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SPVS wellbeing champion Liz Barton stopped me feeling guilty about an indulgence once, telling me it’s important to “cherish the points of light” in our lives, writes SPVS honorary editor, Leigh-Anne Brown.

SPVS is a not-for-profit organisation for professionals within the veterinary industry. Whether an employer or employee, SPVS supports members with practical, informative tools and resources.

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SPVS-VMG Congress 2020, held at the end of January, was a superb ending to Catriona Curtis’ SPVS presidency, writes Anna Judson, SPVS president. Delegates were treated to a wide range of CPD options, alongside a very entertaining social programme.

SPVS president Anna Judson offers a rundown of the society's first environmental sustainability in practice full day stream which, she says, proved to be a “fascinating and empowering day”.

Outgoing president Catriona Curtis chronicles her year as SPVS president and offers her thoughts on how both the society and the veterinary profession have changed over the years.

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SPVS has collaborated with the Agile Group to create a practice-focused qualification for everyone with operational responsibilities within a veterinary business.

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Winners congratulated, while volunteers are reviewing entries from current and previous years to develop further resources to help practices improve well-being.

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Relive the event or see what you missed with this selection of images from the SPVS-VMG Congress 2020, which took place at Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, from 23-25 January 2020.

VBJ familiarises readers with the association's history, membership and key activities, as well as its outgoing and incoming presidents.

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I’m sitting here writing this, wondering how on earth we are already on our third issue of SPVS’ Veterinary Times pages, writes Nichola Watson.

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It seems 2019 is flying by at a rate of knots. In some respects, it’s hard to believe I’m already half way through my presidential year, yet in others, it’s easy to believe it, writes SPVS president Catriona Curtis.

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“Discrimination is not a veterinary problem – it’s encountered wherever people interact.” In her latest Hot Topic article, vet Leigh-Anne Brown seeks to fan the flames of debate ignited by the BVA’s discrimination report, published in July 2019.

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Clare Balding will open SPVS-VMG Congress 2020 (23-25 January) and will also chair a well-being in practice stream during the event.

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Increasing awareness and concern about environmental issues has led to SPVS-VMG Congress in January 2020 playing host to the profession’s first, full-day stream on sustainability in practice.

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“GradTrack aims to give graduates in independent practices the opportunity to connect with their peers so they feel less alone and can take advantage of a wider support network.”

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In order to ease veterinary recruitment and retention problems, we must first take steps to make our “fairly homogenous profession” appear more welcoming, argues Leigh-Anne Brown.

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“We have a duty to make our profession one where everyone feels welcome and one where everyone can be themselves,” writes SPVS president Catriona Curtis.

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SPVS executive director Nichola Watson shines a spotlight on the “behind the scenes” work carried out by the society’s board members and secretariat on behalf of its membership.

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The SPVS Roadshow pilot proved popular when it arrived in Surrey, offering advice to help final year students take the first step up on the career ladder, writes Nichola Watson.

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SPVS previews its series of regional training days covering topics including people management, finance and recruitment, together with its “Focus Day” on practice finance.

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SPVS board member and WellVet co-founder Liz Barton looks at how the Vet Wellbeing awards have evolved since they were first launched in 2016.

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What is telemedicine, why is it controversial, where are we now, and how will it affect the day-to-day business of vets in practice? SPVS board member Leigh-Anne Brown delves into the specifics.

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Welcome to our new SPVS pages. We’re thrilled to be working with Veterinary Times on this project and hope you find them worthwhile, writes Nichola Watson.

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While a wealth of clinical training is available nowadays, it’s the non-clinical aspects of practice many vets struggle with, writes Brian Faulkner. For those occasions, there’s GradTrack.

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“I see our role at SPVS as helping to navigate our members and the profession through change, and set practices and their people up for future success within happy, fulfilled work environments.”

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In an effort to better serve final year veterinary students, the SPVS Lancaster team is revamping its popular event in order to improve relevance and reach as many students as possible.

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To highlight and celebrate the significance of well-being in vet practices, the awards were created by SPVS in partnership with the RCVS Mind Matters Initiative.

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Whoever it is within our profession that has inspired you and been a role model to you over the years, SPVS wants you to share their story (and yours) and nominate them to be its “Inspiring Individual of the Month”.

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Outgoing president Peter Brown looks back on his time in office and the legacy he leaves behind him – including congress, mountain climbing and a new strategy document.

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At a time when veterinary practices are facing some big challenges, it has never made more sense to be a SPVS member.

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