June 2018

Ross Allan, in the first of a two-part article, describes wound healing as a journey – along which the owner should be fully engaged.

18 mins

Helen Redfern looks for answers about her condition and talks about learning to cope with help from people closest to her.

33 mins

Lara Gosling, Jonathon Dixon and David Rendle discuss using thoracic radiography and ultrasonography to identify and monitor progression of this disease.

49 mins

Emily Francis takes a look at the existing scheme and how practices can work with farmers to control outbreaks on farm.

16 mins

Francesco Cian presents his latest Cytology Corner, this time on a case involving a slowly growing mass on a mixed breed, male dog's tail.

7 mins

Peter Edmondson concludes his Australian Veterinary Association conference report series with a session on data management.

12 mins

Karen Perry takes a look at methods to treat this condition, including a variety of drugs.

56 mins

In an impassioned piece, Lizzy Whiting – part of the moderator team at Veterinary Voices UK – challenges fellow vets to help colleagues on day-to-day cases at any chance they get.

13 mins

Grad Expectations columnist David Beeston attended BSAVA Congress as a qualified vet for the first time, and explains how the four-day extravaganza left him spoilt for choice.

23 mins

Alexander Corbishley discusses risk factors linked to passive transfer in these animals and reveals findings of an investigation.

42 mins

Chanticleer, finding himself far from home but far from the middle of nowhere, recalls a trip when wifi, mobile signal and the trusty red phone box all let him down.

21 mins

Jamie Prutton discusses methods of controlling this condition, including when to stable, the use of rugs and advice to give owners.

34 mins

Marge Chandler looks at what a raw food diet is, and its benefits and deficiencies for pets compared to commercial foods.

63 mins

Emily Simcock reflects on a difficult spring, and why she's now looking forward to a holiday after the five-month lambing season.

17 mins

Ali Budgell reports on the Veterinary Christian Fellowship’s gathering at London Vet Show and some of the points discussed.

9 mins

Manufacturer of award-winning air purifier range explains why veterinary practice managers should consider investing in technologies to tackle inevitable nasty odours.

Virbac is celebrating its 50th anniversary by offering 50 lucky colleagues the opportunity to experience the home of the company with a trip to Nice.

Vetstream Ltd announces its latest service – Bovis, an in-depth, evidence-based, peer reviewed cattle resource available from August 2018!

6 mins

May 2018

Hany Elsheikha describes the health risk of infestation to pets and owners, and importance of year-round parasiticide compliance.

47 mins

Danny Chambers and Susan Salter, looking at various data, discuss this emotive topic and consider steps that could be taken to tackle the issue.

37 mins