September 2019

Roger Evans discusses sales reps and activities particular to certain types of year in his latest Dairy Diary.

19 mins

Neil Sargison discusses principles of control, as well as challenges in the face of gastrointestinal roundworm and lungworm adaptation.

38 mins

August 2019

Owen Atkinson takes a look at research into advancements in understanding this condition to help vets support clients.

33 mins

Sally Wilson uses her first-hand experience to discuss the skill behind creating user-friendly on-farm protocols.

33 mins

Paul Wood discusses the clinical presentation of this infection, and eradication schemes in place across the UK and Europe.

34 mins

July 2019

Sophie Mahendran looks at approaches to prevent this disease in young cattle, considering housing and ventilation factors.

32 mins

Paddy Gordon discusses how to effectively prevent disease through good management, housing and nutrition.

39 mins

Hany Elsheikha reviews on-farm management of worm infection, including the latest on responsible prescribing of anthelmintics.

44 mins

June 2019

Respiratory diseases seen in spring 2019 is the focus of Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update – including cases of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, respiratory syncytial virus and pasteurellosis.

19 mins

David Harwood reports on a mix of topics including disbudding best practice at the Goat Veterinary Society's spring meeting.

26 mins

Roger Evans provides the latest in his series of Dairy Diary, this time with a look at organic farming.

20 mins

Sally Wilson discusses how her practice decided to harness this concept and make it a constructive tool for both farmer and vet.

40 mins

CASE STUDY: 2016 BVDzero awards finalist Angela Damaso explains how limited resources, farmer apathy, biosecurity challenges and various other issues resulted in an incomplete BVD eradication programme.

15 mins

May 2019

Mastitis, BVD and malignant catarrhal fever are just three of the conditions seen by Axiom Veterinary Laboratories during the spring of 2019.

25 mins

Sara Pedersen looks at studies into the prevention and treatment of this condition, and applying it to veterinary practice.

35 mins

Kim Stafford and Phil Elkins discuss the aetiology and treatment options regarding this seasonal bacterial infection.

21 mins

April 2019

Sarah Hewitt discusses the life cycle of this parasitic disease, methods of detecting infection, treatment options and measures for its control.

40 mins

Roger Evans offers his take on some of the issues impacting on farming in his latest Dairy Diary.

22 mins

The author runs through some of the important considerations for farm animal vets and their clients, with particular emphasis on vaccination and disease prevention, husbandry and nutrition.

26 mins

Tim Potter looks how vets can help clients manage at one of the leading causes of losses in the beef and dairy industry.

30 mins