VBJ articles

May 2022

Finance and regulation is the fourth part in our series exploring six core dynamics shaping the veterinary profession today and in the future.

86 mins

Despite concerns around losing the personal touch when automating processes, online booking actually enhances the pet owner experience for most, reveals feedback from Vetstoria users.

13 mins

April 2022

Employee engagement forms part three of our series exploring six core dynamics shaping the veterinary profession today and in the future.

85 mins

You have to be pretty confident your new practice is going to be something a bit special if you decide to call it Stellar Vets. In this case, however, with a digital-focused, client-friendly approach, this new venture more than lives up to its name, as VBJ discovered…

39 mins

Premises to a practice are as hands are to a surgeon – they are essential. But building or fitting out premises is not a simple task…

It can be all too easy to measure practice growth on speed, efficiency and effectiveness. But with an overabundance of new work and an industry chronically under-resourced, it is more important than ever to get your priorities right...

March 2022

Our series exploring six core dynamics shaping the veterinary profession today and in the future continues with a discussion on client care.

Remote and digital veterinary services are nothing new – vets have been calling clients for years – but the method of utilisation is now on a path charged by nitroglycerine and shows no sign of abating. To some, it’s a huge threat to how vets deliver care, but to others it offers a chance to regain control and keep the veterinary profession central in a customer journey…

25 mins

Are you fed up with unproductive conversations in the workplace? Steve Bailey suggests that it might be time to rethink roles you play in your practice – helping you quickly get to the crux of any conflict.

28 mins

Big 6 returns to explore six core dynamics shaping the veterinary profession today and in the future – starting with a discussion on the impact of technology.

72 mins

Steve Bailey – a partner of Space Coaching Services and a trained facilitator of action learning sets – explains how this concept creates a source of support for veterinary teams to tackle workplace problems.

32 mins

Nutrition, diet and supplements play a key role in supporting the health of the nation’s companion animals. But, with veterinary teams so busy post-pandemic, Georgia Woods-Lee asks: “is your practice getting the message across?”

February 2022

Capital equipment, by its very nature, is expensive and few have the spare cash to pay for it upfront. Even if cash were on hand, it may not make sense to use it to pay for large pieces of equipment when working capital is central to survival…

24 mins

Renowned for world-leading CPD, extensive networking opportunities and the chance to meet with a wide … more

17 mins

Congresses and conferences – either in-person, online or both – will always be an integral part of the landscape in the veterinary sector. Times have changed of course, but what hasn’t changed is the value of live learning and making the most of the opportunities is as important as ever...

23 mins

January 2022

Seth Wallack DVM, DACVR and Eric Goldman, president, Vetology AI, discuss developments to concentrate on in companion animal practice, in line with the findings of research into the perceptions and priorities of pet owners.

32 mins

None of us are in any doubt. At the start of 2022, as a community of pet lovers, owners, pet care experts, veterinarians and suppliers, we all know that pet obesity is a serious problem...

15 mins

December 2021

Catherine Oxtoby BVSc, PhD, MRCVS, describes how this mindset – inspired by technology adopted by the aviation industry more than 60 years ago – can help veterinary teams understand why errors occur and, as a result, lead to better care for patients…

26 mins

November 2021

The past 18 months have left veterinary teams across the country stretched to their limit. This has left many feeling depleted and burnt out, so should we be asking what we ourselves can do to help our own well-being?

28 mins

October 2021

Do you love your job, every day? What about your team? Jesse McCall (Institute for Healthcare Improvement) and RCVS Knowledge set out a practical, evidence-based framework for overcoming burnout that puts teams in the best position to deliver top-quality care…

31 mins