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May 2022

Mark Lowrie MA VetMB, MVM, DipECVN, MRCVS describes when to suspect this syndrome, what conditions may mimic it, diagnosis and management.

42 mins

Matt Gurney, BVSc, CertVA, PgCertVBM, DipECVAA, MRCVS discusses why vet surgeons should think carefully before cancelling a procedure due to concerns about anaesthesia.

25 mins

Alex Gough, MA, VetMB, CertSAM, CertVC, PGCert(Neuroimaging), MRCVS, runs through the latest developments in the April Research Review from Vet Times.

18 mins

Francesco Cian DVM, DipECVCP, FRCPath, MRCVS, looks at the case of an eight-year-old Labrador retriever with rapid onset unilateral facial swelling in his latest Diagnostic Dilemmas.

12 mins

Christopher Scudder BVSc, PhD, DACVIM-SAIM, DECVIM-CA, MRCVS, Eleanor Haskey BSc(Hons), PGCert, VPAC A1, VTS(ECC), RVN and Vicky Maund BSc(Hons), Cert VN ECC, CVN, DipAVN, DipHE CVN, PGCert Vet Ed, VTS(SAIM), RVN review current knowledge around the complications associated with this procedure in feline and canine patients, and make an appeal to the profession to aid their study with the aim of minimising the risks.

40 mins

Jenni McDonald PhD, MSc, BSc and Jane Clements MSc, RVN discuss work being done to encourage this practice to become the norm for feline patients, and the profession’s role.

19 mins

Moranne Frejlich, MRCVS, outlines the clinical signs and diagnosis of this common condition, and the treatment options available.

30 mins

College Dempsey, RVN and Miguel Martinez Ldo Vet, CertVA, DipECVAA, MRCVS argue for the consideration of these processes when treating cancer in pets.

31 mins

Simon Tappin MA, VetMB CertSAM, DipECVIM-CA, FRCVS raises awareness of some of the most common diseases threatening UK animals travelling in Europe.

37 mins

Helen Sumner recalls two patients suffering from this rare condition, and the steps taken to diagnose and treat them.

30 mins

Sarah Caney notes research updates on this condition, and explains how professionals can support pets and pet owners.

31 mins

April 2022

Mark Patterson MA, VetMB, PhD, DVC, CertVR, MRCVS and Anna Beber BVMS, MVM, CertAVP(VC), MRCVS, in the second of a two-part article, offer a practical guide to the use of this medication in canine heart disease.

42 mins

Danièlle Gunn-Moore BSc(Hons), BVM&S, PhD, MANZCVS, FHEA, FRSB, FRCVS and Michelle Moore BA(Hons), MA discuss the benefits of simplifying the names for feline idiopathic cystitis and cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

18 mins

Anna Tauro DVM, GPCert(Neuro), DipECVN, MRCVS and Adelina Proteasa DVM, PhD, PGCert(SAS), MRCVS recount the case of a feline patient and discuss the law against such weapons.

18 mins

Diana Ferreira DVM, MSc, DipECVD, MRCVS explores some of the latest research and innovations in the treatment of skin conditions in dogs and cats.

18 mins

Mark Patteson MA, VetMB, PhD, DVC, CertVR, MRCVS and Anna Beber BVMS, MVM, CertAVP(VC), MRCVS cover the evidence for using this medication to treat the most common canine congenital heart disease.

29 mins

Simona Radaelli outlines how to diagnose this disorder, including the classification of seizures, and how it can be treated.

52 mins

Bart Ropelewski GPCertSAS, PGCertSAS, MRCVS endeavours to grow the understanding of chiari-like malformations, their clinical presentation and treatment options.

25 mins

Nuria Quesada Vicent comprehensively covers the various pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical therapies currently available to vets.

79 mins

Ferran Valls Sanchez, DVM, DipECVIM‑CA, MRCVS, discusses evidence behind the aetiology of this disease in dogs and whether anything can be done.

13 mins