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A combination of poorly written recruitment ads and the realisation she is mere months from entering the "real world" have prompted Jordan to create a list of tips for advertising jobs to new grad vets.

10 mins

Obstructive feline lower urinary tract disease is a common presentation in general practice. At Gerardo Poli's hospital, temporary relief is generally achieved within 15 minutes of patient arrival.

6 mins

Providing vets and final year veterinary students with valuable "hands-on" canine neutering experience. Book now!

6 mins

While it's perfectly natural for a pride of lions to starve to death because they failed to kill enough prey, there’s nothing natural about vaccinations, antibiotics or processed food – and, according to Nick Marsh, it’s a bloody good thing, too.

10 mins

Gerardo Poli offers advice for diagnosing cases of gastric dilatation-volvulus, lists clinical signs and discusses the importance of performing an abdominal radiograph.

6 mins

Jane Davidson takes a look at the public's limited perception of veterinary nursing and wonders what can be done to improve awareness of the profession.

12 mins

With the new year comes resolutions – and Jordan Sinclair calls on pet owners to make one for their pets to help them stay in shape and enjoy the lifestyle they deserve.

7 mins

Performing euthanasias is the one of the hardest parts of a vet's job. Gerardo Poli provides advice to help make the process easier for you, your client and, most importantly, your patient.

6 mins

Clinical reasoning skills form the cornerstone of vets' daily diagnostic and treatment decisions. Jill Maddison discusses how those decisions can be enhanced.

17 mins

Nick Marsh has discovered a little bit of magic in his life – just in time for Christmas. However, as he explains, it also means his new year's resolution is to enunciate better.

11 mins

Gerardo Poli looks at ongoing losses, the fourth and final part of a fluid therapy plan, and offers some general rules.

3 mins

How do you find a veterinary nurse when they're in short supply? It's not with "toys", cakes and chocolate. Jane Davidson talks VN recruitment and whether your adverts are sending the right message.

10 mins