March 2023

Ahead of her lecture in the preventive health care stream at BSAVA Congress, Georgia Woods-Lee describes the profession’s role in ensuring companion animals are fed correctly while growing, as adults and at the senior stage, and how making appropriate suggestions at the right times is vital for maintaining owner engagement…

January 2022

Laura Lacey looks at nutrients essential and offers advice on understanding food labels, as well as how to aid clients in picking feed appropriate to their cat or dog’s life stage.

43 mins

September 2021

Nicola Lakeman outlines what needs to be considered by the VN when advising a client on a pet's dietary requirements.

June 2021

Virbac highlights the differences between hypoallergy and dermatology diets, and the benefits of high protein in the management of skin diseases.

6 mins

February 2021

Nicola Ackerman offers advice on how to master the art of talking to reluctant clients, and the importance of this “soft skill” in gaining compliance.

28 mins

January 2021

Lead nutritionist Samantha Ware suggests prevention and management strategies for elevated levels of uric acid in the urine of this breed.

11 mins

Victoria Bowes advises on how VNs can help owners manage their pets’ weight and understand what is “too fat” or “too thin”.

34 mins

December 2020

Amy Henson considers the motivations behind food treats and how it affects dogs, advising mindfulness as Christmas approaches.

10 mins

April 2020

Samantha Ware looks at how dietary changes and supplements can aid in management of skin conditions.

March 2020

Samantha Ware discusses OA in dogs, and how dietary joint supplementation can aid its management.

February 2019

Emma Gerrard provides an overview of what RVNs should be telling owners of older canine and feline pets.

46 mins

January 2019

Emma Gerrard discusses how to go about approaching this subject with pet owners and giving suitable advice, including what’s too fat and what’s too thin.

36 mins

December 2018

Kit Sturgess discusses the causes, management and treatment of gastrointestinal issues in small animal patients.

48 mins

November 2018

In this month's Practice Champions feature, we’ve teamed up with Virbac and hear from Louise Manton, who discusses the importance of feeding pets the right diet for their age, breed size and lifestyle.

9 mins

October 2018

Marge Chandler breaks down the never-ending myriad of pet dietary offerings to aid veterinary nurses in helping their clients make nutritional choices.

50 mins

September 2018

Marge Chandler details the core benefits these live organisms can have on small animal pet health, including on specific diseases.

69 mins

May 2018

Laura Rosewell BSc(Hons), DipAVN(Small Animal), RVN, offers advice on treating food aversion in feline patients.

6 mins

July 2017

Helen Rooney explains the integral role of diet in canine chronic kidney disease, helping VNs understand what they need to know and advise clients.

22 mins

April 2017

RVN Louise O’Dwyer discusses the importance of nutrition in emergency situations, exploring calorie requirements, assisted feeding and the wonderful world of feeding tubes.

36 mins

February 2017

Marge Chandler looks at research and evidence to discuss diet topics often enquired about by cat and dog owners.

24 mins