May 2022

One of the simplest ways to be more environmentally friendly is to eat less meat… but welfare isn’t as cut and dried as people might think, says vet student Eleanor Goad.

11 mins

April 2022

Getting less than a full eight hours sleep can have a dramatic effect on your concentration and performance, writes Eleanor Goad – an important consideration for those whose jobs involve scalpels.

10 mins

March 2022

Vet student Eleanor Goad explains why the fourth year at vet school has been her favourite so far, and why she would recommend that all veterinary students, present and future, keep their options open.

12 mins

February 2022

Vet student Eleanor Goad looks at the ongoing raft of practical measures and long-term implications of coronavirus on aspiring animal practitioners and the veterinary professional as a whole.

10 mins

Healthy mind, healthy body is a well-known mantra, and student Eleanor Goad claims to have noticed a “profound increase” in her mental health and general mood since joining the gym. Coincidence?

10 mins

January 2022

Having recently been put through a lengthy communications practical, vet student Eleanor Goad explains why she finds these types of activity particularly rewarding and the valuable lessons to be taken from them.

9 mins

November 2021

Taking a year out of her comfort zone to do something else taught Eleanor many things – not least that she chose wisely when selecting her future career in the first place.

10 mins

Having returned to the veterinary degree after her intercalation year, Eleanor Goad is surprised when her favourite topic throws up a talking point surrounding brachycephalic breeds.

16 mins

October 2021

Student vet Eleanor Goad offers a handful of tips for students undertaking extramural studies – particularly those who, like her, missed out on a good chunk of work experience due to COVID-19.

14 mins

September 2021

Jill Mackay, senior lecturer of veterinary science education at the University of Edinburgh, shares her five top tips for using video to enhance learning.

25 mins

August 2021

With some universities opting to continue online teaching over a return to their hallowed halls, Eleanor Goad looks at the two methods of learning and considers whether one way really is better than the other.

14 mins

Vet student Eleanor Goad explains how there is more to life than veterinary surgery, and encourages her peers to explore more disparate interests outside the profession if they so wish.

8 mins

July 2021

A recent experience sees Eleanor Goad muse on the UK’s rather lackadaisical approach when it comes to legislating against owners who leave their pets to overheat in cars.

9 mins

May 2021

In response to an impromptu televised debate on vet bills, student vet Eleanor Goad looks to break the myth that all vets are unfairly overcharging for their services and lighting cigars with £20 notes.

11 mins

Eleanor Goad discusses how insidious feelings of inadequacy have been able to take hold even more tightly during the coronavirus pandemic, but that, actually, everyone is likely to be in the same boat.

15 mins

March 2021

In her second article on the view from the other side of the vet/client divide, Eleanor Goad admits she isn’t much better than any other pet owner when it comes to getting her cat to accept medication.

7 mins

February 2021

Vet student Eleanor Goad realises how difficult it is to relinquish control and accept being on the client’s side of the stainless steel platform – and wonders if it’s as difficult for those in other professions.

8 mins

December 2020

Eleanor worries a course and profession already viewed as elitist may lose more would-be vets of the future because of the continuing pandemic.

8 mins

November 2020

Eleanor realises a long-held dream as her wildlife MSc Global Wildlife Health and Conservation sees her take on a day of wildlife-related EMS, which includes treating flamingos at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

11 mins

Eleanor Goad looks at some of the massive changes in law brought about by those who dedicate themselves to worthy causes, and hopes she can have even a fraction of the impact via her own research.

11 mins