December 2019

Henry Tremaine reports on the inaugural Sea-PD, a veterinary, watersports and wellness conference that took place in Alaçati, in June 2019, with plans to return in 2020.

26 mins

In his final column of the year, Chanticleer casts a weather eye over the potentially troubled waters ahead.

17 mins

Cases of systemic and miscellaneous diseases from late summer/autumn 2019 are summarised in Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update.

31 mins

Sarah Caney discusses this common presentation in cats – including information to advise owners and treatment innovations.

31 mins

Panagiotis Kokkinos, Diana Ferreira and Daniela Murgia detail the clinical signs of this issue, and treatment and management options.

33 mins

Rachel Agass and Kate Loomes discuss options for long-term analgesia, as well as the use of scoring scales for monitoring the response of patients.

29 mins

Every June, delegates of the Summer Dairy Institute programme gather at Cornell University, New York, for a six-week residential programme covering all aspects of dairy veterinary medicine and management. Vet Rupert Sheppard attended this summer – and these were his findings.

18 mins

Ela Russell, a fourth-year veterinary student, summarises a visit by this professor of animal science, animal behaviour consultant and autism spokesman.

13 mins

Roger Evans presents his final Dairy Diary column of 2019.

17 mins

RCVS Knowledge presents a 10-point pla for introducing the data collection protocol in practice.

11 mins

November 2019

Ellie Mardell outlines some major geriatric disorders in feline patients, and the benefits of early detection and intervention.

42 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow discusses the diagnostic approach for this common issue, as well as differential diagnoses and appropriate further tests.

26 mins

Miguel Martinez details how to interpret a capnogram, as well as make the most of adopting this method in a clinical setting.

25 mins

Vet Jason Kimm – five years on from heading to Zhejiang University to educate students on using models and not animals when practising – discusses his progress.

33 mins

David Walker and Shaun Calleja review medical conditions affecting the stomach, including an update on management and treatment.

43 mins

Jamie Prutton discusses such approaches to pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction and equine metabolic syndrome.

42 mins

Tony Andrews runs through considerations when attempting to prevent this condition in calves, including colostrum, hygiene, housing and early disease identification.

60 mins

James McMurrough discusses the approach to this issue – including bronchoalveolar lavage, when to perform it, what to test and how to interpret results.

38 mins

Francesco Cian discusses the case of a four-month-old male mixed-breed dog with a history of anorexia, weight loss and diarrhoea in his latest Haematology Hub.

7 mins

Evidence-based veterinary medicine is a term ubiquitous in publication headlines and congress titles, but do clients want it, and how can a local independent practice contribute to the knowledge the veterinary profession has now and in the future? Ross Allan drawing on his own experiences, elaborates…

25 mins