February 2016

It is obvious in every dimension we are outnumbered by the medical establishment, especially the … more

15 mins

Animal diseases can cause substantial economic impacts and play an important role in health decision-making. … more

19 mins

I was once part of a small group that met a high-ranking minister from Defra. … more

12 mins

NAME: Tim Harrison QUALIFICATIONS: BA(Hons) Politics, MSc Economics, GradIPD. POSITION: Managing director, White Cross Vets. … more

12 mins

The University of Liverpool School of Veterinary Science delivers a high standard of teaching in … more

15 mins

Hyperadrenocorticism (HAC) is a challenging, but rewarding disease to diagnose and treat. It is a … more

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Having been a vet for more years than I care to remember and in small … more

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January 2016

Ocular conditions account for about 10% of canine consultations in first opinion practice (1). With … more

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Since vaccinations were discovered more than 150 years ago, vociferous anti-vaccination campaigns have existed from certain … more

9 mins

Working in veterinary practice involves meeting, talking and interacting with a variety of different people … more

10 mins

The past 18 months have supposedly demonstrated a rediscovery of the appetite for national politics … more

18 mins

I am a vet. I have all the required letters after my name. I spent … more

15 mins

Christmas 75 years ago was not the merriest. Of course, I don’t remember it, but … more

15 mins

At times I believe what we need more than additional legislation and governmental control is … more

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The incidence of milk leakage is an indirect indicator of the three axes at dry-off: … more

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December 2015

The bovine mammary gland undergoes dramatic changes during the production cycle of the cow, writes Lorraine … more

8 mins

An international renal and renovascular symposium, organised by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, in association with … more

16 mins

I seem to recall being told at veterinary school many years ago by an eminent … more

12 mins

In 2013, the Reserve Bank of Australia conducted its third Survey of Consumers’ Use of … more

15 mins

The autumn meeting of the Sheep Veterinary Society (SVS) was held on the Isle of … more

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