestiviruses, tick-borne diseases, neoplasia, hair and skin conditions, and ocular infections are among the cases summarised in Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update.

29 mins

Having described how to perform this examination in part one, Gerardo Poli explains how to interpret the results in a clinical setting.

5 mins

As third year at vet school beckons, promising a move away from theory and into the uncharted waters of clinical training, Eleanor Goad takes stock of how far she’s already come in two short years.

7 mins

Whether it's strategic storage techniques or attempting to fill every nook and cranny, some veterinary practices are often faced with a “square peg in round hole” situation for ensuring a practical layout.

13 mins

With the average vet's day rarely filled with textbook scenarios or black and white decisions, Jordan Sinclair illustrates this with her own case example that paints a picture of what the profession is truly like.

16 mins

Perfectionism has given us great things, says Nick Marsh. But is there a place for it in the consulting rooms of general practice when there’s a waiting room full of angry clients and 15 operations scheduled?

20 mins

Gerardo Poli provides an introduction to performing and interpreting these examinations. Includes video content.

13 mins