Reception are retail stand
Is it time to re-think what you are selling?

Do you like what’s in your waiting room? Would you buy the items there? Do you know about them, have used them and could advise a client?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO”, then it’s time to re-think what you’re selling.

I see many veterinary waiting rooms and most are crammed with stuff: cat collars, toys, chews, treats, food, AVM-GSL products. Some have clothes for pets, some have a dental promotion or a charity poster board – sometimes you can’t even see the receptionist!

Its time to think about what your reception says about you.

  • Busy
  • Cluttered
  • Clean?
  • Informed
  • Helpful
  • Professional

Keeping it simple helps.

  • Only stock what you would be happy to buy for your own pets.
  • Ask other staff members what products they think should stay and what should go.
  • Check your sales – what actually sells?
  • Contact companies for product info to support any campaigns you may be participating in.
  • Leaflets tend to clutter up an area and have been proven to have a limited effect in increasing purchases.
  • Consider investing in digital displays.

Is it more important the client sees a clean spacious waiting area or a display of spangly cat collars? What would you prefer as the image of your practice?

Pictures of waiting rooms eagerly awaited!

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