July 2020

Eleanor Goad reflects on a black Lab called Zilla, a dog who wove herself into her early veterinary evolution and whose passing hit harder than expected.

9 mins

In his latest Practice makes Perfect, Dave Beeston reflects on intern life and how he's ready for the next challenge.

27 mins

Veterinary students at University of Nottingham have become some of the first in the country to get back to face-to-face study.

6 mins

David Charles shares experiences and tips from his first 12 months in the profession to help the class of 2020 keep on motoring – from ensuring adequate storage for equipment medical supplies, to being prepared for vehicle breakdowns.

25 mins

Tim Parkin, a Bristol alumni and specialist in population medicine, will take up role as head of the University of Bristol Veterinary School on 9 November.

3 mins

Pipeline of young vets won't run dry because of ongoing impacts of coronavirus, UK's vet schools declare.

10 mins

A new scheme will see six vet students offered two-week extra-mural studies placements at the directorate’s Surrey headquarters.

4 mins

While empty rescue shelters may seem a reason to celebrate, Eleanor Goad warns a lack of socialisation for younger animals may prove problematic if not addressed correctly.

13 mins

Changes to list of skills and behaviours expected of graduates updated following extensive consultation with the profession.

7 mins

June 2020

Reflecting on his journey, David Beeston offers five tips for students about to take the plunge into practice life.

34 mins

While preparing to change roles himself, David Charles offers a handful of tips designed to make life easier for graduates transitioning from university to working life, or those swapping jobs for the first time.

24 mins

Reflecting on the past few months, Eleanor Goad says that if it has taught us anything, it is you shouldn't feel guilty about taking the chance to stop, smell the roses, and enjoy yourself for a little while – as it could help you and your working life in the long term.

9 mins

EMS is an essential part of veterinary learning, but, as vet student Eleanor Goad points out, coronavirus has led to a lack of this essential source of preclinical and clinical experience for many students.

15 mins

Four videos covering the sensitive subject of weight management in horses have now been uploaded to BEVA’s online learning platform.

6 mins

While lockdown has seen many elements of life come to a standstill, UK vet students are still studying and revising. As such, blogger Eleanor Goad offers some tips for optimising the “home learning” experience.

15 mins

May 2020

Almost all students who took part in Grads to Vets’ survey said the pandemic is affecting how confident they are feeling about starting work.

3 mins

Veterinary support service received a record number of contacts in February and March, with mental health and stress the most common theme.

11 mins

“We know… that these offers will be attractive, but we are deeply concerned that it devalues the skills and knowledge that have been built up throughout the degree” – AVS president Izzie Arthur.

8 mins

The first job in practice can present various challenges and levels of change. But, as David Charles explains, you are not alone in tackling them – so use your networks of family, friends, peers and colleagues; and plan some “great escapes”.

24 mins

Without even knowing it, pets are helping us through some potentially isolating and scary times. Eleanor Goad explains why we need to return that kindness…

13 mins