October 2020

BVNA outgoing president Jo Hinde reflects on a presidential year like no other.

11 mins

Mary Fraser discusses the importance of introducing such measures for these species.

20 mins

September 2020

Lou Northway walks readers through the stages of, and considerations around, anaesthetising cats and dogs with cardiac conditions.

30 mins

Leah Alcorn details the important role RVNs play in the nursing care of animals having undergone tibial plateau-levelling osteotomy surgery, including physiotherapy, rehabilitation, analgesia and general recovery.

26 mins

Nicola Ackerman discusses the value of the VN’s role in offering preventive tooth health advice to owners of small animal patients.

18 mins

RCVS Knowledge is back with another QI Vets quality improvement case example – this time concerning canine drug overdose.

18 mins

Amy Henson discusses the challenges often faced in caring for pets’ teeth, the solutions out there and the importance of getting owners on board.

11 mins

August 2020

While auditing may initially appear daunting, it can be simpler than you think. Here, with RCVS Knowledge, RVN in equine practice Charlotte Hartley describes her workplace’s audit journey, tips on making improvements and ways the whole team can get involved.

17 mins

Albert Holgate offers an insight into life as a hearing-impaired practitioner and how technology is breaking auscultation barriers.

10 mins

Emma Gerrard summarises the factors that optimise prevention of surgical site infections preoperatively and postoperatively, including patient care and wound treatment.

34 mins

John Redbond discusses the value of such clinics, how to identify and treat allergic skin disease, and key messages to share with dog and cat owners.

32 mins

Lead nutritionist Samantha Ware discusses adverse food reactions.

11 mins

July 2020

Elizabeth Waring explains how certain plants are able to provide cats with positive environmental enrichment.

7 mins

Amy Henson explores the part food plays in how a dog behaves – and how it is often not in the way people think.

11 mins

Gillian Gordon explores what this state of mental or emotional strain is, how it can be healthy and a way of managing it in a mindful manner.

53 mins

Menna Field details information for VNs to share with their clients on the effect commonly encountered worms can have on humans, farm animals and pets, to help compliance.

24 mins

Ashley Arundale shares her experience of being diagnosed with a neurological condition just as her career journey was about to begin, and why it’s okay to be “different”.

11 mins

June 2020

Amy Henson suggests ways nurses can encourage clients to keep on top of pets’ weight, nutrition and health during lockdown.

9 mins

This month, Matt refreshes readers on caring for birds – in particular, feathers and why their importance should be reiterated to owners.

20 mins

BVNA council member Alexandra Taylor explains how overcoming health issues and plenty of hard work enabled her to achieve her true passion of teaching all things feline.

10 mins