December 2020

Eleanor worries a course and profession already viewed as elitist may lose more would-be vets of the future because of the continuing pandemic.

8 mins

November 2020

Eleanor realises a long-held dream as her wildlife MSc Global Wildlife Health and Conservation sees her take on a day of wildlife-related EMS, which includes treating flamingos at Bristol Zoo Gardens.

11 mins

Eleanor Goad looks at some of the massive changes in law brought about by those who dedicate themselves to worthy causes, and hopes she can have even a fraction of the impact via her own research.

11 mins

David Charles offers some thoughts and tips on how new graduates can navigate the challenges of feeling socially isolated while beginning their careers in practice.

14 mins

October 2020

Having barely begun her wildlife rehabilitation course, Eleanor Goad has learned far more than expected – from gynaecological facts about kangaroos to the sad truth behind wildlife casualties.

10 mins

Walking your dog used to be quite a simple thing before coronavirus, but now it's a task fraught with anxiety-inducing issues that require an increasing degree of caution, writes Eleanor Goad.

12 mins

September 2020

Student vet Eleanor Goad reflects on the help she has received to get where she is today, and discusses her efforts to offer proceeding generations of vets a helping hand when she can.

10 mins

First-year veterinary student and blogger Charlie Jackson discusses how veterinary surgeons are perceived by clients and how often this can be fuelled by media misconceptions.

13 mins

With first-year students set to start their vet journeys via university in the “new normal” later this month, Eleanor Goad offers some words of wisdom to help reassure and comfort nervous freshers.

13 mins

August 2020

With A-level students up and down the country experiencing a different results day than usual this year, Eleanor Goad discusses how there is more to an individual than the grades he or she receives.

11 mins

Thinking back to her own time as a new graduate, Jordan Sinclair offers some thoughts and advice to those going through the trauma of finding or starting their first job in the “new normal”.

13 mins

Never one to take the easy route, vet student Eleanor Goad has ignored the sage advice of TLC and is about to embark on her intercalated degree year, studying wildlife and conservation.

11 mins

July 2020

Eleanor Goad reflects on a black Lab called Zilla, a dog who wove herself into her early veterinary evolution and whose passing hit harder than expected.

9 mins

David Charles shares experiences and tips from his first 12 months in the profession to help the class of 2020 keep on motoring – from ensuring adequate storage for equipment medical supplies, to being prepared for vehicle breakdowns.

25 mins

The impacts of coronavirus on veterinary professionals has been well-documented in Vet Times during the past four months, but less the way it has impacted on their children. For 13-year-old JIM GLEED, life in lockdown certainly had its ups and downs – as he explains in this article – after his vet mum was put on furlough and his dad discovered he couldn’t work…

19 mins

While empty rescue shelters may seem a reason to celebrate, Eleanor Goad warns a lack of socialisation for younger animals may prove problematic if not addressed correctly.

13 mins

June 2020

While preparing to change roles himself, David Charles offers a handful of tips designed to make life easier for graduates transitioning from university to working life, or those swapping jobs for the first time.

24 mins

Reflecting on the past few months, Eleanor Goad says that if it has taught us anything, it is you shouldn't feel guilty about taking the chance to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy yourself for a little while – as it could help you and your working life in the long term.

9 mins

EMS is an essential part of veterinary learning, but, as vet student Eleanor Goad points out, coronavirus has led to a lack of this essential source of preclinical and clinical experience for many students.

15 mins

While lockdown has seen many elements of life come to a standstill, UK vet students are still studying and revising. As such, blogger Eleanor Goad offers some tips for optimising the “home learning” experience.

15 mins