June 2019

Karin Kruger summarises the analgesic and anaesthetic choices available when treating equine patients.

Karen Walsh looks at uses and latest developments in analgesics, as well as types available in canine and feline patients.

51 mins

Sally Wilson discusses how her practice decided to harness this concept and make it a constructive tool for both farmer and vet.

40 mins

Francesco Cian discusses a blood sample from an adult neutered poodle in the latest Haematology Hub.

7 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli details the diagnosis and treatment of this uncommon disease in lagomorphs.

30 mins

Fiona Adam and Marco Armellini present history, physical examination and ultrasound findings to help diagnose a cat's behavioural problem.

15 mins

In the final part of his article series (VT49.20; VT49.22), retired vet Julian Earl describes how his family and his sport have helped him deal with having to cut short his veterinary career.

23 mins

Ian Wright advocates the blood smear as a useful screening tool for immediate results on a broad range of parasites.

44 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow discusses the signalment and clinical signs of this condition, and challenges presented by further diagnostic testing.

44 mins

David Beeston shares his experiences as a no-longer-new-but-recent graduate in his latest Practice Makes Perfect column.

29 mins

Andrea Holmes looks at this condition in a canine patient, and outlines recommended management and monitoring.

8 mins

Alex Gough looks at a study into a borreliosis vaccination and another on levothyroxine supplementation, among others, in the latest Research Review.

19 mins

Elena Fenollosa Romero offers a flavour of life as a student in North Carolina as part of her residency, and tackling both heat and cold.

25 mins

Professor Duncan Lascelles describes a new approach to managing canine osteoarthritis (OA) and introduces a new way to target canine OA pain.

10 mins

CASE STUDY: 2016 BVDzero awards finalist Angela Damaso explains how limited resources, farmer apathy, biosecurity challenges and various other issues resulted in an incomplete BVD eradication programme.

15 mins

Louise Ash describes methods of safely administering anaesthetics in this easily stressed prey species.

33 mins

Rachel Agass and Kate Loomes review the basic pathophysiology of this issue and explore some of the options for analgesia in the short term.

48 mins

Lotfi El Bahri discusses indications, resistance, interactions, dose and administration, and toxicity of this antibiotic in cats.

30 mins

Julian Earl continues his article (part 1 VT49.20) by describing how, despite returns to Hull to relieve pressure on his skull, cycling helped him choose not to give up.

17 mins

Adam Bernstein takes a look at the process when dealing with a difficult staff member.

15 mins