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After an exhausting but fulfilling weekend in Birmingham, Jane looks back at a BSAVA Congress that saw her speak about vlogging, launch an environmental initiative and manage to avoid falling in the canal.

13 mins

With today’s graduates having a very real option to never have to work out-of-hours, Jordan Sinclair discusses potential reasons as to why some new vets are opting not to undertake it.

16 mins

From groundbreaking bionic surgery to late-night calvings riddled with risks, TV offers the public an insight into the everyday lives of vets – but are these shows in danger of being detrimental to the profession?

16 mins

In the final part of this series, Gerardo Poli looks at how to perform ultrasounds in a systematic manner.

2 mins

There’s no shame in making money from the veterinary profession. This fact, however, doesn’t negate the feeling of guilt when turning away clients who can’t afford treatment for their pets, says Nick Marsh.

20 mins

It may be personal, it may be 'unspoken', but Jane Davidson is throwing down the gauntlet on the biological and emotional roller coaster that is hormones, and how, for female RVNs, they have a lot to answer for...

16 mins

“All the world’s a stage,” wrote Shakespeare – so Jordan Sinclair offers tips for new graduates to turn the consult room into their stage and win the trust of clients, despite lacking experience.

19 mins

Gerardo Poli offers step-by-step instructions – in the form of a video tutorial – to help optimise your ultrasound image quality. He looks specifically at which functions to adjust first, and discusses which settings will be better under certain situations.

5 mins

If you are a veterinary student who has known about your dyslexia for years or have just been diagnosed, Lydia Rimmer has some words of positivity to hold off the self-doubt.

7 mins

Unwanted, unpleasant and relentless in their recurrence, Nick Marsh discusses the plight of this squeezing scenario in practice, and the “offending droplets” often left in its wake...

12 mins

The control panel of an ultrasound machine may seem ominous to some. So, in a new series, Gerardo Poli explains the function of each dial and button to help clinicians get started.

8 mins

With so many veterinary students vying for the position of top dog, standing out can be a challenge. With this in mind, University of Bristol student Chloe Smith offers some advice on how to earn your stripes.

9 mins