April 2018

James Breen and Katherine Fitzgerald describe approaches to preventing and controlling disease in the herd to improve welfare and farm profitability.

34 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses a microsporidian parasite with a worldwide distribution – and zoonotic potential – that may infect several mammalian species.

27 mins

Peter Edmondson, in his fifth report, summarises the Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference session on body language.

11 mins

Sarah Caney discusses effective ways of identifying this condition in cats and management strategies that can slow its progression.

34 mins

An update on three main causes of foot disease in sheep, looking at its diagnosis, control and treatment.

25 mins

Grad Expectations' David Beeston recounts some of the experiences from his first weekend on call.

27 mins

Alex Gough takes a look at a number of papers in small animal veterinary medicine in his Research Review from VT48.15.

22 mins

Several drugs are available for managing psychiatric disorders in small animals. Sagi Denenberg discusses why knowledge of these drugs – including applications, pharmacokinetics and side effects – is paramount when treating patients.

29 mins

David Sargan provides a detailed picture of what is known about the health and welfare of these dogs – looking at the general health of breeds, whether better individuals exist and how these can be recognised.

42 mins

Karen Walsh considers methods of assessing pain, drugs used to relieve the condition and ways of administering them.

55 mins

Alison Bennell discusses the advantages and disadvantages of this method in regards to safety and cost.

27 mins

Nicola Gladden discusses problems and conditions facing dairy cows following calving.

36 mins

Francesco Cian looks at the case of an eight-year-old mixed-breed dog with a large mass on its leg in the latest from Cytology Corner.

8 mins

Chanticleer discusses problems of abusive behaviour at work – and how everyone has a duty to tackle it.

18 mins

Ian Wright discusses methods of identifying and examining parasitic infections in cats and dogs, such as ticks and fleas.

64 mins

Sarah Caney outlines the importance of reducing stress in feline patients and offers tips to help veterinary teams have “cattitude”.

27 mins

Alison Lambert discusses the opportunities available to practices able to reappraise how they view this mandatory requirement.

26 mins

Charlotte Maile describes the most commonly reported conditions affecting glycogen storage in domestic animals.

22 mins

Samantha Castle discusses how new rules from The Pony Club on EI booster vaccinations could save vets from some difficult encounters with owners.

20 mins

Ned Flaxman, general manager of Krka UK, talks about his latest role and a successful career in animal health – via a seven-year stint in the Royal Navy – as he steps inside the Examination Room.

21 mins