February 2021

The Animal Star Awards are only a few weeks away when we find out who … more

January 2021

In such uncertain times it is important we make the most of what we have … more

July 2020

The builder assessed the work needing to be done – he said he would bring … more

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June 2020

My nurse of 17 years is due to retire at the end of July. She … more

May 2020

I have been a Registered Veterinary Nurse for nearly 7 years. Unlike many nurses out … more

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Tiny Tilly is off to her new home shortly. A wonderful ending to a difficult … more

I work within emergency and critical care and this enables me to embrace my passion … more

These two Honey & Ralph look after me by making sure I still get up … more

The remaining team keeping each other motivated and in good spirits. Yesterday we all did … more

So picked up a new hobby during lockdown, haven’t painted or drawn since school…which is … more

April 2020

What is everyone achieving while on furlough leave? I’ve achieved an excellent sleep score ?? … more

What I have gotten up to during this lockdown, other than looking after my sick … more

Post Night Shift……eeery times but a couple of procedures and a surgery to keep the … more

Pandemic life is hard, there’s uncertainty, challenges we are facing; physically, mentally and financially, and … more

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We have created a free cpd for veterinary staff during this time. https://innovet-cpd.thinkific.com/courses/pet-bereavement-support-during-the-covid-19-pandemic-free-cpd-1

Maybe if I close my eyes they won’t see me…

I’ve got no idea what day it is anymore! The coronavirus has struck the UK … more

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So.. this is what is going to happen, because you can’t get to the hairdressers … more

Helen Tottey RVN hopes to hit new heights… even if she can’t leave the house … more