August 2019

Telemedicine has been with us for many years in one form or another, but recent developments have upped the ante for veterinary practices of all shapes and sizes – so be prepared...

27 mins

Boris Johnson as PM has only made it harder to make Brexit predictions, but we must assume it is going to happen one way or the other. It remains unclear how this will impact British business, but now is a good time to ensure your practice is fit enough toi survive what could be turbulent times ahead...

20 mins

We live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. This has made veterinary practice a more challenging and increasingly consumer-driven environment. But with the right support systems in place, a VUCA is nothing to be feared...

29 mins

The veterinary profession has probably seen more change in the past two decades than at any other time in its history – and one man who has been right in the middle of the action is Malcolm Wright...

13 mins

July 2019

One of the biggest reasons given for the growth of corporate veterinary practice is that the traditional partnership model is broken. But is that really the case? VBJ headed to Didcot, Oxfordshire to find out...

2 mins

Veterinary practices are under constant threat from an aggressive and constantly evolving army of bacteria, viruses and parasites. Recent surveys have also shown visible hygiene is an important factor for clients when choosing a practice – what can your practice do to tick both these boxes?

20 mins

Simplyhealth Professionals looks at seven ways the right pet health plan provider can make a difference to your practice...

15 mins

The bubble may have burst for some, but the consolidators will still pay big money for the right kind of practice. So, knowing what the likes of Independent Vetcare and CVS are looking for is key for owners looking to move their business into corporate hands...

21 mins

First-class customer service has never been more important to the modern service consumer – not least veterinary clients. It’s a vital dynamic that drives any successful practice, but, as Ernie Ward explains, to get it right you’ve got to get inside your clients’ heads...

34 mins

June 2019

Not many equine practices in the UK have such a gilt-edged reputation as Oakham Veterinary Hospital. And as VBJ discovered when we paid a visit to the horsey hotbed of Rutland last month, it’s a reputation well earned…

2 mins

Do you really know who your practice is employing? With the spirit of the goodness of humanity in mind, it’s unlikely you have anyone bad or criminally minded on staff. But it does happen.

21 mins

While we’re still in the EU, we still have to play by its rules – particularly where workplace legislation is concerned. Here, the author details a landmark EU ruling on paid annual leave.

10 mins

Transforming a group of highly talented individuals into a high-performing team is a common challenge in veterinary practices large and small. It requires considered leadership, but also the ability to understand that, sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing at all.

22 mins

Innovation is the word on everyone’s lips these days. But what does it mean, and are veterinary practices potentially missing a huge opportunity?

20 mins

It is easy for vets and VNs to see the value of microchipping because they perform the procedure on a daily basis. But do clients see the value, too? VBJ reminds practices what they can do to overcome the barriers and maximise the business opportunities.

18 mins

A wide range of tailored diets is now available to suit the different breeds, sizes and activity levels of the canine companions we now see as part of our families. But one company has taken this to a whole new level – meet

18 mins

May 2019

Few other practices better reflect the near exponential growth of the UK referral sector than North Downs Specialist Referrals. The Surrey hospital has trebled in size in its 15 years – a tale of sustained success and one that echoes a wider story…

7 mins

The telephone is still the main way clients contact their veterinary practice, but times are changing fast. Online appointment booking and live chats are just the tip of the iceberg, and practices looking to stay ahead need a strategy covering all the options…

27 mins

Setting up a veterinary practice can seem like the easy part when compared to developing a successful strategy for growth. Alan Robinson explains how to take the pain out of the process by following five golden rules …

28 mins

Have you been promoted to head up a team, perhaps to replace someone who has left or because the business is growing? Do you feel overnight your responsibilities have changed, but you haven't had training in the skill sets you need? This is accidental leadership…

21 mins