January 2018

James Dixon discusses diagnosis and management options for this condition, with a focus on the more common complaints.

30 mins

Tim Potter discusses the importance of cattle vaccines to reduce antibiotic use and the vet’s role in advising farmers.

21 mins

December 2017

"The issue of personalising relationships resonated with me for the way we communicate with farm clients." – Emily Simcock in her latest Practice Notes column.

19 mins

"Nothing has a greater impact on your business than a TB failure and absolutely nothing you can do can influence the outcome." – Roger Evans.

19 mins

November 2017

Daniel Parker provides an overview of how he ended up in the poultry sector of veterinary practice and the misconception over what such a job role actually entails.

26 mins

Lee-Anne Oliver describes why nutritional management is critical in pre-lambing ewes and how to assess it in the sheep flock.

28 mins

Adam Martin discusses the introduction and evolution of AI throughout history, as well as its uses in herd breeding.

32 mins

Roger Evans presents his latest Dairy Diary.

19 mins

Michael Head explores the use of advanced techniques for inseminating cows, focusing on a variety of available methods.

34 mins

Peter Edmondson in the first of a six-part article series, shares his findings on how a veterinary surgeon way of life differs down under.

15 mins

Hany Elsheikha looks at the groups of worms that infect cattle and discusses effective control and infection management.

37 mins

October 2017

Chris Palgrave, Pernille Jorgensen and David Harwood discuss the inception of a network of veterinary investigation centres, plus its evolution of aims and objectives.

32 mins

John Carr and Mark Howells describe approaches to examining populations of these animals on farms to detect signs of respiratory disease.

43 mins

Peter Edmondson looks at how vets can work with farmers to effectively control and reduce infection on dairy farms.

31 mins

Roger Evans makes no apologies for returning to a regular discussion point in his latest Dairy Diary.

13 mins

Natasha Mitchell discusses various ocular diseases affecting dogs that are seen in veterinary practice, as well as treatment strategies.

53 mins

Wendela Wapenaar details the importance of knowledge and communication when working with farmers to improve animal health.

19 mins

Lee-Anne Oliver details the predominant organisms causing these diseases in cattle and sheep, as well as control measures.

21 mins

John Carr and Mark Howells discuss three ideas for techniques to help enhance both the quality and quantity of colostrum – a key factor in porcine survival and production.

21 mins

September 2017

Emily Simcock ponders when we ever formally reflect on our technical or communication skills with another veterinary colleague after graduation?

20 mins