February 2018

RVN Sam Knightley, in thinking about the future of the VN profession, decided to create a spur-of-the-moment survey to capture her peers’ thoughts. The results make for interesting reading…

28 mins

This year, VN Times is teaming up with leading animal health companies to applaud VNs leading the charge in areas and conditions. First up, we hear from Holly Warrilow RVN and her work with older pets, with the help of Norbrook.

10 mins

RVN Laura Lacey urges VNs to talk, talk and talk some more about this potentially tricky problem in pets.

50 mins

For February's VN Times, RVN Louise O'Dwyer begins an article series on practical capnography – a topic highly requested by readers.

13 mins

RVN Jo Ireson implores readers and their veterinary practices to help spearhead efforts to get kittens neutered early.

8 mins

RVN Emma Walker-Boyce talks through various steps that can be put in place to prevent contamination in operating theatres.

33 mins

RVN Stacey Bullock helps readers prepare for, and solve, those tricky times when training student nurses.

27 mins

BVNA council member Erika Feilberg reminds readers about this support resource – there to help veterinary nurses when things get tricky.

8 mins

January 2018

RVN Michelle Cox talks readers through how her veterinary practice is helping frightened dogs cope with their much-needed trips to the clinic.

37 mins

With the beginning of 2018 leading to the usual existential thoughts a new year tends to bring, RVN Helen Tottey sits her younger self down to share some profession and career learnings.

33 mins

The association lets readers get acquainted with Sam Morgan in her new post-BVNA presidency role.

10 mins

RVN Emma Gerrard details the protocol she designed to help owners follow the nursing plans they are given for pets with this condition.

34 mins

The sixth and final unit of the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care is complete for Ruth Clooney-Power. Now to study for the final exam...

6 mins

RVN Helen Russell completes her two-part recruitment article by giving readers the view of those on the other side of the table…

19 mins

Tim Hutchinson offers guidance on how VNs can help patients with this commonly discussed, but under-diagnosed, condition get the assistance they need.

42 mins

Continuing her series of articles on electrocardiography, RVN Louise O'Dwyer takes a look at how to identify cardiac arrhythmias.

11 mins

Fact: you lot have more than the ability to lead consults and clinics – but what if you don’t quite believe that yet? RVN Nicola Ackerman is here to help…

23 mins

December 2017

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard talks to the director of Vetsnet, a website that aims to help profession members struggling with mental health.

19 mins

RCVS Knowledge writers, in their fourth article, help veterinary nurses put their hard-earned evidence-based veterinary medicine learnings into practice.

11 mins

BVNA council member and regional coordinator Gemma Reeve uses a career milestone to rally the veterinary nurse troops.

9 mins