December 2018

Elisabetta Mancinelli reviews some of the literature regarding analgesic therapy in companion animal exotic pets.

68 mins

The term is now in the dictionary, and vet Ben Simpson argues the gig economy is alive and well in today’s profession. But is that a good or bad thing?

19 mins

Leila Bedos Senon outlines use of this diagnostic method and treatment options in patients with damage to the eye’s most outer layer.

16 mins

Chanticleer looks at some of the areas of uncertainty affecting the profession and wider world.

17 mins

A well-documented condition affecting young and adult horses, less is known about equine gastric ulceration syndrome and its pathogenesis in the foal. Lars Lerche Mortensen offers advice on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this condition.

15 mins

Paddy Gordon looks at measures to prevent or minimise incidences of this metabolic disease in dairy cattle.

39 mins

Christian Byrne and Safia Barakzai present a case of a cob mare diagnosed with this uncommon finding, then discuss general diagnosis and treatment.

28 mins

Vanessa Bourne discusses the challenges of ensuring treatment compliance and how to increase clients’ awareness of the importance of using appropriate products.

33 mins

They can be rewarding, but internships require a considerable investment of time, as well as strength. Tessa Cornell looks at what to think about ahead of choosing an internship.

20 mins

Roger Evans discusses his love for hares, and his disappointment at not seeing them around his land anymore.

22 mins

Richard Allport looks back as a green recent graduate at Christmas attempting to relieve a boxer dog’s inability to pass water.

23 mins

November 2018

Eleanor Mardell describes approaches to recognise and manage OA in an increasingly ageing population of cats with kidney disease. Contains video content.

8 mins

John Chitty looks at factors contributing to, and ways to prevent and treat, weight gain in this species.

35 mins

In a powerful piece based on his presentation at this month’s London Vet Show, Dave Nicol explains how we can reengage and support the profession’s future baton carriers.

32 mins

Mike Davies reviews evidence about the transmission of these pathogens to, and between, humans and pets – starting with bacteria.

46 mins

Francesco Cian looks at the case of an adult flat-coated retriever in his latest Cytology Corner column for Veterinary Times.

8 mins

The author joined a gathering of vets, students and other interested parties to watch the … more

9 mins

James Barnett presents a selection of cases from the ruminant diagnostic caseload of Axiom Veterinary Laboratories from the spring and early summer of 2018.

34 mins

After two days with a film crew at the 10th annual London Vet Show as part of the #VetShowLiveStream, the Veterinary Times team has selected its favourite interviews from the event.

Danielle Marturello and Karen Perry investigate the problems of treating and managing this condition, using examples of available products. Includes video content.

11 mins