Clinical presentations, diagnosis and management of cardiac issues in cats and dogs, as well as innovations.

Cardiology: genetics of canine heart disease

Matthew Keane and Emily Dutton review latest information on genetic mutations associated with this affliction.

75 mins
Systemic hypertension, part 3: treatment, monitoring and prognosis

Gerardo Poli concludes this series by summarising that with quick identification and management of this condition, target organ damage can be prevented and prognosis improved.

17 mins
Systemic hypertension, part 2: clinical signs and diagnosis

Gerardo Poli continues this series by outlining the various ways to classify this condition and highlighting the clinical signs to help diagnose it.

12 mins
Systemic hypertension, part 1

Gerardo Poli begins his series about this condition with a rundown of the basics and the ways in which the vulnerable organs are affected.

8 mins
Dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs

Pippi Gould and Emily Dutton outline potential aetiology, presentation and treatment of this heart-related disease in certain canine breeds.

43 mins
Canine heart disease: nursing considerations

BVNA junior vice-president Charlotte Pace describes the common cardiac diseases; discusses classification systems, and the appropriate nursing and advice at each stage; and explains risks when performing anaesthesia on dogs with heart disease…

Persistent right aortic arch and regurgitation in weaning puppies

Tim Charlesworth explains how this condition forms in young dogs, and how clinicians can successfully diagnose and treat it.

15 mins
Interventional cardiology – definition, usage and role

Luca Ferasin and Heidi Ferasin provide a comprehensive overview of this particular medical branch, its history and common procedures

52 mins
Thoughts on using spironolactone in dogs with MMVD – part 2

Mark Patterson and Anna Beber, in the second of a two-part article, offer a practical guide to the use of this medication in canine heart disease.

42 mins
Thoughts on using spironolactone in dogs with MMVD – part 1

Mark Patteson and Anna Beber cover the evidence for using this medication to treat the most common canine congenital heart disease.

29 mins
Heart of the matter – canine cardiovascular diseases

Emma Gerrard outlines the conditions to be aware of, and the vet nurse’s role in patient management.

49 mins
Heart disease in dogs

Ewelina Korzybska and Emily Dutton provide an overview of the most common conditions, including diagnostic and treatment modalities.

83 mins
Spontaneous echo contrast in cardiac disease and IMHA

Viola Vannucci and Mairi Frame review the prognostic significance of this finding on echocardiogram images in canine and feline patients.

35 mins
Golden rules of congestive heart failure – and case ‘walk-through’

Fiona Tomczynska and Dave Dickson use a patient example to describe how this clinical judgement aid is applied in the diagnosis of canine degenerative mitral valve disease.

40 mins
Feline hypertension

Ellie Mardell details key diagnostic and management considerations regarding this condition, including blood pressure measurement.

37 mins
Vitamin B12 deficiency in a dog on medication for heart failure

Rory Thomson recounts steps taken to diagnose and treat this case of a male black Labrador retriever puppy with a heart murmur.

35 mins
Overview of mitral valve disease

Luca Ferasin describes this common cause of congestive heart failure in dogs – including diagnostic investigation, and treatment of stable and refractory cases.

57 mins
Canine congenital heart disease

Joon Seo discusses the case of a six-month male entire whippet in this entry into Vet Times’ regular Case Notes series.

10 mins
Finger on the pulse – keeping on top of hypertension

Emma Gerrard looks at the latest research on this topic, and highlights the importance of regular blood testing and communicating this to clients.

30 mins
Heart disease in canine patients

Luca Ferasin describes diagnostic protocols for this issue, and treatment and management advice, including tips for dog owners.

66 mins