December 2018

Gerardo Poli on the importance of creating a constructive work environment and how employees can come together to fix any toxicity.

12 mins

Gerardo Poli describes what a work-life balance means to him and, while he works many hours, it gives him the opportunity to do something he enjoys.

10 mins

Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli with a "tip of the year" by encouraging those working in practice to work on their plans for next year now to finish 2018 in the best way possible.

11 mins

November 2018

Gerardo Poli outlines ways in which a patient with this condition can be treated and offers a step-by-step guide of his thought process.

13 mins

Gerardo Poli describes how to approach stabilising a patient with a case of Addison’s disease.

7 mins

Gerardo Poli concludes this series by summarising that with quick identification and management of this condition, target organ damage can be prevented and prognosis improved.

16 mins

Gerardo Poli continues this series by outlining the various ways to classify this condition and highlighting the clinical signs to help diagnose it.

12 mins

October 2018

Gerardo Poli begins his series about this condition with a rundown of the basics and the ways in which the vulnerable organs are affected.

8 mins

Whether your clients show confusion of treatment plans or a lack a trust with your advice, Gerardo Poli has some pointers to help get pet owners on your side.

9 mins

Gerardo Poli concludes this series with a rundown of management options and effective ongoing treatment measures for seizures.

9 mins

Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli continues this three-part series with a guide on how to classify the different causes of seizures.

5 mins

September 2018

In the first of a three-part series, Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli explains how the most important part of investigating a seizure case is taking a thorough and accurate history from the owner.

8 mins

Finishing university is rewarding as you finally have something to show for your hard work, but what if you don't where do you go? Gerardo Poli has a few suggestions for graduates unsure of their options.

12 mins

If you're stuck on deciding the most appropriate antibiotic for common presenting conditions, Gerardo Poli comes to the rescue with this handy guide.

5 mins

From a success first time to failing halfway, catheters have the potential to throw up various quandries. To help ensure success, Gerardo shares a trick that often delivers big results, and encourages readers to try it for themselves...

3 mins

August 2018

In the final part of this series, Gerardo Poli advocates spending as much time with your university friends as possible and making the most of every day.

4 mins

Gerardo Poli encourages his younger self to work more on interacting with clients to create a sense of trust with them and avoid instances of mis-communication.

4 mins

Continuing his series of advice he would give his younger self, Gerardo Poli raises the vital role and support given by the nurse and reception teams.

4 mins

For the second part of this five-part series, Gerardo Poli instils his younger self with the importance of finding practical work, both to learn on the job and impress future employers.

2 mins

July 2018

In the first of a five-part series, Gerardo takes his younger self to task for virtually ignoring what he now believes to be a “crucial clue” in achieving a clinical diagnosis.

6 mins