July 2017

Noticing an abundance of people unable to find TP placements or even work experience, Jane RVN looks back at how she became an RVN to work out how she managed it.

12 mins

Jane RVN's role in the RCVS pilot scheme for its new outcome-based CPD has got her thinking about thinking...

15 mins

June 2017

Jane RVN delves into the BVNA and BSAVA archives to try and discover who decided veterinary nurses should wear green uniforms.

12 mins

Jane Davidson reflects on exhibition freebies, and whether everyone really needs all those pens, posters and sticky notes.

11 mins

May 2017

In his final post to mark Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Gerardo Poli outlines signs that might indicate whether you are at risk of compassion fatigue or burnout.

10 mins

Jane Davidson outlines why, if you're a training practice committed to CPD, you need updated contracts in place, so all parties know what they're undertaking – including the financial costs and timescales.

9 mins

Jane Davidson shares her frustrations over recruitment agencies that, though can prove invaluable when needed, put off potential jobseekers when bombarding them with spam.

13 mins

April 2017

Despite having the whole Easter weekend off, a Facebook post about a dead cat spurred Jane Davidson's inner nurse into action on the Bank Holiday Monday.

12 mins

Bloggers Jane Davidson and Nick Marsh team up to consider how much of each task on a typical invoice for surgery would, and could, be undertaken by a VN or vet. It reveals how, despite its importance, the role of the VN goes unnoticed and unrecognised.

25 mins

March 2017

While looking for a new cat, Jane becomes concerned when it's suggested some of her attitudes to pet ownership might be a little "weird", and worries she may have become sexist about animals?

6 mins

Jane Davidson praises telephone etiquette in the veterinary world compared to human health care, after being told by her GP's receptionist blood test results "look fine to me".

8 mins

February 2017

Blogger Jane Davidson outlines the difficulties she experienced finding a suitable behaviourist for her dog, despite an abundance of behavioural bodies – none of which proved particularly helpful.

10 mins

RVN blogger Jane Davidson has recently experienced the presence of a buster collar in her house, thanks to her Peke's surgery. So, how are she, her husband and her pet dealing with it?

8 mins

January 2017

RVN blogger Jane Davidson highlights the importance of good communication and debates whether traditional ward rounds should also include the social or holistic aspects of care.

12 mins

Jane Davidson takes a look at the public's limited perception of veterinary nursing and wonders what can be done to improve awareness of the profession.

12 mins

December 2016

How do you find a veterinary nurse when they're in short supply? It's not with "toys", cakes and chocolate. Jane Davidson talks VN recruitment and whether your adverts are sending the right message.

10 mins

Jane Davidson mulls over what she fears may be the catastrophic impact on the veterinary nursing sector of Brexit – but urges VNs to support European colleagues.

7 mins

November 2016

With a slightly wonky face and one eye, Jane Davidson's beloved Persian is now living on borrowed time. Here, Jane tells the story of Little Blue, as they prepare for what is likely her final birthday.

11 mins

It's election time. There's Clinton, there's Trump... and then there's the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Jane Davidson takes a look at what being "on council" actually means.

7 mins

October 2016

RVN Jane Davidson argues vet nurses need to hit the CPD benchmark laid down by their human health colleagues, claiming journal clubs are one solution to do so.

8 mins