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March 2022

Are you fed up with unproductive conversations in the workplace? Steve Bailey suggests that it might be time to rethink roles you play in your practice – helping you quickly get to the crux of any conflict.

28 mins

Steve Bailey – a partner of Space Coaching Services and a trained facilitator of action learning sets – explains how this concept creates a source of support for veterinary teams to tackle workplace problems.

32 mins

December 2021

Catherine Oxtoby BVSc, PhD, MRCVS, describes how this mindset – inspired by technology adopted by the aviation industry more than 60 years ago – can help veterinary teams understand why errors occur and, as a result, lead to better care for patients…

26 mins

August 2021

If you are one of nature’s wonders – good at everything – then good for you; you truly are a rarity. Mere mortals like the rest of us, or those who want to grow and develop their practice to be more than a “one-man band”, will need a strong team to ensure they can deliver the performance and standard of care patients and clients deserve…

27 mins

July 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the impact social interaction has on our general well-being, and shone a light on the need for all of us to have a greater focus on our mental and physical health. So it has been more important to find effective ways to keep ourselves “above the line”…

29 mins

Challenging situations are a given in life as a farm vet. David Anderson, member of the VetPartners Wellbeing Group and practising vet at Westpoint Farm Vets in Derbyshire, shares his insights into how vets can stay resilient and on top of their game – no matter the situation…

22 mins

June 2021

In this article, Caroline Allen BA, VetMB, CertSAM, MRCVS, discusses early research and the challenges of dealing with bereavement during a pandemic.

22 mins

March 2021

Brin McNeill BVMS, MRCVS, of Castle Veterinary Centre in Nottingham, offers some thoughts on EMS for students amid the pandemic with help from her daughter Cara, a third-year student at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine.

33 mins

The concept of T-shaped skills is a metaphor often used by recruiters to describe the abilities of persons in the workforce. It is also an excellent framework to plan a veterinary CPD programme that’s going to deliver plenty of bang for your bucks…

20 mins

January 2021

Burnout is known for its impact on individuals, but it can also significantly influence business success – affecting client satisfaction, care quality and staff retention. Here Mark Turner, with RCVS Knowledge, sets out simple strategies managers can use to tackle this issue...

33 mins

October 2020

After all the recent upheaval, it is imperative that practices are getting their teams back in shape, and working towards a harmonious and focused workplace to move forward. MWI Business Academy leader and VN Bobbie Flight shares a few ideas to help keep your team on track.

15 mins

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you...” – motivational speaker Zig Ziglar.

21 mins

Anyone involved in running a practice knows how big a challenge it can be to find a vet who fits with your culture and the rest of the team. So at Peter Fenton Equine Veterinary Practice near Manchester, owner Diane Horner has decided to take a radically new approach to this perennial problem...

11 mins

August 2020

With clinical advisory boards becoming more commonplace, it can be challenging to cut through the noise to understand their benefit to modern veterinary practice. Using the clinical advisory board within MWI Distinct Advantage as a working example, the members look at how to help provide guidance on clinical improvements, compliance with best practice, enhance care to patients and support the commercial elements of veterinary practice – all while maintaining clinician choice...

14 mins

July 2020

At this time of year, thoughts turn to the trips and holidays we plan to take. In the short term, coronavirus has put paid to that. But while we may not be able to travel, employees are still accruing holiday, and many are wondering how the rules will play out…

10 mins

May 2020

Coronavirus has brought swift, sudden change, and a new normal now prevails. Alan Robinson explains why businesses that hope to survive the present and thrive in the future must understand what these changes mean, and how to respond...

34 mins

February 2020

Stress and burnout are at epidemic levels across the profession, but vets and nurses are often left to solve their own well-being issues. Alan Robinson argues, however, that it’s the practice leaders and managers who should be doing more to help banish the burnout blues...

2 mins

Many veterinary professionals aspire to ownership, but becoming a leader is not necessarily part of their dream. Yet practice ownership immediately places people in a leadership role, so why don’t owners always want to step up?

19 mins

January 2020

VBJ familiarises readers with the association's history, membership and key activities, as well as its outgoing and incoming presidents.

4 mins

VBJ familiarises readers with the association's history, membership and key activities, as well as its outgoing and incoming presidents.

6 mins