June 2020

This month, Matt refreshes readers on caring for birds – in particular, feathers and why their importance should be reiterated to owners.

20 mins

May 2020

BVNA council member Lou Northway shares the various opportunities being an RVN has given her, and how finding your niche is key to keeping your career passion ignited.

10 mins

Amy Henson highlights the hazardous plants and products pet owners should be made aware of that can be found in gardens.

10 mins

With owners spending more time among their canine companions amid the coronavirus crisis, ophthalmic nursing assistant and dog behaviour counsellor Hannah Morris considers the impact on dogs during this time, and how to ensure they can readjust after lockdown.

28 mins

Sarah Pellett and Jo Hinde provide an overview of microchipping different species and discuss the importance of a vet nurse’s role in this.

7 mins

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all walks of life – including the veterinary profession – in an unprecedented way. Here, with Alan Radford, RCVS Knowledge takes a look at the science of the virus, and how this informs approaches we should take to help slow its spread.

April 2020

John Redbond details how pruritus commonly manifests in companion animals, and how to identify and treat its origins.

32 mins

Nicola Ackerman details symptoms of kidney dysfunction and how veterinary nurse clinics can help manage it.

33 mins

Samantha Ware looks at how dietary changes and supplements can aid in management of skin conditions.

Scratching is a normal behaviour in cats, but can be a problem for owners. International Cat Care behaviourist Elizabeth Waring explains more.

6 mins

Jack Pye shares how he turned a childhood love for animals into a career.

8 mins

Myra Forster-van Hijfte and Bethany Scott explain how the use of activity monitors can benefit the management of canine obesity.

38 mins

March 2020

Dot Creighton charts her career journey thus far and her excitement for what comes next.

11 mins

Stacey Bullock discusses how vet nurses can help owners of elderly cats and dogs.

23 mins

Emma Gerrard takes a look at common parasites of cats and dogs, as well as their life cycles and management.

47 mins

Lisa Howe shares her nursing journey and, after realising the lack of support around pet loss, how she came to be a pet bereavement counsellor.

7 mins

This month, Matt considers the “modern veterinary family”, and how VNs and vets can work together and make the most of each other’s skills to ensure the best patient care.

18 mins

Samantha Ware discusses OA in dogs, and how dietary joint supplementation can aid its management.

February 2020

Nicola Ackerman details the importance of – and steps involved in – RVNs conducting a nutritional assessment in practice.

19 mins

RCVS Knowledge shares a case study showing how clinical audits and checklists are crucial to reducing complication rates in practice.

18 mins