April 2018

James Breen and Katherine Fitzgerald describe approaches to preventing and controlling disease in the herd to improve welfare and farm profitability.

34 mins

An update on three main causes of foot disease in sheep, looking at its diagnosis, control and treatment.

25 mins

Nicola Gladden discusses problems and conditions facing dairy cows following calving.

36 mins

Roger Evans discusses food production, and his theory consumers will soon fall into three categories.

18 mins

March 2018

Oliver Tilling discusses how to identify the causes of this common condition and some of the available treatment options.

42 mins

Virginia Sherwin describes the diagnosis and treatment of this disease in cattle and looks at prevention methods through housing.

40 mins

Roger Evans casts his mind back to his early days in farming, and wonders when things became more convoluted.

19 mins

Emily Simcock discusses out-of-hours issues, consultancy work and other topics in her latest Practice Notes column.

20 mins

February 2018

Virginia Sherwin discusses how this can affect heifer rearing and be optimised for best performance efficiency and production.

22 mins

Sophie Mahendran looks at how to increase the number of eligible cows served and deal with low pregnancy percentages in herds.

33 mins

Mick Millar investigates the spread and causes of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, discussing treatment and control methods.

32 mins

January 2018

Roger Evans discusses what many dairy farmers have been thinking in the past few years – that cows are getting taller, and thus potentially impacting on herd welfare.

18 mins

Peter Edmondson reviews a talk at the 2017 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference focusing on interactions.

11 mins

David Harwood summarises proceedings from the Goat Veterinary Society autumn meeting held in Taunton, Somerset.

26 mins

James Dixon discusses diagnosis and management options for this condition, with a focus on the more common complaints.

30 mins

Tim Potter discusses the importance of cattle vaccines to reduce antibiotic use and the vet’s role in advising farmers.

21 mins

December 2017

"The issue of personalising relationships resonated with me for the way we communicate with farm clients." – Emily Simcock in her latest Practice Notes column.

19 mins

"Nothing has a greater impact on your business than a TB failure and absolutely nothing you can do can influence the outcome." – Roger Evans.

19 mins

November 2017

Daniel Parker provides an overview of how he ended up in the poultry sector of veterinary practice and the misconception over what such a job role actually entails.

26 mins

Lee-Anne Oliver describes why nutritional management is critical in pre-lambing ewes and how to assess it in the sheep flock.

28 mins