November 2015

ABSTRACT Equine laminitis is a destructive disease with its aetiology stemming from a number of … more

28 mins

October 2015

ABSTRACT Not all owners will elect to treat pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction specifically – depending … more

31 mins

Evaluating erythrocytes in peripheral blood in horses is an extremely common component of blood testing … more

26 mins

September 2015

Sedation is sometimes necessary in horses for clinical assessment and veterinary treatment, and the veterinary … more

19 mins

Questionnaire studies have identified a poor level of understanding of appropriate equine deworming practices among … more

23 mins

A variety of intestinal anastomoses are used in equine surgery. This discussion will be restricted … more

33 mins

ABSTRACT Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the … more

18 mins

A team approach is critical for a successful outcome following any abdominal surgery. The team … more

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August 2015

CT of the horse’s head is widely available in equine practice and its use in … more

15 mins

It is probably fair to suggest horses possess a unique talent for getting themselves into … more

30 mins

The first Horse Health Week, starting on September 21 as part of the Keeping Britain’s … more

21 mins

ABSTRACT White line disease (WLD) describes a keratolytic process that causes separation of the inner … more

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July 2015

ABSTRACT Laminitis was once assumed to occur as an end point of a single pathophysiological … more

42 mins

ABSTRACT Horse owners historically take little care of their pastures, neglecting reseeding and fertilising, and equine … more

21 mins

ABSTRACT Management of pain in equine patients is vital to ensure they are made as … more

21 mins

ABSTRACT Equine wounds are some of the most challenging ailments faced by vets because of … more

26 mins

ABSTRACT Navicular syndrome is caused by pain arising from the navicular bone (distal sesamoid bone) … more

29 mins

Lameness is a common presentation in equine practice and the equine veterinary nurse plays many … more

13 mins

Drugs available for analgesia in horses can, on the surface, appear somewhat limited – particularly given … more

20 mins

Equine dentistry has undergone so much development during the past couple of decades, you’d be … more

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