May 2018

In time for Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Jane Davidson hammers home the importance of RVNs using and taking pride in the veterinary nursing title, as well as not falling into the code-breaking trap when it comes to the RCVS' rules and regulations.

19 mins

April 2018

After an exhausting but fulfilling weekend in Birmingham, Jane looks back at a BSAVA Congress that saw her speak about vlogging, launch an environmental initiative and manage to avoid falling in the canal.

13 mins

It may be personal, it may be 'unspoken', but Jane Davidson is throwing down the gauntlet on the biological and emotional roller coaster that is hormones, and how, for female RVNs, they have a lot to answer for...

16 mins

March 2018

As “found pet” groups become more prevalent on the internet, RVN blogger Jane Davidson relives the time she found a lost cat to explain the strong feelings that come with temporary “ownership”.

16 mins

Whether due to being inundated with clients, understaffed or trying to catch up on workload, resident RVN blogger Jane Davidson discusses the prevalence of staff members booking out false practice consultations, as well as the reasons they choose to keep up this pretence...

21 mins

February 2018

Following an unusual Twitter conversation with fellow blogger Nick Marsh, our resident RVN stands up and admits: “My name’s Jane, and I’m a sniffoholic.”

12 mins

RVN Jane Davidson contemplates whether freezing and storing the body of recently deceased pets – so at some future time of medical advancement they may be brought back to life – will become a possibility, after receiving an interesting telephone call of that nature...

14 mins

January 2018

For those hoping to find their dream job in 2018, RVN Jane Davidson warns against being seduced by an increased headline salary, and urges jobseekers to take the whole remuneration package into account.

14 mins

VN blogger Jane Davidson uses the new year to file a “State of the Nation”-type review of the profession, pausing to reflect a common postnominal-based identity crisis.

12 mins

December 2017

Not everyone likes the festive season – Jane Davidson included. So, for those dreading Christmas, she offers some words of support: “Do you and do it well.”

18 mins

Jane RVN looks at the ways veterinary practices can improve levels of customer service and resolve many of the potential conflict areas that can lead to confrontation.

18 mins

November 2017

Jane RVN recalls an high-profile cat scratch incident and discusses why such injuries are often treated as a source of amusement, whereas dog attacks are seen as cause for hysteria.

14 mins

Jane RVN delves into the 90-odd pages of the RCVS' much-anticipated Schedule 3 survey report and digs out a couple of the gems contained within its pages for closer inspection.

17 mins

October 2017

“Time spent sitting down as a VN should improve the time spent standing up,” writes Jane Davidson as she highlights the importance of desk duties and discusses how it could improve client interaction.

11 mins

Her social media campaigning, especially under #planetrvn, has won her an RCVS innovation award. Now, Jane Davidson advocates why everyone must create their own future.

17 mins

September 2017

VN blogger Jane Davidson shows a little love for the world's longest-running radio soap opera and explains why Ambridge needs a veterinary nurse or two.

14 mins

Channel 4's back-to-basics show Eden – which saw 23 strangers unsuccessfully build a community from scratch – has highlighted the complexity around euthanasia and slaughter, says Jane RVN.

17 mins

August 2017

Despite some initial apprehension over getting involved, Jane RVN is now fully part of the #VNFutures initiative with a role in one of its working groups. Here, she reports from one of its roadshows.

10 mins

Aware the proliferation of veterinary initialisms may be confusing for some, Jane Davidson has compiled a list of the main associations as a quick guide for those new to the profession.

15 mins

July 2017

Noticing an abundance of people unable to find TP placements or even work experience, Jane RVN looks back at how she became an RVN to work out how she managed it.

19 mins