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May 2022

Finance and regulation is the fourth part in our series exploring six core dynamics shaping the veterinary profession today and in the future.

86 mins

February 2022

Capital equipment, by its very nature, is expensive and few have the spare cash to pay for it upfront. Even if cash were on hand, it may not make sense to use it to pay for large pieces of equipment when working capital is central to survival…

24 mins

May 2021

Liza Minelli couldn’t have summed it up better when she sang that money makes the world go round in the 1972 film Cabaret. It’s true, despite what we all want to believe. In a commercial context, this means thinking about how a practice funds its setup or expansion, how it acquires equipment and how it funds its day-to-day expenses...

25 mins

April 2021

It is always vital to prepare and track realistic cash flow forecasts – especially in the current climate. Concrete cash protection procedures are also key for your practice to thrive, rather than just survive…

22 mins

February 2021

One of the best ways independent practices can compete with the big boys is to cut costs by joining a buying group. Adam Bernstein takes a look at how these groups have evolved and how your practice can make the most of membership…

27 mins

September 2020

Bounce Back Loans (BBL) could be a relatively low-risk financial lifeline for practices hit by the coronavirus pandemic. With no fixed interest and no repayments for the first year, a BBL could make all the difference for some businesses, but think fast as they won't be about for long...

24 mins

May 2020

Figures published by HMRC have shown vets are missing out on millions of pounds in research and development (R&D) tax credits. Cheryl Teoh – senior R&D technical consultant at innovation funding consultancy Leyton UK – looks at the scheme, what can be claimed for and why vets aren’t claiming for what they are owed.

20 mins

January 2020

Kay Scarlett, practice manager at Westwood Veterinary Surgery, tells her Petplan story...

5 mins

Tax investigations should be avoided – they are not something that many welcome or would want to endure, as they are stressful and can be costly. And if HMRC finds misbehaviour, that taxpayer is bound to receive “special” attention in the future.

24 mins

December 2019

With increased price pressure from the internet and growing competition from corporate practices, sometimes it can seem hard to see the wood for the trees. In this, a VBJ Buying Insight feature, help is at hand in the form of one of the largest, most trusted businesses in the sector.

16 mins

July 2019

The bubble may have burst for some, but the consolidators will still pay big money for the right kind of practice. So, knowing what the likes of Independent Vetcare and CVS are looking for is key for owners looking to move their business into corporate hands...

21 mins

June 2019

While we’re still in the EU, we still have to play by its rules – particularly where workplace legislation is concerned. Here, the author details a landmark EU ruling on paid annual leave.

10 mins

November 2018

The vet landscape is changing rapidly, and we find the profession, and ourselves, in an economy we wouldn't have imagined 20 years ago. It's a time of great change and opportunity for those looking to sell a practice.

20 mins

October 2018

James Westgate, VBJ editor, visits two practices using complementary therapies as a viable alternative revenue stream ...

21 mins

September 2018

While running a practice is one part of the commercial equation, getting paid is the other, as Adam Bernstein explains.

24 mins

July 2018

The automatic joining of workers to a company pension scheme – known as auto-enrolment – celebrated its fifth birthday in October 2017. On 1 February 2018, the process was finally completed, but, as Adam Bernstein explains, auto-enrolment is still a big and potentially costly issue for British business ...

22 mins

June 2018

The VBA provides a fresh, hands-on and highly effective approach to selling your veterinary practice.

2 mins

Simon Wheeler, from Agria Pet Insurance, explains how increasing the number of clients with cover can enhance animal welfare, increase profitability and even boost 
well-being across the profession.

22 mins

In the third part of this series on veterinary practice funding, Gary Hemming discusses investing in new equipment and cost-effective ways to make payments.

13 mins

Gary Hemming continues his veterinary practice funding series with details about credit facilities and business loans available, and how to choose the correct service for your circumstances.

13 mins