September 2017

David Rendle discusses measures he considers should be taken to manage obesity in horses, in the first of a two-part article.

50 mins

Sue Dyson reviews literature related to aspects of this issue, in light of clinical experiences and limited evidence-based data.

29 mins

August 2017

Liz Mitchell discusses setting up individual and yard health plans with equine owners to help prevent disease spread.

22 mins

Andy Durham describes the advantages of using this diagnostic imaging technique when undergoing eye examination in horses.

21 mins

David Rendle and Harry Carslake discuss methods of diagnosing horses with this condition, assessing the positives and challenges of each one.

69 mins

July 2017

In part one, the authors review sampling of the lower airway tract, while in part two, diagnostic imaging will be discussed.

36 mins

This article reviews the basics of the physiology and pathophysiology of pain, before focusing on the tools to recognise it in our equine patients.

67 mins

Common physiological and pathological murmurs and dysrhythmias found in the horse, when to undertake further diagnostic procedures and what the likely consequences may be regarding pathological disease for future performance and safety for ridden work are covered in this article.

40 mins

This article provides a summary of selected clinically relevant publications on diagnostic methods, imaging and rehabilitation of equine lameness published in the past 12 months, as well as new information related to diagnostic imaging of the suspensory ligament.

27 mins

Alex Draper asks how much weight is too much for horses to carry – and how you raise the sensitive topic with larger owners.

21 mins

Association says the update will help members negotiate the intricacies of prescribing equine medicines, and assist in accurate use of the cascade.

3 mins

Celia Marr discusses novel ECG techniques, such as using smartphone technology, and best advice when examining horses.

16 mins

HoofSearch is a streamlined updating service that collects metadata on new peer-reviewed research, academic papers and conference proceedings covering foot research, lameness, anatomy, imaging and related topics.

4 mins

Gayle Hallowell looks at developments in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition.

28 mins

June 2017

Safia Barakzai looks at latest advances in treatment of this equine neurological condition.

15 mins

Nicola Menzies-Gow describes estimation of fluid deficit in horses, various administration routes and fluid types using an ongoing plan.

28 mins

Romain Paillot, Adam Rash and Camilla Strang discuss surveillance efforts and the importance of following recommended vaccination schedules.

17 mins

Phil Cramp, partner at Hambleton Equine Clinic, discusses the benefits of Hyonate® in equine synovial disease.

9 mins

May 2017

A Horserace Betting Levy Board and Racing Foundation-funded study on equine lameness led by an RVC expert is to be published in the Equine Veterinary Journal.

6 mins

Andy Durham explores the types and diagnostic techniques for this common concern, and its contribution to airway disease.

26 mins