July 2018

This month's Practice Champions sees us team up with Bayer Animal Health, while Kerry Lambert discusses what she and her colleagues do to promote parasiticide compliance among their clients.

9 mins

Helen Tottey, RVN and VN Times editorial board member, summarises and shares her thoughts on the College of Animal Welfare Head Nurse Congress 2018, which – fittingly – took place during Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month.

11 mins

May 2018

Helen Russell RVN, takes a look at VetSafe, a web-based system designed to help protect clinicians, colleagues and patients from professional errors.

15 mins

April 2018

Wendy Sneddon discusses ways of preventing intimidating behaviour between colleagues in the workplace, highlighting to key decision-makers the fact this type of conduct does not necessarily only happen in the school playground.

18 mins

Kirsty Cavill BSc(Hons), RVN, summarises a lecture she was invited to undertake as part of the annual Cornish Veterinary Association's CPD day OA stream.

15 mins

March 2018

RVNs starting the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care in October – or who are interested, but maybe decided against it due to money – are in with a chance to have the course funded, thanks to another VN Times and Vets Now team-up.

6 mins

Sally Clarke, director of vets, provides an overview of how Simplyhealth Professionals help practices make the most of their membership.

22 mins

February 2018

RVN Stacey Bullock helps readers prepare for, and solve, those tricky times when training student nurses.

27 mins

BVNA council member Erika Feilberg reminds readers about this support resource – there to help veterinary nurses when things get tricky.

8 mins

January 2018

The sixth and final unit of the Certificate of Veterinary Nursing in Emergency and Critical Care is complete for Ruth Clooney-Power. Now to study for the final exam...

6 mins

RVN Helen Russell completes her two-part recruitment article by giving readers the view of those on the other side of the table…

19 mins

Fact: you lot have more than the ability to lead consults and clinics – but what if you don’t quite believe that yet? RVN Nicola Ackerman is here to help…

23 mins

December 2017

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard talks to the director of Vetsnet, a website that aims to help profession members struggling with mental health.

19 mins

RCVS Knowledge writers, in their fourth article, help veterinary nurses put their hard-earned evidence-based veterinary medicine learnings into practice.

11 mins

November 2017

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard fills readers in on one of two open days at Mars’ Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

13 mins

October 2017

Should care bundles replace nursing care plans in veterinary practice? Helen Ballantyne looks at a tool widely used in human nursing and discusses the potential benefits.

27 mins

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard introduces two tales of VNs heading to South Africa to assist in relieving the plight of the rhino.

2 mins

RVNs Sara Harman and Jade Juniper describe their practice’s experiences with a TV crew as it filmed the team’s every move for a behind-the-scenes CBBC children’s show...

16 mins

RVN Wendy Sneddon attempts to help VNs in team situations – as manager, leader or member – be the best they can be to benefit both staff morale and business potential.

21 mins

September 2017

VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard introduces readers to Bonnie Blake, an RVN who has taken to blogging about her experiences working abroad as a veterinary nurse.

20 mins