December 2020

Jessica Beckett discusses emerging options for treating a variety of such conditions presenting in cats and dogs.

28 mins

October 2020

Lead nutritionist Samantha Ware discusses metabolism.

10 mins

September 2020

Lou Northway walks readers through the stages of, and considerations around, anaesthetising cats and dogs with cardiac conditions.

30 mins

August 2020

John Redbond discusses the value of such clinics, how to identify and treat allergic skin disease, and key messages to share with dog and cat owners.

32 mins

July 2020

Menna Field details information for VNs to share with their clients on the effect commonly encountered worms can have on humans, farm animals and pets, to help compliance.

24 mins

June 2020

Emma Gerrard gives a brief overview of the aetiology and management of this disease in cats and dogs.

28 mins

April 2020

John Redbond details how pruritus commonly manifests in companion animals, and how to identify and treat its origins.

32 mins

Nicola Ackerman details symptoms of kidney dysfunction and how veterinary nurse clinics can help manage it.

33 mins

February 2020

Marie Rippingale looks at how RVNs can assist with procedures in cases of skin disease in equids.

20 mins

November 2019

Emma Gerrard provides an overview of this joint condition in cats and dogs, including what's new, management strategies and owner guidance.

30 mins

Laura Lacey details how educational opportunities, approaches, aftercare and nutrition have a part to play in improving pets’ dental health.

36 mins

September 2019

Laura Lacey shares feeding strategies VNs can give to clients for optimum pet health at different life stages.

37 mins

August 2019

Abi Charteris explains the vital role nurses can play in early detection and subsequent management of acute and chronic forms of this condition in companion animals.

44 mins

July 2019

Joanne Brown and Victoria Robinson discuss the pathogenesis of otitis, its diagnosis and treatment options that can be used to improve owner compliance and aid response to therapy.

35 mins

June 2019

Helen Benney details considerations around performing the vital peri-anaesthetic role required for patients with cardiovascular disease.

40 mins

April 2019

Sarah Caney discusses the importance of regular blood pressure evaluation in cats, and the part RVNs can play in ensuring owner awareness and understanding.

26 mins

Laura Rosewell discusses managing emergency cases of dyspnoea, types of breathing diseases commonly seen in practice, and how these canine and feline patients can be supported by veterinary nurses – both during hospitalisation and after discharge.

49 mins

Gayle Morrison and Victoria Robinson discuss prevalent causes of – and latest treatment options for – pruritic patients.

37 mins

March 2019

Jamie Prutton discusses various diagnostic techniques and management options used for horses presenting with skin-related presentations.

22 mins

February 2019

Ian Wright discusses the principles of controlling these parasites and the vital role VNs play in making recommendations for individual pets.

46 mins