June 2019

David Beeston discusses the idea of removing the stigma around making mistakes and the key role veterinary nurses can play in quality improvement.

29 mins

May 2019

Hannah Canning shares her top tips on making students feel welcome in practice, the joy of welcoming the next generation to the profession and why she loves what she does.

16 mins

VMG president Gillian Page explains why she has chosen "collaboration" as the theme for her presidential year and her route to becoming one of the UK's first VNs to own their own practice.

21 mins

Melanie Sainsbury shares her experiences of working in small animal practice and as a veterinary education manager.

10 mins

Esme Hawkes discusses the role veterinary professionals play in ensuring pet owners are on board with everything from microchipping and vaccinations, to flea and tick treatment, training and behaviour.

29 mins

The BVNA president explains how she almost became a schoolteacher before discovering the joys of veterinary nursing, and outlines her hopes for the remainder of her presidential year.

13 mins

Gemma Reeve bangs the drum for this year's Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month theme, which is exploring the variety of nursing options out there.

7 mins

In celebration of Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month (VNAM), we at VN Times would like to take you back in time to the very roots of the veterinary nurse role, how it has evolved and the conception of VNAM.

8 mins

RVN Nichi Cockburn talks about how her role in the profession has developed into practice management and veterinary physiotherapy.

13 mins

Karen Ramsey, clinical director from 3 Mile Veterinary Centre in Glasgow, describes her work and future career aspirations.

8 mins

Andrew Whitfield-Roberts, of Upton Veterinary Clinic on the Wirral, talks about being a senior nurse.

9 mins

April 2019

Emily Gardiner-Warren worked as a VN before turning to teaching. She is now a lecturer, tutor, programme manager and head of a centre. Here, she talks about how and why she went back to the classroom, and shares her advice on getting into teaching.

18 mins

An animal nursing assistant talks about her journey from pharmacy dispenser to working in the veterinary sphere.

27 mins

Sarah Caney discusses the importance of regular blood pressure evaluation in cats, and the part RVNs can play in ensuring owner awareness and understanding.

26 mins

Laura Rosewell discusses managing emergency cases of dyspnoea, types of breathing diseases commonly seen in practice, and how these canine and feline patients can be supported by veterinary nurses – both during hospitalisation and after discharge.

49 mins

Albert Holgate shares his journey from animal lover to clinical manager, the challenges of being deaf in the profession and his aims as a BVNA councillor.

9 mins

International Cat Care behaviourist Elizabeth Waring looks at the hunting behaviour of cats and explains why they still do this despite being fed.

7 mins

Gayle Morrison and Victoria Robinson discuss prevalent causes of – and latest treatment options for – pruritic patients.

37 mins

This month, Matt reflects on the fluttering feeling of fear at the prospect of treating exotics patients, and considers how far the care of exotics species has progressed over the years.

21 mins

Ahead of her BSAVA Congress lecture, Nicola Ackerman, RVN, discusses how nurses are best placed to lead these arrangements in practices and stresses why her peers’ skills should not be undervalued.

23 mins