June 2019

Ian Wright takes a look at the importance of accurate parasite control, as well as latest data findings and innovations for tackling household infestations.

31 mins

Karen Walsh looks at uses and latest developments in analgesics, as well as types available in canine and feline patients.

51 mins

Francesco Cian discusses a blood sample from an adult neutered poodle in the latest Haematology Hub.

7 mins

Fiona Adam and Marco Armellini present history, physical examination and ultrasound findings to help diagnose a cat's behavioural problem.

15 mins

Ian Wright advocates the blood smear as a useful screening tool for immediate results on a broad range of parasites.

44 mins

Andrea Holmes looks at this condition in a canine patient, and outlines recommended management and monitoring.

8 mins

Alex Gough looks at a study into a borreliosis vaccination and another on levothyroxine supplementation, among others, in the latest Research Review.

19 mins

Professor Duncan Lascelles describes a new approach to managing canine osteoarthritis (OA) and introduces a new way to target canine OA pain.

10 mins

Lotfi El Bahri discusses indications, resistance, interactions, dose and administration, and toxicity of this antibiotic in cats.

30 mins

May 2019

Jo Murrell discusses types, uses and latest developments in canine and feline patients, including endotracheal tubes.

35 mins

Georgina Harris presents the case of a four-year-old, neutered dachshund that presented with a 24-hour history of acute onset, progressive paraparesis.

11 mins

Lisa Milella discusses studies into forces a dog’s teeth can withstand when chewing and the likelihood of dental injury.

22 mins

Ian Self discusses acute and chronic forms, assessment using recognised scales, and treatment option.

46 mins

Francesco Cian discusses another interesting case in his latest haematology hub.

6 mins

Josie Parker describes her approach to ocular cases, including how to examine for manifestations of systemic disease.

43 mins

Deirdre Mullowney discusses this haematological condition in a feline patient, including diagnoses and treatment.

10 mins

Jeanette Bannoehr summarises the factors that cause this common issue in dogs and describes the management options available.

38 mins

Steven Hancox gives a step-by-step guide to this type of surgical ligature and offers some examples of how to use it in surgery.

41 mins

April 2019

Hany Elsheikha discusses why interdisciplinary partnerships should be considered the way forward in mitigating the risk of infection faced by humans from cats and dogs.

48 mins

Lotfi El Bahri recounts a dog whose owner reported vomiting prior to consult, excessive salivation, panting and starting seizures.

20 mins