April 2019

On the occasion of her mother’s 50th birthday, vet student Eleanor Goad takes the opportunity to thank her family for the support they provided in order to get her where she is today.

11 mins

March 2019

Vet student Eleanor Goad highlights the importance of raising public awareness of the health issues brachycephalic breeds face.

7 mins

Jordan Sinclair reflects on experiencing having a patient of hers die on the operating table.

12 mins

Stress is inevitable, says Eleanor Goad, but it's how you cope with it that makes you develop in your personal and professional life.

8 mins

February 2019

Certain dog breeds still get a bad rap, says student Eleanor Goad, arguing that if more breeders were responsible, these negative stereotypes would be put to rest.

9 mins

Eleanor Goad on why potential dog and cat owners shouldn't focus all their attention on pedigree breeds as a way of stopping more animals at shelters from being euthanised.

8 mins

January 2019

Eleanor Goad on why it's enriching for everyone to branch out and diversify in life and research.

9 mins

Don't get trapped in the vet bubble, warns student Eleanor Goad, seek friends outside of your world to help keep yourself sane.

8 mins

December 2018

Eleanor Goad talks about finishing university for Christmas and... getting down for some serious revision in time for the next batch of exams.

10 mins

Eleanor Goad recalls her decision to be a vet dictating her choice of A-levels and how the possibilities for vet students are almost infinite due to the variety of jobs available.

11 mins

November 2018

Eleanor Goad steps into the debate on Iceland’s banned Christmas advert about the use of palm oil in commercial products, saying, while the situation isn't entirely black and white, it is a step in the right direction.

12 mins

The sign of a true professional is having the confidence to admit when you're out of your depth and knowing when to seek help, argues Eleanor Goad.

9 mins

October 2018

Eleanor Goad stresses the important duty vets play in making sure livestock and the food reaching the supermarket shelves are free from diseases.

8 mins

Eleanor Goad ponders the ethics of being a vet while still eating meat and keeping an emotional distance when treating patients on farms.

9 mins

One year after graduating as a full-time vet, Jordan Sinclair reassesses her career choice to wonder if the stress and poor remuneration compared to other roles is really worth it.

14 mins

September 2018

While vet work can be mentally and physically draining, Jordan Sinclair suggests taking time out of your day to recall the good moments you may be taking for granted.

10 mins

August 2018

Jordan Sinclair considers the benefits of proposed seven-day working weeks. Is the suggestion ludicrous or what the profession needs in the fight for good work-life balance?

11 mins

Charlotte Mahood reports on an emergency and critical care workshop run by a trio of famous and acclaimed vets, including some of the potentially life-changing advice they had to offer.

19 mins

In the wake of news that Keele University/Harper Adams veterinary school will be partnering with a corporate practice group, Jordan Sinclair wonders if this is a path the industry should be heading down.

20 mins

July 2018

After a day of consulting without any internet or mobile phone data, Jordan Sinclair came to the realisation how much she relies on it and how more challenging vet work can become.

15 mins