November 2016

RVN Samantha Feighery discusses veterinary nursing protocols to help stabilise equine patients after this gastrointestinal procedure.

20 mins

Nicola Ackerman considers how probiotics and prebiotics aid gastrointestinal microorganisms, and the research being carried out.

17 mins

Neil Forbes discusses this vital area of veterinary practice management and the cost-effective training BVNA has created for VNs and vets.

31 mins

The ability to perform basic mathematical calculations is a vital skill for all veterinary nurses. Megan Brashear looks at the basics of performing medical calculations to prepare readers to learn more advanced mathematics.

19 mins

Ophthalmic patients have some unique and, often, challenging nursing needs in first opinion practice. Tina Presnail demonstrates this using case studies of patients presenting with fragile eyes.

24 mins

October 2016

Richard Jones and Marcella Palmer discuss strategies for treating fractures and crop impaction in chickens.

20 mins

Claire Bloor discusses the involvement of VNs when presented with pets requiring dental treatment, such as assessment and recording.

52 mins

September 2016

Claire Bloor looks at the prevalence of epilepsy in dogs, as well as diagnosis and treatment developments to help VNs advise clients and patients.

30 mins

Cheryl Ramsbottom discusses the transmission routes, clinical signs and diagnostics associated with rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus – and its emerged variant.

19 mins

Dan Skeldon provides a comprehensive guide to the wound-healing options available to veterinary nurses in practice.

36 mins

August 2016

Samantha Thompson looks at the impact hyperthyroidism has on canine and feline patients, as well as management options and how VNs can increase owner compliance.

18 mins

The use of antibiotics and probiotics in acute and chronic diarrhoea in small animals is controversial. Even the correct definition of a probiotic in the context of veterinary medicine can be challenging.

22 mins

July 2016

Rebecca Hubbard and Kate Robson look at one of the latter’s pet weight loss cases – and it’s on a pretty big scale.

19 mins

Get the latest independent information canine rickettsial diseases, tick-borne diseases that multiply within circulating cells.

33 mins

Emma Gerrard looks at the aetiology, investigation and treatment regarding FLUTD, as well as the vital role nurses can play in educating owners on prevention strategies.

24 mins

Hany Elsheikha looks at reasons behind poor compliance among owners when adopting helminth treatment protocols for their pets and proposes some solutions for VNs to action

29 mins

June 2016

For owners who wish to travel with their pets, several animal threats exist.

35 mins

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) is an exaggerated inflammatory condition that can start from a local source, yet becomes widely systemic.

31 mins

Parasite prevention is a huge part of veterinary nursing. It is important to understand life cycles and treatment protocols to ensure clients and their pets receive the correct information.

31 mins

May 2016

Lynne Kerrigan offers key tips VNs should share with new owners of these pets to ensure their health and welfare needs are met.

30 mins