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VET Trust CPD awards open for applications

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Front-loading crates increase stress for cats January 9, 2017 VT47.01
Invitation to take part in osteosarcoma trial January 9, 2017 VT47.01
Duty to influence dog behaviour interactions December 19, 2016 VT46.50
Relief at working hours constraints abolition December 19, 2016 VT46.50
Disregard destructive feelings caused by ‘troll’ December 19, 2016 VT46.50
Acknowledge work of founding practice members December 19, 2016 VT46.50
VET Trust CPD awards open for applications December 12, 2016 VT46.49
Continued badger focus is TB control distraction December 12, 2016 VT46.49
Projecting wrong image in marketing materials December 12, 2016 VT46.49
Bovine TB pathogen deserves far more respect December 5, 2016 VT46.48
Memories of bruising early days December 5, 2016 VT46.48
Student survey another waste of time and money November 28, 2016 VT46.47
VNs invited to join EBVM knowledge network November 28, 2016 VT46.47
Project into possible bacterial cause of CRGV November 21, 2016 VT46.46
Organic soil standards question misunderstood November 21, 2016 VT46.46
Disease models must be valid with ‘infield’ reality November 21, 2016 VT46.46