Almost two-thirds of owners without insurance for their pet believe having a policy is too expensive, a YouGov survey has shown.

Is pet insurance too expensive? Many UK pet owners believe it is. IMAGE: rosinka79 / Fotolia.

The Pet Insurance 2017 report explores some of the barriers that prevent UK pet owners from seeking coverage for their animals.

The report found:

Waste of money?

  • 65% of pet owners without a policy believe insurance is too expensive.
  • 30% of those think pet insurance is a “waste of money”.
  • While almost half (49%) of people with pet insurance believe policies are too expensive, 3% feel they are a waste of money.
  • Money is at the heart of why non-policyholders do not have insurance for their pets.


  • A quarter (26%) of pet owners stated outright they can’t afford the premiums.
  • Almost a quarter (24%) said they would like to pay for the treatment themselves, if and when they needed to.
  • More than half (52%) would use their savings to pay if their pet needed treatment.
  • More than a fifth (21%) said they aren’t sure how they’d cover the cost, but would “somehow find the money”.

Value for money

The survey also showed reducing the price of policies would encourage many pet owners without insurance to sign up:

  • 41% stated upfront that lower prices would encourage them to take out a policy.
  • 32% would be encouraged if the policies available offered better value for money and greater benefits.

To access the full report, visit the YouGov website.

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