October 2018

Jen Oliver discusses the intricacies of hyperthyroid cases and the VN role within them – from assisting early detection to client education.

15 mins

Marge Chandler breaks down the never-ending myriad of pet dietary offerings to aid veterinary nurses in helping their clients make nutritional choices.

50 mins

Canine hydrotherapy has been a treatment option for more than two decades, yet the canine hydrotherapist's role remains unregulated. Angela Griffiths, owner and chief executive of Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation Referrals in Surrey, explains why she is leading a revolution for regulation.

17 mins

Emma Goodman Milne – well known for her appearances on BBC1’s Vets in Practice – is the BVNA Congress keynote speaker. She talks to Congress Times about how the profession has changed since the programme, the role of VNs in practice, the importance of work-life balance, and her series of children’s books.

22 mins

In the next of our series, we hear from an RVN's experience helping rhinos in South Africa – with one case in particular that has stayed close to her heart.

16 mins

The components used in orthopaedics – including plates, screws, pins, wires, washers, bolts and clamps – are similar to those found in Meccano kits. Alison Young explores those similarities by discussing the implants used in small animal patients.

32 mins

Amy Newfield details the latest studies and the importance of best practice in this ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine, by defining the facts among the fiction.

42 mins

Rosie Bescoby offers some words of wisdom to RVNs in maximising owner compliance when it comes to ensuring their pets are kept as calm as possible during this season.

30 mins

VN Times editor Holly Kernot uses Lewis Carroll’s timeless tome to discuss the array of adventures RVNs embark on and ask readers, where do you want to go?

5 mins

Holly Kernot speaks to Tree of Life for Animals founder Rachel Wright, who lifts the lid on more than a decade of helping animals in need, changing the perception of pets in India – and how VNs should follow their dreams.

18 mins

Clare Dagnall offers solutions to some of the common questions vet nurses may ask themselves when dealing with this challenging patient period.

32 mins

RVN Donna Lewis reflects on her BVNA council experiences, return to the post and how fellow VNs could make a difference by being members.

7 mins

This month, RCVS Knowledge writers give RVNs the lowdown on how to obtain and review the very best in CPD.

7 mins

September 2018

VetSkill's two-year veterinary nursing (companion animal) qualification has been given provisional accreditation by the RCVS.

4 mins

Holly Kernot speaks to two women who together created an education enterprise aimed at offering support to VNs revising for their exams.

13 mins

Marge Chandler details the core benefits these live organisms can have on small animal pet health, including on specific diseases.

69 mins

Kicking off a new article series seeking out the vast and varied work of RVNs, we hear from one nurse’s “incredible” time in India.

20 mins

This month we team up with MSD Animal Health and are joined by Kayleigh Williams RVN, who ponders the problems flea, tick and worm infestations pose – and how she tackles them.

9 mins

In her final column, Louise gives advice on anaesthetising septic patients – from planning to implementing protocols.

23 mins

Dan Skeldon details options regarding mobility-aiding drugs, supplements and therapies for treating canine and feline patients.

42 mins