January 2018

Sarah Caney describes approaches to successfully managing two common conditions in older cats at the same time.

37 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli discusses some of the latest improvements in knowledge regarding the third most common mammalian pet in Europe.

26 mins

Alex Gough looks at a study into the shock index, one on antibiotic prescribing habits and another on mast cell tumours in his latest Research Review.

20 mins

Peter Edmondson reviews a talk at the 2017 Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference focusing on interactions.

11 mins

David Harwood summarises proceedings from the Goat Veterinary Society autumn meeting held in Taunton, Somerset.

26 mins

Amy Watson and Pete van Dongen discuss the benefits and suitability of choosing a non-restrictive harness.

13 mins

Our new grad David Beeston has some advice for qualified vets on approaching out-of-hours for the first time – and why he's looking forward to his next night on call.

23 mins

James Dixon discusses diagnosis and management options for this condition, with a focus on the more common complaints.

30 mins

Philip Ivens discusses this common eye disease in horses, highlighting its subclinical insidious form and how to identify it.

30 mins

Samantha Castle reflects on what has kept her happy in mixed and equine practice for the past 14 years in the latest Veterinary Times Practice Notes column.

22 mins

Kate Parkinson looks at signs that may cause suspicion of this enteric disease in young dogs and approaches to treatment.

37 mins

Tim Potter discusses the importance of cattle vaccines to reduce antibiotic use and the vet’s role in advising farmers.

21 mins

Francesco Cian presents the latest from the Cytology Corner series, with pictures from an aspirate of a nodular lesion on the trunk from an adult male.

6 mins

Marios Charalambous details research into using intranasal drug administration as a means of controlling this condition in dogs.

39 mins

Jane Gething-Lewis advises on helping owners cope with the death of a pet, including funeral options to give the perfect send-off.

36 mins

Chanticleer with the first offering of 2018, from issue 1 of Veterinary Times.

20 mins

Helen Browning reports on the International Wildlife Symposium, held in Edinburgh.

25 mins

December 2017

William McFadzean discusses up-to-date guidelines, techniques, equipment and new drugs that may be licensed in the future. Article also includes video content.

38 mins

Victoria Robinson and Jessica Grant discuss the clinical signs associated with this condition, along with prognosis and available treatment options.

34 mins

Russell Parker describes non-septic and septic osteitis in horses, considering the signs, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

29 mins