A well-documented condition affecting young and adult horses, less is known about equine gastric ulceration syndrome and its pathogenesis in the foal. Lars Lerche Mortensen offers advice on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of this condition.

15 mins

To celebrate the launch of Moxiclear spot-on solution for dogs, cats and ferrets, Vet Times users can bag themselves £100 in Amazon vouchers by entering this simple game.

3 mins

Register online to watch Sarah Caney's webinar on things to consider before transitioning a hyperthyroid cat’s medication and how to do so effectively.

1 mins

This year, VN Times is teaming up with leading animal health companies to applaud VNs leading the charge in areas and conditions. First up, we hear from Holly Warrilow RVN and her work with older pets, with the help of Norbrook.

10 mins