October 2017

Henrietta Price, using previous cases, considers how practices should handle injured wild animals brought in by the public.

48 mins

Peter Edmondson looks at how vets can work with farmers to effectively control and reduce infection on dairy farms.

31 mins

Harriet Coates discusses the use of alpha2-adrenoceptor agonists in equines and some of the sides effects that can occur.

40 mins

Francesca Doria discusses the causes, signs, diagnostic procedures and treatment options relating to oedematous vaginal mucosa protrusion in canine patients.

36 mins

Francesco Cian describes the case of a rapidly growing mass in the anal sac of an adult male English cocker spaniel in his latest Cytology Corner column.

6 mins

Roger Evans makes no apologies for returning to a regular discussion point in his latest Dairy Diary.

13 mins

Richard Allport, with Halloween almost upon us, shares his fictional tale of a seemingly innocent house call to help a dog in labour that took a sinister turn...

Natasha Mitchell discusses various ocular diseases affecting dogs that are seen in veterinary practice, as well as treatment strategies.

53 mins

Jonathan Anderson looks at the anatomy of the distal phalanx and hoof before describing related foot conditions in the horse.

43 mins

In his second Grad Expectations, David Beeston discusses the limbo between finals and starting a job.

18 mins

The second of a two-part Exotic Encounters article by Elisabetta Mancinelli focuses on rats, looking at the latest findings in the species.

25 mins

Wendela Wapenaar details the importance of knowledge and communication when working with farmers to improve animal health.

19 mins

Hany Elsheikha discusses the importance of raising the awareness of parasite protection with owners, especially all year-round.

41 mins

Ian Wright, in the second of a two-part article, looks at the rapidly evolving danger of Echinococcus multilocularis establishing in the UK.

32 mins

Lee-Anne Oliver details the predominant organisms causing these diseases in cattle and sheep, as well as control measures.

21 mins

Alex Draper reviews pain management thinking for equines in the latest Practice Notes column in Veterinary Times.

19 mins

Chanticleer sings from the rooftops on more subjects from or affecting the veterinary sector.

20 mins

Jo Murrell discusses how to assess and quantify pain, and reports on advances made in managing this through analgesia.

48 mins

John Chitty explains the basics of handling rabbits during an examination and how practices can be more accommodating.

29 mins

David Beeston presents the first in the series of his Grad Expectations columns, with advice for students in the final stages of veterinary school.

32 mins