November 2023

Francesca Lees clears up misunderstandings she has come across while in practice.

12 mins

October 2023

Nikki McLeod outlines some main anxiety-driven behaviours in companion animals, as well as their causes, prevalence, and advice to give pet owners.

47 mins

February 2023

Elle Boden focusing on cats, discusses how VNs can navigate this topic, and advise clients on preventing and tackling undesirable habits before they become bigger problems.

December 2022

Nikki McLeod addresses fear and anxiety in companion animals, and advises on how to help keep pets calm at home and in practice.

17 mins

October 2022

Laura Lacey looks at how, considering all the senses, owners can help their pets cope with this annual occurrence.

35 mins

Hannah Morris advises on how to prepare pets for the seasonal issue, including advising owners on planning ahead.

27 mins

February 2021

Val Strong, Karen Marsh, Ross Tiffin and Christine Ward explore how a novel form of dog food may help with stress and anxiety in these animals.

32 mins

December 2020

Vedrana Nikolic discovers how owning a dog aids human well-being in difficult times.

15 mins

April 2020

Scratching is a normal behaviour in cats, but can be a problem for owners. International Cat Care behaviourist Elizabeth Waring explains more.

6 mins

March 2020

Lisa Howe shares her nursing journey and, after realising the lack of support around pet loss, how she came to be a pet bereavement counsellor.

7 mins

October 2018

Rosie Bescoby offers some words of wisdom to RVNs in maximising owner compliance when it comes to ensuring their pets are kept as calm as possible during this season.

30 mins

January 2018

RVN Michelle Cox talks readers through how her veterinary practice is helping frightened dogs cope with their much-needed trips to the clinic.

38 mins

October 2016

Emma Gerrard discusses environmental triggers, as well as short-term and long-term management strategies, for cats and dogs with sound sensitivities.

24 mins

January 2016

Linda Roberts provides an introductory look at the psychology, methodology and uses of this form of reinforcement learning in animals.

31 mins

Laura Lacey looks at causal factors, behaviour meanings and therapy options in relation to negative emotions experienced in dogs when home alone.

37 mins

December 2015

Eileen Green VN Times editor, shares advice given by a behaviour expert on helping these domesticated birds and their owners to live both happily and harmoniously.

14 mins

October 2015

Claire Hargrave offers advice to pass on to owners regarding best practice to managing animal anxiety from unexpected noises.

27 mins