September 2015

Probiotics supplementation is gaining popularity – for example, as promoted in advertisements for people as “good bacteria”. A … more

25 mins

August 2015

International Cat Care (ICC) has teamed up with the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) and Agria … more

18 mins

Endoparasite infections in dogs and cats are a familiar concern for pet owners. This article will … more

27 mins

July 2015

In terms of risk assessments in the UK, the NHS European Office (2013) has changed … more

17 mins

June 2015

ABSTRACT Feline lower urinary tract disease is commonly seen in practice. Patients may show chronic clinical signs … more

29 mins

May 2015

Dietary-induced skin problems include food intolerances; primary and secondary nutrient deficiencies and nutrient toxicities. A … more

18 mins

April 2015

Since 1943, when Karl Luft introduced the first infrared carbon dioxide (CO2) measuring and recording … more

27 mins

ABSTRACT Much work has been documented with health care workers to highlight the danger of … more

17 mins

March 2015

Flea infestation is a common concern among pet owners; nevertheless, many owners fail to implement an effective … more

28 mins

February 2015

OTODECTES cynotis is the most important ear mite in the cat and dog (Figure 1). … more

15 mins

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a debilitative disease affecting companion animals. This article aims to explore the condition … more

16 mins

May 2012

Fiona Scarlett continues her look at the role of VNs in anaesthetic procedures by focusing on local blocks and CRIs.

28 mins

February 2012

Helen Rooney Bsc(Hons), CertED, DipAVN (Medical), RVN discusses why correct, tailored nutrition should always form … more

23 mins