A Spanish vet’s first major UK operation was an unusual one – the amputation of a sick hedgehog’s leg. 

Vet Marta Serrano’s first major UK operation was the amputation of a sick hedgehog’s leg.

Marta Serrano, who graduated in 2015 and works at Wymondham Veterinary Clinic in Norfolk, first saw the patient when a member of the public bought it in after discovering it in their garden.

Little improvement

It had an abscess on the left hind and was covered with ticks and fleas. The team lanced and cleaned the abscess and gave it antibiotics for several days, but the foot was still very swollen.

An x-ray revealed a separation of the tarsometatarsus joint and amputation was needed.

Dr Serrano conducted the operation and the patient recovered well. It was then taken to the PACT Animal Sanctuary.

Unusual case

Dr Serrano explained: “We have had hedgehogs come in before, but never seen a case like this – not with that pathology. The team felt very pleased to have saved a wild animal because hedgehogs are declining in the environment.

“The operation went very well. It was my first big surgery and I think it was very nice with a good anaesthetic, too.”


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