November 2023

“The first thing I would say is, don’t be put off by how much of an enormous and complicated a topic it seems, because so many people are – you don't need to know the ins and outs of every single body system to be able to give good care to your patients…”

1 mins

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest global health issues of our time. Amanda Curtis RVN, chats about her contribution to VetTeamAMR – a new initiative from charity RCVS Knowledge that helps veterinary teams improve their antimicrobial use.

14 mins

Francesca Lees clears up misunderstandings she has come across while in practice.

12 mins

Georgia King shares her experiences in this area and the career-defining benefits it brings.

5 mins

Lantra, the leading awarding body for land-based and environmental training, shares topics covered during veterinary nursing managers Stacey Bullock and Nicky Smith’s symposium on VN training, which took place at BVNA Congress.

24 mins

Elin Moss discusses clinical signs, diagnosis, management and treatment options for canine and feline patients.

46 mins

Katy Allen describes the crucial role VNs play in delivering prompt therapy and care for small animal patients.

30 mins

October 2023

Nikki McLeod outlines some main anxiety-driven behaviours in companion animals, as well as their causes, prevalence, and advice to give pet owners.

47 mins

Georgia Vinall draws on several studies to remind readers about cleaning your mobile phone – and every other fomite in your pocket – in the workplace.

15 mins

September 2023

April Murphy RVN, details various ailments that may present in older feline patients, as well as treatment tips.

42 mins

August 2023

Debbie Gray BSc(Hons), CertEd MIFL, RVN, explains the VN’s role in driving these initiatives, and establishing a sustainable business and environment balance.

26 mins

Gemma Fielden APVN(Zoo), RVN, explores the benefits and the vet nurse’s involvement in this field.

29 mins

Jade Brindley – using her own personal experiences – explains the debilitating effects of this condition, and how vet teams can support suffering colleagues.

6 mins

RCVS VN Futures project lead Jill Macdonald RVN, discusses the new RCVS Academy course, designed to provide newly registered VNs with consistent, meaningful and personalised support during the transition from student to RVN.

22 mins

July 2023

Olivia Munro outlines how the VN can help in an emergent situation, including triage, stabilising patients and dealing with distressed owners.

43 mins

June 2023

Benjamin Witcomb explains the basic needs of these popular pets and the VN’s role in supporting owners in caring for them.

54 mins

May 2023

Lacey Pitcher, reflecting on her experiences, looks at how VNs can develop their careers and showcases nurses’ journeys, highlighting how they often look different, but share a similar start point.

50 mins

Alex John explains how VN clinics can be of help in all areas of pets’ health and well-being – and in the vet practice, too.

55 mins

Alison Mann explains how knowledge summaries have been a “go-to” to find up-to-date evidence, along with how they can aid in growing a healthy evidence base – benefiting nurses as well as patients and their owners.

April 2023

Kai Dillenburger-Keenan shares her experience with this phenomenon and how she is working to overcome it.

12 mins