November 2018

Jenny Hull, following part one of her article (VT48.36), discusses the benefits and stages of fertility testing male sheep.

34 mins

Saying no often feels like a hard thing to do; however, Ami Sawran suggests it shouldn't be about letting people down, but protecting your well-being, both physically and mentally.

11 mins

Paul Burr breaks down ways to counter these infections via various control and prevention methods.

19 mins

David Harwood recounts a full programme at the Goat Veterinary Society spring meeting from various specialists in animal health.

28 mins

Jacqueline Matthews discusses the spread of this parasitic disease and methods of managing the spread of Fasciola hepatica on farms.

31 mins

Roger Evans looks on how the countryside – specifically the demographics of people living there – have changed in his 50 years in farming.

18 mins

Ami Sawran describes her early career as a vet and why it took six years for her to actually start enjoying her job.

12 mins

October 2018

Philip Elkins looks at how to investigate transition issues, the risk factors and ways to increase success, in the second of two parts.

29 mins

Sophie Mahendran considers factors in maintaining fresh cow health, such as a low stress, comfort, feed access and monitoring. Includes video content.

20 mins

Andy Forbes discusses some aspects of helminth infections in these cattle, and explains how adequate levels of control can be achieved with relatively little anthelmintic inputs.

28 mins

Jamie Robertson discusses methods of monitoring this essential nutrient at farm level – and interpreting sample results – and offers guidance on how to sort issues.

25 mins

Roger Evans discusses how he has taken his farm organic in his latest Dairy Diary.

17 mins

Paul Burr recounts a meeting of minds from all areas of the farming industry to discuss ways of wiping out this disease.

19 mins

September 2018

Sophie Mahendran looks at important nematodes that affect dairy cows, their life cycles and worming protocols.

32 mins

Philip Elkins, in the first of a two-part article, looks at methods to help achieve a successful outcome from this crucial period.

33 mins

Being an on call farm vet shouldn't all be stressful, there's many ways to make it much more manageable by finding a good place for your mobile telephone, having a sympathetic friend and conditioning your hair.

17 mins

Jenny Hull looks at how to ensure rams are at optimal level for breeding, in the first of a two-part article on ram preperation and fertility testing.

32 mins

Jacqueline Matthews describes the factors that cause this disease, clinical signs, resistance to medicines, and treatment and control methods.

45 mins

August 2018

Jacqueline Matthews suggests diagnostic techniques for the improved treatment and management of helminths affecting on-farm cattle.

68 mins

Peter Edmondson offers advice on how to ask the right questions to evaluate treatment success, saying it is wrong to make assumptions.

25 mins