May 2024

Charlie Fisher outlines what is needed to prepare for these cases, treatment options available and the debunking of more archaic methods of managing affected patients.

35 mins

April 2024

Ben Witcomb details the most prevalent issues that present in young dogs, as well as owner education and the VN’s role in treatment.

47 mins

March 2024

“Success can come in different ways. I wasn’t successful as a head nurse, but it didn’t stop me being successful somewhere else. It's not a measure of who you are – that’s not your top potential – it’s just where you are right there. It’s not a reason to quit!”

1 mins

February 2024

“It's taken me a long time to get where I want to be – because you don’t just fall into it; it's not that easy. But all my experiences along the way have set me up, ready for this, and I can now go to work and enjoy my job, I can just love it, and it’s my place and it’s my time to just be me!”

1 mins

Anna Mercer explains how, in the same way cats should no longer be considered as small dogs, this inquisitive species has its own unique set of husbandry and veterinary needs.

50 mins

January 2024

“We had so many interesting conversations; I questioned why, in this day and age, animals are neglected as much as they are. And when we looked at it, religion factors massively – and also, education! ”

1 mins

November 2023

“The first thing I would say is, don’t be put off by how much of an enormous and complicated a topic it seems, because so many people are – you don't need to know the ins and outs of every single body system to be able to give good care to your patients…”

1 mins

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest global health issues of our time. Amanda Curtis RVN, chats about her contribution to VetTeamAMR – a new initiative from charity RCVS Knowledge that helps veterinary teams improve their antimicrobial use.

14 mins

Elin Moss discusses clinical signs, diagnosis, management and treatment options for canine and feline patients.

46 mins

Katy Allen describes the crucial role VNs play in delivering prompt therapy and care for small animal patients.

30 mins

September 2023

April Murphy RVN, details various ailments that may present in older feline patients, as well as treatment tips.

42 mins

April 2023

Sarah Whittaker takes a look at the options available to benefit canine and feline patients, and how the RVN is ideally placed to champion this.

49 mins

March 2023

Alex John discusses periodontal disease risks, treatment and educating owners on long-term dangers.

January 2023

Jane Clements MSc (Human Behaviour Change), RVN head of neutering, explains the planned improvements to the charity’s neutering scheme following vet feedback.

15 mins

November 2022

In the latest of our Practice Champions series, Zoetis along with Kirsty Cavill discuss this disease in felids and how veterinary nurses are perfectly placed to advocate for patients, advising on how to spot the condition early and raise owner awareness.

26 mins

September 2022

Debbie Gray looks at a holistic approach to wound care and application in clinical practice, and explores the stages of wound healing, treatment options and the vet nurse’s role in continuity of care.

25 mins

Georgina Sharman describes the steps veterinary teams can take – both as a practice and as professionals – to reduce risk, as well as how to get ready for basic and more advanced cases…

July 2022

Laura George takes a look at these conditions, and how vet nurses can assist in management and treatment.

46 mins

June 2022

Leila Hallaji shares a case of a young boxer diagnosed with this potentially life-threatening infection, detailing the treatment and care it received.

28 mins

Laura Lacey looks at the main species of this parasite, including their life cycles, and explains how veterinary nurses can assist in educating clients.