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November 2023

In his latest research review, Alex Gough looks at canine distichiasis, a retrospective study of cats treated with tranexamic acid and epsilon aminocaproic acid, post-neutering weight gain, and more…

18 mins

Mark Turner delves into some of the issues facing the profession in the first part of a fictional story about UK practice life.

27 mins

Daniela Murgia discusses how vets can look after affected cats and dogs, their owners and themselves in such instances.

57 mins

Norbert Mencke highlights the issues around parasites in cats and how to help owners achieve a better understanding.

22 mins

Elisabetta Mancinelli reviews available evidence for use of the specific synthetic, non-peptide, selective NK-1 receptor antagonist.

34 mins

Francesco Cian delves into the case of a seven-year-old Maine coon with a 24-hour history of severe dyspnoea in the latest “diagnostic dilemmas”.

7 mins

Georgia Wells explains the approaches vets make to ascertain both flexibility and maneuverability in canine pets, and future assessment plans.

20 mins

Mike Davies discusses advice to offer pet owners regarding various medical issues that may affect elderly canine patients.

45 mins

October 2023

Laura Watson advises on giving the best guidance to owners regarding the prevention of feline mental well-being conditions.

44 mins

Cecilia Villaverde discusses a variety of studies behind these fats, as well as their effects on neurological activity in canine patients.

20 mins

Mike Guilliard provides an overview of these skin lesions and explains findings of the surgical techniques used to treat them.

34 mins

Richard Morris discusses the difficulties of deciding on the best treatment to halt the issue of – and reduce pain in – aural disease.

47 mins

Sarah Caney emphasises the need for regular preventive health checks for this age group of felines, as well as the ways vets can advise owners to improve their care at home

39 mins

Bartosz Ropelewski references a case he was presented with, how it was treated and the medication used.

20 mins

Conor O’Halloran, Danièlle Gunn-moore and Petra Černá discuss the features of an increasingly encountered clinical condition in companion animal practice and the treatment options available.

40 mins

Jack Reece discusses the likelihood of the disease being seen more frequently in this country among imported dogs.

20 mins

September 2023

Philip Witte discusses spinal trauma, which occurs more in feline patients than in canine patients, as well as possible treatments.

14 mins

Chiari-like malformation, suture knots, cancer detection and feline infectious peritonitis are among the topics under the microscope in Alex Gough’s latest Research Review for Vet Times.

18 mins

Steve Butterworth shares a canine case that suffered from this condition, and its links to lameness in dogs of the same or similar breeds.

17 mins

Francesco Cian details the case of a six-year-old German shepherd dog presented for the presence of small bilateral corneal opacity and pigmentation in the ventro-lateral limbus of both eyes.

7 mins