Pets in County Durham can get pampered for free this month as a Consett veterinary practice is offering complimentary nail clipping and dental checks to help raise awareness of mental health in the profession.

RVNs Amy Chaytor and Sarah Mawson performing a nail clip.

Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital is inviting clients to bring their small animals for the free services throughout May to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation, a charity that aims to address the source of mental health problems.

End stigma

As part of its commitment to staff well-being, Prince Bishop wants to raise awareness and help end the stigma surrounding mental health in the veterinary world. While dental checks are free all year round with a VN, owners can bring their pets for a free nail clip in lieu of a donation to the Mental Health Foundation.

Clinical director Christina Stubbins said: “As a practice, we want to make sure all our staff feel supported. Their well-being is very important to us, as, without them, we can’t deliver the best care to our clients.

“Keeping pets’ nails trimmed is really important as it can help to prevent further health problems, including mobility issues and ingrown nails in cats.

“Dental health care in pets is often neglected, so we hope clients will take this opportunity to learn how to keep their pets’ teeth and nails in tip-top condition. Prevention is always better than the cure, so, by demonstrating how to properly clean pets’ teeth, we will help reduce the number of dental problems we see in surgery.”

Free advice

Along with a dental check, owners will also receive free advice on how to keep their pets’ teeth and gums healthy.

The offer also applies at the Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital’s branch surgery in Crook.

  • To book a free nail clipping or dental check, telephone 01207 590340.
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