Diagnosis, clinical signs, treatment and risk factors for this common issue, including laminitis and tendon injuries.

Equine hindlimb proximal suspensory ligament injuries

Sue Dyson reviews developments in the understanding of risk factors, and discusses diagnosis and management of this condition.

51 mins
Tendon injuries in horses: treatment and management

Annamaria Nagy discusses the therapy options and management protocols for patients that have this issue due to overstrain.

37 mins
Management of bit lameness and breathlessness in ridden horses

Robert Cook discusses whether the use of this tack by riders causes behavioural issues and how to resolve any problems that arise.

34 mins
Investigating lameness in equine practice: a veterinary nurse’s role

Aimi Duff highlights the vital contribution VNs can make in helping vets to assess horses that present with abnormal gait or stance, including useful techniques.

13 mins