March 2019

In his latest report from Axiom laboratories, veterinary clinical pathologist James Barnett focuses on respiratory disease in the months of December, January and February.

17 mins

Johnathan Love and Mike Taylor explain several control and worming strategies to help prevent parasitic nematode infections in herds.

37 mins

Vet Jack Sheldrake explains how he and a veterinary colleague have bucked the trend by setting up and running a successful farm veterinary practice that is an independent business.

25 mins

Jenny Hull describes approaches to calculating the internal pelvic area of a cow to determine its potential for breeding.

20 mins

Kaz Strycharczyk describes techniques to deal with this common emergency situation, including aftercare and prognosis.

41 mins

Sophie Mahendran considers the need for cattle to be well cared for during this time, including nutrition and maintaining hygiene.

34 mins

February 2019

2018 will live in Roger Evans’ memory as a bad year for several reasons – from a longer winter and drought, to a TB breakdown and BSE threat.

19 mins

Sally Wilson discusses the importance of clear, concise communication between these two parties on this subject.

41 mins

January 2019

Katie Fitzgerald describes how developing a relationship with farmer clients helps progress their business and animal health and welfare.

24 mins

Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update focuses on gastrointestinal and nutritional diseases, including Salmonella, Johne’s disease and heavy metal poisoning.

19 mins

Sophie Mahendran looks into how the disease arises in calves and approaches to managing it – including oral rehydration.

29 mins

December 2018

Axiom Veterinary Laboratories assesses a series of case studies of infections on farms, including viral respiratory and bacterial respiratory infections.

18 mins

Valentina Busin discusses management strategies to maximise newborn lamb survival, animal welfare and farm profitability.

32 mins

Peter Edmondson looks at minimising drug residue in milk, in which human error has been found to be a major cause of bulk tank failure.

27 mins

Paddy Gordon looks at measures to prevent or minimise incidences of this metabolic disease in dairy cattle.

39 mins

November 2018

The author joined a gathering of vets, students and other interested parties to watch the … more

9 mins

James Barnett presents a selection of cases from the ruminant diagnostic caseload of Axiom Veterinary Laboratories from the spring and early summer of 2018.

34 mins

Jenny Hull, following part one of her article (VT48.36), discusses the benefits and stages of fertility testing male sheep.

34 mins

Saying no often feels like a hard thing to do; however, Ami Sawran suggests it shouldn't be about letting people down, but protecting your well-being, both physically and mentally.

12 mins

Paul Burr breaks down ways to counter these infections via various control and prevention methods.

19 mins