May 2020

Rebel who my son John has taught so many tricks with this lockdown . He … more

My one-eyed pudding waiting for her breakfast while casually matching the Mexican cat on my … more

Oats and Tabby have used this precious time to bond

Pleased to introduce you all to our 5 year old BT Oats and our little … more

Keeping me going through lockdown has been spending time with family that I live alongside … more

I live on my own, so lockdown has been a challenge. However I’ve had my … more

Hilda definitely thinks this is all a good excuse to sleep all day ?

April 2020

Lintbells and Peter Purves launch #RescueYourRescue – a nationwide emergency fund-raising appeal that will urgently … more

11 mins

My 13+ year old ex Battersea Labrador Sam ! Has to be involved in everything

So for a bit of variety and to stop staring at the same four walls, … more

Concerned about the increase in urgent or emergency cases that may need to be seen … more

Having now been just the two of us at home for over a fortnight, my … more

My name is Os ( I have other names but apparently they can’t be listed … more

Whilst trying to work from home, I get a knock on the window saying the … more

Tiggy says I can’t do any more work today

Well packed whippets. They do have an office bed each!

Tom Thumb is not coping with his mummy working from home, it’s all a bit … more

Working from home definitely has its challenges – mine is called Hendricks!

Everyone meet my Junior Secretary Spaniel Rosie! She spends most of her day keeping me … more

Working from home definitely has its challenges when you have to see this face staring … more