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May 2024

VetEnvoy is a veterinary communications hub that provides a seamless flow of information between key practice IT systems. To find out more about this innovative and fast-evolving system, VBJ sat down with managing director of VetEnvoy, Sarah Kirkham…

10 mins

February 2024

IMV Imaging has a reputation for delivering pioneering imaging equipment that makes a real difference to animal care. But IMV also does much to make a difference to the vets and nurses using that equipment, as VBJ discovered when we spoke with Laura Quiney and Amy Haylock…

11 mins

January 2024

The world is witnessing the dawn of the AI age and excitement is at its peak as to just how much the technology will change the existing paradigms. In this article, Oli Viner explains how these systems work and discusses how they might impact on society and the veterinary profession…

37 mins

December 2023

Advanced imaging was once the preserve of referral centres and teaching hospitals, but an increasing number of practices now offer these modalities in a first opinion setting. However, the integration of these technologies can be a highly complex issue and there is much to consider before making such a significant investment…

16 mins

Merlin Simple Payment Solutions (MerlinSPS) is the new health plan support company recently launched by the MerlinVet Group for UK independent veterinary practices.

16 mins

“From economical systems to top-of-the-line equipment, Probo Veterinary proudly maintains the world’s largest inventory of new and refurbished ultrasound systems – all at affordable prices.”

10 mins

November 2023

Most modern businesses depend on good IT infrastructure, but are your systems fit for purpose? We live in a rapidly evolving world where technology has become an indispensable tool in nearly every industry, and the veterinary sector is no exception…

24 mins

September 2023

With many veterinary teams hard-pressed and short on time, tech solutions from the likes of PetsApp have never been more needed. Far from resting on its laurels, those behind the client communication tool are taking things to a whole new level, as Thom Jenkins explains…

12 mins

August 2023

This month’s VBJ Diagnostics Insight feature sees Zoetis explain how, by leveraging AI in dermatology, veterinary professionals can optimise their workflow and provide advanced health care for their patients.

12 mins

July 2023

Practice management systems have come a long way since first emerging in the veterinary world 20 years ago. A plethora of systems now exist to choose from, offering a range of features, but some are more useful than others, as Oli Viner explains…

38 mins

Agria has been protecting animal health for more than 130 years by providing insurance products that are trusted by owners and veterinary professionals around the world. And that position of trust and respect is not something Agria takes for granted, as head of channel operations Nick White explained…

12 mins

May 2023

Three-quarters of all cats and two-thirds of all dogs were bought by adults younger than 44 in the past 12 months, meaning the pet-owning baton has well and truly passed to the next generation. With Gen Z and millennials expecting to interact with businesses digitally, vet practices must ensure they are maximising engagement opportunities…

29 mins

April 2023

Vetstoria is a unique software solution designed from the ground up to protect one of the veterinary profession’s most valuable commodities: time.

10 mins

February 2023

Many more people are “going digital” in all aspects of their lives – especially when it comes to looking after treasured pets. So it pays to know how to use the latest digital tools to ensure your practice stands out in an increasingly crowded market…

December 2022

New technology has delivered massive change in the area of veterinary diagnostics – especially during the past two years.Seth Wallack and Eric Goldman discuss how to harness these developments to drive practice productivity in an increasingly challenging economic environment…

21 mins

November 2022

In this latest VBJ Technology Insight feature, MWI Animal Health shares its success and expertise in the migration of more than 1,000 practice sites from a variety of systems across companion animal, farm, referral and equine practices.

13 mins

September 2022

While MRI and CT have long been seen as the preserve of referral centres, a growing number of first opinion businesses have begun investing in these advanced imaging modalities. Big benefits exist for practices going down this route, but also significant risks for those making such as big investment without taking a close look at all the finer details…

26 mins

May 2022

Despite concerns around losing the personal touch when automating processes, online booking actually enhances the pet owner experience for most, reveals feedback from Vetstoria users.

13 mins

January 2022

Vetology founder and chief executive Seth Wallack, and Vetology AI president Eric Goldman discuss developments to concentrate on in companion animal practice, in line with the findings of research into the perceptions and priorities of pet owners.

32 mins

August 2021

Cyberattacks are nothing new. However, now the intrusions are far more dangerous – and the veterinary world has proved to be far from immune from this insidious and potentially costly threat…

23 mins