February 2017

Kelly Bowlt Blacklock in the second of this two-part article, discusses different techniques to close wounds in canine and feline patients.

13 mins

Ben Garland describes surgery to remove a foreign body from the oesophagus, looking at alternative methods, potential complications and recovery

26 mins

Ariane Neuber looks at factors involved in canine ear disease, approach to investigation and therapy, and importance of early intervention.

29 mins

Scott Rutherford discusses a variety of management options for this common arthritic condition seen in canine patients.

29 mins

Kerry Simpson following part 1 based on diagnosis (VT47.03), suggests a selection of therapies and treatments for this condition.

23 mins

Sally Birch discusses the case of five-month-old male entire domestic shorthair cat called Simon.

9 mins

January 2017

Jerry Dunne describes a case in which a stray dog presented with a fractured spine after being involved in a road traffic collision.

9 mins

Alex Gough presents the latest research and studies in veterinary medicine.

14 mins

Kerry Simpson, in the first of a two-part series, outlines the nature, concurrent types and diagnostic approach to this condition.

22 mins

Carolina Arenas explains the investigative, treatment and follow-up protocols carried out in a miniature schnauzer emergency case

31 mins

Kelly Bowlt Blacklock looks at studies on companion animal wound care, focusing on emerging techniques (part 1/2).

12 mins

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6 mins

James Elliott assesses methods of discovery for this condition and suggests treatments.

28 mins

Stephanie Lalor discusses the case of Ollie, an 18-month-old male entire great Dane, in the latest of our Practice Notes series.

5 mins

Sarah Caney examines ways to identify causes of this condition to assign the correct treatment and management options.

24 mins

Learn how the new puppy growth charts could help pave the way for a healthier dog population, simply by tracking growth against reference standards.

38 mins

Clinical reasoning skills form the cornerstone of vets' daily diagnostic and treatment decisions. Jill Maddison discusses how those decisions can be enhanced.

17 mins

December 2016

Tamara Montrose, Grace Carroll and Alison Wills suggest ways in which pets can be put at ease during appointments, such as waiting room management.

17 mins

Ana Lara looks at defining the essential versus desirable aspects of treating this common type of cancer in dogs, to help keep costs down for owners.

28 mins

Nigel Dougherty revisits lessons learned and options considered from a dog that presented following a vehicle-induced injury.

15 mins