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The presence of lipaemia can indicate the presence of certain diseases, but it can also make interpretation of biochemistry particularly difficult. Gerardo Poli offers some advice on how to deal with lipaemic samples.

4 mins

When interpreting PCV/total solids, it is also important to take note of the serum colour as this may give clues into the diagnosis.

3 mins

Vets now have a new resource in the management of canine epilepsy cases.

3 mins

Laura Macfarlane investigates how treatment of Addison’s disease has advanced and how to manage acute and chronic forms.

19 mins

Andy Durham discusses some of the commonly used approaches in treating diarrhoea cases in equine practices.

30 mins

Join the RVC’s feline endocrinology experts Stijn Niessen and Yaiza Forcada on a journey through the facts and myths of cats and their hormones in this webinar series.

14 mins