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May 2022

Phil Elkins BVM&S, CertAVP(Cattle), MRCVS explains how nutritional and environmental changes can combat this increasingly common condition.

23 mins

Owen Atkinson BVSc, DCHP, MRCVS looks at what farm vets can learn when trying to persuade farmers of the need to vaccinate their herds or flocks.

34 mins

Neil Shand, National Beef Association chief executive and BVDFree England vice-chairperson, looks at progress made in each nation and what needs to happen next.

19 mins

Rob Hall, BA, VetMB, MRCVS, provides his views on BVD across the nations, and explains how his practice helps producers to keep an eye on the disease in their herds.

23 mins

Nick Bell MA, VetMB, PhD, PGCertVetEd, FHEA, DipECAWBM(AWSEL), MRCVS discusses a significant problem facing the dairy sector across the world.

20 mins

With herds getting larger and many dairy farms having professionalised, farm teams – with a specific management hierarchy – are increasingly common. Phil Elkins BVM&S, CertAVP(Cattle), MRCVS looks at how they are evolving and what they should be involved in.

23 mins

March 2022

Optimum calving doesn’t just happen, and whether in spring or autumn, planning is key. In this article, Navaratnam Partheeban explains how vet and farmer can work together on ensuring the successful birth and rearing of every calf.

29 mins

February 2022

Emma Fishbourne outlines the clinical advantages to selective dry cow therapy, and the barriers that vets and farmers must overcome to promote its application.

January 2022

Victoria Hudson BVM&S, MRCVS discusses the subclinical form of this issue and how vets can be proactive in preventing its occurrence.

32 mins

As lambing season approaches, letter to Vet Times highlights Sheep Veterinary Society guidance detailing potential alternatives to discontinued antibiotic, and encourages practitioners to engage with clients to ensure good ewe nutrition and colostrum management.

Rebecca Howard VetMB, MA, MRCVS details the Farm Vet Academy Practical Farm Skills Week designed to fill the EMS placement gap due to COVID-19.

15 mins

December 2021

David Harwood BVetMed, FRCVS summarises talks from the Goat Veterinary Society’s autumn meeting, which was held in person at Taunton Racecourse

26 mins

Matthew Dobbs BVM&S, CertCHP, GDL, ARAgS, MRCVS outlines various areas of law that may apply when such animals cause injury

61 mins

John Remnant BVSc, CertAVP, DipECBHM, PhD, SFHEA, MRCVS discusses findings from his scholarship exploring how the profession meets future needs in livestock agriculture.

25 mins

November 2021

Peter Plate DrMedVet, MRCVS and Rachel Hayton BSc(VetSci), BVM&S, CertCHP, MRCVS answer questions surrounding this topic on where the science is and whether it is a good idea for clients.

25 mins

Phil Elkins BVM&S, CertAVP(Cattle), MRCVS, provides an overview of primary and multi‑species conditions affecting livestock worldwide, as well as current considerations for keeping them at bay.

32 mins

October 2021

Sophie Mahendran discusses the career opportunities such programmes can offer – namely specialist status and the benefits this brings.

38 mins

Phil Elkins BVM&S, CertAVP(Cattle), MRCVS, looks at monitoring, measurement and management of cows during this period.

24 mins

September 2021

In this article, Charlotte Mouland explores common infectious and non-infectious conditions causing lameness in sheep, and discusses latest treatment and control strategies.

22 mins

The author explains the importance of trace elements bovine and ovine health.

33 mins