February 2019

Sally Wilson discusses the importance of clear, concise communication between these two parties on this subject.

41 mins

Kate Parkinson discusses new evidence on ways to manage this condition, aimed at general practitioners.

42 mins

Sonya Miles describes her approach to removing a large abdominal mass from a lethargic, poorly cared for lizard

9 mins

Francesco Cian continues his Haematology Hub series by discussing a case of a cat with a clinical history of pyrexia, soft faeces, inappetence and intermittent vomiting.

5 mins

Kate Tunley, in the final part of this article – part one having been written by Gerard McLaughlan (VT48.37) – recounts case presentations where such techniques were used.

9 mins

Justine Lee has gone from C-grade student to veterinary surgeon and online education trailblazer. She spoke to Holly Kernot about her own work-life balance experiences and how she is helping others.

26 mins

Matthew Best discusses thoracic respiratory disease, including immune-mediated and infectious aetiologies.

34 mins

Jonathon Dixon offers diagnostic advice to first opinion practitioners, including when to refer, imaging and MRI benefits.

46 mins

Alex Gough provides a review of some of the latest studies in veterinary medicine in his monthly Research Review.

17 mins

Karen Perry, in the first of a three-part article series, looks at latest thinking on functional changes related to this disorder in dogs.

25 mins

Veterinary Times talks to RCVS equine specialist Jonathan Anderson on how he has directed his professional career in surgery, advice for vets and areas still to be developed.

25 mins

Morven Ferrigan discusses how humans and wild animals in this African country coexist.

26 mins

January 2019

Darren Barnes discusses the investigation and management of these cases in companion animals – as well as indications for surgical intervention – and outlines post-treatment care.

35 mins

Katie Fitzgerald describes how developing a relationship with farmer clients helps progress their business and animal health and welfare.

24 mins

Regular Veterinary Times contributor David Beeston – a first opinion small animal general practitioner, who documented his transition from student to new grad through his monthly column, Grad Expectations – now shares his experiences as a no-longer-new-but-recent graduate.

24 mins

Stewart Bedford reports on his visit to the Olive Ridley Project and the work it does to help injured turtles living near the islands.

22 mins

Axiom Veterinary Laboratories’ latest update focuses on gastrointestinal and nutritional diseases, including Salmonella, Johne’s disease and heavy metal poisoning.

19 mins

Ian Wright discusses the increasing threat of this vector-borne disease, and how to recognise and manage infection.

36 mins

Tim Mair discusses the evaluation of horses showing clinical signs, challenges that can arise when choosing the appropriate treatment, and the need to promptly refer surgical cases.

48 mins

Francesco Cian presents another case in his latest Haematology Hub, this time on a mixed breed, male dog with clinical history of inappetence, anorexia and recurrent episodes of vomiting.

5 mins