June 2020

An ever-increasing range of digital products and services is available to help modern veterinary practices better serve the needs of both their staff and their clients. But to make those systems work effectively and efficiently, practices must ensure all their tech is properly integrated.

14 mins

In this, the third VBJ Lockdown Lowdown, we revisit veterinary business consultant Alison Lambert to discuss all things business – from finance and furlough to waiting time and wellness.

May 2020

Figures published by HMRC have shown vets are missing out on millions of pounds in research and development (R&D) tax credits. Cheryl Teoh – senior R&D technical consultant at innovation funding consultancy Leyton UK – looks at the scheme, what can be claimed for and why vets aren’t claiming for what they are owed.

20 mins

When Lennon Foo opened Amity Vets in Newton Abbott nearly three years ago, he had a bold vision for the way he wanted to deliver veterinary care. VBJ caught back up with Lennon to see how his practice and bold, client-centred vision was bearing up to the coronavirus crisis...

26 mins

Coronavirus has brought swift, sudden change, and a new normal now prevails. Alan Robinson explains why businesses that hope to survive the present and thrive in the future must understand what these changes mean, and how to respond...

34 mins

Vaccinating rabbits is unlikely to be at the top of your agenda; however, now is a good opportunity to understand how practices need to safely switch their clients on to MSD Animal Health's latest vaccine when they start to return to vaccination.

18 mins

The UK has around 1m pet rabbits, and a growing number of practices are capitalising on the lack of care and attention some receive. Research has shown many owners seek out practices that specialise in rabbit care over those who don’t, so it’s worth investing time and thought to make sure they choose you…

29 mins

April 2020

The Lockdown Lowdown is a Zoom interview series in which VBJ editor James Westgate talks to business experts to discover how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the veterinary profession.

Climate change, increased pet travel and the incoming tide of overseas rescues means it is not just old enemies your practice needs to be ready for – new threats are on the horizon, too. But fear not, as practices have never been in a better position to take the flight to the enemy...

26 mins

In these difficult times, providing veterinary care has suddenly become a serious challenge. Animals still need medical help and clinical teams across the UK have been turning to new ways of fulfilling their duty of care…

13 mins

Vet Chris Copeman built one of the first Passivhaus homes in the UK and now he has opened its first Passivhaus veterinary practice.

As services that are subscription based become an increasingly large part of life, preventive health care plans are becoming the norm in veterinary practice in the UK. Clients ask for them, and most forward-thinking practices now have one, but it’s important to make sure your plan fits your practice...

23 mins

MWI Animal Health marketing executive Meg Chiplen outlines three good starting points to help ensure your website makes a good first impression with potential customers.

13 mins

March 2020

Bobbie Flight outlines three top tips for veterinary practices to stand out from the competition for all the right reasons.

12 mins

Buying into a partnership is still a big part of the plan for many veterinary surgeons. But what happens when that plan suddenly has to change? VBJ paid a visit to Swaffham Veterinary Centre in Norfolk to find out...

3 mins

Increasing diagnostic testing is good for animal welfare and pracice profits. This is a multibillion-pound market, but are UK practices making the most of the tech and tests they have at their disposal...?

29 mins

Veterinary nurses provide the backbone of any successful practice, but sometimes their contribution can be overlooked. Here, former practice owner and RVN Helen Tottey explains why nursing teams must be kept front and centre...

27 mins

February 2020

VBJ’s latest planning insight feature sees this company, which has years of experience designing and managing the build of vet clinics, share its expertise on what matters when it comes to delivering great projects to fit that all-important budget.

17 mins

So, you’ve been employed in another’s practice and either circumstance or a keen desire to be master of your own destiny is leading you to running your own business. Setting up a practice isn't easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you get your groundwork right...

21 mins

Spinney Vets near Northampton has just undergone a significant refurbishment that has seen the practice double in size. Now the dust has settled, VBJ paid a visit to see if the investment has paid off...

1 mins