October 2018

Sarah Caney describes dementia in older cats and treatment methods, including supplementation and environmental enrichment.

28 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow looks into drug therapy and managing clinical signs of this disease in horses to provide years of good quality life.

51 mins

Niall Connell, Jennifer Hammond and Emma Tomberry discuss the online portfolio at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine and how its importance after studies has grown.

30 mins

Emmanouil Tzimtzimis, Alasdair Hotston Moore and Kerstin Erles discuss the case of Meg, admitted as a referral emergency with a 10-day history of inspiratory dyspnoea and stridor.

19 mins

Chanticleer discusses coverage of the cascade in the latest column for Veterinary Times.

17 mins

Martin Atkinson reviews the 35th staging of this event that covered soft tissue surgery, and emergency medicine and critical care.

22 mins

Jan Moehlenbrock, managing director of MSD Animal Health’s UK operation, heads into the Examination Room to talk about company strategy and the MSD bursary.

16 mins

Sophie Mahendran considers factors in maintaining fresh cow health, such as a low stress, comfort, feed access and monitoring. Includes video content.

20 mins

Ross Allan considers approaches to treating these injuries – including debridement and bandaging – in part two of his article.

34 mins

Jamie Prutton provides some pointers on how to guide owners about nutritional advice for horses deemed overweight or obese.

42 mins

Anyone who thought of the surgical checklist as a bureaucratic tick-box exercise should think again, urges John Williams. Here, he outlines the case for them and why every practice should have a checklist champion.

19 mins

Alex Gough takes another look over the latest veterinary studies in his latest Research Review.

23 mins

Richard Jones recounts the story of how a male gyrfalcon that flew away before surgery was able to be found safe six days later.

12 mins

Andy Forbes discusses some aspects of helminth infections in these cattle, and explains how adequate levels of control can be achieved with relatively little anthelmintic inputs.

28 mins

Jamie Robertson discusses methods of monitoring this essential nutrient at farm level – and interpreting sample results – and offers guidance on how to sort issues.

25 mins

Tom Anderson and Rob Quinn discuss effective management and treatment methods for this condition.

29 mins

Sarah Heath, in the run up to firework season, looks at practical and pharmacological approaches to managing sound-related fear.

28 mins

Nicola Bates discusses how to approach poisoned patient cases to determine appropriate decontamination and further treatment.

37 mins

In this opinion piece, vet Mark Turner asks how the profession can learn from other sectors to manage risk and maximise safety.

14 mins

Roger Evans discusses how he has taken his farm organic in his latest Dairy Diary.

17 mins