May 2015

Outside of working hours you probably don’t think about dog faeces, other than to scoop … more

14 mins

Upper respiratory tract (URT) tumours can be a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in … more

11 mins

Pain is a ubiquitous phenomenon and the international and multidisciplinary range of clinicians’ professions studying … more

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February 2015

Indianapolis is the heartland of the United States and, with compassion at the forefront of … more

23 mins

I write the day after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in Paris: not surprisingly, it fills the … more

17 mins

Medical staff have no intention of causing harm or failing to do the right thing; … more

31 mins

Dick White and his wife Christine visited Cuba in 2014 for the fourth time, where … more

15 mins

In today’s rather constrained society, it’s probably a bit unseemly to get too carried away … more

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December 2014

This year we have launched our new advanced practitioner status, with the aim of signposting … more

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August 2010

Letters in the veterinary press have emphasised the harmful effect that the process of tendering … more

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February 2010

Like it or not, television has a marked influence on our society in terms of … more

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December 2009

Christmas has no religious significance to me, but every year around mid-December I decide I … more

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March 2009

You can be my “friend”, if you like. My children decided that if I wanted … more

13 mins

 For one week only, Bradley takes a rest and hands the writing reins to a … more

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February 2009

Our veterinary education trains us to deal with populations: when designing an experiment, we will … more

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January 2009

The year is young, and we don’t yet know what it will bring. Although, judging … more

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December 2008

The US presidential elections are over, and the next big event in world democracy has … more

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November 2008

You don’t have to manage a football club to be goal orientated. We are constantly … more

12 mins

There has been considerable talk of doom and gloom within the profession, started off by … more

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October 2008

A couple of months ago, I went along to an induction meeting of the latest cohort … more

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