February 2017

Peter Edmondson discusses why vets are best placed to help farmers make the transition to selective dry cow therapy.

27 mins

Roger Evans looks at some of the issues affecting dairy farmers, including antibiotics and the continuing issues around bTB – especially on his own farm.

15 mins

January 2017

Adam Martin describes how modern techniques have answered beef suckler farmers’ concerns about using artificial insemination.

21 mins

Sara Pedersen describes the importance of communication and working jointly with all involved when treating cases of lame animals.

34 mins

Roger Evans discusses the business impact of TB on his farm, and looks at other issues, including badger culling.

13 mins

December 2016

Oliver Tilling explains the importance of a calf's first nutritional intake and steps for its effective production and management.

16 mins

Roger Evans reflects on a week where the TB “black cloud” settles over the farm, and he questions both the precautions in place as well as actions to be taken.

12 mins

Paul Horwood discusses some of the cattle products available on the market and methods on how to prevent a disease outbreak.

20 mins

Peter Edmondson discusses the role of vets in reducing antibiotic use for this condition, as well as common difficulties and ways of managing perceived treatment failure.

25 mins

Difficult calvings are common events for farm animal vets and are rarely straightforward. However, as Paul Wood explains, they can be a good way for new vets to gain clients’ respect.

21 mins

November 2016

James Russell explores the challenges of addressing immunosuppression by reviewing a project at one farm to improve transition cow management.

25 mins

Better knowledge of supplements can help vets strengthen relationships with farmers. Peter Bone explains how these skills can also be used to create monitoring plans to boost herd production and productivity.

16 mins

Congress Times editor Rebecca Hubbard talks to Send A Cow's Ritchie Alford about the charity's mission of sending cows to Africa, and how cattle vets can get involved.

12 mins

Kathryn Hart and Oliver Tilling discuss how vets can get more involved with youngstock, both proactively and regularly.

19 mins

Louise Silk discusses the importance and impact of offering quality nutrition when feeding pregnant ewes.

24 mins

John Dawson looks at this worldwide foot problem in dairy cattle, how the bacteria infects animals on farm, treatment of the individual and herd, and prevention.

18 mins

Mike Taylor discusses the use of the guidelines, set up in response to concerns about anthelmintic resistance, using a case study of how to control worms with medication.

29 mins

Iain McCormick discusses topics covered by leading researchers at a web congress that focused on bovine viral diarrhoea.

15 mins

October 2016

Paul Wood advises on measures to protect calves from this multifactorial respiratory disease, such as housing assessment, ventilation, diagnostics and vaccination.

16 mins

Owen Atkinson discusses various approaches towards managing this common pernicious disease affecting the bovine foot.

22 mins